Culture Vulture Inc: Michael Penn II and Scott Gordon

They’ve been working together to be pointless, pathetic, privileged culture vultures for years. They published this attack/oppressor/libel piece against me based on factual lies, reading errors, and whiny cunt habitual liar references, some years ago. Obviously they’ve kept it up over these years. Florida handed everything in life Gordon went to Northwestern. The police family child First Wave Penn went to UW-Madison. Both studied Journalism on their paths from ultimate privilege to ultimate privilege. They’ve collaborated many times as scam artists.

Speaks to the industry in a broader sense, maybe especially now. The pathetic meaningless spineless Gordon went so far as to delete the comment section from his entire site because I butchered him in the comments in this article. Those faggot fascists left a tiny footnote underneath and that’s it. More oppressor scammer abusers. Same old. The title alone, from two coastie flewd out privileged whiny gossipy fake culture frauds, “On Wisconsin rap and writing our history the right way”. Just like the rest of them. They’re everywhere.

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