A New Milwaukee Slapper, “Oh Sh*t”

I like this Milwaukee duo 414BigFrank and J.P. This is the first I’ve heard of them but they’ve got some fun music. This new heat “Oh Sh*t” is a certified banger. They just did an informative No Jumper podcast together too. Looking for a full dance album from these natural entertainers.

Tee Glazedit did a fine job with the visuals. Always lively, filled with memorable accents, and complimentary to the music. He’s might just be the best music video producer ever from the state of Wisconsin.

“Hey baby bust it down, boom, boom, bow
Hey, she that ass that’s gon clap around
I got sauce, I’ma boss, bitch I walk different
Nigga you can’t fuck who I fuck, you can’t fuck with me”

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