Clifton “Beef” Grefe grew up on the Northside of Madison, Wisconsin and resides in his hometown today. He has had a passion for reading, writing, science, math, music, hip hop, dancing, TV and film, entertainment, Wisconsin, the Midwest, athletics, fashion, art, technology, inventing, teaching, competing, collaborating, designing, building, working, history, love, animals, plants, community, and outdoors, from a young age.

The writer, rapper, producer, scientist, dancer, designer, educator, and more – founded the Basement Made name and company on August 15, 2012 and has always been the sole operator and representative of the organization. Cliff aka Beef has run Basement Made independently since its formation. There have never been any other legitimate or legal representatives or affiliates. He officially changed his company’s name to Midwest Culture in his February 24, 2024 podcast episode. The mission is the same.


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