Get Jacked About Your Core

Maintain your core. You can keep it 100, and that’s cool, but I’m not talking about staying true to your personality or morals. I’m talking about keeping it tight with the abdominal. oblique, and lower back muscles.

I have severe back pain due to a work related injury that I suffered when I was 16. There have been doctors of various sorts, many rehab suggestions involving bands and balls, countless hours of stretching, pills, other drugs, and deep tissue massages, but none of these hold a candle to the core workouts that I’ve developed over the years based on my athletic workouts.

Building my core has reduced my back pain immensely, but these muscles are useful and dynamic in many parts of life. You notice it more the stronger they get. Basic movements and positions become easier and more fluid — reaching, bending over, twisting, crouching, sitting, and even standing. This means that you have more energy to do other things.

Provided you have rhythm, or a dedication to learning dance, ripping out your core will absolutely make you a better dancer. Dance is a lot of core. Similarly, you will definitely be better at sex. And this is just a sort of hunch of mine, but I’ve found that women with abs have higher sex drives. And of course, women with abs like men with abs.

Getting a thrashed core isn’t all about the women. I’m in it for the health primarily, and then for the dance aspect, but I do also love the women, and the sex drive. Get in shape and be happier. Do this every day (or something comparable) if you can. Bless.

Here goes the workout from the video:

Leg Lift Circuit

2 Minutes (switch at 15 seconds)

Straight Hold
Flutter Kicks
Scissor Kicks
Toe Touches

Straight Arm Side Plank

3 Minutes (switch at 30 seconds)

Kicks for last 1 minute

Single Leg Plank

2 x 1 Minute (switch at 30 seconds)

30 second break

Russian Twist

2 x 1 Minute

30 second break


2 x 1 Minute

1 minute breaek

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  1. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration for me. Your passion for your subject matter shines through in every post, and it’s clear that you genuinely care about making a positive impact on your readers.

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