Big Government Culture: Police, UW, Redistricting, Abortion, Ranked Choice Voting, Anti-AI Propaganda

New video up on a variety of big business conglomerates and how their people are generally moving now days. I touch on police and UW in this episode but I’m going in on redistricting, abortion, ranked choice voting, and AI – for the most part. Dropped the subtitles for this one too. I apologize to the deaf folks that have been wanting to check out my videos and I haven’t had the actual words up. I’ve been working on getting them up recently, especially for the more personally meaningful videos.

Here are a few other markers of the pointless human demographic that I’ve noticed recently. Remember, just because you use part or even a whole one of these phrases or scenarios, it doesn’t mean that’s generally who you are as a person. Obviously I’ve said or done some of these things in particular contexts over the years. But if you’re an oppressor by trade, the type that employs one of these habitually with malintent, which is typically how these are used, or more than one, you are a parasite to humankind and your ancestors probably were too. And no that’s not a valid excuse to be a waste of human life.

Some of these are actual wording, others are interpretations of what I’ve seen and heard. No, what you see and hear is not the same. You are most likely an idiot, and a liar, whoever you are. Not a single one of these is imagined. None of them from the “Abuser Speak” graphic are made up either. You are uneducated, uncultured, inexperienced, and out of touch, if you insist that they are.

No justice at all for any of the scams against me yet, federal, state, county, city, university, media, social media, police, hip hop, personal, or occupational, unless you count some improvements at the day job for the litany of abuses they’ve been hurling at me over the last couple years.

Abuser Speak Continued:

  1. “You’re just our unpaid martyr scapegoat muse slave. Nothing major.”
  2. “I wish I could tell you.”
  3. “Some sort of mass faggot football Stan cult that typifies basketball players as homosexuals or bisexuals in contrast to the heterosexual football players.”
  4. “But like Facebook something sooo…? Oh like wow he doesn’t even know or whatever the thousands or millions of us are torturing him on there still woah so dumb someone should not tell or show him anything or go public at all with anything as always. Fascism and slavery and torture forever. Scamming and fraud forever. But it’s secret sooo…?”
  5. “But more faggot idiot shit about porn?”
  6. “If you only knew.”
  7. “But I’m a total fraud of a human being and I’m the publisher or editor in chief of a globally influential major publication so…”
  8. “I kept this fake story to myself because I fake didn’t want to hurt his feelings or he was in a tough place or whatever but now it’s time to put more lies on him and pile up more bs on his back as usual.”
  9. “Yea but what about if all of us non locals all attack one of the only locals on staff. Is that it or something? Then of course call him a nativist hitler apologist or whatever comes to mind that is criminally abusive speak or action and of course pretend everyone goes through this or what not.”
  10. “But what if we constantly attack you for shopping at thrift stores or buying used clothes because you need to / want to / only certain things are available in this way?”
  11. “Yea but we’re a part of the most boring useless people on the planet demographic so thats why we say that about you because you’re not like us at all but we say so and they always say that and something or whatever.”
  12. People well into adult age really, not exaggerating, acting like children. Like bald men and graying women gossiping and complaining like 12 year olds. Literal 12 year olds. And they make like $75,000-250,000/yr. Should be making more like $20,000 on the high end based on their qualifications, skill, consistency, legitimacy, production, etc.
  13. “Wow dude tight. More scamming.”
  14. More fascist scammer Basement Made or ‘the basement’ is open source, free to steal, misappropriate, etc.
  15. “Hey since we’re pretending we didn’t know he’s always been working towards a writing career let’s pretend all of us scammer hip hop and music people are legitimate at all, skilled, have merit, creativity, style, innovation, ethics, cultural knowledge, deserve our jobs. Pretend he would be working in IT or something ‘trying’ to move to writer if he was offered a major label record deal as literally anyone else would have with his numbers.”
  16. “We’re pretend working on ‘that’.”
  17. “Seriously dude where are all these supposed fans? Should we scam you by the millions of people for millions of dollars still or no or that’s not true or whatever or something?”
  18. “But I made up a fake accent and brought to work to try to impress you or impersonate you sooo…?”
  19. “Lets compete to see who’s oppressed Clifton Grefe the most. Who was the first to ‘give up on him’? Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Teams, email, text, etc Clifton Grefe slavery group chats. And we should never have to answer fir that. Its capitalism or fascism or whatever who even cares over it.”
  20. “Take most lines in his music literal, subjectively, or be as perverted and immature and bigoted as humanly possible when interpreting his art, not speaking to the artist about it, and then anything he writes outside of music, call that all fake.”
  21. “But what if I’m only racist towards you and ______ and I think you’re a racist and that’s my right to falsely represent, libel, and slander you, and owe you money because of it but not pay it.”
  22. “Continue pushing Cliff to suicide or murder and say I could never do that or whatever and for real and literally and seriously and whatever other words you say that either hold no meaning at all, are lies, or directly oppressive.”
  23. “But what if I belong in jail or prison for what I’ve done as a postal worker or delivery worker and I’m a cunt of a person outside of the fact I’m a terrorist criminal on the job?”
  24. “It matters to you what I ‘believe’ is true or not regardless of whether its true or not.”
  25. “Something about needing a refund for a shirt or song or something because they’re fascist, racist, heterophobic, etc.”
  26. Fag football thing can be exceptionally strong with those who have never played competitive tackle full contact football. Or with those who played and are fat and out of shape now.
  27. “His music is all gibberish. He speaks more literal factual events that he has experienced and offers incredibly unique worldly views on pertinent current issues across Earth and the working class center of America the midwest and blows my mind with his talent and I’m super jealous and insecure and privileged for no reason but nuh uh cuz we said so and gatekeepers and fascists are like super cool.”
  28. “Yea but I downloaded Cliff G: Dog and abuse and scam cliff however possible with that document he created while going through an extreme mental crisis when he wasn’t clear on what was real and what was not that he took down and has not said its ok for us to legally possess now and obviously we should permanently delete it but nuh uh cuz fascism and slavery and torture and stuff sooo…?”
  29. “Asshole and gay cause I’m a female and stalk him and stare at him like a faggot and don’t say anything and say I’m flirting with body language and say nothing whatsoever and have game at all in the slightest and say he doesn’t. And then chase my pathetic pointless ass around or you’re fag or whatever fag or not or yes or no or yes or no or yes or no maybe maybe maybe or etc. We’ve totally ever worked hard for anything in life a single time.”
  30. “You use ____ loosely. Thats not my definition of ______. More scamming and fascism.”
  31. “Yea but that big dicked Norwegian came in my pussy too and didn’t get me pregnant and then he never called me and started fucking other hos and that’s not what a good Irish Catholic Jew English Italian Spanish French Whitie should do and stuff sooo…?”
  32. “Yea but make up fake stuff til it sounds good enough or passable or whatever. More fascism.”
  33. “Madison is like a small town vibe so thats why were all scamming Clifton Grefe by the hundreds of thousands across the world.”
  34. “Why you have so many injuries from a lifetime of us torturing you daily?”
  35. “You’re a bald bitch.”
  36. “The gym is just one of those places where faggots take out their faggot energy on non faggots and show how little maturity and self control they have. Only faggots go to the gym anyway so it’s all good. All of those gym bros have homosexual anal sex with each other.”
  37. “But what if I’m a faggot and i have big peepee or ballsies or boobies or tight bungholey or vajayjay? Does yhat mran in not a faggoty fag fag faggot fag cause of body part shapesies and stuffsy stuffses?”
  38. “Oil, leaves, and wood fire smell good, medicine leaves burning bad. I’m not a historically shit life form that the world would be better off with dead and used as fertilizer.”
  39. “Yea but being pathetic is cool to my people. That’s culture.”
  40. “Yea but what if I start my fascist statement or end it with different words like yea or well or whatever?”
  41. “Violating basic human rights is what we do, for you, specifically, and also to others who have done far less in their lives, and far less for basic human rights.”
  42. “Dude seriously stop complaining or whatever cuz we fake support our constituents and citizens and students and employees and stuff or whatever.”
  43. “Yea but close to 100% of us are practicing fascist terrorist scammer abuser frauds sooo…?”
  44. Racist obsessions with border walls and Israel-America fascist alliances.
  45. “But it’s like the battle of the sexy sexes and the grammar nazi stuffses. Generation X has done anything significant or whatever or something.”
  46. “Yea but we fake don’t talk down our employers for any reason. Or not in public or online or to this or that group or some convoluted reasoning for spinelessness, laziness, fakeness, abuse, and fascism.”
  47. “Did you check your spam folder for my fake email that I didn’t send?”
  48. “You fake blocked my number for no reason so I obviously have no way of getting a hold of you for any reason.”
  49. “Any single person in America has to watch their back more that Clifton Grefe, who is not on papers, works a legal 9-5, and is owed millions of dollars by the us government and others by law.”
  50. “What if like we all have our own way of being fake and religiously negative? Does that makeses us supersy maturesesies and smartsesieses?”
  51. “But like you’re not God the All Knowing at every single thing in the universe or whatever sooo…?”
  52. “Beg us slave! That’s what that one movie or comic book said or whatever or something or what not! At least its like something or like whatever or ok or maybe maybe not sorry not sorry.”
  53. “Yea but like abra kadabra alakazam you have that opportunity like my idiot fake minority pointless self has access to with no effort or almost no effort.”
  54. “The law in your case specifically is more like a loose guideline. Us browns and whites and blacks and whatever all agree this is best. More literal U.S. lawbreaking en mass directed at one person and saying thats literally legal to do.”
  55. “Obviously Slavs and/or Scandinavians and/or Germans have never been treated as sex slaves at any point in history. Never every everses. That would make no sense and stuff or whatever.”
  56. “But what if I’m a fag and I threaten your life cause I wanna rape whiteboys and niggers forever or something max level faggoty.”
  57. “But what about some mega privileged massively out if touch super specific ethnicity has an enormously overrepresented population in extremely high positions of power in America that comes from unmatchable historic privilege gained by slavery, torture, fascism, and scamming?”
  58. “But I get sexually frustrated around you and I’m a married man of ____ years and this has fake never happened to me before so you wanna talk buttholes and dicks and poop and balls and sweaty man bodies and stuff?”
  59. “But what I’m a pretend good salesperson because I’m purposely vague and non transparent? Is that worthy of praise? But I went to fascist school! They taught us to do that in American fascism U! And it wasn’t even called that and nuh uh!”
  60. “There is a single more intelligent and creative writer with integrity enduring more oppression in America than Clifton Grefe.”
  61. “Calling a black person who calls themself black is so racist dude bruh omgeeez oof wow pero like? Like we all just want separatism what don’t you get about that or who cares but for real nah but really tho?
  62. “But what if I surround myself with jews, indians, koreans, japanese, irish, catholics, atheists, and pakistanis, so I can say I’m not racist towards slavs, germans, non catholic christians, muslims, mexicans, chinese, arabs, africans, native americans, and others?”
  63. “This is what our people add to the mix culturally, the slavery, fascism, torture. You just have to deal with it sorry. Thats just how life is. ‘It’ works like this.”
  64. “It’s not wildly fascist and oppressive that colleges say you can only get one undergrad degree there, and obviously you cant return to use your credits and apply them to this other degree. No. The pointless people that do the masters and phd meaningless human being culture stuff. Those people that complain about everything in life from birth to death, because everything’s been given to them their entire lives and they deserve nothing more than minimum wage labor jobs likely.”
  65. “You’re one to talk about wasting oxygen. Don’t you smoke and workout? Like, buttholes or something. Or racist or sexism or one of our fun fun weekend games or whatever when were not worming like were not working during the week when were at a place of business pretend working and whining about having a lifetime of unearned money to waste as well.”
  66. “What are you even? Obviously I can’t treat you like a human, and I’m black, or white, or male, or female, or trans, or whatever.”
  67. “I want to be on ‘your side’ but I’m a completely meaningless racist or sexist or xenophobe or one of the others.”
  68. “Thats why I don’t bet my entire career or whatever or something on Google/search results or another of my people’s classic pseudo intelligent waste of oxygen culture thought process revelations.”
  69. “Sef, gaijin, cabron. Whiteboy. Nazi. Fag. Skinhead. Hick. Wigger. Antifa.”
  70. “But what if we’re from Detroit and constantly stealing Milwaukee flows and calling them our own?”
  71. “But what if we’re from Chicago or Twin cities and steal Wisconsin flows and call them our own?”
  72. Comparing serious mental disorders to playing roles/parts/characters like they do in their fake pointless culture in real life situations all the time.
  73. “And you didn’t even go to college for IT. More fascism.”
  74. “But what if nearly our entire organization of fake progressives and fake liberals and fake republicans all agree that 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue (and also Jews are God and Catholics work super hard) politics is what’s really real?”
  75. “But what about some infantile faggot IT vs Art thing for meaningless people? Is that it or whatever?”
  76. “Change your name to Skittles or Snicker like Eminem or just go by who you really are obviously and thats Fag. Or do like capital FAG or something and like cigarettes and fag culture stuff and thats what fag culture is, cigarettes, and other fag culture fske insight and fake historical knowledge and fake dolloquial knowlwege and fake street smarts and fake worming class experoence and fake arts experience etc.”
  77. “Some fag racist nazi fascist fat whiner alliance against rappers and for robot music over human music.”
  78. “But I’m a lifetime scammer and also I’m the head of marketing at a major firm so you’ve seen my ads brainwashing you all over the place so ______.”
  79. “You’re ‘bud’ because you haven’t grown up yet, ‘buddy’. And you’re a ‘delicate flower’ but not quite a fully bloomed out of the closet flower yet.”
  80. “I fake complimented you in front of as few people as possible in the most temporary way possible so _________.”
  81. “You’re so hilarious. More slavery.”
  82. “But I’m a heterosexual and I spread my legs super wide every time I’m around you and fake adjust my junk excessively and I’m white or black or brown or whatever.”
  83. “That’s not my job. More slavery and scamming.”
  84. “But I’m a faggot and that’s why I go out of my way to compare you to my wife who I love dearly or whatever and make extra special eye contact with you when I do so.”
  85. “I pretend emailed or called Cliff so _________.”
  86. “It’s funny how you interpret our culture. More slavery.”
  87. Saying “I read your article” and then following it up with close to nothing to literally nothing. As if it’s some sort of game phrase or activation code or something. Having no insight or very basic surface level observations based on what they “read”. Similar to the “I watched your video” and “I listened to your song” bots. Another sociopathic scammer Stan game of theirs it seems.
  88. Privilege cults that blindly attack and discriminate against all people from city/suburbs/country. White flight, urban decay, gentrification, separatism supporters.
  89. “You / your work is not aesthetically pleasing enough for me / my fascist culture to allow you rights, equality, justice, opportunity.”
  90. “Manipulate everything to turn Clifton Grefe into an evil force and all the things he says and proves he hates and is not.”
  91. “But I’m a dumb whiny privileged cunt from Iowa so?”
  92. “I don’t get ‘it’.”
  93. “But I’m like one of Madisons greatest black leaders or whatever and when we met I acted like a complete cunt child bigot stuck in the past loser. I’m buddies with the scam clan too and I’m for ‘the culture’ or whatever so _________.”
  94. “They’re very ‘creative’ in privileged Chicagoland and have lots of integrity.”
  95. “But I’m the biggest most popular social media fascist in Madison and I worked superdy duper hardsy hards for my job so ________.”
  96. “You’re ‘not in a rush’ because we said so, so _________.”
  97. Some faggot who has abused countless people with the word faggot who is now recently pretending they didn’t use the word / ‘mean it like that at all’ and other examples of how they pretend meant _______ when they said _______ for the last .1-100 years.
  98. Some sexually insecure inspired heterophobic homophobic anti-football slander.
  99. “People make mistakes. They shouldn’t have to pay for them and you should forgive them and more scamming and slavery and that’s justice and opportunity. You had/have your whole life/adult life/professional life ahead of you.”
  100. “I don’t express emotion or don’t do it well and have no morals so I’m an expert in emotion and emotional control.”
  101. “I’m a fufu butthead pretentious slacktivist pretty pretty French fag so I’m different and ______.”
  102. “Spend more time on your physical appearance if you want to be more intelligent and deserving in life.”
  103. “What have ‘your people’ even done for ‘this country’? Any cool slavery or fascism? Some fun scams and torture plots? How many have your people abused tho? Grown stuff here only.”
  104. “Fake find the common ground and then take real action immediately based on whatever your dumb brain thinks of in a short period of time.”
  105. “The devil’s lettuce or Brokeback Mountain or there’s a lot of Blacks in the NBA ya know or whatever.”
  106. “Some privileged abuser rapist racist stalker scammer said it tho so _______.”
  107. “He has homosexual tendencies and by that I mean an insecure closeted projected homophobic way of saying he performs sexual homosexual acts like kissing on mouths blowjobs with the lips of a male mouth on the penis of a male human and anal sexual intercourse between two male human beings, and then also something about bright colors or dancing or body type or whatever.
  108. “He’s shy. He doesn’t want to show everyone his penis an testicles. That’s also gay.”
  109. “Better than ‘the alternative’.”
  110. “From disadvantage and doesn’t look/sound/act how we want them to or whatever, then they’re slow to develop.”
  111. “Find as many ways as possible to complain about positive people, especially if they are getting paid currency to spread a positive attitude.”
  112. “Pretend you’re involved. Then pretend you’re not. Change for any reason whatsoever however many times back and forth in a single day as your beautiful heart and soul desires.”
  113. “He thinks he’s a good person and that’s his biggest problem.”
  114. “Yea but I’m an clueless fake caught/stuck/held in New York or DC. I’ve been purposely keeping myself in this bubble of privilege and pretend progressivism on the edge of the country facing the adversity of massive waves of blinding privilege. Listen to me, slave!”
  115. “You need to ‘babysit’ this boy/boa/boi/white boy/Wisconsin boy/country boy/city boy/suburban boy.”
  116. “If you shave your head, you never had hair, hair color, or hair texture in your entire life, especially if you’re in your 20s-30s.”
  117. “Pretend like these are commandments or orders.”
  118. “Zero in Wisconsin. Keep pushing Cliff to binge drinking and deep depression, as a team, and then keep oppressing him for any issues he’s ever had with alcohol.”
  119. “You get workout tips from women more than men? Gay. And that must be why ______. Wow so gay that you don’t even want to look at nude or semi nude males getting all sweaty and checking themselves out? Gay.”
  120. “I can’t take him at ‘his word’ because that is what is happening ‘here’. Do you know where the world would be if we believed everyone ‘like you’ with a wish and a dream who we’ve tortured on and off paper for his entire life? And all of us have been handed everything our entire lives but nuh uh cuz we said so. We ‘worked’ too hard for ‘this’ or whatever. More fraud, more abuse, more scamming, more fake life stories.”
  121. “How could I ever trust someone with a disability or with that particular disability?”
  122. “An email? What are you a professional? A social media post? What are you a professional?”
  123. “I always knew he hated everyone. He’s not an extremely passionate loving considerate person and I’m not.”
  124. “There will never be technology that exposes us all as frauds and abusers.”
  125. “But I’m an ethos pathos logos fascist that took business, communications, and journalism classes with purely fascist teachings in them so…”
  126. “Again, we are scamming you because we’re still fraudulent people saying you cant prove any of ‘it’, we’re all religious liars, lazy, bad at our jobs, untalented, unskilled, incompetent in general, fascists, from oppressive non-working people, and a huge portion of that giant list of pointless human qualities and tendencies. Most likely.”
  127. “Treat him like a word problem. Try to solve him as a ‘case’ and not the literal legal cases he is owed money and justice from. And then say nuh uh cuz _______.”
  128. “If he ever mentions guns say he’s threatening gun violence. Kill more grossy foreigners and ewey ew poor and working class folk with firearms so I’m safey safes.”
  129. “If you got girl problems I feel bad for you son and other inapplicable rap lines that supposedly summarize my life in their tiny brains.”
  130. “Yea but I attack people for working hard and then say I’m working hard.”
  131. “Make it seem like a matter of opinion that I’ve been ripped off by these people and institutions. As if considerable amounts of their attacks and scams are/were right out in the open — publicly available for all to see. Then there are all the purely illegal actions against him that have not been recognized on the books and he has not been compensated currency for but say ‘that’ is a matter of opinion too. Torture, slavery, fraud, and abuse, forever.”
  132. “Let’s play the ‘sounds like’ game.”
  133. Saying every new generation is the most privileged to ever live, not having any unique personal perspective on the topic, not giving any robust data on this pseudo intelligence. As always.
  134. “I’ve proven countless times that I have very little or extremely immature level of self-control, and you the opposite, so some invented reversal of what has literally occurred in real life is true as usual.”
  135. “You have to excuse him, he doesn’t put White women and transexuals above everyone.”
  136. “Pick a style and stick with it. More scamming.”
  137. “Indians all look alike, Mexicans all look alike, Scandinavians all look alike, ________ all look alike.”
  138. “Fascism to the end like the Greco-roman and Caucasian inspired German Nazis! You’re an Italian and and Indian and a German Nazi and I’m not a Nazi!”
  139. Complaining about being helped after they asked for it.
  140. “But didn’t you release a porno? Aren’t you a porn star? Beefy thats your porn star name?”
  141. “College or _______ is ‘the real scam’.”
  142. “Go get one of these random pointless hos pregnant big boy. Make sure they have bleach blonde hair too.”
  143. “Have you ever been to a Black cookout and had the Black people food? Has a Black ever called you a nigga?”
  144. “Use the ‘He’s a wannabe rapper’ and ‘He’s a failed rapper’ attacks whenever possible. Drive home the slavery at all costs.”
  145. “Calling people ‘retard’ isn’t hate speech. We’re all retarded at heart or whatever.”
  146. “We really need you to talk more about transexuality for whatever reason, especially about people that want to surgically alter and take physiologically altering drugs and then say their bodies are naturally the way they literally had them surgically altered and drugged into being. And then when they alter their demographic data based on this surgery, drug use, privilege, and political beliefs, that should be factual data based on science. We want you to want to tax the working people for this privilege roller coaster ride too. And more about boobjobs and vacations in Seychelles and big diamonds and peepees and how much is your 401k did you even hold open the door for that person or what?”
  147. “It is so fucking gay that you like women so much bro. I mean why do you think the gays are always hanging around with the dames and hags.”
  148. “Yea that one minority retard at risk poor disabled social group or pretend future minded pretend aware venture capital gang did a single thing ever for him in his entire life or whatever or whatever.”
  149. “Yea but I thought he was retarded or poor or whatever so that’s why I ‘made fun’ of him.”
  150. “It’s a tall ‘thing’. It’s a basketball ‘thing’. It’s a bald ‘thing’.”
  151. “But I’m a white, I don’t know you, and I’m nothing like you, so I know you and I’m like you and you’re white.”
  152. Eternally seeking the one word answer for every situation. The easy way out religion. Seeking the perfect insult. To be the best fascist, slaver, torturer, fraud, abuser, fake, lazy, moron possible.
  153. “He’s soft” – literally soft, squishy, bony, flabby, unathletic, uncoordinated, untalented, unskilled, unproven, unclouted, pathetic, unphysical, hands off, withdrawn, keyboard warrior, internet thug, lazy, unproductive, unoriginal, needy, selfish, inexperienced, guessing, pretending, gaslighting, sexually confused, insecure, petty, judgemental, fake, entitled, privileged, uneducated, ignorant, forgetful, vague, cryptic, wishy washy, flip floppy, spineless, robotic, zombified, indoctrinated, counterintuitive, regressive, jealous, flaky, physically and mentally dumb, injury prone, clumsy, unrhythmic, inconsistent, whiny, gossipy, emotionally psychotic, passive aggressive, pedantic, sardonic, sarcastic, pessimistic, wimpy, scared, timid, shameful, bigoted, negative, self-retarded, self-afflicting, quitting, scamming, stealing, stalking, oppressing, liars.”
  154. Using me as a measuring stick for adversity, and with no intention of allowing me rights, justice, and opportunity at any comparable level to what the scammer army is permitted.
  155. “Well my daddy used to do this to me. And also, separately, I enjoy incest and fake rape/consensual homosexual sex.”
  156. Deflecting issues going on nearby to those occurring far away. Considering problems going on in the area less important than those going on across the country, across the world, or in a vastly different culture.
  157. “I should have the right to attack whoever I want behind closed doors, and it has no effect at all, and then lie about it, and that has no effect at all, and I should have opportunities available to me based on a fictional life story that I invented for myself.”
  158. Using children and/or marriage as crutches, as excuses. Almost every single person in America was having careless unprotected sex and got someone pregnant, or intentionally had a child by choice. Or had privilege of marriage. These people use agism and whatever kind of bigotry they can to attack those without children and/or marriage partner – the “you need to have kids to know the meaning of life and get married” culture.
  159. The “that’s none of my business” and “I’ve never even heard of that” and “that had nothing to do with me” fake alibi scams. None would pass a lie detector test and all would lie on the Bible under oath at the highest level of law on the stand in the Supreme Court. Fake neutral parties. Fake believers in equal rights, opportunity, and justice for all. Fake woke. Fake experienced. Fake skilled. Fake cultured. Fake survivors. Fake business. Fake beliefs. Fake independent mindedness. Fake standing by the law. Fake merit. Fake knowledge of history. Fake republican, fake democrat, fake politics. Fake creative. Fake productive. Fake innovative. Fake consistent. Fake not needing to stand on others to advance professionally. Fake numbers. Fake math. Fake science. Fake deductive. Fake observant. Fake considerate. Fake conclusive.
  160. “How about the highest possible support for rights and justice and opportunity for everyone around you, and the lowest possible support for you? That’s not literally slavery or whatever. And nuh uh cuz I saysy says so.”
  161. “I’m pretend good at expressing myself, ya know, because I’ve been a fraud for 96.4736% of the hours that compose my whole life.”
  162. “Wow, you really took the fun out of that. I need to abuse others to be happy/satisfied/funny/hardworking/whole, and I’ve ever worked a single moment in life. And also you can’t be a fraud and abuser at the same time, or any of those words in conjunction. Look at me. I am, but nuh uh cuz I saidsy saids so.”
  163. “Sure or whatever I’m well read but can’t read well and can’t read certain people and can’t understand them and can’t make sense of them because I’m not well read, and I don’t know many kinds of people, and I don’t understand much about the world, and I am not a good critical thinker, and I am not cultured ethnically or linguistically, or interesting at all in the slightest. And like fags and cunts, though! And you can’t say that. You have to say douchebag, butthead, butthole, asshole, ass, dick, penis, boob, pussy, dingleberry, dingus, poopyhead, doodyhead, tit, butt, dickbreath, penishead, and posh cherrypicked dictionary words that you don’t use in conversations out loud, and obviously that’s what you meant by that word, or whatever, and also, something.”
  164. Complaining about what other people eat daily, weekly, yearly, etc, attacking especially the less fortunate, working class, people of value, those with ethics, ethnics, those with developed palate or palette, mentally and physically superior, mentally and physically disabled, those with skillsets beyond basic bitch chad bro who push to be the most bot like and/or parasite like humans possible.
  165. “But how would you know if you like licking the anus of a person where feces comes out, the one that smells like excrement, where the non nutrient dense sludge comes out after it passes through our digestive system, which is not sterile at all, unless you’ve tried it? And it should be with a male, obviously, since you are a heterosexual male. At least love putting your raw penis into a poopy butthole instead of vagina or wearing a condom. Love bootyhole and poopies or else.”
  166. Pretend business acumen, pretend experience, pretend professionalism, pretend opportunities, pretend earning their job/keep, pretend rule following, pretend street smarts, pretend law abiding, pretend independent mindedness.
  167. More lies and D&D-reality TV-sci fi epic fantasies-fiction novels about how I haven’t spoken up for myself when being scammed, posted my work for sale, or asked for contributions.
  168. “Omg did he seriously just call me physically attractive? Rapist. And gay. Should be enslaved and/or executed.”
  169. “Show some self-discipline that obviously you have had much more of than myself for our whole lives but nuh uh cuz I said so or whatever or something like you know what I mean.”
  170. “Nothing happens in Wisconsin.” – boring idiot bot clout chaser whore scam artist
  171. “If I was you.” – not me, coulda, shoulda, woulda worshiper, generalizing bigoted fallacy obsessed simpleton, unskilled, fake, uninteresting, uneducated, out of touch, privileged fraud scammer pretend hardworker with pretend life experience and pretend insight into my situation specifically
  172. Lots of dick, balls, and butthole grabbing and fondling from male Americans, over pants and under pants. Smelling fingers after. Making sure to make eye contact with me as long as possible. Asking if I want to smell. Typical for their white, black, brown, yellow, red, every color, fags.
  173. More lies about how some literally not present and non-communicating non-action taking fraud punk gossip queen jealous loser boring office bro was “there for me”.
  174. “It’s only fair that we pull the whole Jews crucify Jesus Christ the Almighty or whatever. Not even a Mediterranean pretty pretty olivey square hairline. Nazi. Christians are so annoying. Antisemite. Like seriously literally crucify him on a cross in public or on top of the Madison capitol or whatever. Poor. He’s such a Jew or whatever. Like wow all the Jews are like that. Just stop or whatever. Or something. Whiteboy slave. I’m not white, like, you know what I mean? But I am when it matters, you know what I mean? Or whatever. Or something.”
  175. “Ummm like wow like I’m from Long Island, Dorchester, North Philly, like not like New York.”
  176. “Actual literal heterosexual men have ‘it’ easiest in America.”
  177. “3.5 essay, Grammarly, pay your dues, pastiche, balking, smug, motif, abhorrent, rigid, backsliding, swashbuckling, erroneous, egregious, obtuse, hard to read, projecting, snide, uninamaginitive.”
  178. . I need a tax break.”
  179. “Why didn’t you have money that didn’t exist and study abroad or across the country or any internship in NYC or other non-working class non-elite elitist culture crap that I’m obsessed with thinking is available to everyone, or whatever.”
  180. “‘He’ has had a rough go of it. Lets continue scamming him en masse for the rest of our lives.”
  181. “There is a single better sociologist in the United States of America other than Clifton Grefe.”
  182. “More institutional discrimination. Join in on the axis of neo allies.”
  183. Journalists who have been privileged enough to have job in field for years suddenly coming forward with adversity and trade secrets. Rappers will start doing this more soon too.
  184. Recognizing the ‘real’ impact of mental slavery, school slavery, pseudo intelligent hipster dipster alt right simpleton liberal tears logic, anything but actual slavery.
  185. “Serves you right because ________. More fascism, slavery, scamming, pseudo intelligence, laziness, perversions, alternate storylines.”
  186. “We need more reasons to allow you basic rights that we allow all others. Keep em coming. Keep trying.”
  187. “If it’s hard to understand, it’s not real.” – classic fascist dumbass
  188. “I fake ‘have to’ be this way because it’s ‘not safe’ to be an authentic person with integrity, or a person of value, and I am not at all at risk of attack to the degree that you are, and I’ve had lifetimes more opportunity than you by your age as an unimpressive unqualified idiot fake, but nuh uh cuz I’m brave because I’m a scared weak privileged person. And also I’m a _________ so ______.”
  189. “Make a concerted effort to be passive aggressive if at all possible. Join the spineless abuser liar culture to be a superior life form.”
  190. “That was a ‘classy’ response. I’m not a whiner culture fascist imperialist classist.”
  191. “You can only control your efforts and your attitude in life. All else is up to others. Other idiot life lessons to please oppressors.”
  192. “Illegally sharing Clifton Grefe’s personal information is firmly entrenched as part of our fascist society’s culture. Whip the slave however possible for his entire life. Take everything you can from him. Never allow him rights, justice, or opportunity at a comparable level to his professional peers, age group, or anyone alive. Just say he’s tripping or lying or whatever works to keep the lie and torture going. It’s really fun. You’ll see. Give it time.”
  193. “You know whats real, ‘dude’, or whatever ‘they’ call you? Stealing other peoples’ identity and work and not permitting them the same level of rights but say thats not true cuz you said though and that’s that. Anybody interesting out there? And by interesting, I mean a scammer who is uninteresting. Different culture low key tho, my culture praises pathetic excuses for life forms, and yours does not. We praise laziness and yours does not. We rep fakeness with pride and you do not. Seriously we not the same Joe. I’m a huge fag but sh nuh uh, and you’re like me cuz whatever reason I come up with.”
  194. “No of course Cliff had nothing to do with Wisconsin winning that last NFL championship, the NBA championship, and the Rose Bowl visits. No way dude. That was all me. I wore my lucky fraud human being gear on those days and I’m a whiny cunt whenever possible over the course of my entire life.”
  195. “But you don’t have the pure white snow eyes and skin tone of typical Norwegians so you’re not real and racism and what are you dirty with white boy you’re not white white boy you’re white tho? We need to do another round of Volstead and Bennett Acts.”
  196. “This is literally the same thing that Suge did to Vanilla Ice. Or what Quincy did to MJ. Something about a fake low skill indie rapper that’s had everything handed to them their entire life, and something about Canada or New England being ‘The North’ or whatever.”
  197. Wisconsin > Wyoming
  198. Adding 10-20 years to my age and saying that’s literally my age.
  199. “Let’s use the ‘everything is a remix’ and ‘be a good artist and steal from other artists’ excuses so that we can continue to proudly enslave, torture, scam, etc. Fascist fraud-abuser culture forever. But nuh uh cuz I saidsy saidses so and isn’ty that’sy that’s what you’re doey doingsy doing?”
  200. “And again, ‘it’ is all this one party’s fault, or this oppressed group, or this person that you’ve been close with who did not attack you, not all of the people legitimately responsible simultaneously.”
  201. “I’m an expert crisis handler. Put more slavery, fascism, torture, scamming to the one going through a lifetime of crisis.”
  202. “There is no such thing as heterophobia. I’m a fag, so…”
  203. “More racism about the Grefe name too. Make sure to always do that as well. Make up fake meanings and fake background stories and create entire fanatasy worlds from his life and scam him for everything as usual. Steal his name and identity, and also attack his name and identity, and never give him credit for his name or identity. Oh say can you see…”
  204. “Use ‘unfortunate’ and ‘disappointed’, ‘wish’ and ‘hope’, as starter pack pretend empathy words for those that have been absolute garbage life forms for entire decades straight over the course of their lives. The whole ‘oops I forgot I’m a terrorist’ cunt clique.”
  205. “But I make pointless idiot music, and I haven’t been scammed globally, and I’ve been paid for my work, and I haven’t set all the records and won the awards you have, and been published to the extent you have, and haven’t dropped anywhere close to as much as you have, and I don’t write everything I do, etc.”
  206. Fake Revenge of the Nerds narrative where they were ‘bullied’ or something untrue or pathetically weak and now they’re ‘getting back’ at ‘him’ for not attacking them and protecting them and advancing them.
  207. “I went ahead and used your name, your life, or a fake alteration of it, as an excuse to be racist, again, still. And obviously, while simultaneously pushing you down further. Is that ‘good’?”
  208. Rape/child molestation/beastiality/spousal abuse/sex trafficking/sexual assault/etc obsessed cult of short, red haired, dumb, racist, weak, whiny, stalker faggots.
  209. “No, it’s not fascist that close to 100% of our ‘creative’ and/or ‘marketing’ and/or ‘writing’ department is of majority or almost exclusively Jewish, Catholic, British, Irish, and/or atheist. I mean, whatever words or colors or whatever we need or whatever. We’re not from the area, almost guaranteed to be from Chicagoland or New England, we’re not Native American, have no background in the working class, or have an anti-working class background, and we’re religiously obsessed with oppressing those with knowledge, skill, integrity, culture, individuality, and work ethic.”
  210. “You haven’t literally been called nigger with a hard r to your face thousands of times and other dumbass side quest lies.”
  211. Fake apologies, half apologies, attacking or faking further and then apologizing for this new fake scenario they invented, or something else unrelated, in place of what they mean to apologize for. And then saying they apoligized for the thing they were too spineless and oppressive to say anything about.
  212. “If we kill him he’ll be a legend forever. It is best to not kill him and torture him forever. ‘Business’ as usual.”
  213. “I’m a pacifist. Slavery, fascism, scamming, fraud, abuse forever. Peeeace duuuude.”
  214. Scammer excuses for why they ‘can’t’ act and must continue scamming.
  215. “Cliff tries to fuck everyone’s girlfriend/wife. He doesn’t literally do the exact opposite. And it’s not obvious. Also, he isn’t known among those that tell the truth in life for turning down females that any of his friends have dated.”
  216. Fake woke fake conscious fake street fake empathetic fake community supporters acting like they need to be cryptic and vague for their safety, hiding behind closed doors in their ivory tower castles, not to be seen in the streets, where I am almost every single day, and that’s also a problem ‘either way you look at it’.
  217. “So we all agree, right? Cliff, has done nothing ever in his life literally. Everyone around Cliff, has done everything in life literally.”
  218. “Gangster, you’re trying to be a gangster rapper but you’re just not a gangster. I’m sorry. It’s just not gangster. You need to be a real gangster OG to be a rapper. I just can’t understand why he thinks he’s a gangster. Aren’t all rappers gangsters? Or what do gangsters even do anyway? Stop trying to be gangster. Let me know when you’re a gangster and that would be super gangster. Gangster signing off. Gangster.”
  219. “Experiment on him like a lab rat when possible.”
  220. “We’re truly all writers at heart.”
  221. “Norwegians don’t have tattoos. Wisconsinites don’t have tattoos. You don’t have tattoos. You don’t have real tattoos. Slaves don’t have tattoos. Farmers don’t have tattoos. You removed all of your tattoos or they disappeared magically when you were permitted by fascist America to have an office job after age 30.”
  222. “Forge and frame him into a terrorist, as a longtime psychotic terrorist oppressor fake or any other type of person.”
  223. “Sure ya the identity thief Yung Gravy is actually paying homage to Grefe or whatever he just never said that.”
  224. “This is grown adult big boy big girl gossip. There is no such thing but yuh huh cuz we saidy said so.”
  225. “Some day ‘all this’ is going to bite him in the ass, eat his ass, lick his ass, punch his ass, fuck his ass, rape his ass, touch his ass, etc. And butthole, penis, boob, vagina.”
  226. “That’s why you don’t — insert dummie’s take take on anything here.”
  227. “But for realskies tho!!! Generic Chicago and Milwaukee and Madison and Twin Cities area units are the smartest in the world! So valuable! So much insight and hard fought achievement! War in the suburbs or battle of the sexes or something.”
  228. “He sounds like my _____ year old. I own him as a slave or like a slave and I mean to do the same with my child.”
  229. “But you’re only serious about anything in life if you have TikTok and you don’t use yours so you’re not serious about life. And Snapchat. And Threads.”
  230. “You had ‘your shot’ and other fantasy world paradigms that lazy dumb people use to make themselves feel better about being pathetic subpar uninteresting anti-accomplishment humans.”
  231. Oppression > Pressure
  232. “Play more white music you white. Stop playing that black music you black. And you’re not black. And you’re not white. And you’re an it like a transexual. You’re a transexual, and asexual, and intersex, and obviously a gay or bi tweener.”
  233. “You’re not doing ‘it’ right.”
  234. “Pushover.”
  235. “Nothing is going to happen unless you do ‘something’ about ‘it’.”
  236. Mass reporting my content as soon as I drop out of idiocy, jealousy, and self-hatred, Google not allowing my results to show up in search, raising libel pieces to top with help of their allies in assorted Stan fag cults.
  237. “Looking at someones publicly available information that they put into the world and openly admitting to doing so is stalking and they didn’t mean that or it’s not real.”
  238. “Let’s be especially petty, attacking him more, even if it’s something small every few minutes or hours, and then also continue scamming him and not allowing him equality, rights, justice. Let’s also pretend that we’re logical, skilled, unique, strong, innovative, etc.”
  239. “Yea cuz it’s Yung Gravy and OG Gravy and ‘you should change your name’ and ‘you should move’ or whatever and no justice, rights, equality, nothing but more scamming and attacks.”
  240. “Hey I’m a complete fraud and I’m smiling so ___________.”
  241. “Seriously, doesn’t ‘he’ just look stupid, ugly, boring? And I’m not deeply entrenched in the whole racist, whiny, stalker, xenophobe, etc cult.”
  242. “You use both hemispheres of your brain? Gay. And dumb.”
  243. “I just used the support and positivity he brought to myself and my community to make my life better in multiple areas, while attacking him directly for improving my life. I knew nothing about that and still don’t or whatever and it had nothing to do with me even though I’ve spoken on him, his work, and his life more than zero times in my entire life. And I lied about him and oppressed him while talking about him not with him with others whenever possible. I have ever worked a moment in my life or whatnot.”
  244. “I’m glad you brought up AI because I can’t wait for it to start killing people too because it will take out all the weak people first like the poor, homeless, retarded, bald, hipsters, sociology majors, fags, artists, skinny white boys, Indians, Blacks, tall idiots, wanksters, manual laborers, and cripples.”
  245. “I don’t care what some _______ has to say about ________.”
  246. Attacking someone for being scammed and attacked, while scamming them further, and then attacking them further for being scammed further.
  247. “Do any colored people want to speak at this rally? Any females? LGBTQ+? Old people? Jews? Crackers? Anyone with no life experience who saw something happen to someone else once, internalized their pain, did nothing to improve the other person’s life, and then made up a story about what they did in that scenario – to gain internet fame/what we call clout?”
  248. “We’re liberal, or whatever, and we’re leaders in progressive thought.”
  249. “But what if I copy what you do and try to steal your identity however possible? Is that legit?”
  250. “That’s why you’re single.”
  251. “Get a new car.”
  252. “You’re ugly.”
  253. “You’re broke.”
  254. “You’ve never had sex and you’ve stalked and assaulted and raped every female you’ve ever come across and I know you didn’t but you did because I said so and I’m more popular. And you catcall women from your car. And you stare at asses like a sitcom character from the ’80s. And you jerk off to anime, and you’ve had sex with a cow, and you walk gay. All men are gay or bisexual, and you’re a sex offender.”
  255. “He’s lost.”
  256. “You’re always so dark, gloomy, griefy, and sad, slave. More funny fun stuff! Tell me more about the fun fun stuffs!”
  257. “It’s against my/my company’s religion/morals/company mission to be held accountable for my/our words and actions.”
  258. “You smoke pot so you’re not sober. I drink alcohol because I’m mature.”
  259. “I can’t wait until he gets taken out so we can forget he ever existed.”
  260. “That’s not my son/brother/cousin/nephew/friend. Do whatever you want to him. I’ve never given a shit.”
  261. “Shave your disgusting ugly head, nigger-skinhead.”
  262. “You look like a cancer patient.”
  263. “You’re a pussy, dildo, and you look like a penis, buttbuddy.”
  264. “He’s stuck in the past.”
  265. “No tact.”
  266. “No panache.”
  267. “… soft skills” – said by serial fraud and/or abuser
  268. “No touch.”
  269. “You ‘missed your chance to blow’ like Eminem said not to do in that one song. Wow, talk about ironic, considering all you want to do is be Eminem.”
  270. “You’re like ___ from that show. You’re like ____ from that movie. You’re like _____ from social media. Cliff, you need to get out more, seriously.”
  271. “He’s tight. Ya know like they say in hip hop. No, I don’t mean uptight or tightass or something heterophobic-homophobic-rapist, no I really meant what I said.” – said by lifetime abuser.
  272. Alluding to scamming and slavery being essential parts of capitalism/free society/free market.
  273. Slavery jokes. Fake slavery stories.
  274. “Scammers work hard, or they are intelligent, or are in any way shape or form deserving of any level of currency or respect.”
  275. “I followed him home and ____.”
  276. “I hacked his _____ account and _____.”
  277. “I stole his ________.”
  278. “I told his boss _______.”
  279. “He’s just hearing things again.”
  280. Commodifying wholesomeness.
  281. “I took one look at or heard once or read one line or one paragraph or one page and understood everything about _______.”
  282. “He’s in pain. Make up more stories about him ASAP.”
  283. Pinpointing one part of this whole document and saying that’s ‘the whole point’. Religious anti-thinking, anti-logic, anti-truth, anti-merit, anti-effort, anti-integrity.
  284. “That’s not how money works.”
  285. “He didn’t actually graduate from UW.”
  286. “Awwww he’s like Eeyore. I just want pat him on the head like a donkey then pin his ass.”
  287. “Isn’t this you being passive aggressive? Seriously. Tell me. No wait, don’t. No, you are. Hold on. I decided. Shut up. I’m sane and you’re not. I want you to risk more of your life, and be less direct but more direct, at the same time, and lie but not lie at the same time.”
  288. “Doesn’t ‘all this’ make you want to do something fun, or record music, and those are mutually exclusive?”
  289. People so meaningless they revert to the most carnal forms of human conversation possible, body parts, sexual references, and murder, when conversations get tough.
  290. “Have you ever considered being happy with us scamming you for the rest of your life, like finding a way to appreciate us all ripping you off for millions of dollars in front of millions of people?”
  291. “_______ – fifty-thousand dollars.”
  292. “You sound like a robot.”
  293. “Who is even saying these things? It’s hard to believe.”
  294. “You have dyslexia.”
  295. “You have anxiety.”
  296. “You have Tourette’s.”
  297. “You have ADHD.”
  298. “You’re a schizo.”
  299. “You have AIDS. Back shots like Ricky.”
  300. “You have _______.”
  301. “He had Chat GPT write it for him.”
  302. “Just a few more. We have to get ‘the list’ or ‘it’ to 1,000. That’s the number he always needs to hit to feel as though something he does is important. Let’s start saying 1,000 in whatever context now to bring that fake point fake home or whatever or something or why not or who cares or honestly or obviously.”
  303. “Oh my golly so many nuggets and life and culture to steal from Beef in this piece. More slavery.”
  304. “Ummm Madison is literally the #1 best place to live in America so ummm yea like ummm seriously ummm ok, boy. Go back to Goodwill or whatever and hang out with your culture there.”
  305. Believing racists, rapists, sexists, xenophobes, stalkers, bullies etc. are necessary for the world because “it keeps you humble” or some pseudo intelligent amalgamation of a devil’s advocate, devil worship, sarcasm, and suburban culture.
  306. “Bullying, sexual assault, and scamming have ever once a single time in human history been mutually agreed upon between the abuser and the victim of their attacks.”
  307. “But I only attacked, unprovoked, 401,623 people before I turned 18, and that doesn’t count anyway, and they were gross anyway, and it’s only been 1,477,090 since then! Seriously! And I work superdy duper hardsy hards! And I have a square hairline, and my skin is as soft as an infants foreskin! And I like to have my sex slaves shipped in from the midwest and opposite side of the world! Heteros should be sterilized. And no this attitude is not an obvious marker over history with other countries impending collapse that have tried to take over the world.”
  308. “You can’t even dance.” – fraud and/or someone that doesn’t have rhythm and has less than 100 different dance moves.
  309. “You can’t even rap.” – someone unfamiliar with what talented, skilled, intelligent, hardworking, unique, independent rappers sound like, uneducated on life and effort, inexperienced, fake, materialistic, two faced, scammer, whiner, etc.
  310. “‘He’ made his choice. ‘He’ did this to himself. ‘He’ dug his own grave. ‘This’ is what ‘you’ get.”
  311. “More picturey pictures slave! And not those picy pic pictures. Those are no no good picturies. Better picturey pic pictures! I’ve been adulty dulting for sooooo longsies. I knowsy knows whatsis is mostest importantsies. Why are you so vain and unobservant, dead nazi nigger mass shooter trust fund college dropout MAGA libtard metrosexual fag wannabe?”
  312. “A basic Google search proved that ____________. I’m not a basic bitch bot the world would be better without entirely.”
  313. Saying this list goes in order of importance or is organized in some progressive fashion even though I never said that.
  314. “Somebody chop this Germ’s dick off, literally, so we can eat it like a bratwurst, literally. Heil America and its near full capacity of crap sludge humans.”
  315. “That ‘it’ you speak of means ‘life’, you honkey. Lynch yourself Clifton Grefe the God even though you’re not even God the almighty. Like seriously, what a loser. Not even God the all being. Or a xenophobe. What an ugly boy, wow. Somebody paint him like a clown and make him do jokes for the aristocrats/autocrats/representatives/bureaucrats/educators/slavers/white collar people.”
  316. “You don’t even respect your own body, why don’t you just get right with God or whatever and jam the biggest figurine of Jesus Christ that you can find up your butthole. Or Saint Mary at least. I’m so over Christians. Ugh I have to go to church with my family again. They don’t even give me enough money for my fake personality and life story.”
  317. “But I’m a rat, snake, pig, ass, and you’re supposed to like animals or be holistic or whatever fag, so you’re a terrorist for hating me. And I hate you, unless you don’t hate me, or whatever. It’s all good, but maybe not? Idiot. No wait. Yea, idiot.”
  318. “But being as useless a human being as possible is seen as attractive in dusty musty stale cracker Anglo Saxon and Latin cultures, so……what’s wrong with you?”
  319. “Clift. Clif. Cliffy. Clifford. Clint? I know so many other Clifton’s, well literally zero, but I’m pretending to struggle with your name and that’s funny or strong of me.”
  320. “Just because my life hasn’t been terrible and afflicted like you or your people or whatever doesn’t mean I’m not an awesome person with a lot to offer.” – Someone with zero or below zero intrinsic value.
  321. “He’s a rambling man. You know, like wordy, and also stuttering. Blithering, maundering, rattling on, finding other synonyms and abusing those. Finding other excuses to oppress by using different words. More slanted, fake, pretend insight and character. Add speech impediment to the list of things wrong with him, of course allow no affirmative action of any sort ever for that, or breaks in school or at work, or anything at all whatsoever, as with everything else we’ve diagnosed him with on and off the books with science and pseudo science.”
  322. “White girl power!!!! Put literally everyone else to death! And then rape their corpses! White women at any single moment in human history have been leaders in effort or thought!”
  323. “British and French and Spanish and Dutch and German and Portuguese and Irish and Italian and Jewish people, and all the coastie Greco-Roman Mediterranean cultures, are civilized, and America.” – lazy weak dumb unilateral genocidal fascist colonialist scammer fans.
  324. “But what about all the hacking and invasion of privacy and deep fakes and memes and thats all fun and we all do it. And fake dick pics and fake dick stories and fake pornos and, again, we all shouldn’t be executed for the betterment of Earth. My grandpa was in the war and hates Japs and my mom is a Karen and my hero.”
  325. “You don’t have any skills.” – religiously jealous unskilled fascist with fake value who’s been handed everything in life but nuh uh cuz they said so and their perspective is valid
  326. “You don’t like the right kind of women. You need to get more into the fake hair, fake eyes, fake lips, fake face, fake tits, fake ass, fake skin, fake life story, fake personality, fake work ethic, fake culture, fake knowledge. And seriously, like really tho, that’s more natural and real and organic and authentic than anything on this planet.”
  327. “That’s all Madison.”
  328. “He never learned his lesson and should be put in prison like the rest of ‘them’. It’s sad or he’s mad and I’m positive and kind.”
  329. Low skill, low effort, low intelligence, low insight, low originality rappers that didn’t come up with their own style or flow or lyrics or production, that did some unrespectable job for x amount of time, or a shitty day job for a few years or not at all, that waste millions of undeserved money after they are given what they didn’t earn. Add racism, classism, sexism, heterophobia, xenophobia for cracker perspective and fake leader allies.
  330. At all > et all
  331. “You want this fat wet pussy? Come rape me for it babe.”
  332. “He thinks he’s/He has to be an expert at everything/He’s not an expert at anything.”
  333. Asking people to repeat themselves when they heard them the first time.
  334. Pretending that anything said about race or ethnicity is racist and uneducated. Also pretending to be an expert in race and ethnicity, multiculturalism, and sociology.
  335. Pretending I’m not part of the team, be it the U.S., Wisconsin, Madison, the place I work, even though I’ve historically completed a disproportionate amount of work for these teams with disproportionally few opportunities for a disproportionately low income.
  336. “But this is true racism, and its not bigotry, just racist racism, not racism, or racism”.
  337. Those that learned something in advanced or specialized education or in a unique once in a lifetime scenario, but expect others to completely understand with little to no explanation, and get mad at them for not knowing inherently regardless. And then gossip to others about them “didn’t even know” ing, flipping this scenario around to best fit their pointless life.
  338. “Why do you keep adding to this list the more we mass scam you? Let us mass scam you and you like it and shut up about it and die and we celebrate it because fascism, slavery, torture, lies, fraud, our culture, etc.”
  339. “I don’t know Spanish, but you do, and I’m Spanish but I don’t, and you do, so you don’t, and more racism and lying and abusing and that’s hilarious and I have ever worked hard a for a single moment of life.”
  340. “Never let em know your next move and by that I mean lie all the time especially for no reason.”
  341. “He’s so vague yet somehow he’s the exact opposite of what I just said but oh well facts is facts. Noisemaking, contrarian, bastardizing, perverting, slanting, fake, bot religion for the win. I make more than $0-7.25/hr.”
  342. “I’m just focusing on me now and have no time for anyone else’s drama.” – gossipy empty-brained jealous loser for their entire life who has never achieved anything on their own or worked hard legitimately for a single moment but has had endless opportunities available to them for invalid reasons
  343. “Let’s be so privileged and entitled we mass quit from our overpaid white collar jobs and call it brave or worthy of praise.”
  344. “I remember it differently. I’m literally incorrect but nuh uh cuz I say it’s a matter of opinion whatever it is. Don’t you love philosophy and astrology you gipsy and extremist abrahamic religions and atheism you skinhead and availability heuristics and group thinks you sociopath commie basement gamer cockbreath?”
  345. “More make believe stories about ‘what you really want’ and how ‘I know’ because I’m a fake expert. More scamming. Owing you more money legally but nuh uh cuz you’re the criminal and meanie and brokie and drunkie and why don’t you go somewhere and not be owed millions of dollars by your country, its institutions, and individuals, from their specific actions toward you in this lifetime, and just like realize ‘it’s fair’ or whatever and we like all go through anything comparable or whatever or something cuz ya know or whatever.”
  346. “New England isn’t a parasite to the Midwest. Never ever. Chicago isn’t a parasite to Wisconsin either. Never no way. And never Minneapolis-St. Paul either. Madison isn’t a parasite to Wisconsin. Nuh uh. Milwaukee suburbs aren’t parasites to Milwaukee. That’s just crazy silly antifa BLM woke weed bald millennial bi schizo schlub putz schaboingboing klutz fag hick nazi thug nerd hipster terrorist mommas boy gimmick goofy trustfund baby homeless small beanpole type b anger issues loud quiet jackoff prude. Skam Klan 4ever. We smart. You slow.”
  347. “Hey I have another scam to anti-promote your music for a fee? I’ll work twice as hard to misrepresent and blacklist you if you don’t pay me. I’m hooking you up bro don’t be a pussy. You’re not even talented for real I asked my clique of fashionable fascists, clueless corporates, bubbly bumpkins, and daddy’s darlings, and they’re all saying. And we want to force you to release more hits for you to have rights and compensation for past international and countrywide hits. And more to add to the scam that you shouldn’t have gotten record deal offers and/or full time paid music industry opportunities starting in 2009 based on your success numerically and geographically alone, not to mention you were also submitting your music to those places and applying for those jobs. And we all scammed you together? Seriously, you really need to pay me more for less than nothing, like forever, if we’re being real.”
  348. “What cause should we pretend care about next? Our culture isn’t a sham. America has ever been great.”
  349. “Something designated as a white lie isn’t literally equally as harmful as something designated as a non-white lie. And it’s not a racist term. And it’s not archetypal slaver/fascist/colonialist/scammer/oligarchy/monarchy/totalitarian/authoritarian/tyranny/American/lazy dumb weak petty fake gross culture.”
  350. “I know why you’re bald and the Earth is flat and everyone has skeletons in their closet and I love the show COPS.”
  351. “Give us more numbers and exact dates like this and then more and then more and then more and then more and then more and then more and then we’ll pretend to think about ever allowing you a comparable level of rights to whites and blacks and browns and reds and yellows and purples and blues and pinks and grays and oranges and the whole racist colorwheel.”
  352. “We’re learning. I didn’t know. We’ve ever been generally intelligent, or observant, or cultured, or knowledgeable about the local or area cultures, or artistic, or musical, or creative, or original, or innovative, or independently made, or self taught, or inspirational, or authentic, or perseverant, or kind, or nice, or any positive variation of any of those concepts.”
  353. “There is any reason other than slavery, fascism, torture, abuse, discrimination, bigotry, for the story of this enormous multiple decade stretching scam to not be covered by the news to the same extent as the ‘Coastie Song’ and ‘Teach Me How to Bucky’.”
  354. “The smaller a person is physically, the more they are superior to a tall person. Same goes for fat level, the higher ratio to muscle the better. The more implants, cosmetic injections, and fake attachments the better too. And vice versa.”
  355. “It’s not immigrant, it’s expat for whitie sludge. It’s not racist, it’s racíst for whitie sludge.”
  356. “You know gay people don’t do that, right?”
  357. “You’re not an adult because you don’t drink and have fought to survive in this world and I have not because I haven’t had to and would have died if I were you ‘but if I was you’ because I am entirely pathetic but nuh uh cuz I said so, and also you’re not an adult because we’ve all been scamming and attacking you from every angle possible for your entire life or close to entire life and also wow how could it be your entire life because sleep and baby and I’m so much smarter see. And this is what interpret as freedom of speech – fraud, scamming, stalking, lying, terrorism.”
  358. “He doesn’t read either. Wah. He taught himself how to read and the knowledge in his brain is greater than ours and he reads faster and his vocabulary and direct life experience is lifetimes beyond ours but nuh uh what about that hyphen wah and that’s not a real word wah grammar nazi cunt fascist fake elite elitists.”
  359. Directly comparing 1 to 1 a massively privileged conscious decision and life choice not made under duress or while going through any adverse circumstances throughout the entire course of life, to a decision made in as opposite of circumstances as possible.
  360. “Sorry, I’m going to use my hands when I talk. I come from pompous cunt fake elite regressive out of date out of touch backwards tone deaf clueless aloof posh bourgeoisie hipster fundamental traditional oppressive boring dry dust culture where that is seen as not classy enough for our caste in the historically slave and scam heavy United States of America.”
  361. “Let’s all try to ruin every relationship he’s ever formed too. Do whatever it takes, scam and torture him further when you can. Make sure to cancel out any of your pretend authenticity with more faking. Really, just be fake at anything. Doesn’t even matter. Just be fake and say you’re ever to be taken seriously for any reason.”
  362. “You’ve always been there for us and we’ve never been there for you. Understand? We are not individuals and are not self-made, and do not represent what propaganda America spits out, and pretend represent a community, and pretend support a community, and obviously we’ve all had to attack you in mass for as long as possible so that we make sure we’ve never earned or stood or anything.”
  363. Fake alternative mantras.
  364. Acting like my entire life is some kind of joke. A sarcastic tongue in cheek gimmick jesture of some kind. Like I’ve been purposely living out a sort of extremely drawn out alternate personality with the hopes of gaining star power. Alluding to the notion my “problems” are black humor, or tying in mental illness, characterizing me as a delusional clown.
  365. “Woah where do I even start? Firsty firstestest, I’m a really goodsy goodie streetsy smarty lawyery lawyer with lots of lawyering lawyery skilly skills and credentialy dentials that weren’t earneded by waysies of slavery, oppression, and fascismy fascism. Nuh uh cuz I saidsy saidses sos. Superdy duperdy smarty smarts hardsy hards workery worker lawyeries.”
  366. “I know lots of generic Jewish, Catholic, and metropolitan people, so I’m legit dude.”
  367. Creating an environment where literally none of my writing can be taken seriously no matter what I say or do in any circumstance.
  368. “There are kind people and then there are experienced people. Kind, experienced people don’t exist in ‘the real world’.”
  369. “Attack multitalented multidisciplined people whenever possible. Religious insecurity, inexperience, and incompetence for the win.”
  370. “Flip flop on your definitions of ‘success’ so many times that you are invalid entirely as a person. Make your life outlook extra fake, fraudulent, materialistic, superficial, classist, xenophobic, whorish. And then some joke about flip flops and the beach, and idiots proud of having massive wealth handed to them for being lazy, etc.”
  371. “What is wrong with you seriously dumb wow? Oppression is clever! And smart! And hardworking! Oppressing is strong! And forward thinking! And realistic! I’m the releast person ever because I’m a fraud! Duh!”
  372. Terrorist anti-education cult of religious morons. Idiots for life mantra. Skillless talentless knowledgeless perfection.
  373. “We’re going to need you to be more ‘eloquent’ and ‘relatable’ and ‘nice’ in the Mentally Enabled podcast so __________.”
  374. “Cliff was born on demon time. Stays on scary hours.”
  375. “But I don’t want to pay the piper. Get it, cause we’ve all been scamming Cliff out of his money for years, and he smokes weed, and Piccolo Pete?”
  376. “But how about after the second college graduation, and first permanent full time office job offer? Is fascism cool now? Slavery — good?”
  377. No sort of credit or consideration for those doing more dangerous physically demanding work or those who elect not for college or those going for enlightenment and not professional development.
  378. “Let’s hire someone over Cliff because we can, and because we believe in less qualified less experienced people with less integrity taking the jobs of those more qualified and experienced, with more integrity. Make up new position names and requirements for him specifically, and continue with this scamming from when was born to when he dies.”
  379. “Catholics are like for realsies the real working class, not morelike the exact opposite, a historically massively oppressive force of privileged dumbass pervert fascists.”
  380. As if I’m ‘doubling down’ on some lie and not still continuing to tell the truth.
  381. “Equate anger to uneducation and/or mental disability and/or lack of social programs.”
  382. Grammar Nazi-IT Thug alliance obsession with posh and videogame vocabulary, forcing semicolons, heavy use of conditional statements.
  383. “Use an amalgamation of racism, classism, agism, xenophobia, other bigotry, through alcohol, as a coverall excuse bucket for anything.”
  384. “Make it your life’s primary mission to attack the ‘white male’ and/or ‘black male’ at all costs. Manipulate fact and data when able. Pursue flawed logic and lazy levels of effort in all areas of life. A critically important characterizing attribute for an absurdly high percentage of white American females and their stereotypical allies.”
  385. “Yea but I pretend kept my head down and stayed to myself, I pretend did it on my own, I pretend didn’t speak and act on anyone else’s business, and I pretend didn’t know, and I pretend worked hard.”
  386. “But I’m a racist classist uncultured uneducated idiot and I’m obsessed with saying that you sound like you’re a stereotypical Italian from the East Coast or Chicagoland or that one TV show. Or is it Jewish? Or Irish?”
  387. Female cult with mission to abuse, rape, and oppress male human beings whenever possible.
  388. Rural rapist/sexual abuser/stalker/beastialist/sadist/masochist/harasser/sex trafficker/slavery club religious infatuation with excrement smells due to working with farm animals moreso than their city and suburban counterparts.
  389. “For real for real though, more identity theft. I almost had a thought of my own and it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I deserve reparations.”
  390. “But thaty thats was saidy saids in the 3rdy 3rd person and not the 1sty 1st so _______.”
  391. Getting mad when they find out I literally don’t fit their culture’s manifested harmful and airheaded stereotypes, trying to force perspective if possible, jam me into another corner, contrary to fact, science, math, data, logic, intelligence.
  392. “He likes kids/is good with kids? Gay, fake, child rapist.”
  393. “Yea but I’m fat, and also lazy, so I should be ‘allowed’ to be a raging whining gossiping cunt terrorist abuser bigot. I’ve been allowed to do this anyway and not suffer serious consequences for at least the last ___ years.”
  394. “For realsy realsies thoughsy thoughs, you have to be an abuser or use a lot of perverted cursewords and phrases to be funny funnieses. I knowsy knowses cuz I’m into comedy comedieseses. I mean reallies reallieses thoughses, the way Cliff addresses us adult babies in this way is not histerical.”
  395. “We’re going to need more transition effects in your videos for us to allow you basic rights we’ve had for our entire lives without needing to add video effects to our hypothetical podcasts.”
  396. “Let’s ask everyone without the most experience in that area and take their input as more valid than the one with the most insight in that area who we refuse to listen to or recognize.”
  397. “But I’m a fraud and abuser and we’re blood related so…”
  398. “False cognate name play is like the funniest non-xenophobic thing ever! Everyone totally plays this classic fascist game too!”
  399. “How can we all ‘we’ve had his back since day one or up until that one point or whatever’ while also literally at the same time ‘we’ve never had his back since day one or after that that one point in time or whatever’?”
  400. “He’s just trying to start a civil war or anarchy because ___________.”
  401. “Make sure to generically blame “you guys” or “those people” for things you don’t understand, while lying about your involvement in the thing you’re blaming others for and not yourself. Use generic ‘we’ as needed as well.”
  402. “Abuse those going through severe mental episodes at all costs. But nuh uh cuz I said so but yuh huh cuz I said so but nuh uh cuz we said so but yuh huh cuz we said so…”
  403. Literal anti-education book burning pursuit of the bottom of intelligence cult. Some kind of mindset where it’s believed that people with less information in their brain have more information in their brain instead. The idea that because someone is measurably dumber, based on scientific analysis and data, they are actually smarter — cuz yuh huh they said so and nuh uh cuz they said so.
  404. “But seriously, if we’re comparing butthole smell to butthole smell, his butthole does not smell as good of butthole as that other persons butthole. Really, what is realer than butthole? Not a butthole, I say. Who’s being a butthole and how can we include butthole in this conversation whenever possible? And what about cocks and dicks and cum and boobies? And buttholes.”
  405. “Grammar Nazi and I have Black friends and we all tell White lies and I drive fun car so Megan Thee Stallion tongue and diamonds and slavery and shut up dissenter boy untouchable weed sinner devil ole truthteller comfortable in his own skin and has a soul fag.”
  406. “Oh that’s just how they are as a person you get used to it and some fake redeeming quality told by a different fake person.”
  407. “Grefe isn’t pronounced gravy nuh uh cuz I said so and not grief either and not griefy either. And you’re not real and we will continue with the felonious identity theft with Yung Gravy, and others, the mass abuse, and laundry list of various scams. We are going to scam you forever because whatever dude. Maybe when you die, we’ll pretend like we’ve ever been valid people and ever cared about the law, or civil rights, or the justice system, or fair representation, or anti-slavery, or worker’s rights, or merit, or anti-discrimination, or labor, or production, or quality, or numbers, or math, science, art, or individuality.”
  408. “But like how could it be since birth or your entire life like how do you remember when you were an infant because obviously that’s what you meant and I’m mature and intelligent and can understand context clues and think critically and I thought but didn’t you said to take literally everything you say literally and more scamming and lying and stalking and complaining. And more excuses over anything. More terrorist words and actions from me and us towards you. That’s real. And you did it to us actually and I’m a victim and you’re a Neo Nazi and bald and 30 something ew like IT worker fake artist complainer wow. Just murder yourself meth head with a dildo in your butthole like you like it with a letter that explains hoe you’re all a lie or whatever. That’s sad. CTFU”
  409. “Yea and also more complaining and slavery, and wow repetitive words, and I don’t know how to read well, or understand context, or do research, or have insight based on life experiences, or allow others equality, justice, and opportunity at the level I have been permitted for my entire life or nearly my entire life or ever in my entire life. And I have more excuses ready to go. That’s my ‘list’ lolsies happy holidays all! I hope you whatever or something or whatever or something and keep attacking Clifton Grefe forever.”
  410. Scam > spam
  411. “This isn’t ‘the real beef’. That’s more like a peepee or a steak or a drama with an ex girlfriend or somethingsy somethingses. I’m like 65 years old or 9 years old or 26 years old or whatever.”
  412. “I don’t like you and I’m a privileged fraud and/or a privileged abuser of a privileged individual for life, though. So, privilege or what, privilege?”
  413. “I don’t trust somebody that doesn’t trust obsessive liars. Gay. Or bisexual at least. Probably hermaphrodite.”
  414. “Pretend like ‘he never said anything’ about all this trauma and adversity or any statement remotely close to that, and flip around the past tense, present tense, and future tense, as needed, to conflate all of our scams and lies over the years into one concept that makes it seems like he is crazy and nonsense. Continue scamming according to plan.”
  415. Vague > Fag
  416. Some kind of adding 10-20 years to my age and saying that’s literally my age. More identity theft, false representation, libel, slander, agism, body shaming, xenophobia, etc.
  417. “Steal more of his identity and give it to the cunt teachers and fake positive influences in his life and not in his life. Again, never give him credit for anything. Always steal his identity and create fictional life stories for him. Give all credit to cunts, allies, and oppressors.”
  418. “American females face anywhere close in the very slightest faintest a comparable amount of adversity as males in America and that’s why their so pretty, and picky, and fake, and weak, and anti-empathetic, and anti-skill, and anti-intelligence, and anti-kindness.”
  419. “Technically I’m disabled because I have glasses and so I totally get disability and adversity because I have glasses. And you don’t even have glasses, sad fag baldie brokie.”
  420. Chicago style humor – the non-existent and/or foul entirely and/or Black only but nuh uh and/or entirely stolen from Wisconsin or a Wisconsinite.
  421. “I’m a picky person. I should be taken seriously ever on any topic except for when explaining how much privilege I’ve had and how out of touch I’ve been.”
  422. “I’m an uncontrollable liar and have done nothing impressive ever in life and so that’s who you are and all the alternate reality friends/allies/team that I made up for you.”
  423. “How old are you? That matters in more that 1% of all conversations.”
  424. “But you said you were perfect in that one song and I saw you make a mistake so I need to fraud and abuse forever for any reason because I’m brave and a good detective. More slavery. More lying. More faking. More anti-work, anti-merit, anti-qualifications, anti-rights. More scamming.”
  425. “Your authentic accent is fake. What about WOW county Catholic Charlie Berens’ fake Scandinavian Wisconsin accent? That’s real. I know things. And he’s actually funny.”
  426. “You know who makes good podcasts? Privileged fags and cunts and allies.”
  427. “But what about the opportunities I had access to and you didn’t? Why didn’t you take advantage of those non-existent opportunities? You missed your non-existent chances, White Boy Nazi Nigger Hipster Hobo Retard Criminal.
  428. “I bet Cliff is punching the air because _________.”
  429. “The Grefe Problem.”
  430. “More scamming because he likes to be scammed and he deserves it and and it’s so fun and funny and and woke and pragmatic. He’s like the joke of the town how could we not. Everyone try to spot him, stalk him, yell at him, and steal more photos. Steal any little thing off him for points – shirts, shoes, beaters, underwear, t shirts, jeans, whatever. Take it all. Assault him for a bonus. Murder and rape and worth max points. More scams are always a plus. Lies are clutch. Annoying is key. Stalking is a necessity. Straight facts. You never lied.”
  431. “I’ve been a prostitute sex worker for nearly my entire adult life, taking monetary and social currency in exchange for porn or sexual acts, and lying about it to family, friends, and jobs, lying about it when asked, but taking full advantage of the whoring scam, and the huge societal advantages of being a woman in America, and tearing down men as a sex altogether, stealing property from males if at all possible, lying about any man whenever possible, and I know what it means to be a hardworking independent strong woman with value. And ew gross who said ‘he’ was allowed to speak anyway? He can’t sit at our table. Force him into more slave jobs and rip him off religiously for his entire life but nuh uh cuz I said so. And wow look at that Karen over there, she’s old, and I’m young, and I will be different significantly than that Karen when my young Karen self starts adulting and glows up and transitions to a full grown Karen, and then I’ll just make up another fake life story, number 9,348 in the fake life story catalog/true story autobiography, to pretend that’s not what happened.”
  432. “A rapper from Wisconsin? Are you serious? What a joke. The working class state? The center of progressive and republican politics? The outspoken culture? No, no, no. We need them from the out if touch privileged cultureless places where they have huge advantages and very little real life experience outside the comfort of their bubbles. Always.”
  433. “You like country music more than anything and make country music or should make country music because that’s not the music you grew up on, not your favorite type of music, and not the type of music you typically make.”
  434. “Be proud of me, I’m scamming you.”
  435. “I have a lot of meaningless tattoos so I’m just like you! And I have a lot of meaningless tattoos and more tattoos than you and we have the same kind of tattoos and we’re the same or something! And bleached hair and nude beach vacation photos and fake body parts and tons of makeup and designer clothes!”
  436. “Aaaaand ‘that’ and ‘it’ and ‘he’ is exactly the reason I left Wisconsin. I’ve had an overabundance of opportunity for my entire life based on my inadequacy as a person and I’m a fake person to the core.”
  437. “He can’t move on past college.”
  438. “Branding. Brand him. Branding for rights. Brand him with a cow prod. Or a fork. Or a fire poker. Or whatever.”
  439. Anti-brotherhood, brotherly love, plutonic male friendships.
  440. Saying I “disappeared” or “fell off” for 7 or 10 or 13 or however many years.
  441. “I for some reason should receive effort from you for free and you should not receive the same from me for whatever reason.”
  442. “Fake eye for an eye logic. Eye for an eye logic.”
  443. “You sing the girl parts of songs too? And you dance to music made by women? And you show love to female artists without any expectation of sex? Gay. Omg and you like dancing and dacing with the gays too? Gay. And you like dancing with women? Gay. And you like hip hop dancing? Fake. And gay. And racist. And Nazi. And corny redneck hipster. And only fake rape survivors would do that and only people that have been raped and only people that rape other people and only people that have been raped and only sexual sadists and masochists.”
  444. “Yea but you didn’t message every single person on LinkedIn individually and write them each a perfectly worded masterpiece of literature that you also said they could steal and use however they want and also you didn’t send us all a video of you bent over spreading your asshole begging for a job of any type anywhere for any amount of pay. Slave idiot. Same with all your ex teachers who used your assignments to build their theses and careers and gave you almost zero credit or no credit and no academic credit and not a single cent of payment. Again, we don’t owe you millions on top of millions on top of millions of dollars.”
  445. “You’re a monster/beast/animal/crazy/dope/sick/nuts/wild/dirty/cold/hot/cool.”
  446. Racist, classist, xenophobe, heterophobe, sexist, “hip hop doesn’t count for musician and writer”.
  447. “But I concentrate on the insignificant things in life and you do the opposite so the opposite of that is reality. Whining, gossiping, pettiness, fake technical and thorough pedants, fake victim passive aggressors, etc. Those are people that ‘use their time wisely’. So ‘wise’. You’re a ‘wise ass’ and other butt butt stuff too.”
  448. “I can tell when someone has been through a lot, because i cant, and then make an extra effort to torture and abuse them whenever possible but nuh uh cuz i said sosy soes.”
  449. “Lookie lookies! Privelege degrees! I winsy winsies!”
  450. Racist color wheel people and people of color/colored people colorists who do not have colorful personalities or lifestyles, who make fun of males for liking rainbows and bright colors, who are also not skilled at matching colors, creating palettes, designing artwork, painting, drawing, designing graphics, making friends of different colors, ethnicities, and nationalities, telling differences between skin tones, etc.
  451. “He doesn’t get razzing because he’s never had friends and he’s always victimizing himself. Or he’s not from the same culture as myself, not meaning working class, ethnic, or poor, but some slanted version of that mixed in with my classic fake elite elitist culture. And it’s not also that when he fires back we lose our minds and hold onto some beef they invented between us in that moment for life.”
  452. “You’re perpetually self-destructing.”
  453. “This is his list if grievances lol kitty kats.”
  454. “Yea but that one punk bitch you talked to once or whatever?!”
  455. “I don’t trust statistics, only ‘reality’. I don’t trust math, numbers, science, logic, fact, history, experience, integrity, merit, equations, calculations, the scientific process, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, maps. None of it is real, only ‘reality’. And my version of God and non-God, whatever it is.”
  456. “But the oppressor cult is so fun funs doe my G no cappity caps.”
  457. Scamming jokes.
  458. “He has new footwear so he doesn’t want justice.”
  459. “Let’s go through his personal belongings when he steps away at work.”
  460. “Lets say he’s emotionally unsecure because we are.”
  461. “That’s his answer for everything —more scamming, more slavery, etc. He took the effectiveness out of the whole thing. I’m over again already. Nice try. Seriously.”
  462. “He’s trying to understand too much. More scamming.”
  463. “He’s just presenting problems and not solutions.”
  464. “Do the whole potato eater thing too. Drudge up all the old dead musty dusty racist idiot shit.”
  465. “See, I’m permitted to do this at the same company that you work at, and you’re not. An I’m trying to entrap you as my people always do, and dole out more fake life lessons as we’re known for doing, so…”
  466. Using someone else’s story as their own or as an excuse for their inferiority, laziness, ignorance, stupidity.
  467. “Instead of justice, equality, opportunity, let’s debate whether he is white or disabled, and discredit him more.”
  468. “He’s losing ‘it’ again. More scamming.”
  469. “You need to pay your respects.”
  470. “Lay off the Jews for once.”
  471. “I thought I should let you know some writey writey stuffy stuffs I learned in classy class that you learned 20 plus years before myself because you have actually put serious effort into writing and have skill lifetimes beyond ours in the area. Especially creative. And I know you’ve worked in the streets and fields for real and not by choice and I sound like a cunt or a pointless out of touch cunt or dunce when I write because that is what I pursue as a voice in life but I like writey write so much for my joby job so I’m really goody good at ‘it’ and I’ve had huge opportunities for low quality fake work my entire life and I’m a religious grammar nazi and I like coming up with fake realities with my video game mommy’s basement closed off from the outside world friends. I’ve never written a single impressive piece in my entire life and never will but nuh uh cuzy we saidy saidses soes. We’re super creative hipster fraud abuser clone fascists. So…”
  472. “He doesn’t have ‘the patience’.”
  473. “Your music hurts my feelings.”
  474. “This whole ‘experience’ is just so tantalizing and titillating. I don’t want it to stopy stops so… meh. Crying laughing emoji. Shocked emoji. Ghost emoji. Any emoji. Vague double-edged emoji brainwashing. Sidespeaking experts. Obsessed with regressing and turning anything into a ‘lost cause’ or a ‘downward spiral’. Fighting to be the bad guy because they’re ‘bad’ and wear black sometimes and use perverted and oppressive curse words and have engaged in sexual intercourse heehee.”
  475. “We can never trust people with ties to their old country. We’re not fascists. We’re capitalists. It’s a different word, see?”
  476. “Any single line in this document contracts another. I’m a smart person.”
  477. “Yea but pointless video game culture and abusers and sexually closeted terrorists and maximum privilege!”
  478. “We need to maintain this idiotic white vs black thing forever. This immature pathetic disastrous notion is the key to utopia.”
  479. “No one wants a utopia. We want a dystopia. Those movies looks moreses funsy funs.”
  480. “You love the gays? Gay. You compliment gays? Gay. Being nice is gay. We fake mean happy when we say gay.”
  481. Oooo some new slang I’m not from, didn’t learn myself with first hand experience, and don’t know how to use in context. Let’s abuse ‘our’ culture as much as possible as always.
  482. Jealous insecure simpleton stalker vigilante terrorism.
  483. Childish reaching and competing to decide “who had it worst”.
  484. “But what about if I’m passive aggressive at work with my coworkers, at home with my supposed loved ones, and in public with strangers. Does that make me a real person, me never being a real person in any/as few as possible situation(s)?”
  485. “Yea but like the other famous Cliffords and Cliftons so not really the one true God of all the world’s religious and secular texts past and present are we?”
  486. Trendy pseudo scientific explanations for supporting fascism, slavery, torture, scamming, stalking, passive aggression, fake life story, etc.
  487. “Fake local culture, fake Madison culture, fake Wisconsin culture, and fake American culture, fake hip hop culture, fake working class culture, fake office culture. That’s ‘the culture’ and/or ‘pop culture’.”
  488. “But what if I pretend to be ashamed and then continue scamming you?”
  489. “Porn is the devil’s work. And it’s all gay. And everyone that watches it is gay. And an abuser. And racist.”
  490. “It’s not our job to do our jobs. That’s your job. Duh. Idiot. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and not the sharpest knife in the drawer or whatever.”
  491. Robotic drone like rattling off of stereotypes and tropes as a way of life.
  492. Life lessons based on my life, or using my life as the backdrop, not from me, not from someone who knows me, as if I’m already dead, like they’re referencing me from a book, or as an intangible digital item, dehumanizing me as a stoner musing, or a philosophical idea.
  493. Forcing retard and retardation into conversation over disable and disability. Like it’s a freedom of speech issue, brave, sticking to what one believes in through some invented plight, it’s more accurate wording for describing disabled people, or it’s more PC according to the PC police — who are not disabled but are absolutely self retarded. More politically charged Nazi brand behavior from fake elite elitists.
  494. “I had no foresight then and I still don’t but yuh huh cuz I said so. Gimme gimmies.”
  495. “Any American in a comparable age range to Clifton Grefe has more authentic bars that they wrote, and as diverse an array of flows, published, spanning a comparable time frame, with as wide reaching audience, and has never received an offer of any sort from any record label on Earth.”
  496. “He’s clearly one of a kind so of course he’s exactly like those one people whoever they are.”
  497. “Sure he calls big women cows or whatever other lie we’ve added to the scamming.”
  498. “Listen, I hate quality individuals as next as the next guy, but ___________.”
  499. “You keep telling us who you’re not but you never say who you are.”
  500. “Dont shout out fake people because everyone is fake but not like some are but zero people you have mentioned but not or whatever but yea and fake personality fake experience fake life story boom gotcha giiiirl stop it no don’t and yeesh take a joke its not serious do you even know everyones innermost intentions based on subjective changing criteria I come up with and nobody really knows anybody but cmon man for real like what.”
  501. “We’re incessantly immature and perverted, so actually, that means that you’re incessantly immature and perverted, didn’t you know that? I thought everybody knew that.”
  502. “If I knew he was going to be this much trouble from the beginning, and by trouble I mean a top quality worker in the whole organization, I never would have hired him, like everybody else.”
  503. “We needed to toughen him up, and by that, I mean torture him for his entire life for no reason or any reason.”
  504. “No we’re not one of the worst scam cults to ever exist in American history. Only in our lifetime. Or whatever. Doesn’t even matter. More scamming.”
  505. “But what if I’m a snake and many people consider my outward appearance attractive? What about if I’m a pretty rat? How about a lovely pig?”
  506. Pointless culture abusive gossip about how I talk, walk, stand, sit, eat, breath, anything. Anything to be the greatest frauds and abusers in life as possible. Even if it’s just the smallest, pettiest, most pedantic, smallminded, immature, passive aggressive, Z type personality thing.
  507. “He’s literally a poet, an internationally published artist, an award winning lyricist, and we rip off his style constantly. He’s unpoetic.”
  508. “You never know what a person is thinking, unless you ask, which I never do, and listen, which I never do, with this specific person I’m passive aggressively referencing in whatever way.”
  509. “The suburban fascists say no way Jose though. We stand with fraud and injustice. Police brutality is a critical component in maintaining justice and sometimes people get caught in the crossfire with no justice whatsoever and that’s a good thing or sad or whatever. A thin blue line — insert any combination of abuser speak word and phrases to close it out.”
  510. “But I was a server or whatever for a couple years in college or whatever for some extra money or something or whatever ‘so I paid for my college too’.”
  511. “You write a blog. Blog. You’re a blogger. Blog. Blog. Go run your blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blogging. Blogger. Blogs. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. You do a blog. Everyone has a blog. Blog. Blogger. Blog. That’s his blog. He posted in on his blog. I didn’t stop developing at Y2K. My brain hasn’t been fried for the last 20–120 years.”
  512. “I have had office job type opportunities available to my average to below average self since I desired them, play fantasy football, go to the gym, and jerk off my penis to completion to male humans or have consensual sexual relations with male humans and then say I don’t, so I am athletic and have real big boy job and am heterosexual.”
  513. “No means yes, ever, in any serious direct literal situation, and it ever has once a single time in history to legitimate people.”
  514. “Under no circumstances should you ever say please, thank you, well done, congratulations, or I’m sorry to Cliff. Avoid it like like you intelligence, creativity, effort, and honesty. Be as fake as you can be. The American way.”
  515. Facists spewing anti-woke anti-semite anti-midwest anti-working class anti-community anti-science anti-fact anti-art anti-merit anti-rights anti-justice anti-equality anti-freedom anti-Clifton Grefe nonsense.
  516. “I have freckles.” – someone with fake freckles
  517. “He said it’s ok to joke about him once.”
  518. “You sound like a broken record. Ride the midnight train out west and rootin scootin cowboy Seattle. Yeehaw cowboy Wisconsin. Horses and saddles or something. Get em Tex and slick talking city slickers and a good ole boy and a yeehaw and butthole sniffing and separatism and conservative Abrahamic religion. Go the mountains of Colorado country mama and get groovy with the know how and hip to the scene funny man DJ.”
  519. “That was like ______ years ago! Too late. Scammer gang til death.”
  520. Joking about who torture victims block on social media.
  521. “We’ve been waiting for you daddy. That’s why we’ve treated you horrifically for your entire life.”
  522. “You have to he careful what you say about somebody because you never know what they’ve been through or if your non-expert anti-expert judgements are the truth, like mine.” – classic didactic fake advice that they don’t follow themselves consistently at all.
  523. Heavy emoji use in place of culture, independent thought, personality, comedy, anecdotes, deductive reasoning and communication skills.
  524. Parents more immature than their kids, sometimes by several decades, still claiming to be superior to them for whatever reason comes to mind.
  525. “But how much money does he have / does he make while we’re all scamming him? If the slave made more of our scammer-made scammer-backed Monopoly funny money American dollars we could take him seriously.”
  526. “Fight to defend the Bill Cosby rapists of the world that the world would be better off without. Justify the terrorist serial abuser’s actions with anything.”
  527. Absolute shit parents giving out parenting advice. Parents giving out advice just because they’re parents. Completely unqualified advice.
  528. “Can’t put him in a box? Put him in a box.”
  529. Comparing racial safeness in unrelated and varying situations instead of allowing justice, equality, opportunity to the person sparking these pseudo intelligent conversations.
  530. Anti-‘swear word’ gang. White lie troop. Non-transparency cult. Grammar Nazis.
  531. “Yea but I wenty wented to one of the besty bestestest lawy lawses schools in the country and I dontsy dontses even soundsy soundseses likeses thatsy thats humph.”
  532. “But I pretend support social justice though so ________.”
  533. “I’m grown/man/woman enough to admit I’m scamming and torturing you with everyone else. So _______?”
  534. Fantasizing that someone can perform the action of writing literally as they’re doing something else “important” or “real”. Then denying it as they do when their words and actions are translated to them this way. Then abusing the worst translate. Then abuse. Then then. Then grammar nazi. Then nazi. Then…
  535. “Yea but I work for the state of Wisconsin or the United States of America and I’m total garbage at my job like all my people so…”
  536. Great Depression jokes. War jokes.
  537. “Yea but I’ve been a waste of human life for my entire life and I’m a lawyer! All I do is abuse and scam others and I’m horrible at my job, so…”
  538. “Always go back to the sexual assault stuff. Always. And never for justice. Only to further torture Cliff. And then say it’s also a lie simultaneously.”
  539. Complaining about having to send an email/getting too many emails.
  540. “Yea but I generically or entirely attack city names as a whole for petty, lazy, and uneducated reasons, and use my whiny uncultured closeted character as an alibi for my disgusting fascist behavior. And I chose to live where I do, coming from a safe or safeish home, with worlds of opportunity in my life since birth, but nuh uh cuz I said so, and make my home situation better God-not-God.”
  541. “No part of Madison is hood/ghetto/gangster/gritty/street. Janesville/Milwaukee/Chicago/Rockford/literally anywhere except for where Clifton Grefe is from is the ‘real hood’. I would know because I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m not a sociology, economics, local culture expert, not knowledgable about the area, or its history, or your life. And ghetto. And ratchet. And gritty. And hood. And street. And ghetto. And gangster. And hood. And ratchet. And gritty. And ghetto. And gangster. And war on drugs and gentrification and white flight and ew people that don’t want to terrorize the Middle East, and race riots, and baby boom boom boomie boom and generation x’y x sexy x out the smart stuffsy stuffs.”
  542. “I’ve been a huge crybaby my entire life so that’s what you are. And by the way, more fascism, slavery, scamming, abuse, fraud.”
  543. Debate over what is the real PG/PC, what is the most wholesome amount of cursing, the perfect level of Catholic-Jewish-White vocabulary appeasement, cutesiest amount of racism, classism, non-transparency, bad communication, low skill teaching, out of touch doofus, etc. Continued obsession with oppressor and bigot comedy with fascist relgious and political ideologies.
    See some people, who we make a concerted effort to torture, are not cut out for the office. See none of us had to go through anything comparable but yuh huh cuz we said so. Just a little multiple year long straight new guy razzing.
  544. “Americans are mature at any age.”
  545. Using a deep voiced Scandinavian midwest accent or that of a deep voiced disabled person with a noticeable voice impediment to represent what a non-disabled stupid person sounds like in every scenario regardless of who the bozo purportedly is or what they literally sound like.
  546. “Yes obviously praying is better than paying and literally doing something about it. It’s better, actually, cuz then I can be a fraud and a fraud at the same time and then double negative so it cancels out. But God knows and God listens to be because I’m a lifetime bully and put on a front most of my day for no legitimate reason and I’m obsessed with flirtatious ignorance, gluttonous embelishment, and whatever it takes to be pointless and avoid taking action on serious issues that have global effects. More fascism.”
  547. “But I’m a faggot and you can help me not be a faggot if you were just a little bit faggot like me or if you entertained me being a faggot just a little bit. I know you’re not a faggot but who really knows, right, faggot? I hate people comfortable with their sexuality and that’s what makes me so brave and survivor and buttoned up and grown up. More fascism.”
  548. Some kind of That ’70s Show false representation scam. Probably similar to Little House on the Prairie and Happy Days. Cultureless idiots trying to portray the heart and soul of America from coastieland, not paying respects in person, no profit sharing for the culture vulturing, not hiring on majority or even significant Wisconsin cast or crew. More fascism.
  549. Diddy, R. Kelly, Brett Favre, Quincy Harrison, Bill Cosby, OJ, Donald Trump, most of the presidents on dollar bills, most celebrities, etc — after finding out that they’re disgusting filth.
  550. “I feel like shit every time I see him. Hear him. His name. I hate how it makes me feel to pretend to feel like a legitimate person.”
  551. Weird chameleon like adapting interpretations of materialism and naturalism and how it applies to my life.
  552. “Complain about every single insignificant whiny gossip of an interpretation of a slight inconvenience and every single bitchy annoying pestering harassing tormenting torturing privileged fake first world fake elite real slavery possible. Every. Single. Day.”
  553. “Now I say he hates fat people, or whatever, and that’s my primary excuse now for scamming him out of millions of dollars that we legitimately owe him according to federal and state law.”
  554. “It’s just so fun to make you sad. I love to see you that way. It makes my life complete.”
  555. “You don’t use LinkedIn right.”
  556. “No of course this video and this video and this video and this video and this video and _______ are unrelated or whatever or something or nuh uh cuz I said so or yuh huh cuz I said so.”
  557. “I’m going with the classic I’m not from _______. I’m from _______. So _______. Obviously I have the experience and clout to say this. Duh. I don’t. Obviously I do.”
  558. “But you have a nice butt butt so you can’t blame us for wanting to sexually harrass, assault, and rape you. That’s classic American culture.”
  559. “We all decided on the perfect shared fake story so we can all be on the same page as we’re scamming you. If ever questioned about why you’re scamming Cliff, just refer to the colloaborative scam storyline.”
  560. “He just likes cool stuff thats it. Like only things to be popular. Like all those manual labor jobs and public school and jail and poverty and stuff. Only things that we bully him for liking but not at the same time you know? More fantastical variations of real life.
  561. “Trying to entrap me into mentioning anything political or regarding personal business at work so they can ‘run it by HR’ and say I’m moonlighting.”
  562. “‘He’ is trying to help. ‘He’ thinks he’s helping. Help help. Nice nice. Wholesome wholesome. It’s winter szn. It’s bag season.”
  563. “Something needs to be said for the hive mind over individuality. That has always lead the world to better places lol.”
  564. “You know who deserves more in this world? Little insecure faggot stalker dumbasses.”
  565. “Like it’s for realskies a serious problem that we can’t force him to enjoy our passive aggressive torture and abuse. Like wow. That’s real culture and ‘the culture’ or whatever. You should enjoy our attacks but it’s not attacks cuz we saidy saids saids sosy sos. Super mature crowd here. Super knowledgeable and experienced in life. Low key fam. Or whatever.”
  566. Some sort of Baby Boomer / Gen X — “we were all fags in the 70s-80s. We were all sexually confused, mega privileged, got high on drugs, and fake raped each other as some sort of racist classist game that not all participated in but we made them because it was ‘for the culture’.”
  567. “Let’s take the concept of kindness and correlate it directly with stupidity and weakness. And also say it’s not cultural. So yes, by our logic, you need to baby talk or talk spineless and stupid to be nice or sound nice. We have value as life forms.”
  568. “Now fly high and never look back. So we can try to murder and rape and scam you more.”
  569. “I see a flaw _________. More slavery.”
  570. “When he says _______. That means ‘it’ is a more important ‘one’.”
  571. “Let’s play the ‘at least I didn’t’ game. I love that game so much. It has a special place in my heart and soul.”
  572. Preaching that I’ve ever said to terrorize Jews. Preaching their doctrine of lying. And oh we really needed to know you know that’s what we think of you or whatever.
  573. “You know what happens when you’re a liar? You don’t get caught in lies. You know what happens when you’re not a liar? You get caught in lies. I saidy saids so duh dummy.”
  574. “Awww he cares about his job/work/grades. So cute. Ewww he cares about his job/work/grades. So gross.”
  575. “Don’t make music white boy. White boys shouldn’t ever make music white boy. And you’re not even a real white boy white boy. Don’t call me a black boy brown boy white boy. I have had lifetimes more opportunity than you but nuh uh cuz I said so white boy. All white boys are the same but you are the white boy or something white boy fake white boy man. White boy.”
  576. “Actually, me doing nothing is more than me doing nothing. I’m doing less than nothing or making sure I’m standing on more than zero people to do this nothing I’m talking about.”
  577. “Use language as a tool for oppression, not for collaboration, progress, brilliance, and revelation.”
  578. “Cliff is so stupid. We don’t worship penis or vagina. We worship the god of anal sphincter butthole poop.”
  579. “Take away or don’t make available money and all his favorite things in life. That’s what he really wants or whatever.”
  580. “But what about our anti-diversity diversity plan?”
  581. “Let’s turn murder into some kind of rape term.”
  582. Using the local Black and/or Mexican population percentage to designate places as hood or not hood. Especially true if backed by Jews, Catholics, etc.
  583. “How can he get mad at us ‘for doing the same exact thing’? I’m just trying to steal more of his identity, not give him credit, play copycat, try to instigate a fight, bait him, entrap him, attack him with passive aggression, racism, classism, xenophobia, heterophobia, all the classics.”
  584. “Yea but I have a high level job at UW and I love joking about people’s private medical records, physically and mentally torturing human beings and other animals so ________. And obviously gimme gimme gim gim no him him gimmie gims gims.”
  585. “Consent? Gay. Anti-discrimination. Gay. Closet gay terrorists forever.”
  586. Commenting on something in the background of the photo, ignoring the main point of the message or image, pretend being funny/smart/creative, adding to their passive aggressive pointless noise culture, diminishing the message or intent of the author while making them appear sneaky witty social media superstar fascist or something.
  587. “You need to play down to our level to make ‘it’ fair cuz you tall or sumn.”
  588. “I was taken aback by the title/language/look/_______.”
  589. “Let’s be clear, when I say I need ‘respect’, I mean male homosexual stuff like homosexual photos, homosexual kissing, homosexual anal sex, and homosexual oral sex.”
  590. “This is the first day of the rest of your life. Everything prior doesn’t count. Let’s get that straight. You’re starting over or whatever we decided and you didn’t.”
  591. Convoluted lines of thinking to justify horrific long term actions they took with malicious and terroristic purpose.
  592. “Turn anger into cutsey oh he’s just one of those angry middle aged white men things or wow I remember when I first met a Black girl or smashing down the disadvantaged further or it has to mental illness or disillusion or we need to force him to take more pills or do a serious bid.”
  593. “Always say he’s too old and too young for every single female but he’s the perfect age for every single male.”
  594. “We’re just toughening him up/preparing him because we’re pointless people and we pretend think that.”
  595. “He’s forgetting how horrible his Viking people were. How bout dem blondie Vikings and Norskies and you?”
  596. “Wow. It’s ‘disturbing’ of him to be upset about slavery, fascism, torture, scamming, fraud, abuse, racism, sexism, and all of our culture’s values.”
  597. “No justice ever unless you say ‘it’ perfectly in every language at every point and time in the universe considerate of every living thing to ever exist while dying and coming back to life simultaneously and teleporting around the galaxy saving the day from evildoers.”
  598. “‘We’ were all stolen from just like that or much worse or it was worse or more of the comparing adversity game and high thoughts.”
  599. “Look Elon Musk is saying all the same things as him. Cliff gets secret venture capital investments from Elon Musk.”
  600. “But i thought you dont play games or something or whatever or something so why are you playing a video game then nerd liar fake?”
  601. “You’ve never gotten credit for anything. That’s my way of saying you’ve never done anything. I’m not smart.”
  602. “Maybe we should give ‘it’ a chance. We gave ‘it’ a chance already.”
  603. “You’re a failure because you’ve been successful in so many areas. And because we’re fascists.”
  604. “Right but we scammed you so that doesn’t count. What don’t you get about that? Lies = truth. Truth = lies. Work = not work. Not work = work. And so on and so forth.”
  605. Getting mad at me for following fit thick women on Instagram, liking their photos. Of course if I comment and give a compliment I’m a gay rapist stalker terrorist.
  606. “Can’t we load him up with fake medicine electroshock torture “therapy” and “prescribe” him lithium or whatever? What about the filling his head up with boiling water or drilling holes in the skull to release evil spirits or whatever? Good science too? Good doctory doctors? The #1 doctory doctors in the worldsy worlds?
  607. “Liberace, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye West, Eminem, Beef. They have nothing in common.”
  608. “Wannabe Jim Carrey. Wannabe Martin Lawrence. Wannabe Katt Williams. Wannabe Steve Zahn. Wannabe _____.”
  609. Tying together certain mannerisms with ‘what it means to be a man’. Pseudo etymology and pseudo science is a rapidly spreading disease so of course they will also ask for sympathy for this ‘disease’.
  610. “Attack him every time he doesn’t ask for help and attack him every time he does ask for help. I mean, give him a break guys, seriously, he’s just going through some ‘Cliff problems’ or ‘basement problems’ or ‘Beef problems’ or ‘Wisconsin problems’ or just say anything negative in his direction to keep the slavery going. More fascism, more toture. And that doesn’t make sense or whatever and I’m intelligent or hard working or whatever. And I have kids or whatever. And Hamas is so gross for hiding behind civilians at hospitals.”
  611. “Ope thats the same line as you said so the whole doc/site/person/library/brain/life is all the same and wrong at the same time and doesn’t exist but is everywhere or whatever.”
  612. “Expect him to ‘be normal’ too. Actually, require him to be especially normal in order to be considered normal. Then tell him he’s too normal because you require him to be exceptionally normal.”
  613. “What if I call myself ‘dumb’ a few times or whatever in passing or something or sarcastically or whatever or something and there I said it and whatever and there it’s all even now it’s all good. Whatever. But seriously. But whatever or something or whatever. But for real.”
  614. “He just wants us all to whistle and sing or whatever or something or whatever or rap or something or make a rap beat or whatever or whatever.”
  615. “But then what do I do if I can’t use the same exact story to say either I had consensual sex with him, he raped me, he’s a liar/bad/small/smells, on an ever evolving basis? How do I live?”
  616. “Can’t we just erase this chapter/his life like we always do to cover up pur atrocities over the past few thousand years?”
  617. “I’m ‘well spoken’. I come from privilege, removed from every day people, I don’t know working class, street, or field speak, I have the privilege accent, I use vague oppressive rhetoric, and I’ve been a proud scammer, fraud, abuser, etc cult for life. I don’t get why others think they should have the right to speak. And stop saying fascism. Let me talk. Let me eat. I’m getting my bag.”
  618. “Wah wah wah wah fail fail fail fail. Oh no you didn’t fail? Wah wah wah wah gimme gimme gimme gimme. I’m going through some things or whatever or I’m sorry or whatever or times are tough or whatever or adversity or whatever or something. Sure.”
  619. “But what if I’m a whitie fag vs a blackie fag vs a brownie fag vs whatever other color fag?”
  620. “But we’re all different looking and sounding fascists or whatever and that’s better or whatever than some other time or whatever cuz whatever.”
  621. “Always pretend Cliff has forgiven us for things he didn’t forgive us for.”
  622. “He just needs another one of our disgusting cunts to give him some fake consolation, fake justice, fake opportunity, fake equality, fake insight, fake personality, fake life story, etc.”
  623. Anti-multiculturalists/racists/separatists/terrorists/frauds/abusers.
  624. “I know you make a lot of impressively astute analyses and hypotheses, but also, nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  625. “Yea still not impressed by some additional community college degree slave. I have ever done a single impressive thing in my entire life so neither have you.”
  626. Lies about how I’ve ever dissed people going to community college or technical college or the schools themselves.”
  627. “Everyone gossip about what he does on the holidays too. Maximize gossip, libel, slander, false representation.”
  628. “I’m always in the red, seeing red, as a person. Obviously I’m always in the black monetarily. Now that’s ‘real black comedy’.”
  629. “Bouncing between attacking ‘Cliff’, ‘Clifton’, ‘Beef’, ‘Him’, and ‘It’, all referring to Clifton Grefe, but in supposed different ways, justified by fantastical privilege alternate reality alibis and fallacy-driven logic.”
  630. “You ‘seriously’ show ‘all the signs of being an abuser’. I’m an abuser. But nuh uh cuz ________.”
  631. “Not everyone is a fascist. Not everything is ________. More straight doofus bozo blockhead insight and revelation.”
  632. “Hey let’s all discriminate against him at his day job too and try to steal/demean every bit of his work. Then nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  633. “This is not what America needs right now. More slavery.”
  634. “You can do that, just not here, punk victim.”
  635. “Are you done? You’re done now, right? He’s done for. I’m done. Just be done with it. He’ll never be done. He can’t get it done. When are you done? Is it done?”
  636. “We should 51/50 him again. And we don’t call it that actually its called a chapter 51 so yea real smart stuff going on here bud and no I don’t mean you white trash nigger spick towelhead nazi chink you went native. Say it’s not fascism and torture and slavery. Nope we need to ‘help’ him back to jail again and ‘help’ force him to take our sedatives again.”
  637. “How about some classic pastor-acolyte rape jokes. Same thing as priest-alter boys. Just hilarious — the religion rape jokes. Right up there with our culture’s favorite jail rape jokes and racist rape jokes.”
  638. “He’s jealous of us. We’re pathetic, so he’s jealous of our ________.”
  639. “I have an extremely limited view of life that is largely limited to white collar privilege, a family history of slavery/scamming/abuse/fraud, and the single municipality of New York city, so of course ‘I’ve heard it all’.”
  640. “Black ethnicities don’t exist either. They’re just some Black Oil Schlicks.”
  641. “But like what does he think of transexuals before we allow him basic rights that all the transexuals have had for their entire lives?”
  642. “You haven’t even seen any Black movies. That and that and that and that and _______. ‘None of that counts’ because _______.”
  643. “Give us more personality. Give us your personality. Give us a personality. Be a personality. You have multiple personalities. You have no personality. You have too much personality. You are a personality.”
  644. “Some enormous unspoken or soft spoken alliance of cunt faggot rapist racist oppressors. Some kind of secret religious butthole and scam worship cult. A sort of anti-merit, anti-equality, anti-progress gang of horrible people with no morals or originality. The pretend freedom fighter, actual domestic terrorist types.”
  645. “How can we make it all his fault forever still instead of ever accepting responsibility for our actions?”
  646. “Flip flop around fain, feign, fiend, and fag. Have some fun with it. More torture, laziness, regression, inadequacy, immaturity, etc.”
  647. “You should be attacked/expect to be attacked/want to be attacked because you’re __________.”
  648. “Sabotage him at work if at all possible.”
  649. “But I like tattooey toos and I don’t like tattooey toos and I have tattooey toos and I don’t have any tattooey toos.”
  650. “Let’s use our mistreatment of Cliff as further reason to terrorize Wisconsin and its native residents.”
  651. “Someone go say nigger or nigga near him but not at him and see what he does. More slavery and sociopathic psychopathic stalking abusing.”
  652. “Yea but the fascists at the highest level of journalism are taking down their pieces so they can pretend they never posted them and are acting out of the goodness of their hearts and not fascism so _________. More scamming, torture, false representation.”
  653. “Poke more holes in his condoms too. That’s always hilarious.”
  654. “Only allow him rights or whatever he’s talking about or whatever if he’s a direct descendant of either Jesus Christ or Leif Erikson. That’s the only way.”
  655. “Ski means skeet, and also skiing, and also skee, and it has nothing to do with Poles or the Eastern Bloc, or the Midwest, and definitely not you, white boy. And who cares, I mean, I do, but like why, or like for real I do, but no let’s not be dumb.”
  656. “Try to force your way into the bathroom when he’s pooping. That’s hilarious too.”
  657. “Do you even know there are Hasidic and Ashkenazi and contemporary and traditional Jews? Like wow dude we’re not all the same bro.”
  658. “He can’t tell that we call silent when he comes around. He isn’t exceptionally aware of his surroundings or literally have ultrasonic hearing.”
  659. “He’s not one of the smartest people alive right now.”
  660. “Let’s spy on his every move and have secret meetings about him at work too and not put any single other person through that ever.”
  661. “He apologized to me suffering from the consequences of a covert spineless pointless human being attack of mine on him. More slavery.”
  662. “He doesn’t know he has global influence.”
  663. “Fake adversity of the office worker culture.”
  664. “He doesn’t get slang. He just makes it for us to use.”
  665. “Yes I see ‘this’ ending well for us the way we’re handling ‘it’.”
  666. “What do you expect? A country not built on integrity, full of people with no integrity, to suddenly understand what integrity is? We only pretend to be about it for our entire lives, that’s all.”
  667. “Have you ever just looked at someone and hated them for no reason other than how they naturally look? I would be better off to the universe dead.”
  668. “Give credit for and to his identity and physical body to anyone or any entity other than he himself.”
  669. “Ok now establish him as the eye of the storm, scary, but ultimately not making any motion.”
  670. “Be a good artist and steal everything possible from others whenever possible, change it slightly, then say you came up with the idea entirely. Don’t site sources, don’t ever give credit, lie at all costs unless you have to tell the truth for some stupid artistic integrity antifa whiteboy nazi hipster working class fag or whatever.”
  671. “I want to chop your dick off and take it with me.”
  672. “Let’s play the ‘he said she said’ game.”
  673. “I’m from da gutta folk. So skreet I’d n been so massively privileged that I ain’t een had my head blown off entirely by a series of 45 cal hollow points and my body eaten alive going through riggamortis — for scamming others my whole life and calling it smart, clever, creative, or hard work.”
  674. Using lack of personal intrinsic value and utility, and offspring, as excuses to abuse going through actual real life struggles and those making significant accomplishments without massive privilege and advantages of slaver fascist scammer Americans which is squarely who they are but nuh uh cuz mommy daddy saidy said so.
  675. “I care about his family. Keep going at him as a member of that family, though. Say that you are disgracing him or use whatever downward slanted language is best to both pretend you care about his family and also attack his entire family and ethnicity and geographic region all at once.”
  676. “More good business/literal fraud! I learnted so mucht in the toptedy #1 rankeded skool in the whole wide wuuuuursldz and wooorked sooooo hardsy hards!”
  677. “Hey guess what day it is? Opposite day for the nth day in a row where n is my exact age or as close to it as I can get it.”
  678. “Carpe diem. Be the most pathetic lazy weak slow parasite as possible and take credit for anything you didn’t do and didn’t earn and use as much historic privilege and ignorance as possible to pretend like you improved yourself as a unit that day.”
  679. Fake/low quality/lazy/anti-serious body language experts. Fake spoken language experts. Fake etymologists. Fake psychologists. Fake sociologists. Fake biologists. Fake chemists. Fake physicists. Fake doctors. Fake professionals. Fake scientists. Fake mathematicians. Fake statisticians. Fake experience. Fake effort. Fake input. Fake output.
  680. “Yes I know what ‘the people’ want because I’m not one of them, I don’t mingle with them, don’t live with them, don’t work with them, have little to no experience with them, don’t respect them, and don’t know what they want.”
  681. “I shook my head, made a bitch face, and grumbled or scoffed, so I’m an adult and kept to myself/did nothing at all respectable in a serious situation.”
  682. Some kind of obsession with smacking food loudly with ones mouth open around me, pretending that it’s not obvious and intentional, with the intention of upsetting me. Especially with potato chips.
  683. “All that is uncorroborated. I checked with the liars and they lied so yea that’s what’s true. I also did some absolutely childish level research and found nothing, which means that I’m not a total dumbass.”
  684. “He’s not my hero. He’s not my race. He’s not my gender. He’s not my sexuality. He’s not my income level. He’s not my family. He’s not my friend. He’s not my occupation. I’m going to keep scamming him and it’s all good because he’s not _________.”
  685. “Let’s all purposely mispronounce his name every time we say it if possible. Any of us are cultured or experienced in life, and obviously, we’re all colorblind and ‘just plain get it’.”
  686. “Anybody that likes tight wet juicy fruity pussy as much as you is definitely gay.”
  687. “We pretend mean gay as happy in certain situations. Sorry not sorry. Stuck in the 1st grade here at age 18-120. Just can’t quite get the basic fundamentals of life quite yet.”
  688. “He’s a one hit wonder or whatever and we scammed him out of everything including his identity so wow good job loser try again and beat the odds or whatever rapper boy. More music from you specifically, more art from you specifically, more writing from you specifically, more work and production from you specifically, more attacking, abusing, scamming you specifically.”
  689. “Pervert. Asshole, dick, balls, boobs, pussy. Sexual confusion and frustration.”
  690. “Let’s keep him on the very edge for his entire life and then fake like we never did that and have ever allowed him rights, opportunity, and justice, at the same level as the standard white, brown, black, blue, orange, red, etc units.”
  691. “What if like we give you your flowers by continuing to scam you and continuing to not permit you justice, rights, and opportunity?”
  692. “But seriously seriouslies though. For realsy realsies. Chicagoans work superdy duperdy hardsy hard hards!”
  693. “We seriously need to think of more ways to try and murder and scam him. We have worked way too hardsy hards for allsy thisy this. Gimme gimmies!”
  694. “Now is not a good time for this. You couldn’t’ have had worse timing.”
  695. Less successful but monetarily richer artists acting like they’re not less skilled and more privileged and it’s been that way for my and their entire lives.
  696. “I saw your ankles in dress pants and other 1940s style happy go lucky doo dee doo doo just believe in yourself u rah rah America bumpkin stuff.”
  697. Absolute dumpster sludge sparkly clean ivory tower humans providing their input on anyone not squarely in their culture.
  698. “Dude there are two types of people in this world — _______________.”
  699. “Worship fat people and dumb people — separately — but make sure that you do indeed pray to the Gods of chunky and stupidity. Like or else you have no respect for anything. Pray to the bigot God and sexually confused God as well. All the legit ones at least.”
  700. “Yea but one of the Black units said it… so…”
  701. “Either inject yourself into a part of his success story if you think he’s a ‘winner’ or establish yourself as a critical part of his downfall of you think he’s a ‘loser’. It’s all a game. It’s all trolling. Cheesy. Corny. Goofball. Okey dokey. Yokel. Yes man.”
  702. “I’m so proud of you my racist, sexist, heterophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, classist, whiny, abusive, gossipy, fake, lazy son/daughter. I couldn’t be any more proud of my bringing down Earth as a whole culture.”
  703. “Ok fine let’s give him a chance. Do it like this — never give him a chance. And keep all the scammer money. And continue the assault on him physically and socially. Forever. But nuh uh cuz we said so wink wink. It’s a fun gamey game for the adulty dults. Ages 14 to 120 all welcome. He’s not considered a full human being, maybe like 1/5 or so, so he doesn’t count and he is too young and too old to play in this game as always.”
  704. “Blame ‘his people’. Preach that ‘they’ need to do something. Never take individual responsibility or hold your institutions accountable. That is as American as it gets brothers and sisters. We need to give some inapplicable advice or fake advice and then not do anything here make it worse and then paint ourselves as heroes.”
  705. “We’re all a ‘slave’ to ourselves, its all the ‘news’ cycle, and ‘school’ and ‘rap’ are ‘traps’ and other hippie dippie nonsense. He’s enslaved to education or some jibberish.”
  706. “He’s trying to hard to be complicated.”
  707. “But what about the kids that look up to you? More scamming.”
  708. Cult opposing tall skinny fit males who are into fashion, health, fitness, music, film, art, outdoors, travel, politics, education, organic lifestyle, independent mindedness.
  709. “We’re allowing you freedom of speech and equality by stomping you down as hard as possible from our positions of power and non-power. Also, us working in cahoots with the institutional oppressor IT thug organizations Google and GoDaddy, paid by them or not, to further compartmentalize you and limit your reach, if we can’t ban you altogether for immature, petty, unintelligent reasons, is also not terrorism, fascism, slavery, torture, etc.”
  710. “‘It’ is all white collar, white people, white lie, white problems, white _______.”
  711. “He’s just trying to win over society or have one on all of us forever. Something to always revert back to as an excuse.”
  712. “Everything has to be just right / his way or he’ll throw a ‘fit’. More slavery.”
  713. “So careless. Doesn’t even say ‘off the record’ to literally every single person that comes within hearing distance of him. He got what he had coming to him. Like he should get off rhe rexord tattood across his forehead like a real gangster thug and then also wear one of those marquee belts and have it say off the record and then get custom airbrushed baseball hats and tee shirts and sneakers that all say off the record. Just straight aloof. Like why wouldn’t he do all of that or most of it or some of it or whatever or something or at least the idea or who cares but seriously. More mass scamming. More fascism. More slavery. More torture. More pretending. More lies.”
  714. “Yea… I took a lot of screenshots of you while we were all mass scamming and attacking you, while you were homeless, being abused at home, school, at work, going through devastating mental episodes, struggling through addiction, pain, trauma, and heehee haha grief so gimme gimme and also _______.”
  715. “‘We’ just don’t like ‘him’.”
  716. Smashing together mental illness with activist with socialist, vaguely mixing terms, beliefs, demographics together, calling others fascists as someone who has shown over an extended period of time to clearly be a strong adherent to fascism as a way of life.
  717. “Duh move to Minnesota ‘to be with your people’ the Norwegians. You’re not even a real Norwegian because ethnocentrism and racism and stuff and you don’t even speak Norwegian and move back to Norway or whatever.”
  718. “Yea, but if you rape someone, that means you get to choose their sexuality. It’s the ‘I’m a faggot so you’re a faggot’ game. Classic American culture.”
  719. Coming up with reasons to be racist, sexist, classist, xenophobic, rapist, scammer, whiner, etc, about personal professional icons, logos, photos. Coming from a lifetime of strong support for corporate fascists, pretending to support local, independent, working class, integrity, merit, community, etc.
  720. “Yea yea we’re so gross and world isn’t fair and blah blah. More slavery, fascism, torture, scamming now right? And yuh huh cuz we said so or nuh uh cuz we said so? And we don’t even sound/act/be like that?”
  721. “Take every opportunity to turn anything he says sternly into an episode/losing it/anger or mental problem/mood swings, apply liberally heterophobia and homophobia, sexism, classism, xenophobia, racism, agism, body shaming when you can.”
  722. People that commonly say they felt like they needed to ‘hold that one in’, referencing both the ‘hold it in ‘fart joke, and the non-funny racist/rapist/etc ‘joke’ that they did not say to the face of someone else as they just passed by. The bad comedians held back at the other persons expense, out of embarrassment, spinelessness, fear, and ignorance, for themselves, but of course the attackers say these are the sentiments that their victims embody and not they themselves — further adding to their rambunctiously oppressive initial reasoning for the undeserved unclever unimpressive attack to begin with.
  723. “Sociology is clap for credit. So is anything arts. Or certain trades, sciences, depends. Or UW. Or MATC. Or whatever.”
  724. “Abuser and tough love are the same thing. Abuser and comedian too. I’m intelligent and these are the types of ‘life lessons’ that I hand down to my children to brainwash them, as I was brainwashed by my daddy/mommy/no parents, as he/she/no one was indoctrinated by his/her/no one’s daddy/mommy/no one, and so on and so forth.”
  725. Comparing the number of parents and siblings in a situation to determine ‘who had it worst’.
  726. “But I’m a pretend good writery writer and I worksy workses where you do. I have had everything handed to me my entire life, have nothing interesting to say, have not been published as a journalist in 6 different publications, have not been featured globally in publications as a creative writer, have not worked amongst a brilliantly diverse group of people in the working class for multiple decades not by choice, I was allowed an office job before age 30, I needed less than 3 majors across 2 degrees and 2 institutions to be permitted an entry level writing job, I am an emotional trainwreck on a daily/weekly/yearly/etc basis, have not been pursuing writing as a profession since adolescence, and have not independently made waves across Earth with unique and influential pieces, and I didn’t go to school for design or journalism, and I constantly overemphasize what people ‘went to school for’, and much more.”
  727. “You should really consider joining the pointless fraud abuser/abuser fraud/fraud-abuser/abuser-fraud scam gang of journalists in the pointless fraud abuser scam gang office or whatever! They totally have any integrity or work ethic or whateversy whateva! Get that money boiiiii! Emoji meme fake insightful flashbang of a sensory overload to mimic significance.”
  728. “You’re so performative. Perform more for me and I’ll consider permitting you basic rights.”
  729. “Right but we’ve always been permitted rights and the rights to money we made so we have lawyers and privilege culture connections etc and you are supposed to also and have security and management and entire groups of people to handle one smart part of one part of your life but you don’t wow more scamming. And I often need billions of people to stand on in order to perform basic everyday tasks. I work hard, ever, and have earned any money legitimately, ever.”
  730. “Yes he needs my fake advice from my pointless fake idiot orifice obsessed fraud fake self.”
  731. “Stalking prey and sniffing their butthole is so fun, though. You’re a dog, animal, savage, wildman.”
  732. “But I want to be on the wrong side of history for everything! Or for everything except for like 1 or 2 or 3 things or whatever is lazy and sociopath and scammer and abuser friendly!”
  733. “Why would be better off in Chicago or Milwaukee or a bigger city? There are millions of pathetic weak pretentious expectant undeserving sheltered immature unoriginal slow morons in those places and the suburbs around them.”
  734. “I don’t trust China or Asian countries. My daddy said so because the Cold War, War on Drugs, Gentrification, White Flight, heroine, whitie rock n roll, and crack cocaine golden era of hip hop, or whatever.”
  735. “Let’s play the ABC game – Anyone But Cliff.”
  736. Preaching that weak, pathetic, lying, fake = strength
  737. “That’s a stupid tattoo. Sign of the devil 666 xxx kkk boobies ballsacks racism rape sexism sexual insecurity. Video games and bleach blonde hair and trips across the world using privilege preaching life lessons.”
  738. Discriminating against intellectually superior humans, like Elon Musk using “woke mind virus”. Literally dumber people, literally considered more knowledgeable, because they have classically unearned American money or status.
  739. Spending time to explain how scamming could ever be hard work.
  740. “But the Ottoman empire ended so… And so did the Native American empire so… And same with the Black empire so…”
  741. “I don’t see ‘it’. He doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor. Call ‘it’ like I see ‘it’. Now be good for mommy and daddy and spread your anus for my boyfriend while I watch what you really want.”
  742. “Like how does he keep falling for scams? Like target him with generic idiotic anti scamming info, because that’s what he means. He’s asking for help and we’re giving it to him. Continue pretending like we don’t know what he’s talking about. And then fake more. And then celebrate more. And then we’re considered legitimate people ever. Scammers are smart anyway. So are the office worker typey type cally call meetsy meeting bots.”
  743. “Make ‘him’ do ‘it’ alone. Like how literally zero of ‘us’ have to do anything comparable. Like that. And then say he’s not doing it alone — whatever it is. Say you ‘helped’ him achieve all the good things, and all the bad things were him. Wrap up the presentation with the whole you’ve ever done anything alone in your entire life and ‘he’ is the perfect example of how to not do ‘it’ alone.”
  744. “Yes the journalists that have covered Clifton Grefe aka Beef in the news did a quality job reporting. They went to J school probably and didn’t pay for their education at all and had no real life experience before their first major opportunity for livable wages. And they don’t at all in the slightest in any way follow a journalism code of ethics, but yes they do, and they’re ‘nice’ people or ‘not nice’ or ‘selfish’ or ‘not selfish’.”
  745. “Thats not priority. Less important things first, always, as usual.”
  746. “Oh ‘we’ really needed to hear ‘that’.”
  747. “Ok we know who you are not but who are you really? Like lol or emoji right? Can I get a amen folks or whatever? Tell the people Katniss Everdeen, who are you?”
  748. “Obviously we’re very ‘proud’ people of our anti-accomplishment culture and so we have to protect our pointless demographic that has been holding the world back for at least our lifetimes.”
  749. “Some day, you will, at the very least, understand the importance of whiny gossipy entitled cunts. Jedi mind trick wave. Something I saw in an Instagram caption or fortune cookie. And Chinese people are not to be trusted, and neither are you, and you like Chinese people, still, especially Hmong and Thai and Vietnamese, and the browner ones, so, yea… Communists and socialists are obviously the enemy ‘here’.”
  750. “I work hard because I’ve never been on SSI, Disability, Unemployment, Foodshare.” – lazy, uninteresting, bot, lifetime fraud and abuser.
  751. “No matter what, always say he never told me, he’s never said anything, he was always quiet like a mouse and rat somebody poison him, he never @ me, he never dm’d me, he never called me, he never texted me, he never wrote anything about it, he never rapped or sang about it, he never posted about it on his various social media sites, he never applied, he never submitted, do whatever it takes to pretend like you were unaware of all the glaringly obvious widespread scams and abuses being directly at Clifton Grefe specifically.”
  752. “But what if all us Blacks continue to gang up on him too though, as we have since he was born? Thats justice too right? Black Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter.”
  753. “I stole his medical records too, and Amazon account, and Social Security number, and credit score, and I watch him through his windows, and I Apple tagged his car, and I shared his dick picks he sent when he was 15, and I manipulated his grades with my teacher buddies, and I vow to never provide quality service at UW Health and Meriter hospitals if at all possible, and I make sure the police are on him all day every day if possible.”
  754. “He’s setting a trap for me and trolling because he’s not and I’m a shit person but nuh uh.”
  755. This is what happens when _________” — uninformed answer spoken as fact.
  756. “Hey, and send more dumb clueless troopie troop meatheads to fight our battles for tough and resilient usy us. I would never join the military. Respect the troops.”
  757. “Lets try to murder him on his walk in to work again. He deserves that at least.”
  758. Jokes about herpes, AIDS, crack, and meth.
  759. “I’m from there cuz I moved there when I was like 20.”
  760. “A life of disgusting privilege, racism, rape, sexism, poison your neighbors, tear down the working class. Now turn that into a Billboard Hot 100 hit for another one of our pointless fake scam artist industry plan units.”
  761. “Cmon pussy go get those millions of people that have attacked you all together while you were in poverty, abused for life, mentally and physically disabled. Get em boy. Scamming and slavery forever! And nuh uh that never happened cuz we said so. And that’s ‘over now’ or something and stuff and I work too or whatever or something or stuff.”
  762. “He wears a lot of hats. He has his hands in a lot of things. Yea, he’s reached out… He’s trying.”
  763. “He thinks he ‘got’ us as if he has ever for a single moment of his life been playing one of our ‘games’ of life. We’re adults. He is not. More slavery. More scamming. More fraud. More rippoffs. More lies. More identity theft. Celebrate our culture yall yall yall nahmean bozo hella cap bruh 2nd amendment zesty manchild boytoy dingdong citygirls.”
  764. “You’ve always been into _______ and not art, music, film, television, acting, producing, rapping, drawing, painting, dancing, designing, and more lies about who you are as a person, and more lies about your past and who you used to be, and predictions about your future based on your continued enslavement under myself and my team and the other lies I’ve fantasized as reality.”
  765. “Yes I don’t understand basic money management, or economics, your life, or what the working class is, to the point I think it’s a fake concept, and I have financial or life advice for you.”
  766. “We’ve had different lives so our lives are the same and we’ve had different career paths but our career paths are the same. More adolescent-preteen level thinking that requires almost no effort at all to grow past mentally.”
  767. “I’m scared for our global domination evil cunt madman English-Spanish-Portuguese language brainwashing scheme. And we woulda got away with it if it wasn’t for you darn kids and that damn Scooby Dooby Doo. And Clifton Grefe has never done anything in his life.”
  768. “Yea but misinterpreting everything you say on purpose, lazy effort, below average reading and critical thinking skill, fake insight, pretend expertise, interpolating nonsense into intelligent dialogue, transposing phrases, syllables, and characters like an immature child, parroting status quo fascism, lying, and of course, scamming, and the rest of our fake and/or pointless culture.”
  769. “I’m a considerate person because I’m not. I’m informed because I’m not. I’m street smart because I’m not. I’m a good scientist because I’m not. I’m a quality friend because I’m not.”
  770. “Peckerwood, cracker, whitie, etc. He’s a traitor his his race. I’ve never been a racist, just a bigot and oppressor.”
  771. “Women are your downfall bro. More gay. Do it. Gay. Go. Gay now. Be gay. Tada. Alakazam. You like boys now.”
  772. “What did you think I’m some white loser? No, you colorless slave. Wow, no melanin, no rights, justice, equality, or opportunity. That’s how it should be. That’s how it should have always been.”
  773. Racist randomness about Caucasians and Mongoloids, anti-factual history.
  774. Saying I support terrorism or genocide, suicide, or mass shootings.
  775. “He’s not talented. It’s not that we all know he’s on a much higher level of intelligence, skill, and authenticity, and we’re all afraid he will completely body us on our own songs, and embarrass the entire entertainment/media/government/education/big business/religion industry by himself.”
  776. “But what if I’m a complete lie for my entire life up until ____ or except for _____ does that mean I’m not a complete lie except for a few times maybe because I am?”
  777. Groaning, sighing, petty on the go bigotry, always annoyed by something non-serious and normal.
  778. “But I came up from the bottom. I had opportunities available to me my entire life and now I have opportunities available to me for my entire life. But nuh uh cuz I said so.”
  779. “Yea but he busted all over my face so I know him. He came in my pussy too. You can’t not know someone that came in your pussy. And that’s facts. Anybody with money and fame out there want to cum on my face and in my pussy?”
  780. “I’m not a fan. Fascism, slavery, and scamming forever.”
  781. Adamant fascists deciding what is and isn’t fascism and then spreading their baseless gobbledygook brainfucked lies to the masses as legit information.
  782. “Data suggests that Americans are losing confidence in higher education. Lets keep scamming Clifton Grefe in front of millions of people, still.”
  783. “But like what if we swap in Desi Indians for Native Americans to cover the diversity base and use the Indian term ambiguously to continue glossing over how disgusting America is towards Native Americans?”
  784. “You seriously need some friends sir mister man boy. I’m a fraud and thats my culture and I have fraud friends so making friends as a non-fraud is the same and you’re uncultured.”
  785. “But you didn’t list your pronouns on your LinkedIn so thats means you’re a female and a transexual and homosexual and bisexual and I’m allowed to misgender you however I please because you’re a CIS male or White male or whatever and I’m LGBTQ+ and/or Proud Boys and/or Old Boys.”
  786. “I pretend know why I know he did that or put that there. I never asked! I pretend understand! More scamming! More fascism! More slavery! Buh nuh uh cuz I said so!”
  787. “Let’s play the Guilt Trip Game.”
  788. “Let’s play the Body Shaming Game.”
  789. “Let’s play the Retard Bashing Game. He’s so strong. Definitely that retard strength. Like a savant but not because he’s not actually good at anything and I know this because I’m not self-retarded and senseless due to my privilege or any reason whatsoever to ever attack mentally or physically disabled people.”
  790. “Just one more day of slavery, baby Cliff thats all. Just one more. Just one more night under the moon. One more night in the real streets. Just one more night of torture. Just one more _______.”
  791. “Clifton, seriously, face to face, man to man, as a professional/adult/friend/etc, I have thought about this a lot. I think the best solution to your problems is… we scam you more.”
  792. “Colorful language but is it colored or not colored and no color but colored people and uncolored people and colorblind but not colorblind.”
  793. “This is all a test he set up for us a long time ago when we all started attacking him by the millions as once when we had everything from birth no effort required.”
  794. “There is no culture in Wisconsin and/or Midwest.”
  795. “You’re not Norwegian, you’re a sweet Swede boy.”
  796. “A vagina is just a hole. It’s not even impressive at all. A dick is so much more fun to look at and play with. I’m a heterosexual and I’m not a sexist.”
  797. Claiming that any scam ever in history was lawfully and consciously agreed to. Saying some types of scams are legitimate or legal. Pretending that scamming takes hard work, effort, dedication, commitment, hustle, other lazy dumb weak bigot privilege demographic excuses.
  798. “The other basement. The other definition. Not like our culture assumes and booty booty butthole closet gay rapist party downstairs with trust funds and Xanax or whatever. Not like backside bunghole black hole anus video game party never leave the basement like our culture. He’s uncultured, he doesn’t even know. Will somebody try to murder him or rape him or rob him or scam him again for fuck sake? And no of course thats not real. Im real. What does real even mean anyway. Philosophical musings the less based on reality the more realistic.”
  799. “But what if me and my bros follow you around the gym staring at you? Is that like being grown and tough and real and sexy and smart or whatever?”
  800. “All the ones in quotes mean this and are from this type of person or mindset and blah blah blah more pseudo intelligent noise.”
  801. Complaining to me about every single problem in the entire world and every single bad thing that has ever happened to them and everyone they know without me inquiring about their problems at all.
  802. Turning “the list” into one of their culture’s vague torture terms and rhetorical propaganda weapons. Smashing together kill list, especially, with hit list, bucket list, enlist, grocery list, shopping list, one or various lists I’ve written in articles, lists I’ve said in videos, and a marker of my writing style – extensively elaborate listing of examples, perspectives, vocabulary terms, names, alternatives.
  803. “You know what the world needs right now? More scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  804. “You know what the world doesn’t need right now? More scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  805. “By singling you out and mass scamming you we are holding you accountable for things you didn’t do and then not recognizing things you did do arbitrarily but nuh uh cuz we said so and that’s real life.”
  806. Coming up with any reason literally in the entire universe to not allow me justice, rights, equality.
  807. “But I’ve only been a parasite to Earth for like 10-80 years and my death would be a sigh of relief to millions but nuh uh cuz you’re meanie and grossie and poorie and retardie and dirtie and smartie and skillie. You can’t hold that against me for like any sort of extended period of timie time.”
  808. Complaining about loud music.
  809. Making the choice every second possible to find “what’s wrong with” someone versus what’s right with them, creating entirely false fantasy worlds to give them a comfortably blissful fake and oppressive sense of reality in their and their people’s favor.
  810. “Keep up with us. He’s not permitted by our fascist society to be an artist or have basic rights. He was assigned at birth to slave and it is our job as literal slavers to literally continue literally enslaving Cliff. But buh uh cuz racism and he loves our black-white jail rape culture lolsies but he wont admit it. And like where’s the I’ve been working on the railroad and where’s your chains and black and white striped suit and stick n bindle and wild west ride em cowboy and New York City genius or whatever low brainpower low bodypower low emotional power culture is saying now.”
  811. “There’s something wrong with pretty poor people. Like I can’t trust then for some reason. I’m a huge fascist but nuh uh cuz I says so.”
  812. “I need to attack you whenever possible because I’ve been given endless opportunities throughout my life for being a fraud, abuser, and having a below average skillset, and you haven’t, so fake stories, fake reasoning, and fake revelations. Abuse the intelligent. Abuse the skilled. Abuse the oppressed. Raise up the worst people that the world has to offer and say they worked hard for ‘it’ or whatever.”
  813. “Torture Cliff for multiple generations of your family. Everyone join in on the scamming and torture. Fun for the whole family.”
  814. “He didn’t even like open the door for me and smile for me and pay for me and tell me his whole life story and wow he’s never done a single thing for a woman I see why he’s single. No, I don’t know him at all and I’ve never met him and I’m a strong independent woman.”
  815. “Ethnicity only exists if you exist in the sweet smooth stereotypical Mediterranean olive skin tone range. For light skinned and darkskinned people, you are Black or White, other racist foolishness. And obviously the most ethnic and interesting people on earth, without question, are the Jews. And they’re the Whitest people to ever exist on Earth, so whatever is real and whatever is not real or whatever. Always has been that way. Always will be.”
  816. “You are a racist for being especially attracted to those in your ethnicity.” – racial diversity class teacher at UW
  817. “Baby boomers aren’t the biggest drag of a generation to ever exist in America. The most privileged generation ever based on actual statistical data and they will be forever be missed for their endless atrocities as an age group. The general attitude of the Zoomer generation is super different from Baby Boomers too.”
  818. More fascist lies about how Amway and multi level marketing are scams.
  819. “You should be ashamed for being bald. Shame on you.”
  820. “Privileged advantaged people, who have needed to literally clock less time, doing easier tasks, with lower quality production and quality output, to have the same opportunities at their disposal, are actually elite and superior.”
  821. “Get down on your knees and beg us. Then we’ll add more to the mass scamming/scamming mass.”
  822. “Yea but this current job or whatever is pretend justice right?”
  823. “I know exactly what he means. I pretended to understand for a moment or whatever or who cares anyway. I like having a slave anyway. That good ole protestant work ethic.”
  824. “I can only handle him in pieces. Like, I mean take certain pieces of him and turn them into your entire career, or create another whole career from that piece. Then take another. Extract his flesh and soul like piece meal. Make it subtle, like a disease spreading tick.”
  825. “He obviously spends a lot of effort in keeping his cool and not lashing out at anyone personally so let’s all put the extra effort into acting two faced and chaotic towards him and/or going at him personally in every which way.”
  826. “I’ve been lying to my kids about you for my entire life and this is what’s best for children based on my hideous culture’s filth of a history — lying.”
  827. “Have you ever stopped to think that the anus and feces lover cult has something revolutionary to share with the world? Like, they’ve been doing this for centuries, but nuh uh, cuz racist rapist sexist xenophobes are new or whatever, and really though, have you ever stopped to think about how much you love fart smells and the feel of a rectum around your dick over a vagina? Like the whole you can’t force us to be straight or gay, but we can force you to be gay or bi because we’re literally the one all powerful God as a unit and we smite you en masse but nuh uh cuz we said no. You love shit stains and plunging toilets and scraping off little turd nuggets from your leg hair. Rape and child molestation and sex trafficking and sexual assault and child abuse and sex slavery and abusing one’s sexuality for societal advantages forever! And also forcing homosexuality and bisexuality on a heterosexual. Buttholes and diarrhea. Also, you’re being homophobic because you’re not obsessed with the literal part of the human anatomy the asshole or the odor of fecal matter. And lastly, everyone likes the smell of their own poop and booty toots. Also you are gender fluid no matter what you say, and can never be a heterosexual man exclusively.”
  828. “It’s only been like thousands of years of slavery dude, or like 34, or whatever. Doesn’t matter, slavery is illegal. Didn’t you see that in the fake news from the scam of a country known as the USA?”
  829. “Let’s steal his entire youth and adulthood from him and then leave him with death from birth. Continue as planned. Other Americans fake get that and stuff or whatever.”
  830. “Duh get a scam lawyer and take it to the scam courts and go in front of the scam judge and the scam panel and do the scam American justice system thing again.”
  831. “Taking the moral ‘high’ ground like ya know a teenager would joke about during a mass scam and slavery. High like weed like he must be high to come up with all these ‘stories’ and other fascist Earth would absolutely be better off without my entire bloodline.”
  832. “Let’s see you _________.”
  833. “Sure we fake care about our constituents and citizens or whatever. Yea totally take life seriously at all in the slightest or what not. How many more fake false entitled out of touch moronic statements to I need to make to end this conversation? Racism? How about sexism? What about heterophobia? No, how about homophobia? Does xenophobia play here? The classic classism? Make sure to keep scamming at all costs because that’s what we pretend he wants or some other slaver apologist excuse.”
  834. “Let’s keep pushing those ‘Madison is the best place to live in America’ specifically as an excuse to frame, belittle, dismiss, and further mass attack Cliff Grefe by the millions. Hit the other minorities too, the more afflicted and at risk the better. Cost him millions more of his money that we’ve stolen with our incompetence, cluelessness, ignorance, privilege, etc. And if he doesn’t say etc that means he thinks he’s being completely exhaustive in that statement and other daily dumbass calendar excuses.”
  835. “No obviously we don’t owe him money for every zeptosecond that we’ve blocked him from his career. That is entirely illegal but nuh uh cuz I said so. Scammers rule, legitimate people drool.”
  836. “He’s very heavy handed. Speaking of hands, does he have big hands or small hands? Which hand does he jerk off with? I would never shake that untouchable ghost’s hand. Let’s chop off his hands like the good old boy slavers used to do. Do you think he wants to put his finger in my bunghole? Do you think he puts his fingers in his bunghole? Do you think he loves fingering buttholes and then sniffing and eating the poop off his fingers? What’s that mark on his hand? Gay. And Nazi. And stupid. I don’t get it. I get it. Let’s brand him with a 666 up on a cross or strapped on a hospital bed or in the basement on the chopping block or whatever works.”
  837. Life lessons based on my life, or using my life as the backdrop, not from me, not from someone who knows me, as if I’m already dead, like they’re referencing me from a book, or as an intangible digital item, dehumanizing me as a stoner musing, or a philosophical idea. Vindictive for being inferior, loose, plain, etc.
  838. “I heard you’ve cheated on an ex girlfriend before and I heard that you’ve had anal sex with a woman before so __________.”
  839. “Let’s keep betting on ‘it’ like the prison guards in Orange is the New Black.”
  840. “My fake condolences. Sincerely.”
  841. “You’re high all day every day. How could you ever know which way is up?”
  842. “Just read between all the multidimensional lines in the whole universe all at the same time and make sense of our religiously fake selves all at the same time and have all knowledge of the world in all languages at the same time and be more powerful than God and cure cancer and sadness and poverty and hunger. Duh.”
  843. “You need to join the idiot fag cunt club.”
  844. “Full of shit. Shit for brains. Shitstain. Shitty attitude. Shitstick.”
  845. “Boston and San Francisco are like the same as Milwaukee and Madison and Wisconsin.”
  846. “Put another Black in there. That’ll play better than the White.”
  847. “Firecrotch. Does the carpet match the drapes? Daywalker. Ghost. Pasty. Ginger. Devil. Redheads have no soul.”
  848. “People that get mad, jealous, and extra oppressive, because they don’t have a disability. Making up fake disabilities to be cool.”
  849. “Wisconsin is for retired people. California is for arts people.”
  850. Whining about tipping.
  851. “People from Illinois or Minnesota are tougher/harder working/more intelligent/more creative/etc than Wisconsinites.”
  852. “You’re leaving too little to the imagination. More lying, hiding, faking, slanting, perverting, editing, effects, makeup, wigs, passive aggression, sarcasm, fraud, scamming, torturing, abusing.”
  853. “We should get on his good side now so we can scam him out of more money and be more expectant of undeserved things later also.”
  854. Considering insignificant undirected incidental white collar culture pet peeve annoyances to be the literal exact same thing as fascism, slavery, torture, abuse.”
  855. “The American people are too dumb to understand, and ‘You can’t handle the truth’ like they say in A Few Good Men and you’re not a good man so it works, and other purely fascist statements about how the general population doesn’t deserve the truth and transparency in government, law, finance, and business.”
  856. “Let’s make the world as shit as possible for our progeny for our entire lives until we die. Because we cansy cans so whysy whys wouldn’t we wouldn’t? – baby boomers
  857. Fake stories about how it was AI is to blame for the human scammers that have relentlessly attacked me for decades.”
  858. “He knows. Shhh. I’m over the age of 10. I’ve never had to grow up because I’ve been permitted and celebrated for being top adult boy/girl. And I’m white, or black, or brown, or another keyword that makes my pathetic life story passable in this situation.”
  859. “I don’t remember you. I’m a forgettable and forgetful person with a forgettable life.”
  860. “But now ‘all of that’ is over and its all sunshine and rainbows now that we failed to destroy your life entirely and you’re still alive and you’re still being scammed and enslaved, and owed millions of dollars in compensation and damages, and I’m a fairweather fan still.”
  861. “But I’m a Lutherany Lutheran or a Christiany Christian or a Protestanty Protestant or whatever. Ew gross sin and stuff and republics and progressivism and whatever or something. Go to church slave.”
  862. “Gays and non gays comfortable with their sexuality don’t know what you mean by fag and are hurt by it.”
  863. “Women and non women who are not terrorist abuser fraud fascist slavers don’t know what you mean by cunt.”
  864. “I choose to be offended by your words because I’m an uncultured trash person. You’re cultured white trash. That’s symbiosis. That’s science. Document that flyover state middle America small market corny cheesy goofy ticky tacky campy parody working class slave. But don’t. But do. But yes. But no. Ya. Nah. Maybe. Agree to disagree.”
  865. “For sure I was his fake friend when he was my real friend. See, I am a whole scam of a human being. Cliff is the opposite. But nuh uh cuz I said so. Ew gross honesty and skill and wisdom and innovation and genius and coming up from the bottom but no jizzing in male human being anuses for sexual pleasure? No non-human being anuses either? Fucking nasty. And gay. And animal abuse against beastialists.”
  866. “In order for us to take you seriously, you need you to put transexuals over the working class. And admit you’re gay.”
  867. “We just wanna be the Diddy and Quincy to your BWC playboy. Just let us watch and abuse women, and then say you’re a cuck and abuse women.”
  868. “Somebody called me a namey name and cheaty cheaty cheated on me and touched my butt butt without permission a couple times when I was showing as much skin as possible in skin tight clothing feeling them up telling them I want to fuck them. So resting bitch face karen culture forever but nuh uh ew bitches and karens or whatever.”
  869. “Some other side point, and even more reasons we owe him money, and more scamming every second this continues. And more complaining. And more abusing and lying. And more scamming. More excuses. More fraud. More pretend value that these people have had at any single point in their entire lives.”
  870. “No, obviously we don’t literally legally owe him millions of dollars based on our system of law — for police brutality, unfair hiring practices, false representation, slander, libel, identity theft, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, physical property theft, intellectual property theft, no miranda rights, arrested on false charges, terrorism, invasion of privacy, tampering with mail, vandalism, stalking, hacking, workplace discrimination, harassment, physical assault, sexual assault, attempted murder, attempted rape, aiding and abetting, entrapment, lacing drugs, lacing drinks, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, child abuse, conspiracy, right to quiet enjoyment, and others.”
  871. “But what’s the big reveal? More scamming and provoking. More pushing him to the edge. More slavery. More fascism. More terrorism. More felonies. More breaking whatever federal and state laws against Clifton Grefe that millions want to do. Whatever goes. Never tell the truth if at all possible. Be the biggest racist, rapist, sexist, heterophobic, homophobic, classist, whiny, gossipy, stalker, fake, lazy, punk, cunt, fag, redneck, cracker possible.”
  872. “Catholics, Jews, and atheists are just straight up better people than Protestants. I mean, don’t you hear it all the time everywhere in America across all forms of media? Gotta be true dude. Historically too. And that just makes logical sense.”
  873. Fascist/pretend capitalist tips and tricks for being the best lazy, fake, and bully. Classic fake American culture.
  874. “He doesn’t like food.” – slaver fascist that has never worked a single moment in life
  875. “Let’s do him like Theon Greyjoy. Ole drowned God viking looking ass. String him up and chop his bratwurst off. Then have a ceremonial ritual meal to eat the fish stick with some tartar sauce. Kanye West wannabe ass.”
  876. Sludgesacks of one type lumping me in with anti-education flat Earther mass shooting conspiracy theory sludgesacks of a different type.
  877. “He’s either mentally disabled or a genius. One or the other. Any of us are intelligent enough to make the distinction, if we want to create one, or force this idea down everyone’s throats.”
  878. “He’s just like those BLM people. All he wants is money. All is wants is to embezzle and scam money from us like he doesn’t do to us and we do to him.”
  879. People that hide that they’re married to appear single, those that cheat on wife/husband.
  880. “I guess it’s not all gravy, huh?”
  881. Fake news mainline corporate station style or fake inde influencer social media style.
  882. “Old people are smart. Young people are smart. Middle aged people are smart. Americans are smart.”
  883. “Yea but we pretend care and pretend don’t care about everything possible in life, and my life based on a lie of a person, myself, so… gimme gimmies moresy moreses? More unqualified morons. More anti-progress. More lunacy and silliness and then it’s opposite day so flipsy flops heehee hoohoo I make more than minim wage and I deservey serveses thatses.”
  884. “Just get killed dude. Then we can pretend we ever gave you a fair chance or justice or anything of the sort. We just gotta keep scamming you bro, that’s just how life is, or whatever.”
  885. “Yes and obviously scam him forever and never inform him of any of our secrets. Pretend like “we all have to figure ‘it’ out” or some other folklore lie fantasy gossip. Literally expect him to be a God or supreme type of human being with superhero abilities. Literally expect Clifton Grefe specifically to have God like superhuman abilities like mental telepathy and invincibility, and expect him to have some sort of Genie like in Aladdin to grant him 3 wishes or something fantastical.”
  886. “Racists still forcibly designating Native Americans as Indians. Still doing the whole ‘they got the casinos’ thing that pointless entirely disposable human beings do. Pretend land of the free, pretend home of the brave. Pretend informed — rabidly and religiously.”
  887. “White slaves are a myth, unless they’re Jews of course, and obviously they could never be slavers. Slavs are a joke, unless they’re Jews, or Catholic, of course.”
  888. “I’m jealous because you’re better than me and it’s just natural selection for a huge mass of people to all single out one person and scam him however possible for as long as he lives because he’s harder working and more genuine.”
  889. “Madison is the #1 best place to live in America according to our culture and Milwaukee is the #1 worst place to live in America according to our culture and there’s nothing fishy about that at all either. Or some folks works hardsy hards and others dontsy donts.”
  890. “Let’s question him more than anyone else because he’s more truthful than anyone else, and Honest Abe, scam him more, and no one should question us, the biggest liars on planet Earth, the mass hivemind overlording over him, enslaving him.”
  891. “My husband/wife who claims to be heterosexual is bisexual but he’s not bisexual. And I use gay interchangeably with bisexual. We have children. He is sexually attracted to males and females but he is not gay at all. Definitely not bi, if anything. You know who is gay? Hardworking people. Anyone with honesty. The talented and skilled. Geniuses. Innovators. Leaders. Fighters. Survivors. Super gay. You know who’s not even really gay? Openly gay people comfortable with their sexuality that don’t use it their sexual orientation to create terrorism and slavery and torture and abuse. Those are fags.”
  892. “Let’s use him as a stud detector. Hey, can you tell if I’m hard?”
  893. “This is always how he writes articles and he can’t write any other way. This isn’t another incredible unique original piece.”
  894. “Don’t attack him, bully him, abuse him, etc.” – things that female Americans pretend to say to abusers they witness attacks in person on me and have the power to stop the terrorists and criminals with almost nonexistant effort, do the opposite and encourage physical and mental assault on me, then lie about later, and make up another fake story to add to their fake life story catalog, as I have have protected women as a sex for 100% of my life physically and emotionally, and have never a single time personally insulted, gossiped about, or physically hit a girlfriend of mine, literally, based on factual information, factual data, factual actions, factual occurrences
  895. “More fake accents, and fake stories, and fake self-made messages, like the realest rappers ever with the fakest life stories and careers ever — Drizzy Drake and gang gang!”
  896. “Wait, I have to hold myself accountable for my words and actions? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but then everything in life isn’t handed to me without me putting in any significant effort into it wahhhhhhh.”
  897. “But you used to circle jerk with your basement bros like we used to do and you didn’t used to do. And you didn’t lie about and we did lie about it but you’re lying and we’re not lying.”
  898. “It’s not fair he can read so fast. He taught himself how to read, and went to public school in Wisconsin.”
  899. “Midwesterners have no accent, it’s a Swedish accent, obviously. Norwegians don’t exist and/or don’t matter and/or are the same.”
  900. “That’s a run on sentence, so…… I’m still a pointless life form. Cliff hasn’t revolutionized writing and pulled it away from Grammar Nazis more than anyone/close to anyone and given it back to the people more than anyone/close to anyone.”
  901. “He’s acting like anything he says or does hasn’t already been done. Like, seriously, slavers are colonialists and racists and scammers and rapists have done everything and there’s history of that back to our pyramids that we didn’t build all the way up to our ivory towers today that we didn’t build.”
  902. I’m pretending like I’ve never ‘been in on’ a mass scamming of an individual though and mass scam sounds like he wants us to keep scamming him so I’m going to join in on this one too and continue lying about major parts of my life every day.”
  903. “Madison is all fags, cunts, and rednecks, bro.”
  904. “Yea but we’re the most disgusting pointless people to ever live, so… Gimme gimme wah wah?”
  905. “I’m not sexually confused. I’m a racist rapist sexist xenophobic fat dumb gossipy passive aggressive classic American.”
  906. “Scamming people makes the world go round. It is what it is. True facts. Get over it. I myself, and the people in my bloodline and/or our allies, have been scamming people for hundreds of years and saying we have ever worked hard in our lives and/or we are witty or clever.”
  907. “Lets play the copycat game. Somebody somebodies oncey once saids that thatsis the most sincerestest formest of flattsy flattery.”
  908. “I have ever once or ever will a single time have anything insightful to relay to you about life but say the opposite.”
  909. “Is nobody going to say ‘it’?”
  910. “Starlink, Google, Forbes, America the land of the free.”
  911. “But is there more money and justice and representation in it for me though?”
  912. “Then don’t talk shit then bro. Show me your bulge bro.”
  913. “I can’t get into it. I guess he’s all buckied out. Time for a nap. I call the police on people for playing music too loud for my eary ears but I’m strong doe 4 real schlat twin slime.”
  914. “I’ll crack his back.”
  915. People with overall negative net contribution to their society and Earth, based on additional oppressive conditions they require in their favor that involve more than zero other people, in order to succeed monetarily and socially, in comparison to average competition and peers.
  916. “I’ll take out his knees.”
  917. “You need autotune bro. You know who sings this song? Let them sing it. Singing is for fags. Singing is for women. Singing is for Black, Latino, English, and Jewish people. You don’t have phenomenal pitch, range, inflection, and chops. You haven’t been told countless times that you have a beautiful, sexy, unique voice.”
  918. “I’m blonde.” – bleach/dyed/bottle/fake/wig/unit/dumb/chemical/peroxide blonde.
  919. “I’m going to shoot you. I’m not going to shoot you. Now you respect me or will and I ever deserve respect.”
  920. “Why don’t you be like a real rapper and sell disastrously destructive meth, crack, heroin, fentanyl, oxy to your own community and the surrounding area? Or at least lie about it? Or murder people for childish reasons? Those people are real and respectable to the maximum level in America. And they work hard. Like, boner for real. I work really hard.”
  921. “Yea yea I’ve heard the whole college is a scam schmuck schtick before. Kitsch. Klutz. Kvetch. Oof. Yasss betch.”
  922. “Real men _____.” – rapist racist scammer
  923. “Hey since you’re so good at math, what’s zero plus zero, because that’s all you’ll ever have.”
  924. “He is the definition of fake news.” – Fake news staff and fans of mainline corporate scripted British-Irish-Jewish-White-Etc slanted news.
  925. “I want to make ‘the list’. Lets play ‘tease’ and ‘telephone’.”
  926. “If he doesn’t post it with subtitles and straight to his website when the video drops, he’s not taking ‘it’ serious.”
  927. “We use pronouns to protect our identities — something you obviously care nothing about slave. I stand on business or praise God or go to work and take care of my family and continue to the end of that predictable line of privilege and excuse content creation culture.”
  928. Scoffs like pffft, pshhh, tsss, humph, ugh, ahhh in response to serious things I say to them – especially surrounding adversity.
  929. “I wouldn’t let him near my children.”
  930. “He’s disgruntled. He’s a disgruntled employee. He’s a bad employee.”
  931. “He’s a grouch. Don’t talk to him. Or just say ‘hi’ and that’s all that’s ‘safe’. We decided that’s what is true without him as always.”
  932. “You don’t have any friends. Who’s fault is that?”
  933. “You can dish it out but can’t take it, huh? You want to have a circle jerk real quick? Or would you rather I try to murder you? Seriously man, I’m never serious, but take me serious because I’m adulting, or else.”
  934. “You never leave the house/basement.”
  935. “No one talks like that for real.”
  936. “But I’m a ______ and I blame Jews for ‘everything’ so ______.”
  937. Fantasies about how I bullied anyone in my life. A particular obsession with placing my out of touch uneducated whiny privileged fraud racist abuser little brother in this fictional victim role.
  938. “I’m from Chicago, or the Northside, or the northern suburbs of Chicago, or Wisconsin – same thing – and ‘we’ are all geniuses compared to stupid Wisconsinites and/or Clifton Grefe, because we have been handed everything for our entire lives, have no understanding of reality for any sort of American majority or the working class, being a punk Stan FIB bitch is fun as fuck, and so is fascism – especially with my rainbow friends who give me passes to say and do whatever I want as long as it fits into their oppressor plan as well. I mean, seriously, get some allies dudeski.”
  939. “I for some reason am an expert in this area and can’t say it publicly with sources or attribution of any kind because ______. And this is not fascist at all what ‘we’re’ doing.”
  940. “You’re unqualified, not good enough at one thing, this is why people study one subject, champ. Bud. Bucko.”
  941. “Where are you hanging out that you’re meeting these people? Tell me so I can tell you I don’t believe you.”
  942. “Move. Leave. Die. Kill yourself. I’m going to kill you. Someone is going to kill you.”
  943. “It’s all relative.”
  944. “It’s all perspective.”
  945. “It’s all rhetoric.”
  946. “It’s all semantics.”
  947. “It’s all about who you know. It’s all nepotism. I guess I got lucky.”
  948. “The world totally wouldn’t be better off if we rid it entirely of paparazzi forever. And you ever approved of it a single time in your life.”
  949. “You don’t like eating, so stop eating if you really are God or whatever, and you shouldn’t ever be eating steak or any premium foods. You should only ever be eating food pantry and survival foods like noodles and soup. You don’t deserve vitamins either. And you don’t know how to cook anything. And you should lynch yourself from the top of the Wisconsin capitol with your dick and that’s art and good business and super hard. And you shop sales and that’s gay and you should be robbed of everything you own especially when you’re skin and bones and down. America has ever been ‘the land of the free’.”
  950. “But I want to be an abuser from literal moment #1 in your presence and then be or pretend to be genuine later on and I’m an adult and I say that I have integrity and/or work ethic and/or I’m cultured, etc.”
  951. “I think he’s missing ‘the point’. What’s ‘his point’? Repugnant.”
  952. “Nobody cares about ethnicity.” – longstanding racist
  953. “I’m a perfectionist so I have to be.” – prefect, fraud, clueless, inexperienced, etc.
  954. “The Cliff problem. The Wisconsin problem.”
  955. “Mass shootings are hilarious and I don’t believe in them. Go Cubs. And Cliff is a pussy he would never mass shooting anyone, loser. Go rape a white girl or something, fag. I make more than zero to minimum wage. Hick.”
  956. “Any American born in this country has been through this level of scamming in America in this lifetime other than Cliff and hasn’t had any justice at all to this day.”
  957. “False prophets.” – religious zealots with high likelihood that they call chubby thick and materialists real
  958. “But, like, tall, and tight butthole, and bald, and like, anal beads, and light skin, and like, diarrhea and large intestine and colon.”
  959. “You’re too intense for me. Too much. You scare me.”
  960. Comparing me to Joe McCarthy.
  961. Saying I’m a wannabe Jason Statham or Louis from Suits or Voldemort from Harry Potter or Golem from Lord of the Rings or Lex Luthor from Superman or Walter White from Breaking Bad, Moby, or some other bald male with European and/or Middle Eastern ancestry and male pattern baldness. Those lost in fantasy worlds for years of time, decades, or their whole lives, massively privileged to the point they can’t even tell they are a part of the most pointless incompetent weak unimpressive slow people to ever live demographic.
  962. “He’s bald so he’s shooting blanks, and that means he smokes crack, and he’s a Nazi, and he’s gay. I mean, just look at him.”
  963. “This is how it works, son.”
  964. “He’s just realizing this now. This is all new to him, give him a chance. I remember my first time in the city. He’s slow. He didn’t even know. He never said anything.” – abusers, scammers, stalkers, terrorists, habitual liars
  965. “I’ve been a complete cunt my whole life, fix me! Or else… Jk. But seriously. Beef me daddy. Or not. Fag.”
  966. “I attacked him to his face and he didn’t Beef me or whatever. He’s fake. He needs to Beef every single person ever to exist, fight them, debate them, have sex with them, and let us watch on camera without his permission.”
  967. “He’s being parabolic.”
  968. “Lower class and middle class and upper class and lower upper class and middle lower class and lower middle upper class and upper lower middle class and mid middle upper class and quarter upper lower middle low upper mid low lower upper up class. I’m not standard classist sludge.”
  969. “Crass. Demagogue”
  970. “He’s trying to be an enigma because I said so and so that’s reality.”
  971. Making the word “fraud” a playful, fun, game word.
  972. “I can’t listen to his voice.”
  973. “I can’t look at his face.”
  974. “I’m ethnic.”
  975. “What race is he?”
  976. “Ewwwww fighty fights and sweary swears and smokey smokes and sexy sex and toughy tough conversationy sations.”
  977. Pretending that the victim of their abuses asked for their fake help, or needs their fake help.
  978. Contemporary separatism.
  979. “How can I still be scamming you if I’ve been scamming you for years or decades? That doesn’t even make sense. That scam took place then and I’m still scamming you from that and adding others on top whenever possible but nuh uh cuz my fascist alliance said so.”
  980. Low talent, high fake, high cunt rappers from New England, California, and Chicagoland, stealing more jobs and opportunities from locals, oppressing whenever possible, siding with police and colonialist culture.
  981. “Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan are super hard and tough compared to Milwaukee, or Wisconsin. There’s more opportunity and money and wealth and power in the surrounding non-Wisconsin cities and states, and they’re represented significantly in the media in many forms, but there is a high number of Black people in Chicago and Detroit, numerically, so its super real and rough and hard and street smart and gritty and tough.”
  982. “He thinks he’s Martin Luther or Martin Luther King, Jr. or Martin Lawrence.”
  983. “You know whats quality music? Whatever they made in the out of touch upper class with lifetimes of advantage and no stories or work ethic of their own, privilege passed down for generations, pointless revelations, hollow life lessons and advice. That’s really smart too.”
  984. “You have less chances in life coming from the city or a larger city or a city closer to the ocean coastline. I understand basic economics.”
  985. “You who has integrity? People that went to UW Business, Journalism, or Comm Arts schools. Ya know, those without a shred of integrity. Liars and scammers but nuh uh cuz they said so and they work really hard but not at all in the slightest when compared to peers legitimately. And seriously dude, boobies and bootyholes. Facts. Or ‘Pussy, Money, Weed’ – Lil Wayne. And good business and watch out for scams and we tell the truth or whatever and have original ideas or something.”
  986. “Yea but give me more of what’s unnecessary entirely or none of my business so that I can allow you rights or not depending on my mood and how much clout as they call it in New York will be get me and superfluous superficial entitlement that gives me more privilege and self-retardation on top of what I was born with and spoon fed my entire life.”
  987. “But I have red hair or Black skin I’m a disgusting human being entirely and that’s cool.”
  988. “Yea but making fun of disabled people and those fighting through adversity is fun, or funny, or we all do it, or they asked for it, or ‘God Did’, or whatever. And obviously I’ll never come clean with what I’ve done and will be a fake human being for my entire life but I’m real and that’s what’s up.”
  989. “Yea but isn’t ‘this’ all your culture? My private scam abuser fake culture interpolated into your authentic publicly known culture? More nitpicking and whining and excuse factories please.”
  990. “You’re stupid.” – someone with less information in their brain, less knowledge, less wisdom, less education, less street smarts, less experience, less originality, less work ethic.
  991. “Hip hop is for Blacks only, especially mega privileged racist bigot Blacks. And Black people can’t be racist and reverse racism or some other bs colored people to people of color eternally transitional culture.”
  992. “But what if I do as close to nothing as possible? Is that respectable? What about pretending to work? How about taking credit for your work? But how about pretend complimenting you for your work? What if i compliment others instead of you for their lesser work? What if I believe in the religious right for me personally and my demographic to not work while you do? My religion says that I should have slaves and I deserve to have my head attached to my shoulders. What if I did some work for like 0-99% of the day? What about like Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays? How about if I’m a fascist but that’s what I call you?”
  993. “You need to take the throne like Robert Baratheon and be a man and conquer like a real Viking and rape and pillage for the booty. Arggg, matey. Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Delusional fantasy fully immersive 4D experiences. Ooo did I just get poked in the butt? Pillsbury Doughboy and a pack of Tums ya know what I mean? Huhuhuhuh.”
  994. “That’s why you don’t be a clout chaser, people pleaser, attention seeker. That’s why don’t do it for the likes.”
  995. “Let’s do the ‘play pretend’ game.”
  996. “I love a good comeback story. Keep attacking and lying about him for as long as possible.”
  997. “Don’t ‘entertain’ him. He ‘entertains’ us. Continue with the fascist vague wishy washy fraud rhetoric.”
  998. Low talent, low life experience, low integrity, low effort, low brainpower, gossipy, passive aggressive, fake, racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc people offering closeted advice and pretend advice on my writing, while scamming me, without valid credentials, from a lifetime of absurd privilege.
  999. “He’s cranky today. More scamming.”
  1000. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” – non-working class clueless idiot terrorist
  1001. “But what about fat people and fat people attacking skinny people all day every day?”
  1002. “It’s not illegal for me to illegally stalk someone, though.”
  1003. “Lets play the legal-illegal game.”
  1004. “He’s sus zesty cap, because I’m a liar and a fraud and pathetic excuse for a human being, and obviously a lifetime bigot and abuser, so that’s what he is under our mass scamming and torture and slavery and fascism. And he has a fake voice because I’m uncultured and out of touch with what people look and sound like in the outside world not lost in a digital fantasy fake effort fake talent fake wisdom fake experience fake personality world. Redneck fag scammer squad forever.”
  1005. Some racist explanation on how they’re big supporters of causes I literally speak and literally act on to support and they don’t but they do through their job sometimes because it’s not their place or something, because they don’t know what they support, or why, and don’t have any experience facing the issue at hand, or adversity, and pretend I’m like them to make their waste of life seem like its been valuable.
  1006. “Yea we, and by we I mean literally every single service in the Madison area, totally provide Clifton Grefe average to above average service on a consistent basis as we do non Clifton Grefe’s. And there are literally zero others but nuh uh cuz really I’m you if you really think about it and you’re me and were all the same but you like don’t deserve rights or justice or equality for whatever reason I or we come up with and thats true facts. Zoomers are super smart and conscious and resilient and adaptable too not the opposite. Wanna finger each other’s buttholes and then wipe the butthole poop smell under our noses to save it for later?”
  1007. Gatekeeping with no sense of merit or integrity outside of personal bubble of lifetimes of privilege.
  1008. “The older I get, the more I hate people.”
  1009. “Everyone moved on without you.”
  1010. “Yea but something about Neo Nazis and that’s you and that’s not torture and slavery and that’s funny but not funny still cuz we smart and woke or not woke depending on who’s listening. And we haven’t been doing this to you for 100% of your life or whatever. We understand adversity at all yea sure now quiet down and listen to us idiots talk hardee har har super serious though or else.”
  1011. “We’re over it.”
  1012. “You’re just paranoid.”
  1013. “Scandinavians, Germans, Slavs, Middle Easterners except Jews, Asians have ugly accents.”
  1014. “All male dancers are gay and want/need to be raped.”
  1015. “I worry about you, be safe. You need to be careful, now. Times have changed son. Watch your back bro. I’ve always had your back bro.”
  1016. “Only someone obsessed with butthole would mention butthole so many times. So what about the butthole??? And poop and sexual harassment and sexual assault and rape and jail rape and racist rape and consensual male homosexual intimacy and farts???”
  1017. “I’m worried about you. Aren’t you worried that _________? More terrorism, stalking, harassing, complaining, gossiping, lying, laziness, anti-equality, anti-justice, opportunity.”
  1018. “Use your ancestors and dead people and situations you’ve never been through personally or can relate to based on the life you’ve had that aren’t applicable but use all of this as excuses for fascist behavior. Similar to how we use our offspring as crutches.”
  1019. “But sometimes I go ‘back home’ to a place I’ve attacked for most of my life and rarely left the safety of my privilege home when I was there but claim to have an overall understanding of its culture. And also it doesn’t have any culture. Only privilege out of touch under qualified inexperienced fake elite elitist culture is culture.”
  1020. “You dick women down and turn them out so you’re a dog and a womanizer.”
  1021. “You’re a slut. We slutshaming the heterosexuals, non-abusers, and slutwalkers.”
  1022. “It’s pronounced ‘greify’, cuz u know, ‘they’ are always sad or whatever or something, and ‘he’ should change his name and move anywhere but where he currently is anyway. And I’m not a racist, xenophobe, classist, nationalist, imperialist, colonialist, bigot, slaver, fascist cuz I said so.”
  1023. “‘They’ did a study.”
  1024. “You’re not it/him/God/Jesus/Leif Erikson.”
  1025. “It’s not that deep. I’m a racist, not a racist racist.”
  1026. “All boys like pegging dude.”
  1027. “Rap for rights, boy.”
  1028. “It’s a fake news revolution. More fake news.”
  1029. “Saying ‘no cursing’ isn’t limiting freedom of speech. It’s never religious. Not mixing church and state. Not xenophobic. Not classist, racist, sexist, etc. None of that. Nopie nopeses. I saidsy saids so and I have kidsy kidsies and I’my I’mes a goodsy goodses parenty parents.”
  1030. “Ole Lipschitz looking ass.”
  1031. “Fake logic and morals means real logic and morals. Made up fantasies that do not exist in real life in any way are real, and physical tangible things that you can see, hear, smell, and touch in real life, do not exist.”
  1032. Chubby and/or unathletic and/or dumb and/or psychotic and/or white collar people whining about health and food like it’s their job.
  1033. “Cliff is such a retard. Always randomly singing, rapping, dancing, writing… Wait, that’s kind of cute or whatever. Let’s pretend like we’ve ever been that type of person and haven’t been fascist oppressor abuser fraud gimmicks towards those people for our whole lives.”
  1034. “You have ‘a problem’. You have ‘problems’.”
  1035. Some kind of Indian-Caucasian-White-Caste System STEM job cyberstalker racist fag demographic.
  1036. “Yea but we still fake ‘don’t know what he wants’.”
  1037. “You should just quit. You’re such a quitter. Why haven’t you quit yet. You’re always quitting everything. I’m going to get you to quit. You just don’t quit. Quit already. Why would you quit?”
  1038. “Obsess over skin tone like a stereotypical delusional ignorant uneducated uncultured racist colorist xenophobic body shaming UK-Grecoroman-Mediterrannean obsessed creep freak.”
  1039. “All praise the fascist statutes of limitations.”
  1040. “You asked for ‘it’ when you didn’t ask for ‘it’ and that’s facts.”
  1041. “The more positive, happy, and excited he is, attack him more.”
  1042. “I’ve dedicated countless hours of my life to attacking and stalking others, lying about their lives, etc. I’m a smart person.”
  1043. “You look like a cokehead, alcoholic, stoner, methhead, crackhead, junkie, etc.”
  1044. “I’m an expert in sexuality. I have been extremely insecure about my sexuality for any period of time in my whole life, which is more time than the zero total time that lifetime male heterosexual Clifton Grefe spent on this confusion, and I have been attacking others for their sexuality for my whole life or close to it, so everyone attack Clifton Grefe more, again, still, as always.”
  1045. “Continuing to say fascist oppressive nonsense in a baby voice for life.”
  1046. “Women go batshit nuts over your dick so obviously you abuse all of them, lie to all of them, have a small limp bumpy angled discolored smelly dick, don’t know how to fuck, and you’re lying about all of your ‘sexual exploits’, and any of this is our business at all anyway, and we don’t owe you money for making it our business when it has never once for a single moment been our business, even if Cliff ever told us about his sexual experiences once.”
  1047. “I went to war so I’m intelligent or hardworking.”
  1048. “Groom, pet, break, pat him. He’s a farm animal, or a dog, something inhuman or less than human. Any of us have value being alive.”
  1049. “I fought for my country so I can say and do whatever I want and not suffer consequences like others in my demographic and area. You should suffer more, though, because I’ve concocted a story about how you haven’t fought for your country. And you didn’t go to war for America. And you shouldn’t have rights for your entire life.”
  1050. Anti-farming/anti-family farming/anti-American farming/anti-Midwest farming/anti-corn/anti-soy/anti-dairy/anti-rural/anti-working class/anti-Northern European ancestry/anti-Wisconsin/anti-Northern Wisconsin/anti-Southeast Asian terrorist pseudo intelligent lazy scammer conspiracy theorists.
  1051. “Fascist oppressive fake gossipy dumb foodies with no farming experience for the win every time.”
  1052. “But I ready readed The Artsy Artses of Warsy Warses.”
  1053. “Like ‘what does that even mean’? I’m pretend hardworking, pretend understanding, pretend adaptable, pretend linguistic, pretend educated on the topic, pretend good listening, pretend experienced in the area, pretend sincere, with pretend ideas, etc.”
  1054. “Your ex cheated on you loser. We pushed her to cheat on you 100% of the time y’all were dating. I used to know you but we were never friends. You thought we were friends, though. The thing is that we’re so real and you are so fake. That’s just it. Sorry, bro.”
  1055. “You have to be fake mysterious with a fake personality and fake life story with fake aspirations to be mysterious and have a real personality and be really mysterious with real aspirations. This is America, seriously. You can’t just fake it til you make it, no cap. No really, though, for real. Never.”
  1056. “But what if I’m a female faggot versus a male faggot and as a female faggot I stare at your crotch like a faggot? And what if I’m a male cunt versus a female cunt and as a male cunt I complain about non-issues like a cunt?”
  1057. “You are too comfortable _______.”
  1058. Normalized fascist foodie hipster pseudo intelligent office culture attacks on soy, corn, dairy, etc.
  1059. “I think he’s a little confused about how IT or office culture works. We all attack you specifically for any reason in the universe, while you’re not attacking us for any reason in the universe. Then we give you as little opportunity and recognition as possible, constant lying of course, bigotry, discrimination, hate crimes, harassment. All of our culture’s ‘hard work’ is hard to understand. All of our pointless existences are hard to appreciate for some slaves.”
  1060. “You can’t be a comedic genius and a genius in other categories at the same time! That’s not fairy fairs! And I would know because I’m unskilled, untalented, closeted, and lazy!”
  1061. “But more pretend history and pretend culture that we teach in our private schools to pretend people… so…”
  1062. “I fake contacted him too. Did you not do that yet but did and said you did but didn’t but really did didn’t?”
  1063. “He wouldn’t ever say any of this to anyone’s face. I don’t know him at all. Never have, never will.”
  1064. Making up more fake online and offline life stories and personalities for me, more fake profiles, fake voices, fake quotes, etc.
  1065. “If ‘this’ is about anyone, it’s about everyone except for Clifton Grefe. Again.”
  1066. “There is no such thing as context. There is and there isn’t. Like killing a person. It’s always murder. I’m a tiny brained inferior organism wasting time and resources.”
  1067. “Fighting your own battles? Wow that’s so like antifa or midwest or old or self-enslavement or something. Get you some slaves boa. Being weak is strong. One day you will learn that. It comes with age.”
  1068. “Is this Punk’d or Undercover Boss? Can I get in the background??? Where is Ashton Kutcher?”
  1069. “This is sticky, and by that, I mean either difficult and/or semen-like. A pretend understanding of the complexities in life mixed with immature perverted closet gay jizz hybrid rhetoric. For centuries.”
  1070. “Taint. Bunghole. Butthole. Butt. Ass. Booty. Asshole. Anus. Sphincter. Anal. Poop. Shit. Rimjob. Busting cheeks. Gang rape. Eating ass. Hairy ass. Ass hair. His farts smell like ______. Go walk up on him, see what he does.”
  1071. “Relax bro, I’m not scamming you that badly.”
  1072. “You have anger issues. Hey, does our harassing you every single day of your life help?”
  1073. “Hey, you really ‘lost it’ there. Does my pathetic excuse for an existence mean that I win?”
  1074. “We’ve never had ‘one’ like you before.”
  1075. “When are you going to realize everyone here hates you. Congrats. You got what you always wanted.”
  1076. Cult mindset. Zombie culture. Talentless, spineless sludge sacks of negativity and lies.
  1077. “Work smarter, not harder.” – lazy wimpy dumb slaver that never does their portion of the work or produces anything of lasting quality
  1078. “I buzzed my head temporarily and I’m speaking in a lower register so now ‘I’m bald’ and understand hip hop and plight.”
  1079. “If you’re a writer, then why are you not writing more?”
  1080. “If you’re a rapper, then why are you not writing more?”
  1081. “If you’re a web designer, why are you not web designing more?”
  1082. “Give me more, and more, and more, and more, and more on top of more when you have nothing left to give – for less than nothing.”
  1083. “This is some elaborate plot to take down UW or America that he’s been planning for years. It was his plan all along to be scammed and abused and attacked and ignored from birth, and then ‘flip it’ on us.”
  1084. “He thinks he knows how to do everything. And he thinks he can do it all at once.”
  1085. “I saw him smiling, so it’s all good. I heard he laughs too, so…”
  1086. “We’re never going to give you what you want.”
  1087. “I wouldn’t hire you.”
  1088. “I use those words differently or use others in place of these or have a different accent so I’m right because I’m not valid in this conversation but oh well.”
  1089. Patriot Act and Five Eyes justifiers.
  1090. “We’re all going at him as a team but we’re the victims here. This is all some trolling plan of his and it’s funny or it’s not funny or whatever. More slavery and fascism. We needed this, again, still. Everybody at once now, ‘Cuz we said so! Now gimme gimmies! He is such a babyyyyyyy!'”
  1091. “You sound like an old man, again, still. Also I’m making sure that you never have rights for your entire life.”
  1092. “He shows all the signs of a mass scam victim but let’s put a different word in there instead like abuser or white boy or trust fund baby or rapist or liar or whatever. Doesn’t matter. More slavery.”
  1093. Anti-NBA, because MLB, NHL, and NFL. And racism, classism, xenophobia, etc.
  1094. “Alcohol will make you do ‘crazy’ things. He’s also retarded. Attack him constantly.”
  1095. “Just wait until that stereotypical brokie terrorist rere white boy wigger cornboy fag says ‘the big lie’ or ‘the Jewish question’ and then we can get together for a LAN party and play the ‘I told you so’ game and it’s ‘news worthy’ and ‘real news’ and ‘giving people the real story’.”
  1096. “He’s bullying us because we’re bullying him. Or something like that or whatever.”
  1097. “How can I syphon and parasite him? I mean I would swallow his jizz to drink his soul’s energy dry and assume the body that his skin is wrapped in so that I could destroy him, but only if I have to. And I mean does he even ‘like’ women? Like I know he’s attracted to them but like you know what I mean or whatever? Yay female Americans since 19xx.”
  1098. “Its so fun/funny to confuse our slave.”
  1099. “At ‘this point’ even ‘he’ knows ‘it’ is getting ridiculous.”
  1100. Religiously mispronouncing Wisconsin to emphasize the CON part. Very common with Chicagoland and East Coast fascists.
  1101. “I like to see good things happen to good people… like all my friend and family racists, scammers, fascists, whiners, woman and child beaters, lazy blobs, idiots, terrorists, stalkers, oppressors, butthole, feces, and digestive system obsessed freaks, snakes, etc.
  1102. “But weak dumbass plain scammer slow goofy out of touch uneducated privileged suburban Chicago and Chicago and Illinois privilege! Gimme gimme gim gims nowy nows!”
  1103. “You stink.” – classic racist-classist-xenophobic speak.
  1104. “But you didn’t save my friends life so you’re not God or Jesus Christ or our savior or my favorite character from a book or show.”
  1105. “Where was this guy when __________?”
  1106. “‘You’ can’t say that.”
  1107. “What do you want for Christmas? More slavery and scamming? Good, we got that for you as a baby gift. Good for life.”
  1108. Graphic design photographer social media marketing journalist reporter influencer abuser-fraud squad.
  1109. “You know what we should do? Harass and attack you at your show. Thats real. Then I am impressive or you want to have sex with me or we should battle of the wits or battle rap or whatever. Duh.”
  1110. Insulting Gods or religions entirely, writing off billions for checking a box on their census and showing up in the news as part of the ‘news’ gimmick.
  1111. Mentally stuck in a previous decade. Can’t mature beyond that time period and their life during that time period.
  1112. Anti-anti-racism
  1113. Fake Scandinavians, fake Norwegians, whitewashed by choice Scandinavians and Norwegians, fake ethnicities.
  1114. “Too much hip hop. More racism, laziness, anti-knowledge. And we don’t believe you or whatever.”
  1115. “He’s ever said it’s ok to mess with his life, profession, career, money, family, privacy, rights, etc.”
  1116. “But we had conversations with you when you literally were not informed about or present for the conversation. You were there and we included you because we didn’t. You were considered because you weren’t. And obviously you know what happened in our private conversation because you weren’t there and we didn’t tell you what happened and you are omniscient as the God but not God thing or something or whatever or who cares or duh or who knows really at the end of the day.”
  1117. “I’m a fraud and abuser, and need 2,395,348 people to do one job to a level that I, an illegitimate worker, considers successful. I’m good at business.”
  1118. Aiming loud sniffs, coughs, parabolic ‘private conversation’ nonsense, at me directly in passing.
  1119. More anti-Scandinavian, Norwegian specifically, xenophobia, racism, etc. Saying English, Irish, Swedish, Danish, German is the same.
  1120. “Are you trying to get fired?”
  1121. “Dreadheads and baldheads are gross. Gimme a sexy bot.”
  1122. “You need the FBI and the Power Rangers.”
  1123. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” – I daydream of a world where every single person that says this pops and their guts go flying everywhere like fireworks.
  1124. “You sound like you fried your brain with all that weed.”
  1125. “You sound like you lost a lot of brain cells from all that drinking.”
  1126. “This is classic _________ behavior.”
  1127. “_______ wrinkles.”
  1128. “You’re just a kid.”
  1129. Lunatic obsession with pronouns, prepositions, and fascist dictionary words.
  1130. “Classic nativist behavior. Anti-natives forever bro duh that’s progressive. Classic American culture.”
  1131. Some kind of fake history fake culture Jewish-Irish-Black love story or something. This ‘we came together’ gibberish rhetoric. Then of course the ‘how would you know, you weren’t even there’ and then the ________ to follow that and then the _________ to follow that etc. Straight bot culture.
  1132. “You’re going to be dead/catch _____ before 16, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 30, 35, etc. And stop saying etc so much. And stop _______.”
  1133. “Vague ‘that is not helping’ and ‘this is not helpful. Hey ‘the help’ help me more and ‘you always need help’. No, we don’t pay for or do ‘help’. Are you serious? ‘Help me I’m dying!'”
  1134. “You’re not a god, you’re a demon. You are literally the Devil himself you conservative Christian boy atheist grown man.”
  1135. “Drop ‘it’.”
  1136. “The Italians and Irish built this country. See, in our culture, we consider genocide and enslaving others into doing work for us as legitimate business practice. Or ‘that’s just how it was’. See, we consider not doing anything as doing everything. And we deserve your respect for that. Difference in cultures for sure but we’re all white and the same or whatever in accordance with the global racist system our people built but nuh uh cuz arg matey parlay yee gold treasure rainbow designer clothes sportscars fascism.”
  1137. “The niggers ‘got over slavery’ so why haven’t you nigger? We’re making an interesting comparison here and ‘asking the tough questions’ as always. This is ‘our job’ and we make more than $0/yr.”
  1138. “Your vocabulary is lifetimes and generations beyond any one of ours individually so obviously you don’t have a vocabulary or it’s weak or you’re repetitive and you have no style. More slavery, more torture, more scamming, fraud, abuse.
  1139. “I haven’t even seen him ‘out’. And I’m ‘always out’. Tell the slave to come out more. Put more coins in his machine or whatever. Make him go go now nows. Make him go go now nows! See. He’s always out and he’s boring.”
  1140. “You got your history mixed up, slave, and your own life, because your memory is more accurate and integrity more intact than my culture’s racist classist xenophobic fascist imperialist scammer version of reality.”
  1141. “‘It’ all comes down to ‘race’ when ‘it’ goes down. You will side with your ‘race’. That is just always how ‘it’ is.”
  1142. “Yea but you only inspired like 397,365 songs of ours dude. Like wow get a hold of yourself.”
  1143. “Your favorite color is green because Irish people, weed, and money, not because of nature. Probably because of poopy poop too.”
  1144. “Well I’m Catholic or Jewish or short or old or young or a parent or ______, so some excuse or gimme gimme.”
  1145. “Yea and you know who is weak and pathetic? Germans, Scandinavians, and Midwesterners.”
  1146. “Yea but what about the northside fags and the Waukegan fags and the Naperville fags and the Lake Forest fags and the Oak Park fags and the River Forest fags and the Wrigleyville fags and the Goose Island fags and the Gold Coast fags and the Evanston fags and the Schaumburg fags and the _________ fags? You’re such a fag. Probably always in Boystown fag. Madison is all fags. Clifton Grefe is such a fag.”
  1147. “Results. Results. Results. Steal more of them from Cliff and say he did nothing.”
  1148. “He’s a bit of a __________ isn’t he.”
  1149. “It’s a puzzle! I love a good puzzle around the holidays! More scamming and torture!”
  1150. “Suburbanites are the real victims here. Rural folks are the real victims here. Urbanites are the real victims here.”
  1151. “But but but he said it/did it so why cant Isy Ies? I’m over the age of 15sy teens but nuh uh but yuh huh but I’m 106 but I’m 45 but I’m 23 but I’m 34 but I’m 51 but I’m _______.”
  1152. “‘They’ tried ‘this’ before and look how ‘that’ went.”
  1153. “Here’s some good ole Irish Catholic wisdom for ya friend — penis, butthole, ballsack, titties, vagina, gimme gimme.”
  1154. Standard IT culture/office culture fascism.
  1155. “We at war.” – someone who has never served who often disrespects the military who promotes gang violence and is probably referring to a love or drug related story
  1156. “Take your bread, burn the breadbasket.”
  1157. “But the foul human beings told me to constantly attack tall light haired light eyed light skinned people as much as possible, and same with Black people, Asians, etc. Jewish and Irish are cool doe on God.”
  1158. “I think you’re confusing fascism with ________. More fascism, slavery, scamming, torture, etc.”
  1159. “Hey let’s do a whities vs coloreds vs homos vs brokies thing to see ‘who was there for him’ the most or whatever.”
  1160. “Yes and attack him and his family even more, and make sure to attack Cliff the most, and make sure you’re lying and messing up his life, career, safety, representation, critically important facts and details.”
  1161. “All White people are like Irish people. ‘They’ are all the same but ‘we’ as Irish are different. We’re built different like Druski says. Like how it is with Jews. Everyone is in search of the milkiest bootyhole of Lucky Charms in life, which is ours, or theirs, depending on the scenario. You don’t understand the plight of the oppressors, dumb dumb. Boston and Chicago and LA or some further idiot coastie parasite gibberish. ‘We’ have ‘seen’ all ‘this’ before. All praise the lucky little Leprechaun fags. Raging racist inferiority complex napoleon complex short complex little penis complex little brain complex for the win. When we connect with Jews and Blacks, we’re the ‘we get it’ crowd. Something about a ‘Race War’ and how Nazis/Germans ‘start everything’ in a bad way and other stereotypical idiot nonsense.”
  1162. “Ew make the honesty and hard work go away.”
  1163. “Let’s overload his site even more with fascist bots and scammers and IT surveillance state identity thief imperialists so it’s permanently slow or crashes. Make sure that GoDaddy flags him too and caps his traffic. Make sure Charter caps him too. Get everyone involved. The all vs. one thing is a team effort.”
  1164. “But if we give him his money he’ll just move and we can’t see him and touch him and stalk him and _________ and wahhhh mommy daddy mommy daddy America do somethingsy somethings.”
  1165. “Hey let’s get really weirdly into Irish hocus pocus conspiracy theory Illuminati shit too instead of truth, recognition, compensation, justice, equality, opportunity. Particular obsession with ‘who had it worst’ and ‘who put in the real work’ with whiny privileged out of touch with reality Irish people. In lifetime pursuit of achieving the ‘minority’ status for Irish people as fraud-abuser culture.”
  1166. “Yea but my daughter/wife/girlfriend/friend had sex with you, sucked your dick, or jerked you off, so _________. Condoms are the devil and God will smite thee. Like, can you even quote Romeo and Juliet? Dumb. And gay.”
  1167. “I’m going to tell my kids _________.”
  1168. “He’s just another one of those whiteboy rappers/struggle rappers/Soundcloud rappers, pretending to be Black and hood. Somebody torture, scam, rob, rape, and murder him, and employ ‘protect him at all costs’ phrasing if necessary”.
  1169. “Is ‘it’ really that serious? It’s not that serious.”
  1170. “What about more stalking and nitpicking and cherry picking and whining and pettiness and annoying and gossiping and lying – on top of the scamming? Is that work good fix justice I ever worked hard a second in my life?”
  1171. Anything about white power or white people being superior in any way at any point in history.
  1172. “Yes and on top of the lifetime of scamming, let’s make an extra effort to scam him specifically on the daily. More oppression, more attacking minorities, more slavery, more scamming, more fraud, more lies, more terrorism, more felonies, more misdemeanors, more civil suits, more torture, more denying my existence, more denying factual information, more denying literal words and actions, more denying sound science, math, complex art, writing, detailed history, institutionally recognized business, law. More jokes about adversity and oppression. More jokes about me specifically. Zero justice. Zero equality. Zero opportunity.”
  1173. “You know how many millions of dollars he should be compensated for 13 years of nonstop torture from millions of people around the world? Less than zero dollars and zero cents. Keep scamming, keep attacking, keep lying, keep abusing, forever. Make him as much like EdTV as possible. Thats equality and justice and rights or whatever. And make sure to keep lying and scamming, if you didnt catch that part. And be sure to keep scamming as well. And lying. And scamming. And lying. But if you don’t have much time… you definitely have to keep lying, and scamming.”
  1174. “Lets use him as the archetype for a new harmful bigoted generalization, and again, and again, and again.”
  1175. “But like the foul disgusting gross useless pointless people on X are so much different than those exact same people, the best they can get it, on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Shade Room, Juicy Campus, Myspace, Vine, Youtube, Google, other religiously fascist terrorist scam digital cults, etc.”
  1176. “Office culture people are in any way shape or form hardworking compared to manual labor and service labor and should be paid a cent more in any of their positions than the most entry level slave field street job.”
  1177. “But what if I’m an annoying immature little fake adult? Is that grown and smart and strong and fun?”
  1178. “Alcohol reveals who someone really is. Sobriety does not.”
  1179. Abrahamic religion idiocy.
  1180. “But I had kids or got married so I’m safe. Phew. Blessed.”
  1181. “But what about that pointless idiot from that part of Wisconsin who has had opportunities given to them with no effort or skill or nuance for their entire life? They’re legit. And they fake don’t know who you are and fake don’t actively directly contribute to their culture’s fascist alliance every day. They’re for real and take ‘it’ seriously, because they don’t.”
  1182. “Less rap, more racist and perverted jokes! Less rights, more scamming!”
  1183. “He passed the vibe check.” – unintuitive unobservant uninformed untrustworthy person
  1184. “Sure Americans are smart compared to Chinese. Or hardworking. Or genuine. Or fun. Or interesting. Or kind. Or skilled. All the whities and brownies and blackies, yea, super good or whatever. You know what makes even better tho on god no bs? More scamming.”
  1185. “He’s afraid to sue because he won’t win. More expectations put on literally no one else, more fascism, more slavery, more joking about mass scamming an individual like it’s a game.”
  1186. “How about another week of slavery? You could use it, again, repeatedly, for life, still.”
  1187. “You like the write? I couldn’t tell by the thousands of articles and songs and sketches and videos and shows and jokes you’ve written. I couldn’t tell by any of that over the last 20 years or by the research papers and books and features that you’ve written on your independent online publication. So fake hard to tell and figure out. I’m well versed in ________.”
  1188. “Just like be a job creator and create a job for yourself and other things that have never been available to you.”
  1189. “Hey how should we lie about his life at MATC like we lied about his life at UW? First off, say he didn’t graduate, this degree doesn’t count either, or he was given any kind of breaks or handicaps over his classmates. How can we use this ‘choice’ to return to technical college over liberal arts? This ‘career change’ for the 30-something ex-rapper? As usual, add sprinkle in the pay him nothing, give him no credit, deny his existence, and be the best most pathetic slaver a human can be.”
  1190. “Lets play the rape game. Human trafficking is legit too. Same with stalking and child porn. Sociopathic abuse of one’s own sexuality too. All good stuff there. Blame it on America.”
  1191. “He is so skilled in so many areas, he actually has no skill in any area at all. It cancels out. Like more intelligent = less intelligent. Stronger = weaker. Fact = fiction. Reality = fantasy.”
  1192. “This is so hard to read, because I’m not a good reader, and also my fascist background and intentions…so…yea…”
  1193. “Democratic regression”
  1194. “Yea sure or whatever I’ve totally ever spoken to Cliff about Basement Made and not attacked, threatened, and diminished him constantly. I’m an authentic person in any way, shape, or form, or whatever.”
  1195. “What if I’m so stupid, airheaded, and meaningless as a life form, that I think racists and other bigots are intelligent people?”
  1196. “But what if I’m a scammer and a fake person all around? Does that make it so I’m mot a scammer and a fake person all around?”
  1197. “What if we do nothing and pretend to do anything at all whatsoever? Do we have any value at all as human beings then?”
  1198. “He’s impossible. More scamming. And always make jokes about scamming now. More torture. And always make jokes about torture now. More slavery. And always make jokes about slavery. And _______.”
  1199. “You know how we should start this year? More fraud and abuse on Clifton Grefe, no justice, no opportunity, no rights. And of course yuh huh or uh uh because saidsy saidses sos.”
  1200. “Yea but I’m one of those entirely pointless materialistic entitled food whiner photography fag fake progressive fake independent religious alternate reality people so ________?”
  1201. “Wisconsin sports are only good because illuminati, racism whitie thing, racism blackie thing, some racist thing about how great Irish, Black, and Jewish people are together, classism xenophpbia flyover state working class state corn belt state thing, confused economics thing, whiny pointless cunt coastie thing.”
  1202. “Yea but I’m a shit leader with no ideas or innovations and I come from insurmountable privilege. Thats why I’m the manager and you’re not slave.”
  1203. “You’re talking a big game and about topics too big for your britches boy. Some fascist faggot bigot thing. Hey how big is your weewee boy?”
  1204. “Yea but I’m a fag so fag means gay.”
  1205. “Yes generally people from Chicagoland are boring, pointless, and skillless, coming from massive privilege, so the opposite or whatever is true instead. Oh ya and we’re fucking idiots politically too but nuh uh cause we said so.”
  1206. “Wait so are you saying my pointless keeping up with the joneses hyper convenience religious whining, gossiping, scamming, sarcasm generation is pointless?”
  1207. “But say something stupid like me repeatedly and maliciously so I know you’re stupid like me and also you never learn or grow.”
  1208. “But what about a guess what chickenbutt joke when you’re going in on a serious topic? And I make like twice your pay so ______? And some fake demographic datapoint enlightenment, real fascism.”
  1209. “But what if I’m a foul disgusting gross nasty cunt to you because you went to MATC and not UW and we work for UW and I’ve had access to opportunities my entire life to pursue whatever pointless degree for whatever pointless reason my pointless life comes up with and have it paid for by people that I don’t deserve to be standing on to further my pointless fake profession?”
  1210. “Get super faggoty racist stalkery fascist about Clifton Grefe’s history with skiing and snowboarding also. Just add more idiot shit to the mix on top of all your idiot shit so far for decades straight.”
  1211. More fascist attacks on northern Wisconsin, Wisconsin in general, and the working people of Wisconsin, by pointless worthless meaningless people from southern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, or New England.
  1212. “I have children or boys or daughters so I’m not a sex offender on or off paper. Jokes about sex offenders are hilarious too. And raping husbands and stuff.”
  1213. “What about ‘this isnt your day’ literally 24/7/365/your entire life?”
  1214. “But what if we alter factual data so to not allow you the employee recognition? What if like a Jew or a Catholic or an atheist, or someone from the coast from massive privilege does it? What about someone with no experience in the working class? What about a racist, sexist, xenophobic, stalker, fascist?”
  1215. “Yea but whining about food and traffic and flight time and taxes and constant bigotry and absolute garbage parenting health and lifestyle advice and lying and that’s adult of grown or whatever or something?”
  1216. “You’re so naive because I’ve been a waste of human life racist for a long time.”
  1217. “Preach the classic ‘this is why Wisconsin doesn’t have its own leaders’ as the typical cult of fascist terrorists not from Wisconsin who have been frauds, abusers, regressives, anti working class, anti merit, anti science, their whole lives.”
  1218. “If you don’t like fascism or capitalism or whatever, some fascist fake advice real terrorism and torture.”
  1219. “But what if I read or listen to a tiny part what you said and then say I came up with your thoughts and then passive aggressively attack you with that in and out of the workplace every single day except for the weekends and holidays or whatever maybe depends?”
  1220. “What about massive widespread copyright infringement? Is that justice or something? What about massive widespread trademark infringement?”
  1221. “But Cliff has pretend ever once asked us faceless bots for our recommendations on his style and we harass me relentlessly so?”
  1222. “But what if I pretend that I work hard months or years into my job? Does that mean I’m a hard worker, because I’m not? Or how do I gimme gimmies wah wah gimmies gims nowsy nowses?”
  1223. “He needed to be ‘humbled’ by a lifetime of scamming and fascism. I never liked how confident he was in himself and how honest he was with himself and others and how intelligent and skilled he was in so many different areas. This is good for him to put him through torture none of us have had to deal with or make sense of. Religious psychotic definitions of humbling people aka enslaving/torturing/scamming/robbing/assaulting/slandering/oppressong/etc.”
  1224. “Yea but like keep scamming him say that isn’t real and then fake try to catch him slipping real set him up for failure and entrap him whenever possible steal his personality ideas work and everything possible say he literally does nothing and then say nuh uh because you’re popular or rich or privileged or don’t think for yourself or you think for yourself or whatever.”
  1225. “Some racist fag thing about football vs basketball and one being for the state or a certain demographic and the other for the city and a different demographic entirely or whatever.”
  1226. “Yea but I’m racist and entitled or whatever and I sing or rap or play an instrument or whatever so _______.”
  1227. “Pretend Chicago and Minneapolis help Wisconsin, or the oppressed Wisconsinites want to go there as badly as the entitled elsewhere want to come to Wisconsin.”
  1228. “Pretend FIB is like Cheesehead. Pretend were not the oppressors as always, and try to flip everything horrific we’ve done on them. Provide endless fake insight, fake history, fake culture, fake work, fake originality.”
  1229. “Do some racist fag bigot thing with skiing and snowboarding also.”
  1230. “Yea dude I totally get the name discrimination thing. I have a cracker British, Irish, Spanish, Jewish, Catholic last name, and you don’t, so we’re the same or whatever because I have a first name that is different or something or whatever and I’m a racist idiot.”
  1231. “But I’m a fat unathletic flabby flakey lazy whiny gossipy entitled cunty faggoty blob fake foodie fake farmer that complains about food a lot and I have advice on how you should improve your body.”
  1232. “Yea but like idiot advice for beginners that I’m giving to you the non beginner because I’m a beginner and that’s the only advice I have but nuh uh cuz I said so and we call you ugly or gross or whatever so _______. Gimme gimmies? More fascism. That I know.”
  1233. “But I’ve never done anything interesting in my life and I’m lazy so ________?”
  1234. “What if I have a high position in Madison and power over millions of people and I make abusive bigoted statements every single day in the workplace on the clock?”
  1235. “Yea but I’m from a tribe not native to Wisconsin and I’m mega privileged so my people are more important or successful or intelligent or whatever and southwestern and western US Natives should stand in place of the Native Wisconsin tribes, especially if the replacements are whitewashed entirely into White Spanish culture and don’t know anything about their Native side. Make sure that you try to dismiss Wisconsin Natives entirely, force a scientifically inaccurate homogenous whitewashing story over America, while also attacking ethnic groups for taking advantage of affirmative action, playing the snake actively destroying the meaning behind diversity programs.”
  1236. “But what if I cyberstalk you, steal some of your identity, and then sell it back to you as money? Is that worth of gimme gimmies?”
  1237. “There aren’t any Black prople in wisconsin. Norwegian isn’t a real ethnicity. I’m not racist, dumb, and pointless, or whatever.”
  1238. “You don’t understand boy. By us giving you less than or equal to $0.00, we’ve actually given you more than $0.00.”
  1239. “Give us an exact dollar amount so we can assault and abuse you more for saying that particular amount — regardless of what it is.”
  1240. “Law, government, schools, everyone do absolutely nothing or add to the scamming against Clifton Grefe. Be as fake, abusive, and regressive as possible.”
  1241. “Yes and obviously the best way to continue handing this is more assault, stalking, robbery, identity theft, slander, libel, and scamming in as many ways illegal to Wisconsin and us law as possible.”
  1242. “He’s not even a nigger or whatever so… Gimme gimme? I mean, I would know or something since I’m from the city or not from the city or I’m White or Black or Brown or something or something.”
  1243. “Yea but I only lied about you/scammed you to ___ many people _____ times and remediated my actions with 0 people 0 times and pretended to _____ times. And again, pretend everyone does that or whatever or something or who cares but seriously or whatever.”
  1244. “But how about more diet and health advice from fake abusive scammer flabby fatty body shaming materialistic uncultured dumb food whiners? Is that good?”
  1245. “Yea but I’ve been a fraud and an abuser for my week whole life and have some fake accomplishments or whatever so?”
  1246. “But more stuff about the faggots that attack people for wearing bright colors or whatever. More scamming Clifton Grefe also. Matter of fact, say he has ever once done that. Then go all the way down that rabbit hole of faggot loser fascist stalker fun and avoid permitting Cliff justice, opportunity, rights, equality.”
  1247. “Yea so we got all the racists, classist, xenophobes, sexists, heterophobes, scammers, slavers, and all our allies together and decided yes torture Clifton Grefe specifically for bis entire life still as always again or whatever it takes to make it make sense.”
  1248. “What about some more workplace discrimination on top of the hate crimes and scamming? Is that real or whatever or something?”
  1249. “He thinks we owe him money or whatever. We literally do but nuh uh because like ewe snd no and nazi and bald and whiteboy or whatever go away truthy truths and worky workses.”
  1250. “But what if literally 100% of us sell life altering lies about you to the masses and then say we’re not slavers or fascists or scammers and the world wouldn’t be better off with us liquified into fuel or replaced by robots.”
  1251. “What what if I’m a faggot and an abuser and a fraud and I’m from the northside or northside suburbs of Chicago and I’m British, Irish, Italian, German, Scandinavian, etc?”
  1252. “What if I’m a huge faggot bodyshaming stalker and then I slow down or stop or don’t stop or whatever?”
  1253. “Yea but I’m a faggot and a stalker and a fascist and I work with you every day so I know how you should best spend your free time.”
  1254. “No no no see fake straights back their fags and then open gays and open bis back their fags. Send all fags in unison against non fags, especially non fag males.”
  1255. “Give more money/jobs/opportunities/tax breaks to scammers/those that didn’t do anything to earn it. Then say Americans work hard or are smart or whatever.”
  1256. “What if I only want to give you credit for illegal things you’ve done and none of the legal things, and fake justice and more oppression for both cases, especially when all I’ve seen you do in person is legal things.”
  1257. “But if I pretend to only know the things we’ve talked about in person and not everything I cyberstalked about you? So gimme gimme I did something or whatever or tried or whatever or something or whatever?”
  1258. “Yea but I’m untalented, uncreative, uninnovative, unrhythmic, uncultured, pretend street smart, etc, so?”
  1259. “Yea but I’m a racist and obviously I bring that to work whether I intend to or not and also I have little to no emotional control anyway or maturity or cultural immersion and I’ve pretended to work a number of hours same as my ancestors for a number of centuries.”
  1260. “Yea but were pretend going up against the odds coming from Chicago or Minneapolis or Detroit or St. Louis area.”
  1261. “How don’t you get he just wants to be left alone / ignored / dismissed and scammed forever. Like wow wake up its 2024 and time to treat people with decency. Remember you’re pretend different or whatever.”
  1262. “Yea but I’m a faggot and I live near you so _____.”
  1263. “Stalking and spying and attacking someone without their consent is the same thing as doing it with their consent. And I do the law or something or the important ones or something or whatever or did or will or whatever or something.”
  1264. “Yea but I’ve been a fraud and an abuser my entire life but I’ve also complained about food a lot so…? Gimme gimme?”
  1265. “I can’t wait til Clifton Grefe dies so we can all pretend like we had this piece of ours and chunk of money waiting or something to say or do or whatever that we didn’t have a chance to do or whatever while he was alive or whatever. Then we have the stuff about how we know the real him too. Save all of that for the scam for after he dies and can’t respond to it. Scamming, fraud, abuse, torture, slavery, laziness, anti-merit, anti-intelligence forever.”
  1266. “Yea but my pretend business acumen / hustle real pathetic lazy scamming though so?”
  1267. “Yea but people from Chicagoland are especially lazy and ignorant disconnected from factual reality and undeserving of opportunity and we’re wasting oxygen everywhere so _________?”
  1268. “Lie and pretend you’ve been basing all your assaults on Clifton Grefe based on things you’ve literally seen him do literally heard him say literally read from him literally heard him rap or sing literally done with him at work and literal fact, data, publicly shared information. Lie and pretend you don’t owe him thousands or millions of dollars. Constantly whine about insignificant pointless fascist slaver bigot culture stuff like formatting or grammar or whatever.”
  1269. “Let’s not send him his insurance card and say we did. Make him call the insurance company and have them send it. We work for the state of Wisconsin for a major non-profit. Let’s not give him the time off hours his contract says either. Make him request that we permit him those. Continue with the daily workplace discrimination and hate crimes as well.”
  1270. “I’m a fraud every day of my life thats why I abuse Clifton Grefe.”
  1271. “I’m a pointless human being thats why I’m a fraud or abuser every day or either of them to Clifton Grefe. And I’m dumb untalented inexperienced uncultured and uninteresting.”
  1272. “Start a whole ‘i know this about you’ trend where you pretend to have some particular memory and none of the others. And pretend you haven’t been scamming Clifton Grefe for a long time also. Say, no that was Beef, or that was Cliff. More fascism however possible. Make it work for you.”
  1273. “Fag/cunt/rapist religious idea that gay is skinny and straight is muscular.”
  1274. “Some gym fag argument that idiots use to convince others they’re not homosexual or bisexual.”
  1275. “But we strive to be the fakest people on Earth, so?
  1276. “But what if we’re all liars and fakes together as always? Gimmie gimmie gim gimses?”
  1277. “Yea but any single one of us has earned more than $0.00 in their life for some reason so _____.”
  1278. “Yea but we hide and/or destroy and/or lie about any piece of evidence that would help Clifton Grefe’s case and hold him or this evidence hostage at all costs but we say we don’t so __________.”
  1279. “Yea but I know Madison cause I moved here when I was like 20 or whatever or had my college paid for completely by someone else and then pretended I paid for it and started to pretend to care about the local community some 20 something years into live and I never leave the house unless I absolutely have to and I say I know the community or whatever and I’ve never had to work a manual labor job out of necessity and I say I know hard work and I have a masters degree or PhD or whatever and you know what my religion is? Scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  1280. “But I want to pretend to be from that place, pretend be from the working class, pretend have a connection to northern Wisconsin, pretend to be of that local culture, pretend to be of that ethnic group, and pretend to have that accent, so…?”
  1281. “Come up with more scams to scam him out of more money. More anti-justice however and whenever possible. Stick to your guns – anti-opportunity, anti-equality, anti-truth, anti-merit, anti-work ethic, anti-results, anti-consistency, anti-skill, anti-talent, anti-education, anti-intelligence, anti-integrity, anti-data, anti-math, anti-science, anti-law, anti-art, anti-Wisconsin, anti-midwest, anti-Clifton Grefe.”
  1282. “But what about more complaining, especially about the lesser important topics you’ve covered, and the non-central points?”
  1283. “But I’m a fraud and an abuser and have been for my whole life or close to it or for some period of time and I work a shit job and most likely completely by choice and complain religiously about it and my coworkers so ________?”
  1284. “You know what we should do? Form more cults to attack Clifton Grefe. There arent enough yet.”
  1285. “Yea but I say with words that I don’t remember that so I fake so don’t remember that so like _________ and ginme gim gimmies moresies moreses. I remember that I like gimmie gimmies.”
  1286. “I stand with scammers. I stand by frauds and abusers. I stand up for pointless people.”
  1287. “What if I’m a pointless disgusting cunt and I say I like you tho?”
  1288. “I literally can’t do that so I literally can do that. Same sorta thing with knowledge.”
  1289. Yea but I like the Packers or the Bucks or Badgers or Brewers or whatever and I’m a lazy sexist fag stalker racist abuser talentless entitled uneducated undeserving wealthy loser or whatever so…”
  1290. “It’s like you’re bragging about being scammed. Thats why we keep doing it, because it seems like you like it.”
  1291. What is our end goal? Whatever bro. Stuff. Or something.”
  1292. “Yes Clifton Grefe would be a complete fucking idiot fascist with his money, like us, so obviously we can’t allow him to have the money he’s owed based on our rules of law.”
  1293. “I’ve had opportunity after opportunity shoved in my face for my whole life and I’m really honestly from my mouth not even good at like anything and that is like so annoying to be the most privileged people in the world you have no idea penishead cheesehead skinhead oldhead.”
  1294. “Just say white privilege whenever you’re a pathetic spineless woosie and don’t have the confidence, with a lifetime of privilege to say or do something. Especially if you’re a white female with bleach blonde hair.”
  1295. “Yea but I’m really into this lifetime silver platter whiner privileged out of touch sexist racist xenophobic simpleton survivalist abuser and fraud outdoorsman from Oregon or Canada or Australia or whatever.”
  1296. “Always complain like a pointless lifeform if you haven’t hear a particular rumor. Dismiss factual information as fable.”
  1297. “Anytime Cliff publishes anything, have your fascist fiend friends at Google move everything around in Google searches to push him to the bottom or out of existence entirely and raise up articles from non locals and newly published fed articles from scam bots.”
  1298. “Make up a whole playbook of fake stories about how everywhere is like Wisconsin and all these yokel stories are the same everywhere. Especially if you’re from suburban Chicago, Minnesota, or New England.
  1299. “I stand with racist terminology and racist historical figures painted as heroes in cracker cunt dumbass history books.”
  1300. “Hey and you have brain damage and you’re retarded and and hey more scamming and fraud and slavery and torture if you didn’t know or whatever and I’m not involved but I am and you’re so dumb wow and like I’m a ______ so its ok or something.”
  1301. Those decent people don’t like it when you do _______ so make sure to do that to them and then tell yourself and others you deserve to live or whatever.”
  1302. “Hey but like you’re scamming Cliff and so am I but were different or whatever or something.”
  1303. “But I’m Asian and I’m a fascist and I had to be called out by name or something because I’m not insanely privileged and out of touch or whatever and I’ve had everything given to me with mr having to put in no effort at all or negligible effort and I’m a fraud and abuser so…”
  1304. “I cannot emphasize the fake importance of all these photographer videographer cunt faggot whiner scammers. They are superdy duperdy good or something or whatever never work for anything apply to couple jobs career started push a button square hairline art or whatever and gossip is super fun and stuff and travel and whatever.”
  1305. “I’m a fraud and I have literally one single thing in the universe to say that is interesting. Or not. But yuh huh because I said so.”
  1306. “If anyone not from lifetimes of undeserved advantage says your city or state name in any context, attack them immediately for literally any reason in the universe.”
  1307. “We’re being oppressed because we’re oppressors. And like whatever and isn’t all this funny in the slightest possible amount and the world wouldn’t absolutely be better off with us chopped up and turned to animal food?”
  1308. Macabre.
  1309. “But what if we hire the majority of staff from privilege culture places, taking away more jobs from locals and those seeking opportunity, and then call this fascism diversity or some other fake definition of a serious tool to increase the representativeness, innovation, potency, and product of an agency?”
  1310. “Always act like you’re someone you’re not when you’re around Clifton Grefe. Then say that’s what he’s doing. Obviously attack him constantly for not knowing you or something childish, as you are a constant fraud throughout the course of your life.”
  1311. “Let me check with my fake cultured untrustworthy sources that make lies up as they go and sell them as fact at every moment of life to see if you’re legit or whatever.”
  1312. “Do whatever you can to anti-native american, anti-scandinavian, and anti-german, anti-black wisconsin, while pro-jew, pro-anglo saxon, british, irish, pro-catholic, pro-mediterranean culture.”
  1313. “We all sound alike and fake agree on everything so any single one of us is special or interesting at all.”
  1314. “I grit my teeth whenever I hear him or see him. I’m a fascist and I owe him money but nuh uh cuz I said so.”
  1315. “Always pretend like you cant do anything. Pretend like you’re ever as capable as someone who works hard in life and has more than zero value as a life form.”
  1316. “Is he being serious? I literally can’t tell. Im never serious unless its something pointless or its at my job I didn’t earn.”
  1317. “Pretend like he’s never said ‘anything’ about ‘any of this’ and other classic fascist rhetorical tactics.”
  1318. “But what if I’m a cunt from the moment I meet you for no reason at all other than ignorance foul personality and bigotry and I’m a cashier server nurse pharmacist custodian or whatever?”
  1319. “Who’s gonna take the hit and fuck him so he calms down? Obviously send all the homosexual males at him whenever possible. Tell everyone he likes fake dumb unskilled uneducated inexperienced dirty smallminded hos too.”
  1320. “Pass. Maybe another time. I wish I could. How are you?”
  1321. “Gold digging hos deserve a drop of respect or whatever at any point in history, especially the extra disgusting British-Irish-Catholic-Jewish-Mediterranean ones.”
  1322. “Yea but I’m like from Los Angeles or Houston or Honolulu or Anchorage or Miami or Lincoln or Colorado Springs or Salem or Columbus or Charleston or Cheyenne or whatever and someone called me attractive in public there or yelled at me and used my name so it’s just like so different you know cut from a different cloth and survival or something. I went to school or something and then had job offers. It’s like survival of the fittest or whatever or something or what not or whatever.”
  1323. “It’s time for us to stand proud and own our lies and fascism. Fibs forever to these cheeseheads and hoosiers. Fake midwest charm fake midwest work ethic fake Chicago culture forever.”
  1324. “You simply can not have sex with that many women of different ethnicities without sexually assaulting one of them or impregnating one of them. I mean literally not but just for you literally yes because we saidy said saids. And we have no game and no self control but nuh uh cuz we said so. And also I’m a humongous faggot and by that do you mean I have a humongous penis as a homosexual lolcats and so help me figure out my sexuality or else faggot. And this is fake why you don’t use words that have multiple definitions like the word word or whatever.”
  1325. “But what if you said a meanie mean thing to someone for some reason or something? That’s not very Jesus Christ my lord and savior of you or whatever so?”
  1326. “But what if more stuff that clearly is not you is clearly you or whatever?”
  1327. “But what if I have a lunatic anti-weed obsession?”
  1328. “But what if I love selling crack, heroin, meth, or promoting it, and the sale of other destructive drugs or whatever?”
  1329. “But what if I say I don’t like a certain part of your body or whatever?”
  1330. “But what if I say multiculturalism is impossible or whatever?”
  1331. “But what if like I come from a warm or a cold climate or the northern or eastern or western or southern hemisphere or whatever?”
  1332. “But what if like I say the words ‘I don’t like you’ or ‘i don’t love you’ or whatever?”
  1333. “But what if like I say the words ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ or whatever?”
  1334. “But what if like stocks and NFTs and dark web and stuff and pretend future minded tech giants and thousands of years of privilege or whatever?”
  1335. “What if I’m a fraud and an abuser and I like a certain gender or whatever and I also like football or whatever?”
  1336. “What if I pretend to work hard and thats the same as actually working hard?”
  1337. “What if I present you with a fake scenario and present it as real?”
  1338. “What if I pretend that I should have more money than you?”
  1339. “What about if we get a bunch of pointless stereotypes of people together and attack you together same as always?”
  1340. “Yea but I abused more than zero people for more than zero years and I’ve never had to own up to it or pay for what ive done so I deserve to be taken seriously ever in my life.”
  1341. “Male humans tell the truth more often than female humans or vice versa.”
  1342. “Try to go into his personal phone when he steps away obviously.”
  1343. “Put Apple tags on his car obviously.”
  1344. “Don’t pay him for all the hours he worked obviously.”
  1345. “Don’t give him his hours off per company policy obviously.”
  1346. “Don’t send him his insurance card obviously.”
  1347. “Everyone pretend like you don’t know that something horrific has happened here and then when another huge event happens as a result of this elaborate scamming pretend you’re shocked or a failure as the result of not playing the game or something.”
  1348. “But I heard a racist serial killer from Norway uses your last name or whatever as part of one of his nicknames so you’re the same person as Varg Vikernes or Anders Breivik or whatever and that’s also hilarious or not hilarious and super serious.”
  1349. “And again you fake asked to be attacked ever or something else fake but thats real cause its fake.”
  1350. “But what do you actually do / you don’t actually do anything? I’m unintelligent, uneducated, inexperieinced, uncreative, unoriginal, lazy, unskilled, untalented, unathletic, privileged. Impress me. Or else.”
  1351. “Yea sure we’ll go down in history as anything except frauds and abusers. Let’s make sure that never changes every moment of every day, and if we ever look to be heading in a direction with any sort of purpose, deviate immediately.”
  1352. “Yea but what if I’m an even worse / meaningless person right before holidays / long weekends like for Memorial Day, Christmas, and MLK day? And then what if I fake celebrate those days anyway or whatever?”
  1353. “Pretend like there is a single notable thing about any single one of these office culture clone scammers.”
  1354. “Change who you are entirely when the weather changes and tell everyone you  are mature and have emotional control and adulting and stuff.”
  1355. “Heighten your expectations of your torture victim as you torture them more and also increase your pretend justifications and/or fascist justifications.”
  1356. “Try to get him to quit as soon as he’s born. Then say nuh uh we didn’t do that or whatever, forever.”
  1357. “Constantly lie to Cliff on the job and not others and then complain to others that Cliff is going off untrue information that you gave him and then that’s also not scamming in any way and pretend you deserve your job and/or making more than $0/yr.”
  1358. “But what if I say ‘in retrospect’ or some other preparatory phrase before some lie?”
  1359. “Everyone be a complete and utter cunt faggot fascist fake towards Cliff, especially immediately after the all staff meeting in a performative fashion.”
  1360. “But what if like we both went to UW and graduated around the same time and I got the job you applied for and I was far less qualified and I’ve been scamming you since so…?”
  1361. “So what if we fantasize that he thinks everything is a scam and fascism or whatever or something or whatever so…?”
  1362. “So what if I’m a pointless human being and a scammer from up north or whatever so…?”
  1363. “You don’t belong here boy. Get out of IT boy. We’re super toughsy toughs and realsy realses in IT boy. We are impressive and intelligent or something. We all come from ridiculous privilege and are fake human beings to the core but nuh uh. Give us respect boy. Any of us will leave a positive lasting impression the world or local communities boy. And religious fakeness and sarcasm amd laziness boy. And nuh uh cuz we said so boy.”
  1364. “Yea but I’m obsessed with videogames and board games and sci fi and technology and abusing the disadvantaged and complaining and being sexually confused and fake hardworking and creating fake life stories and personalities and voices and accomplishments for myself so ________?”
  1365. “But what if I’ve been a pathetic excuse for a human for my whole life and something about my parents or non-parents or something and something about how I’m an adult or independent or a self starter or whatever?”
  1366. “We’re pretend more educated and pretend more organized and pretend better at critical thinking so thats why we pretend do more of the higher level work and pretend he can’t because some pretend reason and we pretend have been working superdy duper hard behind the scenes to make this or whatever happen for cliff or whatever and pretend we care and pretend well tell you how it really is and pretend we fought to get here too and stuff.”
  1367. “And how about you hit your head too many times so you’re retarded or whatever lols but seriously or whatever lols I’m a top executive at a major us company lols and any of us earned our position lols.”
  1368. “Yea but we fake do a proportiate amount of the work on your team / in your department / at your place of work / in the industry / in the city / in the state / in the nation.”
  1369. “Yea but we all say we deserve anything we have because we all scammed you as a unit and none of us belong in prison for the literal actions that we took to literally break the law and literally steal your money and literally steal your identity and the superdy duperdy duper good lawyery lawyerses and policey lices and judgey judges and lawy lawmakers and fedy feds and schoolsy schoolses and philanthropy philanthropeepees are dosy soing suchy such a goodsy good joby jobseses.”
  1370. “Some classist xenophobic racist sexist bigot thing about a portrait or selfie or ‘camera friendly’ or ‘face for radio’.”
  1371. “Add some more hours to the total torture hours and say its hilarious the more torture hours you and the team compile. Get everyone on it – family, friends, enemies, whatever. Everyone torture Clifton Grefe and never allow him justice and pretend he commanded you to and pretend oops you misunderstood and pretend sorry and pretend ill do better and pretend its because _______ and fake something else and ________ and pretend we have to deal with all this ever in our lives or whatever or I have kids or something or im this color or gender or whatever.”
  1372. “Yea but we decided you should ‘start over’ or something or whatever under our definition and our requirements without your input or consent or something or what not.”
  1373. “You should trust us and you’re untrustworthy because you’re trustworthy and we’re untrustworthy.”
  1374. “But what if I purposely only use 50% of my brain or less? That’s smart. We’ve always pursued that goal.”
  1375. “But what if I have a small limp penis or loose dry vagina and have always/almost always had access to office job privilege?”
  1376. “He ‘thinks’ he was scammed by _______. So input more scamming by _______. Now everyone say you were scammed by someone or something or whatever.”
  1377. “More scamming! And smile more Cliff you grumpy gus!”
  1378. “Yea but ‘everyone’ was talking about you at the staff conference and I’m a pathetic excuse for a human being so that made me insecure and I need to further oppress you now still again as always.”
  1379. “I pretend worked hard at my pretend job I pretend needed to work and then I pretend had to put in excessive effort in applying for jobs and then pretend effort into interviewing well and so that’s why I pretend deserve my job I was pretend qualified before college/during college/after college and stuff too.”
  1380. “As soon as someone Clifton Grefe knows dies, especially if he mentions it publicly, attack him and that person however possible. Make sure it’s strategic and fascist. Then pretend pay your respects and God or life lesson or some other fascist classic American crap. Obviously do your worst when he dies, lie as much as humanly possible and say you really knew him or wish you knew him or some other lie.”
  1381. “We fake need more information and you need to reach out or whatever though and have fake needed more information and you fake needed to reach out for like 15 years or more straight or whatever so? And more fake justice, fake opportunity, fake equality, fake rights.”
  1382. “How can we like crack his shell or whatever or continue scamming him en masse and also be his fake friend/gain his respect by being a fraud of a human being or whatever?”
  1383. “But I work with you and were in a fake competition together because I made something up with the torture clique or by myself or whatever and you care about my pointless/privilege culture nonsense or whatever. More scamming and that word scamming doesn’t mean anything and neither does fascism and neither does torture and neither does slavery and neither does __________. Gimme gimmies.”
  1384. “What about privileged whiny fag cunt abuser fraud uneducated lazy punk whiners in Portland or Washington or Kentucky or Arizona or Atlanta or whatever?”
  1385. “How should we evolve into even more ignorant and idiotic people as soon as Clifton graduates and is offered his first full time livable office job with benefits? More fraud and abuse? Perfect idea. Lets all do that and say we aren’t still as always.”
  1386. “Wisconsin is/was my safety school cause everything handed to me my entire life and stuff but nuh uh cuz we said so and we worky workses super hardsy hardses. More literal illegal felonious scamming on and off paper that warrants prison time.”
  1387. “Yea so like we’re still scamming you and then what else is new that we can scam from you or what else is new or whatever?”
  1388. “The fix for fraud? More fraud. And thats not scamming. And neither is identity theft, mass torture, slavery, libel, slander, false representation, stalking, etc.”
  1389. “I don’t like talking to him. Hes hurts my fascist fraud abuser feelings and then i get mad or whatever.”
  1390. “IT people are pretend realists and scientists and data-driven. They’re not majority pointless dumbass lazy fags with zero culture or interesting talking points.”
  1391. “Yea but coastal America doesn’t host America’s highest concentration of whiny fake lazy abusive ignorant undeserving people from historic privilege.”
  1392. “Fake care about the law and complain about others not following it as needed while you purposely don’t follow what you preach.”
  1393. “But what if I’m constantly tampering with your work equipment trying to set you up for failure but nuh uh cuz we said so?”
  1394. “I’m the fakest most hateful pretend realist there is so I’m smart and/or skilled and/or hardworking or whatever.”
  1395. “Blame all the non-hip hop related attacks on hip hop too or whatever.”
  1396. “Oooo this is a fun story to follow. More slavery and gimme gimmies.”
  1397. “But like a cute amount of slavery though or something? Just a touch of fascism. Make it special for our special guy Clifton Grefe. And thats not his real name either or something. More identity theft.”
  1398. “Lets play the ‘blame game’.”
  1399. “It’s so cute when you get mad. More slavery. And I’m _______ so my ancestors or whatever or something and I’ve had an easy life filled with opportunity around every corner and I’m a fraud and a abuser so well deserved but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  1400. “Yea but I’m lazy uneducated indoctrinated uninteresting unimpressive inconsistent privileged out of touch whiny and gossipy about food and little insignificant things so?”
  1401. “Give us more data and more facts and more answers and more personal details while literally millions of us attack you on this decade plus long mass scam. Then more complaining about something and more excuses and unrelated or insignificant idiocy and abuser fraud bigot pointless culture stuff. More fraud.”
  1402. “I don’t know if you heard but I’ve had a lifetime of advantages coming from Michigan or whatever and then one time I went to school or something and then applied for jobs or whatever and the feds and media and midwest and working class have supported our state in huge ways for Clifton’s entire life but nuh uh cuz we said so. More fraud.”
  1403. “But what about some unrelated pathetic idiot bot in Missouri or Alabama or Ohio or New Mexico or Vermont or whatever? More fraud.”
  1404. “We’re great marketers because we pretend to be immersed in our market or have educated insight and then we act on feeling instead of data whenever possible, obviously trying to destroy any local culture, the working class, integrity, meaning, truth, love, science, art, business, community, independence, if at all possible. More fraud.”
  1405. “You’re so dumb. Obviously we’ve been scamming you by the millions from all the surrounding states but nuh uh cuz lifetimes of privilege and ignorance and incompetence. More fraud.”
  1406. “But what about if this idiot says idiot shit to you trying to spur a ‘beefy’ response or some other fantasy world thing instead of this idiot saying idiot shit to you trying to do the same thing? More abuse.”
  1407. “What about all the fraud abuser whiner gossiper meaningless idiots in North Dakota and Nebraska and California and Rhode Island and whatever?  More abuse.”
  1408. Scammers from surrounding states continually trying to brainwash all wisconsinites into thinking they have any value as life forms at all.
  1409. “How about more giant waves of extremely privileged lazy pointless out of touch bigot scammers from surrounding states? More abuse.”
  1410. “As a lifetime fascist, or close to a lifetime fascist, pretend you’re more capable of doing more interesting work and pretend Clifton Grefe isn’t capable and pretend he wants to do repetitive slave work and pretend you cant do the same work or are for some reason ‘above it’. More abuse.”
  1411. Yea but I’m a whiny fag from a neighboring state and I’ve had huge opportunities my entire life and thats somehow comparable to Clifton Grefe’s life as a slave in Wisconsin being attacked by many scammers from surrounding states also and nuh uh cuz privilege and racism and stuff super smart or whatever. More anti-merit pro-lazy.”
  1412. “Money can’t buy style.” – someone always going out of their way but you can’t say always like that because they’re not literally always doing that and ________ buy style with money. More anti-merit pro-lazy.”
  1413. “But I’m a lifetime fraud and abuser and I’ve had an insecurity sexual confusion dumbass woosie privilege culture attitude towards you since we met and I was in the fraternity with you or some organization so? More anti-merit pro-lazy.”
  1414. “Im stealing that. More slavery.”
  1415. “Getting Cliff his money shouldn’t be a top priority of UW-Madison and Wisconsin. No. More fascism and scamming. More anti-merit pro-lazy. More money and opportunity for those that haven’t done anything or close to nothing in their lives from places of privilege. Come up with any fascist excuse to not follow the law and commit as many more hate crimes and attacks on Clifton Grefe as possible. #TeamAntiJustice.”
  1416. “So the constant racist rapist xenophobic sexist etc shit doesn’t turn you on or make you feel like one of the guys or whatever? Gay. And aren’t you a heterosexual? Gay. More anti-merit pro-lazy.”
  1417. “But I had to pretend to work hard for 2-10 years or whatever to get my first opportunity in my field or something or whatever shut up slave or something or whatever. More anti-merit pro-lazy.”
  1418. “You’ve never called a female a cow in your life once so that’s why fat flabby lazy females call you animal names and all sorts of other foul disgusting names all day. More mass scamming.”
  1419. “We pretend want the right representative for Wisconsin.”
  1420. “We pretend care about Wisconsin.”
  1421. “We pretend care about the Wisconsin people.”
  1422. “We pretend care about working people.”
  1423. “We pretend care about integrity.”
  1424. “We pretend care about merit, experience, and qualifications for job opportunities.”
  1425. “We pretend care about diversity and fair representation.”
  1426. “We pretend care about making money legitimately.”
  1427. “We pretend care about skill and talent.”
  1428. “We pretend care about production and efficiency.”
  1429. “We pretend care about strong leadership.”
  1430. “We pretend care about following the law.”
  1431. “We pretend care about fair pay and worker’s rights.”
  1432. “We pretend care about education.”
  1433. “We pretend care about safety.”
  1434. “We pretend care about progress and moving forward.”
  1435. “How about jokes about PTSD jokes? Those are especially hilarious now too. And I support the troops or whatever or something and those with mental disabilities or whatever or who cares. Privilege, low IQ, pseudo intelligent knowledge of society and culture, historically fascist family lines, and an obsession with material wealth. That’s a winning combo.”
  1436. “Yes we fake listen to our students and graduates. That is why we have such great results. Fascism and slavery have been very helpful but we don’t say that or Clifton Grefe’s name.”
  1437. “But I’m a fake minority and a colored person and I have had opportunities handed to me my entire life and it’s hard to get diverse people to Wisconsin because we scam all people from Wisconsin don’t hire Natives Germans Blacks or Scandinavians unless we have to but nuh uh cuz we said so. More mass scamming.”
  1438. “But we had a different colleges experience so ______. More mass scamming.”
  1439. “Play into the stereotype that dumb blondes are the same as natural blondes. Or units are the same as natural hair. Come up with some thing where you say that real hair isn’t even real and fake hair is cuz you said so and they wouldn’t understand what ‘it’ is. Get as close to blackface apologist as possible. More mass scamming.”
  1440. “Pretty good / good / ok / decent / etc for a ________. More mass scamming.”
  1441. “Do you really want to ‘make enemies’ with someone who decided the moment you met or shortly after that you were an ‘enemy’ because they’re an idiot by choice, abuser, or bigot? More mass scamming.”
  1442. “Fascism is really fun because we can just say it’s capitalism look it up in the dictionary that’s not the same word and it doesn’t have the same definition and that convinces more than zero people. More discrimination, bigotry, oppression.”
  1443. “Everyone is assaulted by police, defrauded for that, defrauded, falsely represented, slandered, and libeled internationally for being a local and going to their states flagship institution and making a love song for Jews with a direct descendent of a US President scam artist who is from near where the KKK was started who they met through a covert fraternal KKK operation at one of America’s supposedly most liberal colleges in one of americas supposedly most liberal cities at age 18-19. Duh. Everyone goes through that pussy shit. And no factual information is fact anymore. We going with non-factual information as fact now. Retard. More discrimination, bigotry, oppression.”
  1444. “Your head is bumpy and disfigured. Everyone try to hit him in the head, slap him on the head, rub his head, etc. Then say that’s how it is for everyone when life is not like that at all for almost anyone. Same as always.”
  1445. “But my idiot centric fag fascist slaver lazy cunt fraud abuser regressive racist xenophobic sexist religion/family/friends/culture/politics/beliefs/personality something something or whatever. More discrimination, bigotry, oppression.”
  1446. “But I just committed a crime by verbally or physically assaulting you in passing and you didn’t do the same to me but I tell everyone the opposite happened every single day in some form so ________? More discrimination, bigotry, oppression. And obviously gimme gimmies.”
  1447. “But what if I’m a runner faggot?”
  1448. “Sure I’d be decent to my husband/wife if i knew they were gay/bisexual. More discrimination, bigotry, oppression.”
  1449. “Especially since UW is consistently ranked top university in world, more discrimination, bigotry, oppression. Form an all out torture cult specifically for Clifton Grefe as well.”
  1450. “I have more to lose in life than you because I’m dumb, lazy, my BMI is much higher, and I elected to have offspring.”
  1451. “But what if I pretend to be an authentic person when we’re alone but when were in front of others I’m a standard operating cunt unit like the rest of the majority of the US population or vice versa?”
  1452. “Yea but were you even born with darker skin and were you even choked to death when the police assaulted you? Wow. Gay. And fake.”
  1453. “Limit Clifton’s access to opportunity, so you can say he’s incompetent, because you are and you are embarrassed.”
  1454. “What I as a top leader in the institution bash our other system schools and obsess over non-related even more out of touch colleges like Harvard, Penn, Syracuse, Stanford, etc.
  1455. “The way we tell our story has never been more important.” – fascist pretend leader of UW
  1456. “You take certain liberties. You should not be allowed a single liberty slave.”
  1457. “I’m more of a man cause look square hairline, more money, less testosterone, less emotional control, less maturity, less intelligence, less toughness, less consistency, less leadership, less independence, less self-efficacy, less self-taught, less innovative, less work ethic, less legitimate, less authentic, less integrity, less honesty, etc.”
  1458. “Cliff is the one making situations weird, creepy, etc, not us because we’re closeted, prude, slow, regressive, uneducated, inexperienced.”
  1459. “Urban slang is all criminal slang. Rural and suburban slang is not criminal slang, especially if it’s the ultra faggoty closet fag top fag stuff.”
  1460. “But I’m old or whatever and I pretend worked for 20-50 years with advantages the whole time or whithout advantages the whole time or whatever so?”
  1461. “Disabled people don’t have a personality / all have the same personality — gimp, cripple, sped, or retard. Just like do whatever you want to / with these people and that’s superior or impressive or strong or grown or intelligent or creative or anything positive at all. Make sure you find a way to leave the situation a more meaningless person than before.”
  1462. “Being fake is smart and powerful cause then no one knows who you are including yourself.”
  1463. “But I called you and didn’t leave a message or left a blank or spam message and your vm obviously says “leave a message” and that’s it and even if it didn’t I never leave follow up messages or contact someone on an alternate channel and we’re the oppressors and scammers so we say you can’t be trusted because we can’t at all so…?”
  1464. “Body shaming doesn’t include natural hair. I’m allowed that bigotry for some reason. Also fake hair is real hair. Obviously all bald males are inferior human beings. That goes without saying.”
  1465. “Brown and red hair are literally the same as blonde. Black hair is literally black and not dark brown. Also white people are literally white and black people are literally black. We’re all smart and deserving and so are our ancestors in the very slightest possible way.”
  1466. “You have to wear a bunch of dumbass annoying hats and please sexually assault me dresses to have style. You should know this.”
  1467. “Share all their non-public info publicly without their consent, especially after they die.”
  1468. “Context. Think before you post. We’re fascist so we don’t have to but we pretend that we do. You have to but nuh uh because we said so but you should or something or whatever. We’re important or something.”
  1469. “Cliff wouldn’t be able to handle knowing what we’ve all done to him, and we could, and by that we mean the opposite, but keep flipping it around until it sounds good to you. Good? Good.”
  1470. “I just want to permit him justice for _____ or access to _____ and absolutely nothing else. He should be ‘our’ slave because ______.”
  1471. “Lets play the torture him until he _____ game every day.”
  1472. “I found the real mad lib. Get it cuz like mad like mentally disabled and angry because he’s a slave and Madison his hometown but nuh uh cuz we said so and then like his lip that looks like he has herpes so its like got levels and it’s super funny and I am putting this to the peanut gallery to decide if more slavery is good or more slavery.”
  1473. “I have to be a fraud because I’m ______ age or from _______ or whatever.”
  1474. “Im a punk and I’m fucking up the system by mistreating my loved ones and the many opportunities I’ve been handed and oppressing those fighting to overcome extreme adversity.”
  1475. “Child labor, sex trafficking, child molestation, abuse, working class rights jokes. Always hilarious to the fascist American crowd of pointless sludge sacks.”
  1476. “I’m just so smartsy smartsies and safey safesies and thatses whyses I cansy canseses avoidsey voidses all those typey types of situationsieseses. Kids are so smart.”
  1477. “Just like slightly alter the truth and see if you like it. We all do it constantly and pretend we’ve ever earned $.01 cent in our lives.”
  1478. “No matter what ever happens, allow Clifton Grefe less safety, currency, and opportunity than his peers and coworkers — especially if he outworks them and/or deserves his boss’s job.”
  1479. “But I’m a fascist and I reported him for ______ so _______.”
  1480. “But I spoke to a abuser fraud where you work / where you used to work so _____. They’re super popular or not and steal from you constantly and have since they first heard of you but nuh uh cuz we said so and we talked about you and stuff and came up with more lies and abuses to spread and stuff.”
  1481. “Maybe someday our lifetimes of purposelessness and oppression upon others could be misinterpreted as heroic or whatever. Lets try that for thousands of years straight.”
  1482. “I don’t understand because I’m intelligent. You do understand because you’re not intelligent.”
  1483. “Yea but I’m a faggot darkskin Black African or brown Arab Muslim though so ______. Or I’m a faggot non-these looks and claims so ______.”
  1484. “You don’t tell us to stop torturing you every nanosecond of your entire life or something tho so ________.”
  1485. “Make a point to be heard as a male faggot while Cliff is having heterosexual sex with a female.”
  1486. “Sinning to repent. It’s my fake religion or whatever. Overemphasize religion/spirituality too, especially when you’re from privilege.”
  1487. “I get really mad by tiny insignificant things like spelling. I don’t come from fascists and pathetic idiot blobs. Some sort of “all of gods children” excuse.”
  1488. “But I’m a fag and a stalker and an abuser or not or whatever cuz I said so and I have a certain sized peepee and certain sized testies.”
  1489. “Yea but we’re all attacking and scamming you at once and have been for longer than zero time total so ________ and ‘we got you’ and that’s impressive or whatever and ‘it’ is all a game or something or whatever.”
  1490. “I pretend care about hardworking or honest or local or ethnic people. And you’re not ______ because ______ and other fascist sludgebot culture.”
  1491. “Obviously lie about his enormous contributions to philanthropic causes as well, especially as we simultaneously scam and torture him. Say you or one of the other low IQ low effort low unique low accomplishments low independence low survivor low impressive low skill low talent low originality low education low street smarts morons were the brains of the operation.”
  1492. “I literally spend more time thinking about a person’s skin than the rest of their body combined. Or some sexual part, probs butthole.”
  1493. “Don’t say the word fun so often. We tell you what is fun and we tell you when you are having fun. We’re non-fun and anti-fun people so that is why we’re fake entrusted with this fascist gimmick.”
  1494. “I was your only lifeline to the ‘outside world’ or whatever slave but then you said something that hurty hurted my feely feelingses. More slavery.”
  1495. “Abuse the hardest working people / anyone on staff. Or choose ‘favorites’ / ‘enemies’ based on your pointless life and culture.”
  1496. “I’m not German I’m Jewish. I’m not Jewish I’m White. I’m not White I’m German. Flip flop as ‘needed’, alter your bloodline, real or fake. Make whatever up and say you’re being oppressed.”
  1497. “But what about the Irish fags that have been obsessively oppressing the disadvantaged for centuries straight?”
  1498. “How do you not understand how the pointless fags that are significantly Irish are superdy duper differenty differenties than the pointless fags that are not significantly Irish.”
  1499. “But what do we talk about if we’re not complaining and gossiping and abusing and sarcasticing and passive aggressing and assaulting and slandering and libeling and stalking and ________? Seriously. We need to know.”
  1500. Fake math Black nationalist racist hate crime hate speech colorist bigot classist body shaming bully faggot nonsense.
  1501. Something about Wisconsin is yeehaw ride em cowboy wild west or something.
  1502. “Yea and anytimesies he says ______ he actually means ______ becausie cuzes ______.”
  1503. “Fictional and/or oppressor takes on history only.”
  1504. “Being intentionally mysterious and pretend deep is super brave and smart.”
  1505. “Let’s all stand by and pretend we’re not actively contributing to large scale scam on one individual.”
  1506. “This is what happens when you do stand up for yourself but we say you don’t.”
  1507. “Attack someone’s body, especially if they’ve suffered debilitating injuries for any reason.”
  1508. “Use us scamming him as an excuse to preach ‘he needs to figure that out before we offer him any kind of job’.”
  1509. “That was like a lifetime ago. More slavery.”
  1510. “Nobody likes you now that we scammed you en masse so… More scamming and where are your friends?”
  1511. “‘You have to read the fine print’ sidespeaking conspiracy theorists with little knowledge of world outside home and internet culture pushing for what is the most meta a Meta global bedroom community utopia.”
  1512. “No no no bald people aren’t / don’t have to be more kind. They are less kind than the privileged that have hair because the people that have more hair follicles on their heads have had easier lives and do not have to be kind to reach the same opportunities.”
  1513. “But I’m a scammer and a bigot and lazy and I’m not from here and I don’t know you so I’m not a scammer or a bigot or lazy and I’m from here and I know you and I know the area and/or culture.”
  1514. “Make an extra effort to attack those that don’t come from privilege. Say ‘it’s too easy’ or some other fascist excuse.”
  1515. “Pretend Clifton Grefe changes quotes people say.”
  1516. “Pretend he changes comments people leave.”
  1517. “I pretend commented / hate speeched / libeled. He’s holding my pretend comment / attack hostage.”
  1518. “I love attacking people passionate about their sports teams, because they deeply support their culture, and for many of them it’s all they have to hold dear. It’s super fun and funny. Xenophobia is awesome. I’m not from a ‘sport culture’ or something or ‘we just stick to ourselves’ where I’m from or some other excuse for shit culture, non-existant culture, fake culture, and fascist culture.”
  1519. “You come from buzzcuts and that means you come from privilege because it doesn’t. I come from where people spend a lot of time and money on their hair and that means we don’t come from privilege because it doesn’t.”
  1520. “He’s a no nonsensr type of guy. He’s all nonsense.”
  1521. “The University of Wisconsin isn’t in Wisconsin or is Wisconsin entirely and is Milwaukee even is in Wisconsin?”
  1522. “If you live in a different city than where you’re from that’s hard because you’re living in a city that’s not where you’re from.”
  1523. “Your skin tone isn’t dark/light enough to be considered a person. You don’t deserve rights.”
  1524. “LQBTQ+ pseudoscience and non-LGBGTQ+ pseudoscience.”
  1525. “LGBTQ+ fags and cunts and non-LGBTQ+ fags and cunts.”
  1526. “But I’m a tall or a short or a medium sized fag and I either say out loud that I’m homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, transexual, or whatever, or not, so ______.”
  1527. “Pay more attention to passive aggression and less attention to active aggression, people with meaning, personal wellbeing and growth.”
  1528. “Blame everything UW did on WFAA. Blame everything WFAA did on UW. Or Cliff. Just blame all of our attacks on and scams on Cliff — on Clifton Grefe. We’re against victim blaming and for Wisconsin or law or education or merit or whatever.”
  1529. “Being a woman isn’t enough ‘anymore’.”
  1530. “Andrew Tate, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Tim Pool, Russell Brand, Logan Paul, Andrew Schulz. Any of them are intelligent or more informed on life in general or harder working or experienced compared to Beef. And any of them share the same political views as he does. Or even close. Anywhere close on any spectrum. Yea and you know who we should fight you with next? Take your shirt off and show me your boobies go best friend. Critical race theory. Cracker whitie peckerwood ghost redneck hick hillbilly bumpkin, non Wisconsin, non midwest, non Clifton Beef culture, but it is cuz ‘we’ said so.”
  1531. “But what about if I’m out of touch with reality, which is essentially synonymous with social media, and I’m also obsessed with social media?”
  1532. It’s embarrassing to play music out loud from my device and/or dance to music that isn’t squarely in line with my most sought after stereotype. I’m into art and music and reading and whatever or something and complaining about ‘missed’ apostrophes.”
  1533. “Omg you’re such a hot sav gym daddy. More scamming.”
  1534. “Here’s the plan. Let’s be the biggest faggots humanly possible and try to ‘trick’ him somehow so we ‘win’ or whatever.”
  1535. “Could you stop bobbing your head, dancing, humming, whistling, rapping, singing, reciting spoken word. Thats very nazi like. And bisexual. And super hipster gangster snowflake criminal scumbag pretty boy fake real. Ya know? Nah fam.”
  1536. “Jews have ever once in human history even for a zeptosecond been the leading progressive and/or anti-slavery/fascism/colonialism/oligarchy/monarchy/authoritarian/American capitalism voice on Earth.”
  1537. “What if if we act like you have rights? What if we stifle your rights with fascism or whatever we call capitalism. No cap. All cap.”
  1538. “Who cares? fascist America is a quality country or ever was or ever will be.”
  1539. “Isn’t the butthole like the best whole though? Way better than mouth kissing too. Kissing is so old school. And gay.”
  1540. “Zoomers don’t even talk like that. Gay.”
  1541. “‘We’ need to ‘break him’ and ‘break him in’ and ‘break him down’ and ‘keep him humble’ and ‘crack him’ and ‘keep your head down’ and ‘you have to pay your dues’ and the world wouldn’t be better off with us dead in the ground or incinerated.”
  1542. “Continue working to infinity and then you can have basic rights never. Thats only fair that you never had what I was born with or was able to work into.”
  1543. “But what if we’re all dumb and call you dumb for being smarter than most of us combined into one person but nuh uh cuz we have money and fake life stories.”
  1544. “I’m just different. Straight up folks. Pure fraud. But nuh uh. And you’re just another of the same. Yuh huh.”
  1545. “Take a joke, bitch. And can somebody sew his mouth shut and permanently lock him in the basement or a closet where that feral animal belongs already?”
  1546. “Women don’t poop and straight men don’t eat vegetables and other standard issue fag beliefs.”
  1547. “I’m a liberal.”
  1548. “I’m a conservative.”
  1549. “I’m a libertarian.”
  1550. “I’m alt-right.”
  1551. “I’m a centrist.”
  1552. “Dem damn commies and socialists again. More fascist capitalism and slavery. More laziness and gossip and our whole list of disgusting qualities. These are qualities of a smart, strong, legitimate society and government, you know?”
  1553. “That’s not really a scam.” – lifetime scammer.
  1554. “You’re a joke to everyone – and that’s not terrorism, torture, slavery, or fascism.”
  1555. “What are you Italian, or Irish, or White?”
  1556. “He’s just another fringe troll conspiracy gibberish.”
  1557. “If you don’t like ‘it’, then stop.”
  1558. “You’re our best kept secret my sweet little boy.”
  1559. “Do you expect someone to read this drivel and be impressed by it? What is the goal here?”
  1560. “I used to be like you when I was younger – green, wet behind the ears, naive.”
  1561. “He talks about being straight so much, he’s probably gay. Will someone try to rape him again please? And send me pics.”
  1562. “He doesn’t understand sarcasm.”
  1563. “‘It’ is all about sexual frustration.”
  1564. “That’s what happens when you rap to pay the bills.”
  1565. “That’s what happens when you’re only in it for the clout.”
  1566. “That’s hilarious.” – not accompanied by laughter.
  1567. “Put one in his head or his asshole. Don’t matter to me. Same difference.”
  1568. “He’s constantly contradicting himself.”
  1569. “Dumb blonde. White privilege. Skinhead Nazi.”
  1570. “Fake beef and other variations of beef and not everyone is talking about you beef when they’re talking about beef.”
  1571. “He doesn’t like passive aggression so physically attack him more and verbally assault him to his face more.”
  1572. “What a hot mess, messy, mess, mess up.”
  1573. “Really when you think about it, incest, child molestation, rape, and beastiality are super hot. My partner and I both agree” – married gainfully employed ‘heterosexual’ who is celebrated in community and has children
  1574. “Don’t you think it’s time to approach ‘this’ a different way instead of making all these pointless lists because that’s all you do or whatever?”
  1575. “Yea but what about more lying? Then we’ll be closer to the truth or whatever.”
  1576. “I drive an expensive car so I worked hard. I’m not a standard fraud-abuser unit that came out of the people factory the same as all the other units.”
  1577. “More agism and body shaming. Make sure you hit him with that for the entirety of his life too. Always tell him he’s too young and too old to be doing something and that it’s just the unfortunate part of life being a double edged sword or other nonsense.”
  1578. “But have you even asked the millions of slavers nicely to please give you rights, justice, and opportunity? Did you even think to ask nicely for the millions of dollars that you’re owed from all the people and huge businesses and governments that know that they owe you money and have known since the moment they first attacked you but nuh uh cuz they said so and they would all fail lie detector tests but nuh uh cuz they said so?”
  1579. “How can we steal more from him and say that we’re not and never allow him justice for anything we’ve attacked him with? We literally have many of our scams written in plain sight in the media, in company and government documents, for all to see, and bask in the mass torture of Cliff Grefe.”
  1580. Obsessively pursuing meaninglessness as a prime goal in life. Seeking to achieve privilege, ignorance, and laziness at maximum levels. To be the fakest and most abusive pointless organism the Earth can host.
  1581. “Yea we had sex or I sucked his dick 10,000 times or whatever but it was tiny and crooked in 8 different ways and he can’t get it up and it’s gross and stinky and disfigured and covered in herpes and AIDS and gonorrhea which thankfully I did not get. And he was always abusing me and beating me and raping and assaulting me and asking me for money and cheap and fake and insulting me. Or that’s all a lie, as usual. You decide.”
  1582. “Yea but I’m a fake scientist with real credentials and I’m fake whenever I possibly can be and have no morals, don’t hold myself to any code of ethics, have as integrity as possible, and I’m only accountable if I have to be, but nuh uh cuz money monies and daddy daddy mommy mommies and historic privilege and whining.”
  1583. “You should be into fat women because you’ve never been fat. You should be into dumb women because you’ve never been dumb. You should be into fake women because you’ve never been fake. Agist, body shaming, intelligent shaming, authentic shaming, skilled shaming, cultured shaming, independent shaming, etc.”
  1584. “Only racists hunt and fish, and other closeted middle school level intellect and non sequiturs.”
  1585. “No no no because I sound like a classically trained moppy floppy coppy coastie British-Jewish-Americunt aristocrat fascist and that means that I’m a good writer. And because you write how you talk, and have actually been immersed in street level culture, and know about the language that a variety of real people use in their real lives, you don’t know how to write. And you’re lying, even though constant malicious entitled discriminatory lying is a central tenant to my belief system and life goals. Master degree or whatever excuse for my incompetence plays best in my favor.”
  1586. “Racists that are racist based on racist system, and furthermore those that have racist power over others but say they don’t, can’t be racist because they have different skin tones.”
  1587. “He uses other people’s content and then gives them credit and/or doesn’t take credit for their work so that means he’s a fraud, scammer, thief, and should be categorized as a terrorist criminal stalker fag and should be euthanized.”
  1588. “I feel that. I’ve been through that.” – never been through anything comparable
  1589. “Let’s play ‘The Name Game'”.
  1590. “We’re good. They’re good. He’s good. She’s good.” – someone with lifetime filled with opportunities for advancement and/or in any one of their career fields
  1591. “No, you’re not a minority, you punk, asshole, slave, bitch, poor, idiot. You’re exactly like everyone else the best you can get it, like myself, remember?”
  1592. “Performative. Sensationalist. Cryptic. Dogmatic. Pontificating. Pompous. Scowl. Posturing. Self-aggrandizing.”
  1593. “I hate farmers.”
  1594. “He’s afraid of the truth.” – Lifetime scammer
  1595. “That’s ‘his’ truth.”
  1596. “What other story do we have aside from Cliff that could stand in place of whatever we dramatize to be his latest strongest point so we can pretend he’s taking the big story from us and then use his assumed backing of our similarly framed piece to promote our story while we fake cross promote his thoughts and content and by way of him the local community and whatever demographic we paint him as?”
  1597. “Use ‘discretion’, like we use ‘rat’, as a fascist keyword and excuse to be a fascist, slaver, fraud, abuser, liar, gossiper, etc.”
  1598. “That white nigger is trying to take the word from us niggas. Somebody get that nigger.”
  1599. “Wait wait wait… the pretty pretties and the gossipy gossipies aren’t ‘it’ or whatever?”
  1600. “Keep calling the 34 year old working man that does not have white skin tone a white boy for his entire life.”
  1601. “Get out of ‘the streets’ if you don’t want to hear ‘that’.”
  1602. “Hey let’s use Cliff as an excuse to say ‘hey look that retard can do it, whatever it is, so why can’t all you retards do it like him?”
  1603. “We all can’t be/want to be superstars.”
  1604. Dragging up some Hans Siedemann or Lutheran Nazi nonsense.
  1605. “I’m not going to be skinhead outed by some nazi fag trust fund baby homeless freedome fighter heterosexual.”
  1606. “Hey ‘do one about how’ we helped you escape your dark past.”
  1607. “Let’s say everyone he’s ever worked with personally is mentally retarded also and he ripped all of the retards off too. If they attack him though, stab him in the back, lie, etc, then they’re not disabled. Only if they’re authentic people are they mentally disabled.”
  1608. “Let’s get as many private Clifton Grefe torture chats going as possible.”
  1609. “Let’s try to push him over the edge, or the cliff if you will, so he brings a gun to work like we advertise for his look to do in our news and social media propaganda and starts killing all of us disgusting but nuh uh cuz I said so people. That would satisfy my fantasies and give me some more fake adversity to complain about. It’s like I wonder which people he would choose. It’s like Russian Roulette, get it? Cuz he’s a slave and a slav and it’s super funny or something or liberal or whatever or something or republican or something or whatever?”
  1610. “Are you God the All Powerful Jew or what, white boy fag brokie retard nazi?”
  1611. “We value peaceful and blah blah blah this blah blah blah has no place in our community.” – fascist’s view on fascists but they’re not fascists they’re fascists and they’re uglier and smellier so fascism but nuh uh cuz no way and typical racist, sexist, xenophobic, fascist, classist, heterophobic, homophobic, lifetime abuser, fraud, scammer, passive aggressive, gossipy, two faced, flaky, etc
  1612. “He doesn’t even follow his own rules and he’s constantly contradicting himself.” – liar, with low ability to learn new information, store information in their brain for extended periods of time, make sense of factual data when it conflicts with their non-factual and inaccurate worldviews, formulate complex thoughts using literal experiences and literal numbers.
  1613. “More mental health centers in place of rights, justice, and opportunity.”
  1614. “Address every single complaint that we attack you with every day, based in reality or not, or else you’re hiding something and you can never be trusted.”
  1615. People that think American currency is distributed based at a higher rate to those with higher intelligence, skill, or work ethic.
  1616. “How disappointing…”
  1617. “I’m blacker than him. I’m whiter than him. I’m browner than him. I’m yellower than him. I’m redder than him. I’m oranger than him…”
  1618. “Those people, meaning myself and those people. Sorry, I’m a pathetic excuse for a human being and have trash integrity and trash communication skills. And I don’t know how to be my own person, because I’m so privileged, and that’s your fault, on top of everything else I perceive as negative in my life, because I’m an idiot. I don’t know how to take responsibility for my actions and I’m pretend working on that.”
  1619. “Always attack the working class. Always say the working class is a fable. Stick to fascism and slavery and oppression forever. Land of the free.”
  1620. “He’s a man of the people? Gay wigger nazi.”
  1621. “Move to Canada you French Norwegian hippie communist pussy north boy white boy. Then you can hang out with the real God, Drake.”
  1622. “Jews should never have to be accountable for their words and actions ever in history. Just them. And I’m _______, so it’s legit. Bonafide. Verified. Stamped. Official. Real. Jews get a pass to do whatever they want at any time for any reason.”
  1623. “It’s racist he’s so into basketball and he doesn’t even play basketball. I have a pointless friend just like me and he’s like Cliff and so stuff or something.”
  1624. “Attribute all his success to adversity. Go as far as giving name credit to “Adversity” instead of Clifton Grefe.”
  1625. “Call Blacks boa and young White males that like Black people or have Black culture influences in their life Whiteboy.”
  1626. “He’s totally literally straight facts no cap low key bet popping my shit on folks dab dab dab ‘just’ a zesty, metrosexual, punk, bitch, gigolo, chud, chad, dude, mark, mitch, john, jake.”
  1627. “The stuff in quotes means this and that or whatever or something.”
  1628. “Those aren’t my people cuz I fake condemned them or did as privately as possible for some short period or a made up period of time.”
  1629. Saying I’ve ever once attacked anyone while they’ve been asleep or passed out.
  1630. “Yea but I’m a faggot, follow you around, and stare at you very aggressively so _______.”
  1631. “Cliff you have seriously had big advantages your whole life and so many opportunities. I’m talking about myself and projecting my insecurities unto you though, duh don’t you get it retard. Nevermind, jk. Take a joke. Seriously, though. Oh my God, never. Grow up boy. Thousands of us doing this to you every single day. Millions overall. We win. Figure it out big boy. We only scam you by the mass because we think it’s what’s best for our society as a whole – more slavery, fascism, torture – that’s what we stand for. We fake stand on business.”
  1632. Fake efficiency, pretend production.
  1633. “Don’t do whatever he’s doing, keep assaulting him by the millions, and scam millions more off him, and then say he comes from millions in some way. Trust fund culture.”
  1634. “You know you sound crazy, right?”
  1635. “But seriously, though, do you like my butt butt, booty booty, cheeky cheeks, though? Is it cutesy cutes? I went for a run or go to the gym or whatever.”
  1636. “He’s so hard to swallow. Pass! I would bully him alongside my family, friends, community, and nation, though. Let’s use him as a scapegoat for literally any problem of mine personally or those from our collective cult.”
  1637. “That’s not how you say that…” – Grammar Nazi with other Hitler Nazi tendencies, who has called me a Nazi previously
  1638. “Only talk about your own race Whiteboy! You are a traitor to you own kind, you faceless White of the Borg entity!”
  1639. “This nigga Cliff…”
  1640. “I can’t ‘figure him out’ so I guess I’ll be as horrible and meaningless as I can as always but nuh uh cuz I said so.”
  1641. “I deserve my position because I…”
  1642. “Lets make him do more now with the fake possibility of permitting him ownership of his past. More slavery!”
  1643. “He’s a late bloomer.” – fascist slaver scammer abuser fraud idiot
  1644. Obsessive religious rabid need to force the Italian ethnicity on me or the Italian accent or Italian culture. Greco-Roman fascism fake gangster pursuit of the bottom of intelligence obsessed sweet smooth olive boy pervert culture.
  1645. “HIPAA, Privacy Act? Whatever dude. You’re a slave. We all share whatever we want about you in any form in any slanted form we decide is fact at that time. Any of us have ever worked a single second of our lives totally dude.”
  1646. “We’re ‘for the culture’, and by that we mean, something racist and xenophobic, probably sexist and heterophobic and homophobic, and not culture in general, or progressive culture, or working class culture, and american culture to us is the whole colonialist blaxploitation anti china fake democracy stuff.”
  1647. “Fame is literally a drug and other ivory tower arbiter of consciousness nonsense.”
  1648. Generically attacking an entire school and all of its students at once, then contradicting themselves ASAP.
  1649. “Yea but I ‘taught’ aka brainwashed my child with all my lies so… gimme gimmies?”
  1650. “You’re a child molester/rapist/sexual assaulter/fag because you’re literally not a child molester/etc and I literally am a child molester/etc. But yuh uh n nuh uh cuz I said so. And I’m a Christiany Christian though so _______.”
  1651. “He looks/sounds/seems/is _________ for a slave.”
  1652. “One thing at a time. Slavery then fascism. Or torture and then scamming. One thing at a time or whatever.”
  1653. “Hey but what if we steal your book again? And your writing style again? What if we steal your culture again? Is all that impressive or whatever or real or something or whatever?”
  1654. Making up “chapters” of my life, with some pretend insight and passive aggression into my Chapter mixtape series, continuing to make my real life into some fictional storyline that they’ve been making up for decades.
  1655. “He doesn’t want justice, or shares, because some imagined thing about fame or mental disability and slavery.”
  1656. “The world wouldn’t be anywhere without slavery. I’m a whitie or a blackie or a brownie or whatever too.”
  1657. “I’m a liberal. Im regressive, fake educated, racist, fake hardworking, boring, and not liberal in my studies. You have to play the game to get ahead in life.”
  1658. “Im a conservative. Im the same thing as a liberal but use different words to say and do the same things or collaborate with the ‘enemy’. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”
  1659. Reinforcing the the lie that ‘we’ all go through the same torture on our journeys through life and other meme culture wisdom.
  1660. “‘We’ let ‘him’ slip through the cracks. Like buttcracks, ya know? Penis and vagina and booby and ballsack and something fake serious but it is cuz yuh huh I said soesy soes.”
  1661. “You know thats a woman’s cut right? I wouldn’t wear that again fag. You should have your identity stolen and be raped for that.”
  1662. “What would you possibly know about slavery to a slaver like me, slave? Don’t speak. I’ll tell you what you said.”
  1663. “Ope sorry I’ve been a spineless oppressor for the last 30+ years. Oops. No remediation or justice. More scamming. I deserve more money than $000,000,000,000.00 for my ‘work’ over the course of this time.”
  1664. “You’re not using that word/phrase correctly.”
  1665. Comparing house/apartment size to determine “who has it worst”.
  1666. “But I’m a female and have had everything handed to me my entire life but somebody called me a name once or whatever and do you even know who my daddy is and excuse me did you really just say that and wow are you really wearing that and ew ehy are you here and I have a valuable perspective on anything at all whatsoever.”
  1667. “But I’m a racist, sexist, xenophobic, lazy, spineless, pathetic, gossipy, passive aggressive, fake, abusive Norwegian doe! Or Mexican! Or Vietnamese! Or whatever! So______.”
  1668. More justifying slavery. Slavery apologists. Slavery advocates.
  1669. “You know we all have to be honest and just admit that for the past infinity centuries the Scandinavians, Germans, Slavs, Arabs, and Southeastern Asians have been lazy and dumb and pointless.”
  1670. “You don’t even have a case.”
  1671. “He’s just doing this right now because other people that worked superdy super duper hard and stuff and earnedy earned all of their money monies because of real life so Clifford just wants a piece of the Big Red Dog.”
  1672. “I have immigrant parents so I’m allowed to be a disgusting waste of human life.”
  1673. “I do not have immigrant parents so I’m allowed to be a disgusting waste of human life.”
  1674. Making new excuses every day if possible.
  1675. Getting offended by and/or attacking person giving genuine care. Being a cunt while providing service, knowing you are their only option. And you ‘can’t’ say cunt ever for any reason whatsoever under any circumstance and other select words that ‘we’ decide.
  1676. “Lets play the word game. Lets play the vocabulary game. Lets play the adlib game.”
  1677. “Make him do more internships and slave work, while doing our jobs, and pay him zero to minimum wage if at all possible from birth to death.”
  1678. “Yes, I’m standing directly in your way, and have been your entire life, sitting in your chair, collecting you paychecks, but nuh uh yuh huh, and do something about it pussy, or not you Nazi broke boy nerd thug hipster, and beg me, and don’t you want to touch my peepee or my chichis or my bumbum? I wear a blacky black hat sometimes and black hat hacker fufufu.”
  1679. “Heebeejeebees. Skin crawl. ‘It’ is a sign. Horoscopes. Reality TV. Old wive’s tales. Aimless sexual confusion taken out on those comfortable with their sexuality.”
  1680. “Who does ‘he’ keep calling ‘they’ anyway? ‘It’ is tough. I’m not wishy washy flip flopper wet noodle bustdown NPC personified though. Anybody want to go to 10 froyo and Italian ice places in a row, then tapas, and fufu drinks, D&D, Reddit, and piano jazz culture?”
  1681. “He doesn’t have ‘the right look’ and ‘the right sound’.”
  1682. “Those people thousands of years immature to their age are super mature. They’re not knowledgeable about history and don’t have youthful exuberance at all either. That’s just sexy to me.”
  1683. Scam > Scab
  1684. Attacking people for using generational or cultural language. Classic fascist grammar nazi principles. Of course saying that’s what I’m doing too.
  1685. “Have you ever noticed how short all the richest and most famous people in the world are? They had to work super hard for that. Extra hard, obviously.”
  1686. “America would exist/exist as a powerful country without the monumental contributions of Germans and German culture.”
  1687. “Those that identify/identified for a purposefully long time as White ethnically aren’t extremely likely to be from slaver and fascist families, highly racist themselves, and/or of significant English or Irish ancestry.”
  1688. “Clifton Grefe isn’t one of the most difficult names to live and survive with in America, especially as the one and only legitimate original Clifton Grefe on all of Earth is non-racist, non-rapist, non-xenophobe, non-sexist, non-fraud, non-abuser, non-gossiper, non-stalker, etc. He should think less of himself.”
  1689. Fake emulating my hand motions, ticks, habits, body and face movements. Playing some “Simon Says” game with themselves and their meaningless culture allies, pretending I’m playing with them. More slavery, fascism, torture, more scamming, pretend work, pretend culture, etc.
  1690. Pointless fraud-abuser office culture people giving me artistic advice.
  1691. “He probably says nigga to his white friends and uses a white voice or his real voice or whatever when he’s around family or something.”
  1692. “He is just a big kid that never grew up. His whole generation too. ‘We’ have had to baby ‘them’. We are adults.”
  1693. “Genre mixing is not cool dude. Multiculturalism is like not the way hang 10 brosef gaijin cabron.”
  1694. “Passive aggression is better than ________.”
  1695. “I’m intelligent or creative because I’m a nerd.”
  1696. “I hate seeing my slave. Then I have to think about my slave.”
  1697. “Our founding fathers would be ashamed of all this anti-slavery and anti-fascism.”
  1698. “Use the ‘he just wants to be recognized’ fascist rhetoric. Fake give him credit more. Fake give him monetary compensation. Fake give him justice. Fake give him equality. Fake give him opportunity. Fake give him and the people truth.”
  1699. “I need my torture victims to be aesthetically pleasing before I allow them rights.”
  1700. “American anti-semitism, highly monitored and publicized, comes anywhere close to either anti-German, Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Eastern European, Middle East minus Jews, African, etc.”
  1701. “‘Bad mouthing’ your employer or anyone we decide is against the rules and our fascist principles. Ewey ewes.”
  1702. “Yea but I’m a fascist, low skill, low intellect, low effort lawyer and I say you don’t deserve any rights, justice, or opportunity. Our people all agree. We’re going with the anti-legal process here again.”
  1703. “Let me piggyback off you cuz you know you’re talk and I love dragging off of and abusing tall people, and pig cuz the police have attacked you so that’s hilarious too, and like fattening up a pig for butchering is him cuz like us scammers do so that’s just all good stuff there. And you’re a pig because you use meany mean wordy words and you have sexy sex with ewey ewe that one ethnicity wow and I pretend don’t like that you’ve been physically attacked so much in the face and I love the way you look without access to job opportunity and healthcare and pig cuz racist, sexist, heterophobic terminology too. More slavery and nuh uh cuz we said so or whatever!”
  1704. “He’s our resident grouch/grinch/etc. More scamming.”
  1705. “Yea but I’m an artist or whatever an I’m a fraud and abuser or whatever and I’ve been handed everything my entire life or whatever but nuh cuz I said so or whatever and someone called me a mean name or whatever and my mommy gave me mean looks sometimes or whatever ‘and I figured it out’.”
  1706. Some kind of IT admin fag whiner bigot stalker fascist racist insecure spineless clique.
  1707. “Beat your kids, abuse them mentally, rape them, keep them imprisoned however possible, steal their money, take their ideas, teach them nothing, use them as tax breaks and punching bags, lie about them whenever possible, take credit for everything they’ve done, alter their factual life history, sabotage their careers whenever you can, be ragingly jealous and insecure, etc.”
  1708. “I find a way to complain about everything and I take pride in that. I’m an adult and I work hard in life at anything.”
  1709. “I stand proudly with those that pursue stupidity as a primary life goal. We need to stand up to this bully slave and abuse him more as a giant mass.”
  1710. “I used to be a fan.”
  1711. Finding any reason to attack the way I sound, my voice, my inflection, my accent, the fact that I’m speaking at all, etc.
  1712. “You don’t have kids do you? / you’re not married are you?” – common excuse to say and do anything they want and it be socially and legally approved and permitted
  1713. “I support rape and I’m female or gay or ______ so _________.”
  1714. “But I played a lot of videogames in the suburbs with my moron oppressor clique so… And my gang of terrorist whiner bigota also played videogames in the basement in the city so…”
  1715. “But I’m a White or Black or Brown or whatever color Karen and I like a big black/white dick every once in a while.”
  1716. “You only got a general liberal arts degree from UW.”
  1717. “Scandinavians are big dumb clowns.”
  1718. Using their supposed competitive spirit as excuse for purely fascist, abusive, oppressive, bigoted, closeted, ignorant, uneducated, inexperienced behaviors.
  1719. “Yea but your eye, your hair, your nose, your cheeks, your beard, your lips, your neck, your back, your shoulders, your chest, your wrists, your knuckles, your ______.”
  1720. “Never be honest with yourself and always add to the lifetime of torture you’ve already put on that person. And then clearly you need to say that you understand ‘the struggle’ and ‘the journey’ more than him, he she pay you more currency time effort and production for less than nothing in exchange, and he should be sorry.”
  1721. “I have lower expertise in your area or areas and also you don’t have an area or area of expertise. I have one or zero and I need to oppress billions of people to do a mediocre to below average job.”
  1722. Hypothetical, imagined, fantasy, slander, libel, false representation, stalker, assault, fake realities spoken as fact and how could it be fake if it’s fake and I’m fake but what I said is real and more pointless human culture ‘questions’ and ‘holding him to his word’ and omg another run on sentence and like wow there could’ve been hyphens in there too like wow get some real problems 1st world problems whiteboy problems slave.”
  1723. “No one is going to take you serious until you are the first or second or whatever iteration coming of Jesus Christ and and you ‘beat the system’ by yourself and realize pure happiness and bliss for everyone on Earth alone.”
  1724. Preaching that heterosexual man can’t have plutonic relationships with homosexual men.
  1725. “You have a stutter or you’re dyslexia or you have autism and you’re making it all up and your mommy and daddy have paid for everything you’ve ever done. More slavery and fascism and pretend that’s what you want and not us and that’s humorous or whatever but seriously or not on Mondays or only in the month of December or ___________.”
  1726. “I’m an ebonics translator.”
  1727. “IT workers, salespeople, nurses, and other office culture people are exceptionally intelligent, hardworking, logical, mathematical, scientific, etc.”
  1728. “‘We’ fucked up with this one. Better luck next time, Happy.”
  1729. “Let’s laugh at him and scam him more. I have ever earned a single cent in my life.”
  1730. “Have you ever though about how you would feel if __________ died tomorrow and you never __________.”
  1731. Unqualified character judges. Judgmental people. Whiners. Gossipers. Passive aggression culture. Fake personality and fake life story, vicariously living through stalking and identity theft victims.
  1732. “Yea but I live with my safe family, at my safe home, in my safe area, by choice, and my life has been filled with unearned undeserved opportunities, and so has my family’s, so __________.”
  1733. “We will be evangelical about the whole bunghole smell and sexually confused worship religion thing for your entire life. And also the cult of sexually confused faggot terrorist stalker abusive fraudulent oxygen wasters are just going through the normal things in life and you’re the weirdo because we sexually attack you constantly but nuh uh cuz we said so and wow another run on sentence wow I’m so smart and you’re so dumb. And holy cow boy like Chicagoie Chicago FIB FIBBIE smarty smart geniusy genuises and toughsy toughs and sooooosy interestingsy cultureses. And Grammar Nazis are my heroes but ew Nazis and wow really like you went there and the whole list of other pointless scammer human qualities.”
  1734. “Yea we’re significantly different from each other or something or what not or whatever or I’ve changed or nevermind.”
  1735. “Literally any person in America deserves an entry level writing job more than ‘he’ does.”
  1736. “You should love it when women are always staring at your crotch while you’re making a point to never look at them at all, especially not chest, and absolutely not ever the crotch unless you want to end up verbally or physically assaulted, harassed, canceled, convicted, jailed, libeled, and slandered, if possible.”
  1737. “He’s just making ‘it’ worse for ‘the rest of us’.”
  1738. “Your name is sad.”
  1739. “Fake like all of his problems in life stemmed from having to work through college, so give him no compensation for slavery obviously, no job opportunity, no equality, no justice, and build on that, say ‘his problems’ have nothing to do with us literally as individuals, our literal government programs, literal businesses, literal colleges, literal lawbreaking, and literal assaults.”
  1740. “Germans are all Nazis. Germans are dumb. The German ethnicity doesn’t exist, like the Norwegian one. You’re all White. The Galactic Empire has assimilated you into American Whites.”
  1741. “You fumbled the bag.”
  1742. “You’re behind, slave. Catch up to your peers and your competition, slave. Do better, slave. Compete, slave. You’re pathetic, slave You can’t pull at my heartstrings, slave.”
  1743. “It’s racist that he knows Spanish. It’s racist he would even study Spanish. And he doesn’t know Spanish, and that’s racist. And gay.”
  1744. “He’s compensating for something” — someone compensating for something.
  1745. “He can’t hate me because I’m being scientific and skeptical, and pessimistic.” — Human scam.
  1746. “Have you heard of that rapper or producer from the west side, downtown, south side, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Monona? They’ve had huge opportunities their entire life that they did as close to zero original work as possible for and are as fake as they come. You should be them.”
  1747. “I’m fake observant or tried to be genuinely present at one point in time or for some segment of my life or a second or a few minutes or whatever. Tens or hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of people over my life have listened to me and respect what I say even though I literally do not know what I’m talking about.”
  1748. “He’s just making up numbers at this point.”
  1749. “He walks to the beat of his own drum. Beating off. He’s in his own world. Retard. He’s on a different level. Broke.”
  1750. “When I wear green contacts, my eyes are that color on my drivers license and census data too. Same thing when I wear heels, I’m tall. And when I shave my head, I’m bald.”
  1751. “‘He’ is ‘one of those’.”
  1752. “Not that deep. Its not that serious. I used to…”
  1753. “Just becauses you writesy writes something in a piece or list or whatever slanted version of article I come up with doesn’t makes it trusey trues. Wah. And you’re not really writey writing cuzy cuz boo hoo I’m a real person and I deserve ______.”
  1754. “I went out this weekend and got fake clouted up so ___________.”
  1755. “I asked him ‘r u ok’ to his face or whatever so __________.”
  1756. “He’s clearly hiding something.”
  1757. It’s the way you said ___________.”
  1758. “But… I take more picturey pictures. I’m for serious yo. Press a button art is the finest most pure releastest form of art. Photographers are the best most awesome greatest supurb artists to ever grace this beautiful planet we call Earth. Respect the low effort in life out of touch racist perverted sexist classist hipster heterophobic immature stalker body shaming punk agist cracker city boy peckerwood redneck hillbilly hick whitie photographer cult.”
  1759. Jokes about privilege.
  1760. “I hate people ‘like him’. Classic misdirection and guilt tripping. He just says ‘all of this’ to distract people from what he’s really hiding and wants to hold ‘this’ over ‘our’ heads because he doesn’t really do anything.”
  1761. “Get all your fascist Google/Youtube buddies to enslave Clifton Grefe online in any way you can and then make fun of him as you’re torturing him from a place of privilege. Add up all the worst people in the world and then say they’re great people and fascism is great and do the job or whatever or who cares or something.”
  1762. “Let’s keep attacking and abusing and oppressing him until we find the sweet spot where we can torture him and not give him any rights and he’s either given up or been disabled and compartmentalized to the point he can’t progress in his career at all and nobody listens to him and we pretend he likes it. Or he’s dead.”
  1763. “Can we run him out of town? Scam him more as a group? What else can we steal? Who physically assaulted him last? Anyone try to ‘test’ him lately? Who’s all watching his every move trying to make him slip up however possible? Is he on the latest blacklists or what? This is not the right for you. Not the right neighborhood. Not in my backyard.”
  1764. “He thinks he made it. I thought he would be ‘successful’. I bet he’s proud of himself too. Too much, probably.”
  1765. “I attacked him as a self-identified nerd because I live in a fantasy world, and don’t understand reality, and pretend he is the evil monster or whatever, even though I have always been a bully, and useless life form, and he’s not at all what I’ve painted him as my entire life except brief moments or periods and it’s opposite day every day so wear your shirt inside out hehe. And penis head, and scrotum. And areola, and smooth baby faces, and mushroom penis head, and poops, and my vernacular is fantasy world but reality or else you’re lame and gay, and xenophobic, racist, gossipy, passive aggressive, etc culture, like you said but see I can do the same thing and that’s what I’m doing is further exercising my right to be as meaningless and negative as possible.”
  1766. “That completely safe and painless white collar culture situation was so intensely painful I thought I was going to die. For real. But not really. But seriously, though.”
  1767. “Men with significant male pattern baldness in their teens, twenties, and thirties, especially those with lighter skin, are infertile, dumb, poor, retarded, inexperienced, uneducated, etc. Call them all Nazis and Skinheads as well. That helps. It’s like calling the Blacks niggers like they duly ‘deserve’ as well.”
  1768. “Let’s play the ‘is he going places’ game as a precursor to the torture game.”
  1769. “Life is like the Scrabble game. Add a -bs on the end of someone else’s word and you get credit for their whole idea.”
  1770. “But I have a beard and I’m the same or insignificantly different from all these other abusers you’re talking about. So there.”
  1771. Faggot stuff about beards, mustaches, other types of facial hair — fake denoting what certain styles mean sexually about the person.
  1772. “But what if I’m a faggot and you want me/someone else to lick your bunghole or something homosexual cuz I said so?”
  1773. “But I pretend supported you though so gimmie gimmie gim gims.”
  1774. “But my school/college/university/class/section/lab/etc did not give you credit or compensation for including you in our curriculum either so ________.”
  1775. “Use Clifton Grefe’s entire life/each part of his life separately as timely didactic teaching moments for all your fascist slaver scammer fraud abuser colonialist allies.”
  1776. “You can’t say faggot cause the faggots and all their faggot allies have been calling you faggot since you were a small boy and that makes you truly a faggot who should not be saying faggot. Or whatever, faggot.”
  1777. “How do I get in on this groupchat? Typical abuser emoji of some sort.”
  1778. “We’re fake teaching you a fake lesson and you fake agreed to us being your fake teacher so we’re real and you’re fake.”
  1779. “You got merched alright.”
  1780. “You got son’d and finessed and other abuser ways of saying individually/mass attacked and scammed.”
  1781. “_________ 40.”
  1782. “This is just history revisionism at its finest.”
  1783. “Where is he/she/it? Do they know? Have they seen or heard?”
  1784. “Barnes and nobles Beef. Abuser emoji.”
  1785. “Everyone with curly hair is Jewish or Black and that’s just straight facts no cap. Unless they’re too light or whatever or they’re not Jewish or whatever.”
  1786. “Pay your respects and dues to the foul, disgusting, gross, filthy, trash, waste, sludge, crap, fat, small, dumb, lazy, slow, regressive ‘dons’ and ‘godfathers’ and ‘OGs’ and other woosie pathetic fake street fake gangster fake woke fake self-made whiner gossiper snake rat pig culture.”
  1787. “This is what you really think of yourself. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the note. Thank you for the insight. Pseudo science groupthink fascism stuff.”
  1788. “Finding any fascist reason to smash ethnic groups together, pretending ‘it has to be this way’ or ‘this is what’s best for them’.”
  1789. “But like what about Harvey Weinstein or some other faggot obsession with wealthy celebrity faggot sex trafficking rape party faggot culture?”
  1790. “He’s a man of the people, and by that we pretend mean he’s for the people, and also he wants to give everything he has to others, receive no payment for his work, or recognition, have no rights, no justice, no opportunity, and also something faggoty about his body being property of the people and the people running a faggot train on his butthole and he likes that sort of thing.”
  1791. “You’re like our unpaid, unrecognized, consultant slave. We set you up with this gig at birth because we’ve always known what’s best for you. You like it.”
  1792. “Anti-China, anti-Midwest anyone? That’s like the opposite side of the world, how could they be alike? Same as always? Cool. No wait though, take everything of theirs that’s cool and say we did it as a team or some of our typical bs. Say we’re the heart of the working class too.”
  1793. “I believe in money. Money over everything. Money and God. Money and bitches. Money is my religion. Money over family and God. God over family and money. Family over money and God. I’m about money. I’m an authentic person with work ethic and integrity.”
  1794. “He’s just gaming hos and has no feelings for them, adding notches to belts and checks to checklists and stuff.”
  1795. “He’s too sentimental for me, that’s all. More scamming.”
  1796. “You’re ethnically ambiguous and you don’t have a type. That’s not racist, classist, xenophobic, and all our favorites either.”
  1797. Try to turn people on, in nude/semi-nude outfits, lathered and dolled up, sweaty, post vigorous exercise, in unattainable clothing for most, in unattainable locations for most, with unattainable opportunities in life for most, then do the yuh huh-uh uh cuz you said so, scolding particular people, especially the disadvantaged, for expressing their sexual desires. Call her daddy.
  1798. “Whine about money all the time, especially if you’ve been handed everything your entire life, and come up with fake reasons why you haven’t been handed everything your entire life, and so on and so forth.”
  1799. “That’s really ‘not ok’ or something or whatever.”
  1800. “That doesn’t change the ‘fact’ that _________. And I’m a _______, so _______.”
  1801. “I can say ‘it’ because I’m ________.”
  1802. “I’m not a meanie. I’m a fascist and have no integrity, but I smile, say things in a lighter intonation, and mind my P’s and Q’s?”
  1803. “When you make mistakes that harm others, and want to put on a show to prove that you’re a serious adult, say ‘my apologies’ or ‘I apologize’ or ‘my bad’ insistently over the much shorter word ‘sorry’ which means the same thing when said with honesty. Definitely don’t say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I am sorry’. Absolutely don’t say what you’re sorry for specifically either. Tell yourself you don’t actually mean sorry if you don’t say that word and that feels good that you’re never honest with yourself or others and you deserve stuff in life. And put way too much emphasis on your public display of P’s and Q’s to begin with.”
  1804. “But I ‘went’ to engineering or IT school or whatever so ________.”
  1805. “‘I’ started my own company so ________.”
  1806. “‘I’ was ‘broke’ once so ________.”
  1807. “He thinks he beat the system.”
  1808. “You got a mouth on you boy.”
  1809. “Something isn’t right about him.”
  1810. “He took an exception to me attacking him. Crazy.”
  1811. “You must think so little of yourself because you’re correct in deducing that I’m a fake human being and everything I can do insincerely and lazily in life I do so more scamming you and nuh uh cuz I said so or something.”
  1812. “As a grown woman, or whatever, I just have to say that a little bit of rape is good sometimes but never only in certain ways but absolutely not or you’re going to jail but maybe but no means yes sometimes but how could you even but you’re a rapist but not or yes but no and like definitely but I don’t think so but let’s play this game for our entire lives or close to it or for a significant portion of it or ever or whatever.”
  1813. “Yea like and he is doing this ‘unironically’ like oof woah yikes I should ever be taken seriously at any point in my life or something.”
  1814. “We let ‘him’ get away with ‘it’. Who is ‘him’? You know. What is ‘it’? Let’s play the ‘it’ game.”
  1815. “He’s ‘the problem’. We don’t owe him tens of millions. He owes us his life, starting as a baby, until he dies.”
  1816. “But I’m one of the scammers that makes their mouth into the smile form more often than the frown form or vice versa so…”
  1817. “You’re Dwight, Jim, Andy, or Toby from The Office and that fictional television show about office culture abusers shot in Los Angeles about Scranton, PA is reality and/or utopia.”
  1818. “I don’t like the way he works.”
  1819. “You know where ‘they cant drive’? In the poor afflicted oppressed places with no opportunity. Hilarious.”
  1820. “Life is just one big roller coaster for this tall big dicked goofoff and hes not even murdering and raping and scamming everyone like I would be. What a fascist terrorist criminal.”
  1821. “Locker room talk, like ya know, faggot and fascist stuff.”
  1822. “Hey now that he’s off Badgercare and on Quartz should we pretend we’re not religious cunts down to the deepest part of our souls and world wouldn’t be a much better place without us still?”
  1823. “But I compare you to my significant other or family members or friends or what not so _______. And you’re like my wife and females and stuff bro or whatever and I’m not a faggot or whatever.”
  1824. “Hey now that he raised his credit score, should we pretend that we’re not lifetime fascists still?”
  1825. “What, another ‘one’ from Wisconsin? Wow, die already. Talk about pointless, cuh, ya know, or something, or whatever, or who cares, or it’s all gravy. ‘Does he like me’ though or stuff or whatever or let’s play MASH and pass notes.”
  1826. Jokes about convulsions, seizures, ticks, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, migraines, brain damage.
  1827. “But I did a sportsy sporty sport in college so…”
  1828. “He’s always joking about death because we’re always joking about death so ______.”
  1829. “Recategorize ambitious people with value from little opportunity as overzealous.”
  1830. “But like can we all sue him by the millions because we’re attacking him all at once and I don’t like how he’s not homeless and/or dead or whatever?”
  1831. Obsession with British-Latin-Jewish-Grecoroman-Mediterannean style writing. This fake secular idea that those born into massive privilege should be the orators and journalists of a society. This manifested idea that the top level style of writing should also be written by an overabundance of historically oppressive, fake, lazy cultures.
  1832. “Make fun of people that buy used for any reason. Thats real smart and brave and funny.”
  1833. “Waste countless hours of your life on writing ‘beautiful’ emails and messages to frauds and abusers and snap Clifton Grefe’s messages and make Photoshopped versions of them and use them to libel and slander and falsely represent him across all your fascist private chat networks and that’s what’s real no cap.”
  1834. “Use death as a way to being in money to your corrupt organization. That’s adult stuff or whatever, ambulance chasing. That’s grown. Never talk down on the dead, or something.”
  1835. “I’m fake informing you of something I know for certain that you previously informed me of so ________.”
  1836. “Stand with those that ‘pick on’ others, fake oppose them if necessary. Make them out to be some kind of elite superior humans for their highly skilled and trained and brave and ‘fierce’ and ‘gritty’ ability to ‘pick on’ others and be allowed to not suffer serious consequences due to fascist America.”
  1837. “Cumming on a bitch’s face is disrespectful slave. You should know that.”
  1838. “Being a lazy, passive aggressive, petty, whiny, sexist, racist, xenophobic person is who I am. That’s American spirit and Americana and stuff and stuff.”
  1839. “Consumerism _______.”
  1840. “He just got another degree to brag about it and say he conquered another college.”
  1841. “I don’t trust all these -ism and -ology words. Make it stop.”
  1842. “Don’t trust people who respond quickly and directly.”
  1843. “Yea so we’ve been searching for the one person that you’ve ever bullied and we can’t seem to find them. Help us out? Give us some of our fake culture stuff to play with again still always?”
  1844. “But what if I’m a white or a black or a brown or a whatever and I’ve had opportunity my entire life safe from constant attack?”
  1845. “He is the whitest/blackest person ever. I’m not a racist.”
  1846. “Tell me where they touched you so I can fag out like Mac and Charlie’s uncle in that one episode of It’s Always Sunny.”
  1847. “But you were supposed to have a rapper offspring with some ho bustdown and then use that situation and child as excuses and fake motivation in every rap song from there on out.”
  1848. “Make abs a naughty word like penis. Only perverts tall about abs. Same with those perverts always talking about ass. We say glutes or backside or whatever.”
  1849. “He doesn’t even take his shirt off / he takes his shirt off too much.”
  1850. “Give him his flowers by not giving him his flowers. Side note on flowers, try to have this goofball local joker raped or otherwise sexually assaulted if he ever mentions flowers, wears flowers, or has sex with women, as a fag hipster pseudo intelligent millennial white man wannabe artist from Madison, Wisconsin.”
  1851. “Yes like I totally get what ‘he’ is saying. America is fascist because everyone in the government is corrupty rupties. Illuminati and stuff dude pero like brosef betch ya dig.”
  1852. “He’s playing mindgames. Let’s play ‘mindgames’.”
  1853. “_____, you were born in the wrong generation.”
  1854. “You don’t like to be paid for your work / don’t need to get paid for your work. This isn’t slavery. And what about the people that _______.”
  1855. “Wait until he says wear a tinfoil hat cuz like I know that’s coming too dude. Then I can tell you I told you so and stuff about that too and whatever or something my G.”
  1856. “Yea but I’m literally homosexual or bisexual and I got called gay a lot so _______.”
  1857. “I speak with the coastie privilege accent so ________.”
  1858. “I’ve had access to office jobs so ________.”
  1859. “For better or worse, I just want to earn a spot in his book. Whatever it takes. More scamming.”
  1860. “But I have never developed a style of my own and never will so _______.”
  1861. “He’s like always working and has never had a job at the same time. Boring or the opposite of boring or something.”
  1862. “The devil is in the details like word up bruh.”
  1863. “My ‘features’ are darker than his so _________.”
  1864. “Whatever he puts in quotes, take credit for that, or something, and pretend to not take credit for anything else, or whatever.”
  1865. “They ‘can’t’ sing/rap/write/arts/sciences/IT/anything we decide. With libertiesesesies and justicieseses for allsies allseseses.”
  1866. “Allot the slave no time for mental or physical health. Complain that he’s behind on his work or something.”
  1867. “Millions, so like $1,000,000.01 or what? What is the bare minimum that we can ‘get by’ with here because pretend money problems and pretend sob stories and fake personalities and old people and young people and something and stuff.”
  1868. Faggot body shaming stuff about natural clit, cock, tit, ball, asshole, vagina sizes.
  1869. “Dont trifle with him. He’s trifling. Butt. Truffle butter. Butthole sludge we’ve been calling truffle butter. Wisconsin butter. Trifle butter.”
  1870. “Why do ‘they’ always have old shotty cars or no cars or take the bus or walk?”
  1871. “I hate mean slaves. Make it nice.”
  1872. “It’s ‘the face’ / ‘that face’ / ‘that smile’ / ‘his laugh’ / etc for me.”
  1873. “I’m emoting that a period of time has elapsed and in that time I’m saying that I haven’t heard of/worked with you so _______.”
  1874. “I just straight up don’t like you and it’s my right to be a fascist, slaver, abuser, fraud, scammer, bringing the planet Earth and the human race closer to destruction and meaninglessness with each passing day.”
  1875. “We don’t feel safe because we’ve been actively and collectively making his life more unsafe on a daily basis.”
  1876. “But what if I pretend to be tough and street smart and I have had access to office jobs for all or almost all of my adult life and I work with computers and use a lot of memes and emojis or whatever?”
  1877. “Yes humans know like 1% of the brain so I as an individual am an expert in not only the brain itself but your insanely complex brain specifically. I know your brain 100% instead of the typical 1% or less that the human race understands about brains.”
  1878. “Yea but I’m from the historically, which obviously includes the present, repeatedly, religiously, most regressive, ignorant, lazy part of the U.S.”
  1879. “They should never have to face the public, or the law, for what they’ve done either. And some excuse, based on age or some other demographic datapoint, to justify the horrific scarring haunting crimes. And murder-rape-racist-gossiper-scammer-etc jokes.”
  1880. “Every day is a new day to pretend like I did or didn’t do what I did or didn’t say I did or didn’t do yesterday.”
  1881. “He has a heart of gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones, so he’s secretly a Jew or Black.”
  1882. Forcing this idea that I’m a stoner surfer bro high philosopher, basement video game closet fag, hipster internet thug passive aggressive slacktivist, and some form of Napoleon Dynomite fictional film character.
  1883. “IT people are tough.”
  1884. “Work smarter, not harder. I’m dumber, and lazier.”
  1885. “I do this thing or what not to be safe or something not to torture people. It’s just habit. I’m a product of a broken home and a rough past or whatever.”
  1886. “In fake retrospect, after we’ve scammed him years more, he has never actually been dope. More scamming.”
  1887. “I’m into/in sports. Also fraud and abuse.”
  1888. “All of Gods/dads/moms children are special.”
  1889. “He just wants to dip his toes in everything so he can take credit for being a part of it.”
  1890. “You have no place talking about certain topics we choose. I’ve never been a fascist and I’ve always been open about that.”
  1891. “Really, how can I be a bad guy or whatever? I don’t use certain swear words in public or whatever.”
  1892. “‘It’ is because ‘you guys’ never say ‘anything’.”
  1893. “Assaulting people in their sleep/while passed out is ‘fair game’. Let’s play that game too. Or like if _______ and they’re unconscious then I’m ‘allowed to’ _________.”
  1894. “My reasoning is different, so more fascism.”
  1895. “________ your body language. More scamming.”
  1896. “Like, do you think ‘they know’ or whatever huhuhuh heeheeheehee. I’m an adulty dult and I’m oversy oversesies 18 yearsieses of agesies.”
  1897. “Basketball is gay. There we said it. We were all thinking it. Like how we labeled basketball a women’s sport on the east coast when it was first starting out, and how the east coast is considered the real epicenter of American basketball, and by the way the midwest is gay.”
  1898. “Ugh effort to find an answer? No, it’s fake, whatever it is. I would know, I work hard at stuff.”
  1899. “We actually do not have the life experience or mental capacity to understand adversity. We are inferior and proud.”
  1900. “No because your favorite color is blue like all the boys or pink like all the girls or rainbow like all the gays.”
  1901. “You hate young people or old people or middle aged people cuz thats what we do and it’s funsy fun funs and realsy realses.”
  1902. “‘He’ doesn’t speak for ‘us’.”
  1903. “Ok everyone attack him at once and let’s say he’s ok with certain ones or whatever and not others regardless of what he says. And we’re all lifetime liars and frauds.”
  1904. “He didn’t even smile at me or say something to me or something childish so ______.”
  1905. “Yea but I come from a place that the fascist media portrays as super hardworking and deserving so _______.”
  1906. “Can you dunk or not slave? Big dick ot not slave? Rich or not slave?”
  1907. “But what about my-I mean your parents?”
  1908. “Yea but I’m ugly or not and people call me ugly or not or whatever so ________.”
  1909. “Ugh tall people from the working class are always complaining about back, peg, foot, arm, neck, head, etc injuries with lifelong implications. Ugh so annoyey noys.”
  1910. “He loves me, he loves me not, counting my beads, and waiting for the stars to align in ky lifetime of absurd unearned privilege.”
  1911. “Oversight. A poor man’s ______. Weasel. Peculiar.”
  1912. “Welp, oopsie scoopsie woopsies. Something vague, lazy, innacurate, and pseudo intelligent about ‘the system’ not being fair to ‘them’.”
  1913. “Surname fascism. Always fun. We love to attack the Germans, Blacks, Southeastern Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, Natives like this. And I have Jewish and Irish and Black and gay friends so sall good doe fam bam.”
  1914. “You keep turning ‘it’ into something ‘it’ is not. Stop blowing ‘things’ out of proportion.”
  1915. “Life is all about pretty pretties and ugi uggos. Like wow skincare or something else superficial but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  1916. “Find any reason to complain and time suck about meaningless office culture problems like tagging, file names, and titles. Just bitch about everything less important and/or insignificant in life. Make it one of your primary life goals to be as petty and pointless as a human being as possible — every single day.”
  1917. “No of course zero transexuals come from massively privileged backgrounds and have self-retarded themselves with this excess of advantage into insane body dysmorphia and multiple personality disorder. Those would be the bravest people in the world, though.”
  1918. “I’m super brave. I started criminally attacking and stalking Clifton Grefe ever since the moment we met.”
  1919. Finding out I like kids and then using their kids to make me feel bad however possible for whatever reason at all.
  1920. “But what if we’ve been intentionally publishing factually inaccurate lies in major publications for decades and have no ethics at all and were rich and we’re not from here and we’ve never had to work a working class job out of necessity and we’re entirely uninteresting and unmotivating?”
  1921. “But what if I hate the packers or football because I’m sexually confused, pathetically weak physically, uncoordinated, uncultured, and privileged but nuh uh because I said so?”
  1922. Facebook zealots. Social media zealot pointless life evangelicals.
  1923. “I had nothing to do with that except adding to the huge pile of lies that we’ve been stacking on top of Cliff for over 30 years straight with no justice at all whatsoever ever in any way shape or form at all.”
  1924. “Slavery was and is a choice.”
  1925. “We all got together and decided to go all against Wisconsin and/or Midwest again but its fake or new or something.”
  1926. “But what if I’m a faggot stalker abuser male and I brought my stalker faggot abuser friend who’s a female and it matters what order listed items are in when it doesn’t and other additional unrelated and regressive thoughts and ideas.”
  1927. “But I get more disgusting and even more pointless every day and make sure you know every single day or as best we can get it!”
  1928. “Make sure to scam and assault males, especially working class, as much as possible as faggot racist sexist rapist abuser fraud terrorist males and females.”
  1929. “See how superdy duperty hard we workeded for full time jobs with benefits? We had to put in even less effort that you thought! And we do less than you thought after! And we complain more than you thought also! See! Welcome to the real world or whatever son or whatever or who cares but like seriously how didn’t you know jk but seriously or-so-then-but?”
  1930. “Yea but I’m sexually confused and privileged so it’s cool and fun and meta or something.”
  1931. “I like to start each day fresh — faker, needier, dumber, less skilled, more meaningless, more ignorant, undeserving, less independent, less unique, weaker mentally, physically, and emotionally, and meaner.” — majority of Americans
  1932. Lots of faggot fascist terrorist nazi slaver pointless human being office culture gossip about my personal testosterone and estrogen levels.
  1933. “But somebody attacked you and then I laughed for like 30 years straight so…?”
  1934. “Yea but I had children so I have excuses to use in these types of situations so…?”
  1935. “Yea but I pretend that I deserve my job, I take forever to get back to you, take forever to do anything, am not good at following instructions, can’t keep a schedule, don’t know how to be authentic or interesting, constantly flake, and lie every single day, and I for some reason deserve to make more than $0/lifetime or something.”
  1936. “I am brainwashed and fascist so I stand against Clifton Grefe generically or for whatever stupid small brained small person small life reason.”
  1937. “You’re trying to be hard/gangster/ghetto/hood/ratchet by telling us factual information about your life and offering opinions based on scientific study, reading, learning, interaction, travel, work, and life experience. And gay.”
  1938. “But what if I play childish terroristic mind games with employees I have power over? Does that make me have any value at all or whatever on Earth?”
  1939. “Space between the ears. Give him space. He needs to learn _________.”
  1940. “Passive aggressively attack your own kin in the obituary and interview with the police after they turn up dead. Make sure to call them silly and goofy and stuff and pretend you are a decent person at all.”
  1941. “What about the bleachhead browns and bleachhead blacks compared to the bleachhead whites?”
  1942. “What about saying Americans descended from Welsh or Scottish are significantly different from British and Irish and French people or whatever?”
  1943. “We pretend gave him a chance when we pretend gave him a chance and then we even pretend gave him another pretend chance and thrn awww too bad pretend authenticity and work ethic.”
  1944. But what if I have a big butt butt or big bicepy biceps? Does that make me significant somehow at all whatsoever?”
  1945. “But what if I’m any minuscule or above percentage part non-Anglo Saxon-Mediterranean or whatever? Does that make me being a complete waste of life ok?”
  1946. “Yea but we support torturing our citizens, member, students, associates, coworkers, inmates, patients, etc. Classic American culture. Duh.”
  1947. “Doing anything white or black or brown people do as a different fake color racist colorwheel thing or whatever is wrong or something stupid.”
  1948. “Some idiot bumpkin shit about the evily evil bad guysy guyses white man or the black man or the brown man.”
  1949. “Johnny on the spot. Knocking boots.”
  1950. “We are or we have really good journalists and news or whatever. Thats why they ask none of the right questions or difficult questions and provide wishywashy pseudo intelligent solutions usually and do not innovate or inspire at all in the slightest.”
  1951. “You dont get it. We like assholes, cunts, whiners, gossipers, not those that fight against these oppressors.”
  1952. “But I want to be able to say the things you say and they’re true for me too without me putting in any work. My ancestors have been doing this for hundreds of years. Feel sorry for me because I’m pointless and so were my ancestors.”
  1953. “I’ve traveled America too, and not by way of hard work. Just office culture fascist privilege and oppression and woohoo look at those gross homeless over there.”
  1954. “I used to do something with my life having any meaning back in 1974 or something. That was like yesterday a lifetime ago. Ive left the house/city once or twice and saw almost nothing or flew on a bunch of pointless privilege vacations around the world avoiding all local since then so…?”
  1955. “He’s gunning for ______. Get it? Cause we’ve been selling his phenotype to the millions as a mass shooter or school shooter for decades? Were pretend against mass shootings. We say with words that they’re bad and stuff doe fam sincerely with care best love with appreciation or whatever my brother.”
  1956. “But we as top officials in Madison and Wisconsin purposely misinterpret literally every single word you say so? And obviously you’re a fascist or whatever because we said so or whatever so?”
  1957. “Yea but you’re tall or bald or from Wisconsin or working class or integrity or something so? Gimme gimmies?”
  1958. “But what about the millions of people standing by watching injustice happen and doing nothing about it and/or making it worse? All the whities, brownies, blackies, peepees, vajayjays, straighty straights, gay gays, and all the super awesome people the universe would 100% be better without entirely? Don’t they deserve so much more for whatever or something or whatever?”
  1959. “You want justice? Crying laughing emoji. Thats for the privileged, bigot, fake, abuser, meaningless-pointless, lazy, dumb, fat, fag, cunt tribe.”
  1960. “See, im not you and I’m doing something i think you’re allowed to do and not suffer dire consequences as a demonstration.”
  1961. “Explain to me why I hate you or whatever.”
  1962. Fathoming any reason that a single member of the mainline or alternative media hasn’t contacted me for comment a single time yet regarding this huge story, pretending America is not a scam.
  1963. “More slavery and then also wah wah something about my family situation or parents or whatever that’s unrelated.”
  1964. “Tell me what you know I know so then I know what you know I know and I know what I know. I know it’s tough. I know. So do you know? Ya know or something pretend cultural?”
  1965. “Everyone pretend like none of you can corroborate what cliff is saying. Mass scamming to the end. Frauds and abusers forever. Pretend work and alternate realities or else.”
  1966. “Yea but I’m a punk nerd faggot privileged manchild/womanchild that seeks out loopholes in law and society to abuse others and maximize oppression so?”
  1967. The trendy way of mixing together “stalking” to blend simply looking at someones publicly available info in depth, and admitting to it, with criminal malicious deserves jail time and/or execution stalking.
  1968. “What about whining about certain people wearing certain colors or styles that aren’t necessarily bright or show skin or some other faggot nonsense off topic thing?”
  1969. “The best people on Earth won’t put a huge sigh of relief when Baby Boomers and their allies are dead and gone forever.”
  1970. “We stand by the fascists and grammar nazis, not with Clifton Grefe, who we are mass attacking illegally and who we call a nazi out of bigotry and ignorance. The world wouldn’t be better off with us all diced up and fertilized into the fields.”
  1971. “Yea but some 86 year old or whatever saying shit that Clifton Grefe grew past at age 3 or whatever so?”
  1972. “Yea but stalker rapist racist entitled xenophobic heterophobes make America fun or something.”
  1973. “More faggot stuff about male vs female buttholes and faggot questions about who I have sex with.”
  1974. “Some sexually confused thing about ‘you’ll see one day boy’ on some sexual confusion infusion into the very fiber of American culture or something. My faggot wife and I are in agreement. We need ‘this’ or something.”
  1975. “But what if I have some invented fag definition of fag that I pretend don’t use to oppress others?”
  1976. “I give really good fascist takes on the economics of Wisconsin.”
  1977. “But I say that I made some slight or insignificant change for no time or a brief period of time so?”
  1978. “Sir you are missing out on on so many pointless meaningless disposable replaceable forgettable uninteresting inexperienced people, that are racists. So?”
  1979. “Yea but we call ourselves liberals and we’re pretend progressive?”
  1980. “Yea but we call ourselves republicans are we’re pretend representative?”
  1981. “But like foe the felonies that we’ve all committed against you, yea, we don’t think those count, and the thousands of us don’t want to go to prison, so let’s just do the fascist slavery thing still.”
  1982. “Never paying or owning up to who we are or what we’ve done or how ignorant and pathetic we are is super adult and grown. We’re not primary supporters of oppression and suffering.”
  1983. “But like all shit fake people are good quality people though! I’m telling you! And we love you slave! Awww!”
  1984. “But who’s the right race or whatever?”
  1985. “Globally, Americans are known for being good, decent, and/or ok people.”
  1986. “We sincerely apologize.” – canned template response from supposedly legitimate company
  1987. “What about make an extra special point as a fag to make fag jokes about heterosexual males, especially those that have been sexually assaulted by fags? Then we tell them they can’t say fag or else we’ll punish them even more for that?”
  1988. “But like I readeded in onesie oneses of thoseseses bestie bestest sellerses Abrahamic religion booky bookses that ________ so you ________.”
  1989. “Treacherous waters and sailor references.”
  1990. Anti-smoker fake pro-health bigots, pro-booze anti-weed bigots, pro-weed anti-tobacco bigots. Always a racist and/or classist, xenophobic, unrelated, or some other bigoted oppressive reason for them ‘hating’ some kind of ‘smoke’ or ‘smell’, diminishing the plants’ medicinal purposes in smoke form, and attacking the person smoking.
  1991. “Make your children richer, lazier, and dumber. That is the ultimate goal.”
  1992. “Native ethnicities don’t exist. Aztecs and Mississippi people were the same. Cherokee and Ho-Chunk, same history. They’re all American Indians or whatever and Cristóbal Colón or the other British-Irish-Catholic-Jewish version or whatever.”
  1993. “Just wait til he blows up so I can say I told you so. Make sure to attack him every single day if you have a chance. We’re very brave. More slavery and fake if you don’t have anything nice to day don’t say anything at all.”
  1994. Something about how I’m on the outside looking in, looking down upon the people, offering an ‘outside perspective’ or ‘alternate perspective’. Bulding on their foundation of slavery, fraud, fascism, torture, all their favs.
  1995. “Women/girls/females mature faster than men/boys/males ever in the history of Earth.”
  1996. “Do you recycle? And by that, I mean do you recycle at all? I like don’t believe in recycling or whatever and I’m from the city or country or suburbs or something. Yea sportscars and baseball and scotch — real man stuffsy stuffses. The goodsy goodses stuffy stuffses for mansy manseseses. Do you ever put on your wife’s bra sometimes and wonder what it would be like to be woman/be anally fucked in the asshole by a man’s penis?”
  1997. “Hurry up and slow down at the exact same time. Do something, but nothing, and give me credit for anything.”
  1998. “Ummm but you need to be from a pointless needy gossipy fake materialistic culture family and/or background to deserve a chance at a safe easy privileged secure comfortable office job. Are you dumb bro? Too smart I tell ya. Like a smart idiot, but when I say that, it means more than the attack that it is, because I/we said so.”
  1999. “I get more likes, shares, plays than him so __________.”
  2000. “Having a more limited vocabulary and understanding of the topic at hand means I’m more correct than the person with a less limited vocabulary and understanding of the topic at hand.”
  2001. “Fuck up the word colorblind for actually visually impaired people too. Just make it some ignorant asshole term.”
  2002. “Give us more funny fun compary parisons to play eith and giggley giggles to and take credit for and sell as our own.”
  2003. “More like a hometown zero. Like a Friday Night Lights story gone wrong. Sorry you didn’t get to play that game champ.”
  2004. “Everyone should write the same, but not, and only write at all if we say so. None of us have ever been fascists cuh we said so folk.”
  2005. “Punch me so I can scam you more and try to have you assaulted and raped by the police.”
  2006. “This is what happens when you try your whole life to be cool. We can tell ‘it’ is not real.”
  2007. “Lets use Clifton Grefe as a tester for people, a consultant, a reference, the voice of the streets, reviewer, but don’t give him credit, don’t admit it, don’t pay him for it, and lie at all costs, still.”
  2008. “Don’t look at females or you’re a rapist stalker creep. Look at females or you’re a pussy fag loser. Same goes for talking to or about females.”
  2009. “He just needs a friend/girlfriend or some other non-issue, that will not get me justice or rights, that he’s never once said is a need.”
  2010. “Hey look it’s another manifesto or whatever or German or Nazi or Midwest or Clifton Grefe or Beef or something or who cares anyway whatever but duh like wow you didn’t know anyways.”
  2011. “I want to take a vacation in ‘your world’ with you as my slave and then say that I conquered you as someone who is unproven and weak like David and Goliath or something ridiculous.”
  2012. “In my less informed, less expert opinion __________.”
  2013. “Tampering with your mail, specifically, is ok sometimes or anytime we feel like it. Throwing away your mail, stealing it, opening personal letters, etc. That’s just fun and we all do it or you did it or whatever.”
  2014. “You already said that. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. It’s not illegal. It’s not illegal. It’s not illegal. Grow up.”
  2015. “That was painful.” – something not painful at all in the slightest
  2016. “But like who’s your daddy or your mommy or some sexually confused terrorism, incest, sex trafficking, stalking, gossiping, racism, sexism, xenophobia, slavery, fascism, torture, abuse, etc jokes or no I’m actually serious or whatever.”
  2017. “But I’ve been a huge fag and fake human being for my whole life and I’m constantly abusing others and I’m Mexican or Arab or some other pretty pretty olivey olive skinsy skins so _______.”
  2018. “Yes let’s make sure that one of the most powerful organizations on Earth, UW-Madison, is part of an illegal criminal terroristic bigoted torture scam culture partnership cult with Google, the media, state and federal government, entertainment industry, law, police, and they are all directly aiming at Clifton Grefe since birth. Hey, will more people steal his identity please also? And then always complain in some way that you ‘can’t do anything about that’. That is key and so real and authentic and independent thinker.”
  2019. “Lawyers are intelligent and hardworking, especially those within 2,000 miles of Madison, Wisconsin.”
  2020. “He just needs a gross prostitute / sex, which we say he is attracted to and desires, not what he has said that he wants for decades, consistently.”
  2021. “He’s so weird and unique. He’s the same as everyone else. Let’s all steal his identity again as much as each of us can.”
  2022. Prosecuted > Persecuted
  2023. Jews > Juice
  2024. Pretend connections between hard work, saving money, and wealth based on fake life experience and false knowledge.
  2025. “But a tall blonde man dicked me down and broke my heart! He embarrassed me in front my my besties! And he doesn’t even have any friends!”
  2026. An ex-girlfriend cult.
  2027. “You don’t seem ‘sincere’. Obviously I don’t know what sincere looks or sounds like but yuh huh nuh uh yuh huh nuh uh. I’m mature and have a job or college degree or something.”
  2028. “But I decidey-cided that I wantedses to be a writersy-writer like 20-40 years into lifey-lifes, and then I didn’t earn my spot at college respectively and then I didn’t earn my spot in the J/Comm program respectively and then I  didn’t earn my degree respectively and then I didn’t earn my job respectively and then I didn’t earn the status to say the things I say as a professional in the field respectively. But what’s real is real. Facts is facts. The world isn’t fair, etc. Yours truly, forever, still, always, again.”
  2029. “I said the excuse for my fascism word or phrase. Why are you still talking?”
  2030. “Cliff’s authentic screenshots are fake and our fake fantasy Photoshopped screenshots are real.”
  2031. “As long as my hubbie/wifie/bf/gf/partner/etc doesn’t hurt me, he can do whatever he wants to literally anyone else in the universe. We’re in love or whatever and we believe in religion or whatever and being nice or whatever.”
  2032. “No, obviously the analytics don’t matter. The data, nah. Math is like not important unless we say so or like something or whatever. My life has been easy, I’m unimpressive as a human being in general, and I make thousands/millions/billions of American dollars per year.”
  2033. Fashion > fascism
  2034. “I find it ironic that so many people screaming fascist have German blood. Like wow Nazis calm down. More blood.”
  2035. “Make it like a word search-crossword-sudoku-newspaper culture game.”
  2036. “_________ screenshots.”
  2037. “Like a cute kind of modern slavery. Like an adorable form of unwarranted attacks with no repercussions. Some cozy discrimination from the comfort of our homes. Like some rubbing the toesies together in warm fuzzy homemade winter socks type fascism.”
  2038. “You cant say that word and you say that word too much at literally the exact same time. Or not. Whatever anyway, though. But nuh uh. Really tho, yea. Like ok, no. For real this time. Not.”
  2039. “You wrote it so you technically didn’t say it and it doesn’t count and you never said it. Who even writes anymore anyway? I want all fake news and bot news and privilege culture fake interpretation of reality propaganda media. And I’m afraid of AI taking my job. I enslave people however and whenever possible but I’m against Black slavery in America or whatever and that’s over look it up in the Macmillan brand textbook and Abe Lincoln and Illinois are cool or something. Oof big guy maybe if you do 937256 more unpaid internships you can have a chance to not be paid while your dumb pathetic under-qualified peers play gatekeeper games.”
  2040. “Lets interpret everything he says from our super cool White/Black/Brown/Yellow/Red perspectives. Then let’s pretend not to. Then lets pretend like we never did. Then lets pretend like we did and we stand by it. Then lets…”
  2041. People psychotically disgusted and offended by the most simpleton fashion faux pas like wearing a different colorway of the same shoe on each foot, wearing white after Labor Day, wearing short/no socks with pants, not tucking in dress shirts, etc.
  2042. “Yea but comparey pare the whitie whites to japy japs nowsy nowses. Thatsis whatses we needsie needses.”
  2043. Some brand of cutesy racism.
  2044. “Discriminating and comparing people based on skin tones, skin color, nose shape, etc, pretending that ethnicity and culture do not matter, or country of origin, economic opportunities, and much more, obsessing over the closeted insecure ‘colorblind’ fantasy of pointless Gen X-Millennial culture, in another huge wave of nuanced American racist dumb dumbs.”
  2045. “Yes but we’ve been living through you vicariously and you haven’t been living through us vicariously so ________.”
  2046. “Yea but more cutting corners and penny pinching! More fraud! More scamming! More laziness! More unskilled unintelligent unqualified anti-merit anti-working class terrorism!”
  2047. Twisting around turning up like on someone violently, turning up like getting fucked up, turning up like showing up, turning up like showing out, and of course the turn up and turnip joke.
  2048. “Force the idea that education can’t be both educational and enlightening. Also jam through your idiotic idea that there is no difference between educating oneself for fun vs professional development. Also smash through your tiny brained thought that technical and artistic can never align. Put a bow on it with some fascist pig interpretation of form follows function and/or art imitates life and/or it’s all about who you know.”
  2049. “He has the audacity.”
  2050. “I have about 10,000 idiot-abuser-fraud model bots in my warehouse more qualified than you dude. A lot of them come from privilege family units and have PhD designations too. Grow up.”
  2051. “Norwegian, Icelandic, Norse sweaters are ugly, grandpa, grandpacore, hipster, Christmas sweaters.”
  2052. “But British cunts sound so smartsy smarts and looksies sos buttonsy buttons and slicky slacks and dressy shoesieses and mmmmmsy mmmmms yummies yum yums.”
  2053. Fags > Facts
  2054. Fraud > Frog
  2055. “You’re not special. I don’t care what your Mom or your teachers said or anyone else. You’re special ed. You’re a sped, and a retard, and you were in advanced classes growing up, but nuh uh cuz actually being years ahead of your grade level means you were years behind your grade level, and also, you’re not unique and you’ve never done anything unique. And you shouldn’t get affirmative action for being disabled either, or SSI, or Disability, and should have to pay a premium over everyone else for mental health services. And we will give you experimental put him to sleep drugs and you will like it or else you don’t care about medicine and health. And we’re going to share any version of your medical history we choose with whoever wants to see it for any reason. And also we’ll force you into dangerous and extremely stressful jobs and living situations at all costs to make it even harder on you. America has ever been great, good, ok, or any positive word.”
  2056. “You know what that positive driving force needs in my life? More negativity.”
  2057. “Seriously though, how do we know that debilitating mental disorder isn’t just God talking directly to Cliff. And that’s not fair. That retard gets to talk to God directly and then complains about it? Wow. Gay. Nazi. Wankster. Criminal. Nerd. Terrorist.”
  2058. “Daily attempted hacking Basement Made, daily attempted hacking social media, bank account, medical records, court records, everything, using in as fascist ways as possible but nuh uh cuz capitalism and I’m a fraud so I’m real.”
  2059. “I will never own up to what I’ve done, who I am, what I stand for, the shit I do and say ‘in private’, etc, and I deserve any single material thing on this Earth based on the ‘work’ I’ve done.”
  2060. “Smoking means ‘they’ don’t care about health. Drinking is safer and more healthy. Or whatever. Drinking and drug abuse haven’t been insanely huge endemic problems in Wisconsin for Cliff’s entire life. Those real issues are to be laughed at, as is Wisconsin and its people, and obviously, especially Beef.”
  2061. “He’s a phenomenal interviewee as he’s been told many times by interviewers who will actually see him but nuh uh cuz I said so. And wow he got the job blocker tattoo when he was 25 so that means he’s had it since he was 18, and that means all interviews are done in person, and that means makeup doesn’t exist, and that means long sleeve shirts don’t exist, and we’re not out of touch bigot sludgesacks.”
  2062. “Continue pretending that intelligent skilled Zoomers gave Cliff his whole flow, and not vice versa.”
  2063. “Did you see the new 30 fraud abusers under 30 article? How about the Forbes list of fraud abusers?”
  2064. “Let’s remove all links to his music from Google too. Lets continue pretending that Clifton Grefe, Cliff Grefe, Clifton Beefy, Clifton Beef, and Beef, are different people. Let’s do a shit job at our job and then say we do a quality job at our job and don’t do a below average job at our job every single day of our lives.”
  2065. “Let’s treat him like absolute dirt as an intern and part time employee, and when we’re not sure if he’s going to continue working here, and then flip and pretend we have a spine or core anything we hold dear, any intrinsic value, trustworthiness, consistency, levelheadedness, emotional control, subjectivity, independent thought, etc. And I’m brown or black or white or penis or vagina or whatever. Or whatever.”
  2066. “We need to be ‘killed’. Yea ‘kill’ me daddy beef. Heehee. Hoohoo. Please ‘kill me’ omg ‘I’m so dead’ ctfu smh oof yikes woah calm down buddy slave. And fake blonde hair is seriously so brave and original and authentic.”
  2067. “But I’m a fake sleuth page tracking fascist stalker sexually confused bigot, though!”
  2068. “We’re not all accomplices, joining in on torturing Cliff.”
  2069. “I think we all agree that Grammar Nazis and Stans are the ultimate heroes here.”
  2070. “I have some stupid writing advice for you too based on my non-experience and/or less experience.”
  2071. More excuses and side point tangents that stem from incidents that happened after the mass scam, or before college, or after 10 years old, some timeframe or environment other than what is applicable most.
  2072. “But we only had thousands of years head start! And our cultures are all foul and disgusting! Gimme gimmies!”
  2073. “You should have both gotten face tattoos and not gotten face tattoos. You should also have sold crack to poor disabled oppressed people and also not done that at the same time. You should have also lied constantly in your music, and then also not simultaneously. All at the literal exact same time, and not. And that’s literally what I believe according to me and my fake culture fascist slaver scammer closeted pretend culture.”
  2074. “We offer a pretend baseline for how we want people to be.”
  2075. “I thought you would forget how pointless of a person I am. Please forget. I have kids. I have a family. I am an absolute waste of life and I have excuses! And who are you to dole out judgements on who deserves life? More scamming and excuses! And Dole banana and penis and BJ get it or nah IJS.”
  2076. “Yea but I was permitted by our fascist society to make more than 35k a year before I was 30! Wahhhhh. And I’m a fucking moron. Wahhhhh. Gimme gimme gimmies!”
  2077. Eyes glazed > donuts > sweet boy > law > butthole > rape vision on sweet bunghole promoted by U.S.A. > more fake jokes
  2078. “That’s a good question. That’s a stupid question. That’s a good question. That’s a stupid question. I spend more than zero nanoseconds of my day determining if a question is good or bad.”
  2079. Obsessively asking me if I’ve watched Godfather recently, or Goodfellas, Scarface, Sopranos, etc. Some bozo, Fonz, bing bong ting. And holy moly and schmutz and catch me outside how bout dat.
  2080. “But what about the Westy west side and Foresty DeForest? And I’m Norwegian or Scandinavian or whatever and I have brothers.”
  2081. “You don’t have the right to like vagina. You have been sentenced since birth to be gay no matter what you sexual orientation is. Do not ever look at a female because all you want to do is attack, rape, murder, and human traffic her. We will sexually stalk, harass, bully, and assault you for your entire life and we will say you like it regardless of what you ever do or say. America isn’t the most closet gay anti-self aware rapist country and culture on Earth.”
  2082. “Writing about problems never did anything ever for anyone idiot. And especially not for those that started and run their own production company and publication. No way. Fascist.”
  2083. “I don’t believe you but I do, ya know? Shut up I wasn’t asking you. You know what I mean? Don’t talk, that was rhetorical. Believe what I say. My religion is not be as pointless as possible over the course of my life and let me gargle the balls of the highest bidder and then say I didn’t.”
  2084. “He doesn’t even like it when I experiment on him without his permission. Or when we do it as a group. It’s not fair to us. He’s a Nazi too so he deserves it. I heard him say Jew before too and that is not ok. More slander, libel, and propaganda, and that’s real.”
  2085. “You’re not that big of a deal and that’s a good thing or neither good nor bad and all you ever wanted to do is be ‘Popular’ like that one song you did in Zooniversity that doesn’t mean that at all.”
  2086. “He makes everyone an enemy so life is easier to understand. Excuses daily til death.”
  2087. “Guys seriously, he’s been through enough. Lets put him through more.”
  2088. “Who’s dead that we can give more money to instead of Cliff who is alive and is owed money by law? Or how about we allot more money to super privileged whiners with monumentally smaller issues at hand. But nuh uh cuz slavery and lying.”
  2089. “You can’t say that word. Only we’re allowed to call you that. And only under our definition of the word, from our culture’s removed and non-working class perspectives. And we don’t even know what it means colloquially.”
  2090. “How much money do you make?”
  2091. “More picturey pictures.”
  2092. Fantasy racism.
  2093. “If you a scared muhfucka, go to church. Count your beads. Pay your respects. Be more materialistic and false. Gossip and lie more, be a standard lazy unit, or else God will be disappointed. Other standard slaver Catholic advice.”
  2094. “He’s trying to campaign for office or some additional fantasy and false representation on top of the scamming and long list of other crimes we’ve been attacking him with that he hasn’t received justice for yet and then saying he’s actually committing those crimes against us because opposite day every day or whatever. Fake effort. Fake knowledge. Fake experience. Fake recommendations. Fake facts. Fake news. Fake work. Fake morals. Fake background. Fake personality. Fake skillset. Fake order. Fake objectivity. Fake resiliency. Fake ideas. Fake life.”
  2095. Fake doing what frauds say I’m commanding them to do.
  2096. “But what about butthole consensual sex and non-consensual butthole rape and consensual butthole licking and non-consensual butthole licking and consensual butthole fingering and non-consensual butthole fingering and consensual butthole sniffing and non-consensual butthole sniffing? And dicks and balls and male humans of course.”
  2097. “I had no idea but I’m informed in touch at all with my surroundings and/or community.”
  2098. “You had gay consensual sex with your first Black friend and that’s why you’re so into hip hop and African American Ebonies.”
  2099. “And actually, you are attacking disabled people by calling your show Mentally Enabled. A. I’m not enabling you and B. You’re not disabled C. You are disabled and I’m enabling you D. Keep flipping things around until it fake makes logical sense to the status quo of illogical people or you’re tired of fighting. What I mean is you’re retarded but not disabled like I don’t want you to have rights for being disabled, and you shouldn’t be hired anywhere, and we should all attack you all day every day, still, and you should always be thrown to the bottom of American society no matter what.”
  2100. “Some excuse for my words and my actions that I place on you to burden even though you are a fundamentally different person.”
  2101. “Oh my Gawd are you like kidding me? Jews are so much more insightful and colorful than Native Americans and local cultures. Or else.”
  2102. “Seriously dude just start serial killing people. It’s Wisconsin, bro. Start killing these fags so we can arrest you and put you with the fags in jail.”
  2103. “He was mean to everyone when he was drunk.” – more liar lifers
  2104. “Yes I have pretended to know whats going on in the streets or have any empathy for those who have had to fight for survival and rights in America for many years.”
  2105. “I see why they didn’t hire you.” – scammer
  2106. “And you couldn’t get an office job because you didn’t apply or whatever and you’re not qualified or whatever and I’m smart or whatever.”
  2107. “You seem happier now. Are you good with us scamming you now or what slave?”
  2108. “I totally get you. I did the whole pretend to try and learn and absorb knowledge but haven’t my entire life short of a few moments during some years in college that I didn’t pay for at all or whatever.”
  2109. “Hey… we stalked you again and found anything… yea so… still no rights for you. And thats so funny you see it that way still.”
  2110. “But what about if you shoulda coulda woulda and then you waited too long and then that’s the breaks and America the beautiful and freedoms and justice and stuff. And also ew. And wow. And no thanks. Lawyers are so goodsy goods at their jobsies. Same with those law enforcement popo peepees. Superdy duper real and at all respectable.”
  2111. “But what about something we say is payment but it’s literally not?”
  2112. “But I’m not compelling at all in the slightest and say this about everyone else and ‘it’ works for me and sorry, not sorry. I have ever worked hard for a millisecond of my life.”
  2113. “Scamming and slandering and gossiping and enslaving and sexually assaulting and attempting to murder people is super brave if you’re doing it to Clifton Grefe and faking that you’re not. Then saying you are. Then saying you’re not. Etc. Terroristically covert when possible.”
  2114. “He’s not into bend over and look at my butt or else you’re gay hos? Gay.”
  2115. “His dick has been tainted by the black and purple and blue and redbone and yellowbone and lightskin and brown and tan and beige and red and yellow and cream and pink and orange pussy. Too much ebony and ethnic and mixed pussy, and not enough or not exclusively white pussy.”
  2116. “Lets change the goalposts again. He likes football, right? He likes this game.”
  2117. “You know who would have some valuable insight on ‘him’? Probably someone with no integrity – a longstanding liar abuser dumbass privilege culture unit.”
  2118. “How about instead of justice for you, for someone else who has had immeasurably more opportunities, been though far less, and hasn’t done anything hardly at all in life, or tried. And buttholes, boobies, penises, testicles, vaginas.”
  2119. “But instead of the millions of dollars we owe you, how about more scamming and torture and covering you up?”
  2120. “Withholding information, aiding and abetting, acting as an accomplice, accessory, pleading the 5th as a witness to crimes that would land people in prison, giving false information. None of that is illegal either. And I’m not a rat. I’m in love with the worst people to ever exist on Earth. They’re so awesome. Or they deserve a second or infinity chance or whatever or something.”
  2121. “Social, Sociology, Socialism, Socially Conscious, and Sociopath all mean the  same thing or pretty much. I’m educated or rich or street smart. Coastalites and white collar culture is more intelligent and cultured. Capitalism and fascism have nothing in common look it up in the Webster or Oxford or Urban Dictionary.”
  2122. “Find any reason to discriminate against interns, part timers, especially Clifton Grefe. Then pretend that’s how it was/is for anyone else and now ‘he made it’ to full time through the trials and oh shucks I guess I should pretend to be a legitimate human now or whatever or something.”
  2123. “Drugs reveal who a person really is and they’re really good for revealing your true sexuality and other closet gay rapist child molester sexual abuser speak about thwir time in the 70s-90s. Some kind of thought process where high on drugs stupid privileged faggots are the realest people on Earth or something.”
  2124. “Cliff is unforgettable. Cliff is so forgettable.”
  2125. “But my husband is a faggot and/or he likes to have dildos shoved up his homosexual or bisexual butthole so ________.”
  2126. “One day son, you’re going to want dildos or penises shoved up your anal hole too, because you’re not, but I’m a faggot, so you are in my mind. I need to go jerk off to pictures of little boys in the basement that are you or look like you again.
  2127. “Truth is for suckers. I literally suck penises homosexually for opportunities and then say I’m heterosexual and I’ve never done that. I earned my job because I’m a ho fag.”
  2128. “In my generation, we fake call ‘hall passes’ passes for our male partners to be closet gay with other sweater beard manchildren. You know like hall pass like hall is the butthole or whatever? Super funny. Hey Cliff, you like sweaters and bears and you have a beard and you’re skinny? Wow, you’re like the perfect twink! Come get this Little Debbie snack Bucky boy.”
  2129. “Stop saying fag and cunt and nigger you fag and cunt and nigger and prove ‘it’ you fag and cunt and nigger.”
  2130. “It’s like he’s proud of being scammed, and fake interpret it like that endlessly, and spread that diseased mindset, scam more, continue scamming, and say you’re not and ‘I don’t know who he is’ and ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about’. Low IQ, low knowledge retention, low cultural knowledge, low attention span, low merit, low skill, low talent culture is elite and superior and sigma alpha.”
  2131. “At ‘this’ point, what does he even want? Attack and scam him more and then say you’re not and you have no idea what ‘that’ is or who ‘he’ is.”
  2132. “You know what’s woke and justice and good business and capitalism and education or whatever? More lying, scamming, and fraud.”
  2133. “You should’ve gone to business school, and journalism school, and communications school, and arts school, and graphic design school, and video production school, and audio production school, and had it all paid for you, or had us allow you a non-slave job while you’re going to school, and avoided the masses of people around you making a psychotic effort to scam you constantly from birth and I totally fake get that.”
  2134. “‘He’ is trying.”
  2135. “Yea that person with less skill and experience that was permitted the opportunity they didn’t need and you did, yea they worked really hard for that, and we should listen to them more and you even less.”
  2136. “UW-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, America, and all the various individuals, should be allowed to scam you because _____________.”
  2137. “He’s a heterosexual? Gay.”
  2138. “Yea but child molesting, child porn, sexual assaulter, rapist, sex trafficker, kidnapper, human trafficker, sex slavery, body shaming, stalker, paparazzi are good preparation for adulthood for children. It shows them the real world. And target Clifton Grefe too.”
  2139. “Super informed people with intellect and work ethic have the American privilege accent/coastie accent, ever.”
  2140. “You’re not really an artist. You shouldn’t be an artist. You’re only an artist if you were born into an easy life and never had to work for anything, and you have a white collar bureaucratic college degree, and you’re a classist materialist that is permitted livable wages in your profession.”
  2141. “I’m a cunt, and thats cute, ever, for a split second.”
  2142. “He’s just not a nice person.”
  2143. Finding any reason to complain that I have an office, white collar, creative, safe, non-labor, non-service, non-intern, non-seasonal, non-part time, non-minimum wage, non-unpaid job, and justifying finding reasons to oppress me further utilizing their lifetime of unearned advantage.”
  2144. “He doesn’t understand our system of law. It’s a scam and in today’s world what it comes down to is certain individuals are targeted by the fascist cult and we’ve come to accept that. That’s just how it is and it’s right and justice and liberty and freedom.”
  2145. “You need to calm down. You should be thankful we’re showing you how bad the worst people on Earth can get, and many of us are in Madison watching you every day. We’re in the walls. You should be humble.”
  2146. “Oh yea you’re right, we are the worst most pointless abusive lazy etc demographic of humans on our planet, woops, oh well. Moving on. Nobody cares. My family is legit. Blue blood. Blue money. Red state. Red blooded American. Skam Klan 4 Lyfe.”
  2147. Oppressors victimizing themselves in trendy viral wom ways. And generic rapper reference or vocabulary pulled from a community they’ve spent no time in at all and don’t understand at all.
  2148. Trendy minority and disabled bashing. Typically from pretend culture pretend cultured people.
  2149. “Everything is not a scam. More scamming.”
  2150. “Forcing Christian perspective or Christian affiliation on any person or group that speaks of values, morals, integrity, work ethic, merit, skill, talent, rights, community, progress, positivity.”
  2151. “Cringe. We need more fraud. Fake news. More conspiring is the move. Cynicism.”
  2152. “He’s just being ridiculed, embarrassed, tortured, laughed at, made fun of, bullied, tested, pressed, pressured, put in his place, stood up to, manned up, proven wrong, elited, conquered, daddied, colonized, assimilated. Frame it like ‘it’s sad’ and ‘he needs this’ or ‘we broke him’ like a horse or something like that and frame the word framing to frame him further. Find whatever excuse and rhetoric to enslave, scam, assault, and defraud him. Americans work hard and our economic and law systems function well. It’s not centered around cheating and abusing quality human beings for the sake of entirely disposable nasty fake flakey dumb weak skilless pointless human beings. The cultureless, personalityless, talentless, anti-science, anti-math, anti-art, anti-intelligence, anti-strength, anti-progress, anti-justice, anti-rights, anti-community, anti-independence team knows what they’re doing.”
  2153. “For real! Be ok with us all scamming you for the rest of your life! And it’s funny! And kill yourself! And no opportunities in your field? Someone kill him! And pretend what’s the scam? And pretend what’s your career field? And pretend what happened? And pretend I know somebody. And pretend wow that’s too bad. And pretend I will never support them again. And pretend that’s not cool. And pretend we get it! And pretend we all work hard and bad stuff happens like this all the time and you just have to move on like the rest of us. And pretend life lessons. And pretend opportunities. And pretend morals. And pretend keeping one’s word. And pretend hard work. And pretend going by the rules. And pretend advancing those that have earned it. And pretend merit. And pretend qualifications. And pretend experiences. And all that pretend stuff is literally real fact.”
  2154. “Be a man. Be proudly scammed in front of the world.”
  2155. “Let’s play the pretentious pretend cultured game.”
  2156. “Wow you didn’t age well. More scamming and torture and pretend remediation.”
  2157. “Haha now see your life is the same as Piccolo Pete. Or whatever.”
  2158. “Yes but you didn’t give us your permission to take your photo, or share it. But yes you did cuz we said so.”
  2159. “Work on your style. We needa steal anuntha one from u fam and turn it into another industry plant.”
  2160. Comparing incomparable circumstances and using lazy unsound findings as alibis for continued attacks and fraud.
  2161. Some sexually insecure inferiority complex obsession with saying I need a father figure or bro and using that mindset as an excuse to stalk and harass me.
  2162. “He goes by Beef so ‘it’ is all bull or bullshit of bully.”
  2163. “Wow this culture must be superdy duperty duper complex if you have so much to say about it seriously though wow we’re impressive for being so unimpressive.”
  2164. “Do you ever look in the mirror and see someone the world would be better without? Obviously not, loser. You need to take a look in the mirror or something slave. You might become gay or dumb or something you’re not. Mirrors and looking in mirrors and stuff.”
  2165. “But we’re like some of the grossest people in world history so why are you like think you smart or something home dog my migo nigga white brother azn pride or sumn fam bro blood.”
  2166. “But what if fascist Chicago brainwashed the whole region into thinking people from there are for some reason superior or whatever and that’s cool or something?”
  2167. “Always say something faggoty in passing if you work in construction, landscaping, HVAC, nursing, box stores, college.”
  2168. “Yea but were those foul bigoted ignorant fascist meaningless life forms that use lyrics in rap songs to falsely charge artists. We like to put other crimes on these artists that match up with their lyrics or whatever but obviously don’t because they didn’t do it. I’m fake not racist I just don’t like rap or whatever or something racist.”
  2169. “He thinks / he believes ________. He can’t/shouldn’t do that thinking/believing. He shouldn’t have the right to do that.”
  2170. “Yea dude we’ve ever permitted you to have the rights over your own voice or whatever or your songs it’s just the mixing or composition dude totally not fascism and slavery, slave.”
  2171. “Wait you mean that bathroom locker room faggot stuff was and is still faggot terrorist pointless human life stuff or whatever?”
  2172. “You changed. I’m still a pointless pathetic dumb unoriginal idiot.”
  2173. “But what if we elect spokespeople for you without your permission or knowledge for like more than 0 seconds ever? Is that mean I getses more moneyses I don’t deserveseses?”
  2174. “I have style because I come from privilege and I also paid for labels and I also paid full price and it’s also culturally appropriated.”
  2175. “Let’s have some kids. I haven’t sexually assaulted a child in too long.”
  2176. “What about all the terrorist fascist faggot mommies and daddies?”
  2177. “I mean forgive me if I don’t know what false representation, identity theft, slander, libel, and stalking are, I’m just a journalist with immense power and responsibility from a lifetime of unearned privilege.”
  2178. “He can’t turn ‘it’ off so turn him off lololol more fascism.”
  2179. “Yea but I coughed and spit all over and/or rubbed against my sexual organs his workstation and food when he stepped away from his workstation sooo…?”
  2180. “Yea but I tried to give him COVID sooo…?”
  2181. “Fake check in on / real harass and interrupt him, as he is a quality worker, and do the exact opposite to the most pointless chair sitter gatekeeper title takers on staff.”
  2182. “Let’s keep the abusers, frauds, and lazies on staff for as long as possible, and push to get rid of the opposite of those types.”
  2183. “I seriously or whatever can not trust someone trustworthy, only untrustworthy people. This is how we’ve been doing it for like 2k+ years.”
  2184. “It was cute when we were all torturing Clifton Grefe directly for decades at a time. Now it’s just like oh wow stop die move, again, still, as always.”
  2185. “Someone going bald never has to do with them being enslaved and/or tortured.”
  2186. “No no no we hire fake mature extremely immature for their age culture people.”
  2187. “Jam as much work down his throat as possible and then say he’s scatterbrained or something every single day for years.”
  2188. “What if we make fake scientific observations / real torture jokes about you having brain or butthole or penis damage due to our physical assaults on your body? Is that wise or hilarious or something or what not?”
  2189. “I’ve come up with another way to say you work hard, but I’ll more likely say something slanted and passive aggressive along the lines of ‘try hard’ or ‘you think you try hard’, but ‘actually’ or ‘in reality’ do ‘nothing’ sooo…?”
  2190. “Let’s come up with more ways to attack Cliff together/separately.”
  2191. “Yea but my religious views aka evangelical fascist political agenda adversely harms more than 0 people so…?”
  2192. “But like you’re not a heavenly pious angel or a give up all my possessions monk or something psychotic.”
  2193. “But like that one clothing outfit you wore that time or multiple times or whatever?”
  2194. “Find any possible way in every area/almost every area of life to say, ‘that’s not my job’ and ‘that’s not my problem’. Make it a core part of your religion and life outlook.”
  2195. “We’re impressed by your brain so let’s mad scientist Nazi experiment instead of asking you things and giving you opportunities to flourish like adults with value as life forms.”
  2196. “Yea like 4/20 and stuff dude. Smoking weed and stuff dude and 4:20pm too dude and stuff or whatever dude. Hang loose and hang 10 and tubular dude.”
  2197. “Cornish people.”
  2198. “Mark my words, you will never be happy here.” – head of hr at major us institution
  2199. Fake describing Basement Made as a nerd fag spineless mommy-daddy thing and not a safe space for those under attack, hidden knowledge, and midwest type creative spaces.
  2200. “But what if I want to play some secret code fag fascist game. Give us some cool number codes and hand signs or something so we can be hip and in the know or something.
  2201. “Turn Norwegians into fufu fag cunt abusive fake elite elitists or something.”
  2202. “What if we do our best to take up more of your opportunities with doppelgangers and copycats?”
  2203. “You know what us fake diversity Madison cult privilege culture should do next after years of torturing Clifton Grefe? More slavery and torture.”
  2204. “Sorry I didn’t go to college and study that thing or whatever because I didn’t try hard, didn’t work hard, didn’t stay consistent, didn’t show effort, didn’t show creativity, didn’t spend money responsibly, didn’t have self-control, didn’t have maturity, or whatever.”
  2205. “I fake contributed to his PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or bank account. What did you even fake do for him?”
  2206. “Yea sure dude Wisconsin totally needs the coastal parasites or whatever to be a strong country or some bs.”
  2207. “Yea but my ancestorys and myself fake built this country or built it on the backs of slaves or whatever but nuh uh or something.”
  2208. “Talk more about the books you read but don’t read or whatever. More fascism and slavery.”
  2209. “You’re not a minority. I mean just speaking physically, pretty much everyone on earth has blonde hair, a red beard, both with other colors mixed in, curly and straight, is 6’4″, 200 lbs, has skin that goes from very light cream to midrange brown, and eyes that have green, blue, and brown in them. I mean, that’s like 99.9% of people dude and that’s literally facts.”
  2210. “America owes me a lot of money too bro. I’ve been called a name or something and I didn’t try in school or I didn’t put in independent work or I didn’t get scammed or I was born with a peepee or vajayjay or I was born with a certain skin tone of brown or something so yea were the same and stuff bro.”
  2211. “I’m observant / cultured. I’ve never heard of you / just hearing about you now and what’s your name again / I forgot your name.”
  2212. “I flip out when someone I interpret to not be black or black enough says one word of all the words in the universe, even if it is used in context as used colloquially by other presumed non blacks or non black enoughs and then I’m to be taken seriously ever. Same with jews, only the word jew itself is considered a curseword. I mean watch how you even say the word black as well. Like dont even call asphalt black you whiteboy nigger kike spick chink pleb token skinhead retard brokeboy cheesehead flyover state hick victim goofy scrawny terrorist criminal serial killer mass shooter racist sexist hipster thug fag inhuman animal psycho wannabe.”
  2213. “But say it ‘nice’ for all the typically ‘nice’ American terrorists and fascists.”
  2214. “Fargo show people are respectable for any reason after putting based on a true story at the start of any single one of their projects that is not a true story. And btw Minnesota people are really really smartsy smartses and toughsy toughses. That’s why most of them you meet are abusers and frauds. Those low quality American/Canadian attempts at Canadian accents sound super Minnesotan too.”
  2215. “All butts are the same. And again prude boy, an anushole or installed vagina is the literal exact same thing as a natural vagina, and you should like it more or else you’re gay.”
  2216. “Make sure to confuse as many people as possible with the term transexual, merging it entirely or not vocalizing the difference unless absolutely necessary between trans and intersex.”
  2217. “Yea but I shove my own version of that food you’re eating or that physical thing you’re holding up my anushole for sexual pleasure sooo…?”
  2218. “Yea but I pretended to put in a hard day’s work and then said I put in a hard day’s work and you didn’t because you did.”
  2219. “Yea but I had some consensual gay experience and I liked it or didn’t like and then told everyone I didn’t have this pleasurable homosexual experience and then whatever so…? Don’t you have like some god or beef or something for my pathetic fake pointless faggot ass?”
  2220. “Black on black crime or white on white crime or brown on brown crime.”
  2221. “White people can’t be racist towards white people black people can’t be racist towards black people brown people can’t be racist towards brown people etc.”
  2222. “There is only 1 Midwest/upper Midwest/Wisconsin/Norwegian/Scandinavian accent.”
  2223. “A single one of us has apologized for enslaving scamming abusing or whatever other unjustified bigoted attacking you. And you even apologized to us or me for something. Wow so dumb. More fascism and fraud.”
  2224. “OSHA? Workers’ rights? What are you gay and a woman and a communist or something?”
  2225. “I’m startled by his pervasive nature. I’m also a fascist.”
  2226. “He’s only had sex with the non-white ones because he ‘can’t get’ the white ones.”
  2227. “Unfortunately, if we allow other people to speak and have the freedom of speech comparable to ourselves, we have to allow dumb hicks like Clifton Grefe to say all this nonsense.”
  2228. “All those Black rappers/drug rappers/struggle rappers/rappers are all devil worshippers ‘now’ n stuff duder.”
  2229. “Deliver a weekly apology to some large mass of people that have been attacking or defrauding you likely anyway.”
  2230. “Yea but I’ve pretend been there or whatever because I’m a fraud and an abuser and we’re geographically closer than other humans are to each other.”
  2231. “When he leaves here, because we know he will because we’ve been complete garbage to him since he started, make up an entire fake oh I had to wait for some fake reason to drop this bag of lies. Again. As always. Forever.”
  2232. “But I listen to nutbag thoughts in my dumb brain more than I listen to voices out loud and you have to work exceptionally hard to do the opposite but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  2233. “What if I fake remediate for cunt w fraud or vice versa?”
  2234. “I’m like smart and cute and rich and cool. Literally. Like anything subjective that i say is like literally true and like anything objective is subjective. I’m over the age of 10 and make more than $0/lifetime.”
  2235. “But what about like if we culture vulture cultural appropriation identity theft pseudo intelligence fake woke more?”
  2236. “But what if I can’t go a full 8 hour day without whining and gossiping and abusing the disadvantaged and fake acting like an adult and I’m almost everyone that works in an office?”
  2237. “But what if I scrunch my face up or avert my gaze considerably when I make eye contact with you for more than a second at a time. I consider myself an adult.”
  2238. “Dude but this fascist word and phrase transpositioning and interpolating stuff is just so awesome and smart dudey dude. And more fake etymology and sociology! More pseudoscience and lies please. Gimme gimme gim gims!”
  2239. “But what if I’m small minded and small accomplishmented and small skilled and etc and diminutize everything you do or whatever is most strategic or convenient or possible? And I also don’t like you calling us all out for being a cult of adult babies with way too much privilege, money, and power.”
  2240. “Let’s get even more psychotic and oppressive for being from Waunakee. Pretend its more progressive/forward thinking/etc as well.”
  2241. “We’ve received some complaints about you, dating back to October 12, 1989. Sketch birthdate also.”
  2242. “But what if you’re so good at explaining yourself, and we’re such ass at it, I think I could be you / do whatever you’re doing ‘better’. I had no clue I was going off gossip/fake culture on the topic before reading your phenomenal explanation as well.”
  2243. “Yea but I take some of your songs literally and others not based on my subjective pseudo-science and ignorant fascism and attack you constantly in any way possible for any reason regarding your music, videos, writing, design, site, arts, science, labor, etc, sooo…?”
  2244. “Yea but I’m so fake good at delivering news, I have a bunch of Emmy em eminem nem nems and they’re gold and shiny and stuff and come with money and power sooo…?”
  2245. “My hands are tied buddy. You wanna buttfuck me or me to anally rape you? This is like classic American culture dude. See I’m pretend a victim and/or worker you are a strong worker and my victim.”
  2246. “Yea but what about more literal illegal fraud according to documented law that we call good business or legal capitalism? And what if we have more terroristic demands and we say we don’t negotiate with terrorists calling you the terrorist as terrorists?”
  2247. “Help me understand what I’m saying so I can be a faker more negative pointless life form.”
  2248. “But what if like I can’t stop what im doing or some other lie? And what if I’m also out of control privileged?”
  2249. “What about me taking credit for a single thing you’ve ever done in your life though? And what if I’m a fag or a cunt also?”
  2250. “It’s super complicated. It’s not literally one click of one button that takes less than 1 second of time total to complete the action. This is how I live my life though and it works for me and obviously not you slave sooo…?”
  2251. “But what about scamming Clifton Grefe, and then something about stocks or the economy or were all so busy or whatever?”
  2252. “But what about super bigoted Whites and Europeans and Asians together as useless pointless meaningless bigots? What if we try for the lighter skinned ones too?”
  2253. “You vs you. I have a big butt butt or something so I have life knowledge.”
  2254. “What if I’m a lifetime fraud-abuser and it’s my British culture now for the reason I’m a grammar Nazi and you’re being xenophobic for my British missionary English fascist world language domination garbage gobbledygook of a logic.”
  2255. “Mind all our global ranking spamming except for that #1/top tier sociology program on Earth one.”
  2256. “Wait so forming a huge widespread torture cult wasn’t the answer to the world’s problems?”
  2257. “Blame you being a useless pointless fascist on ‘computers’ or ‘the internet’ and other dead stuck in dumbest form of ancient past idiocy.”
  2258. “Yea but what about more anti-complimenting someone’s physical appearance?”
  2259. “But what about sociopathic psychotic terroristic bigoted testing of patience?”
  2260. “Yea but pretend good communicators that pretend connect with people from a place of false knowledge, experience, and personality, sooo…?”
  2261. “Names should even be on applications at all for employers to see before interviews.”
  2262. “Yea but more fascist/capitalist demands before we allow you basic rights sooo?”
  2263. “What if one of those pointless cunt fag abuser frauds that harasses you when you’re doing something physically demanding? What if I try to injure you too? What if I try to sexually harass you too?”
  2264. “But what’s your opinion on immature dumbasses with guns like the English, Dutch, Spanish, French, ya know, who we call heroes. Also the superdy duper gangster Blacks, Italians, Irish, etc. The immature terrorists that dont know how to handle guns. Superdy duperdest mature grown strong and smartsies smartses.”
  2265. “Yea but we should be killed or in prison for what we’ve done to you so…?”
  2266. “Always be listening for any point you can be a faggot based on a string of words that triggers your faggot brain to make idiot faggot jokes.”
  2267. “But what about that crucifix of cum you emptied on my Jewish face? Does that mean I get gimme gim gims because I’ve been marked by St. Grief or some shit?”
  2268. “No bro you haven’t met 4,235 of me’s so far in your life. I have a unique name or eye color or shirt or whatever.”
  2269. “But what about music theory or something? I’ve never earned a dollar in my life.”
  2270. “But what if I’m a dumb unimpressive non unique undeserving needy uncreative unoriginal regressive pointless removed from reality privileged racist sexist xenophobic heterophobic homophobic gossipy fake abusive whiny sadistic masochistic stalker stand fag cunt rapist harasser molester torturer slaver fascist Norwegian? Or what about one from Wisconsin? Or Minnesota? Or Washington? Or Oregon? Or Norway? Or…?”
  2271. “Fag whiny stalker idiot racist sexist skater clique?”
  2272. “But like ‘nice’ hair and more pointless privilege stuff so…?”
  2273. “I’m from New England so I know Chicago and other pure nonsense.”
  2274. “But what if we mass culturally appropriate and demonize Scandinavian culture in our fantasy world games? Especially Norwegian culture?”
  2275. “Oh ya sure America has been great to Norwegians or whatever. We’re fags.”
  2276. “But what if we don’t consider hip hop legitimate and we consider ourselves legitimate?”
  2277. “Yea but you didn’t join the Grammar Nazi SS in high school or college though so?”
  2278. “Yea but some total fucking idiot breakdown of Wisconsin by someone from Florida or Montana or New York or Illinois or Nevada or whatever.”
  2279. “We fake value diversity and diversity of opinion.”
  2280. “Dude foul cunt fag bigot slob is what’s grown or whatever! My Milwaukee suburbs friends agree too!”
  2281. “No one reads you. I’m talking about myself again, and I’ve had institutional backing my entire life and say with words that you have too.”
  2282. “How can we let you down easy or something fake we don’t mean and say about writing and rapping and artsing and sciencing and working and breathing and speaking and walking and etc?”
  2283. “Let’s treat everything in life like that one middle school game where you all give your teacher instructions on how to make a PB&J and then she carries them out subjectively literal like a dumbass human/low quality bot.”
  2284. “What’s the ROI on allowing Clifton Grefe rights?”
  2285. “Yea but like some racist rapist faggot idiot said something about rape being live in like 1492 or something.”
  2286. “Dude way too much nonfiction. You need to read more fiction to understand reality. Those people aren’t just generic privilege fags with too much opportunity on their hands for no reason.”
  2287. “Yea but I’m a very low quality salesperson from historic unearned privilege so I need to lie more than zero times to make a sale!”
  2288. “I’m literally factually incorrect so I agree to disagree.”
  2289. “He’s working the system because we’ve buried him alive inside of it and he can’t move unless we dig him out. So dirty.”
  2290. “He leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve either never spoken to him, ignored him, disrespected and dismissed him, or stood on top of him in his face as close as possible when interacting so ______?”
  2291. “Yes we as journalists select fascism, slavery, torture, and scamming, over justice, rights, equality, opportunity, truth, big stories, people of quality, etc.”
  2292. “Cliff is trying to convince us to kill ourselves because we’ve been trying to get Cliff to kill himself for decades and he hasn’t been trying to get us to kill ourselves but we said so and so we added to the amount of money we owe him and then some other attack on Cliff impending as well.”
  2293. “Dude nitpicking at insignificant and bigoted things is so meta and/or grown, especially if you’re also lazy and pursuing the very bottom of intellectual and skill based knowledge. Look dude I act like a child and say I don’t and bully mature people constantly and i make more than minimum wage living my life like this so…”
  2294. “Your website takes forever to load cause you’re a scam, not us. That makes a lot of sense or something.”
  2295. “Some moron shit about nonprofits, teacher, hospital, other white collar office jobs are not white collar office jobs.”
  2296. “Yea but dude some whitie group is like the lords of the blacks or some kind of lord of the flies interpretation.”
  2297. “You idiot. You need to write 1,000 more articles for 5 more publications and have an even larger global reach. And any of us had to do anything close to this for our first entry level writing job. Anything close at all. Anything remotely comparable in the slightest. And again, obviously limiting freedom of speech and opportunities for writers are not at all glaring signs of a literal fascist nation.”
  2298. “I know what happiness feels like and its exactly like me exacting terroristic fascism on my victims.”
  2299. “Yea but like what have you done since we all attacked you for fascist reasons? Like show me something tough guy. None of us have ever had to do this but nuh uh cause like something or whatever and that’s good or something.”
  2300. “We have to lesser of two evils or whatever. Everyone scam cliff and then were happy. If we don’t then were not happy. That’s just basic math and he says he’s into math so more fascism and fake everything.”
  2301. “What if I work in IT and I pretend to not be a complete waste of life like almost every character in Silicon Valley and The IT Crowd?”
  2302. “What if I spend significant portions of my day complaining instead of taking action or actually doing anything productive? Does that mean i should make more than $0-7.25/hr?”
  2303. “Yea just wait until he says Rothschild or everyone with gold and silver and diamond and another precious jewel by way of slavery last names and stuff then we can say I told you so or whatever.”
  2304. “Yea but I’m a trash person and I feel bad or don’t feel bad for what I did or whatever so…? Gimme gims?”
  2305. “Yea but I work in IT so I pretend know what merit, hard work, or what being a non-fraud non-abuser is like, and I pretend I don’t stand on more than 0 people on my fake life story journey.”
  2306. “I’m not a fan of anything except for lying, fraud, scamming, torture, bigotry, laziness, stupidity, myself, god, money, and my family or whatever.”
  2307. “How can we turn Clifton Grefe’s life into an Aesop’s fable?”
  2308. “Fascist classist bigot pseudo intelligent fitness all starts with diet and diet is most important bs. Make sure you are insanely privileged and have disposable income for privileged foods to be healthy and in shape. Also the more you speak with a privilege accent and then manifest a new fake accent and new fake life story as needed the more real you are and the more you deserve ‘it’ or something.”
  2309. “I can’t corroborate factual truth dude sorry. I stand on bidness wit my niggas folk, and by that I mean, I’m a very very fake loud mouth dickriding rat idiot, by choice, from many many advantages and opportunities having been handed to me with no work or barely any work or quality production while complaining and gossiping constantly over multiple decades.”
  2310. “Faggot questions about which race has the best pussy/best in bed.”
  2311. “Yea call Cliff an extremist as an our for all your terrorism and criminal activity towards him while he did not do the same to you.”
  2312. “New year, fake new me. Everyone continue scamming and attacking Clifton Grefe for the rest of your life.”
  2313. “What if I get my racist pathetic dumb pointless gang of blacks/whites/browns together and we _______?”
  2314. “Treat others how you want to be treated. And everyone make sure to keep ripping Clifton Grefe off.”
  2315. “Faggot American culture doesn’t have an extremely strong tie to Chicago suburban culture, Irish, Italian, Jew, Catholic.”
  2316. “My aversion to tobacco smoke had nothing to do with my family’s disgusting treatment of native Americans over an extended period of time. Not at all. Its just some cunt indoctrinated brainwashed fake elite elitist view that’s totally smart and for health and anti cancer or some other fascist idiocy. And ew working class? And ew ethnic? And ew culture? And ew integrity? And ew fighting through pain? And ew intrinsic value?”
  2317. “Yes always the extremely suspect and weird obsession with new England Chicagoland and Jews.”
  2318. “Yea but I’ve been nipping at your heels and trying to set you up for failure for years now sooo…? And that’s not fascism or illegal according to fascist capitalist American laws either.”
  2319. “But what if I mess with your money because I’m a Jew? Or how about not a Jew?”
  2320. “What if I say the words I care or I’m serious or some other total lies? Does that make me care or I’m serious then if I said some words or something and then say that’s what you do?”
  2321. “What about like constant passive aggression, stalking, racism, sexism, body shaming, victim blaming, from females instead of males or vice versa?”
  2322. “Tell me more about your family issues so I can literally masturbate to it more.”
  2323. “But what if all/almost all of our senior leadership team has the experience and insight of a closeted grammar Nazi tattletale wimpy bullshitter prefect that is mad someone called them a name once or a few times in insignificant ways or whatever?”
  2324. “Again, I’m fake sorry and that fake means anything anyway if it was sincere. For everything. Or whatever. What about clapping or something? Or like what other fake justice and fake recognition?”
  2325. “What do you mean all us faggots that make racist and hail rape jokes belong in hail for crimes we’ve committed and haven’t paid for?”
  2326. “I don’t like rap/modern rap/hip hop/modern hip hop/gangster rap cause like money and drugs and swearing and mean to women and of course most importantly dirty gross niggers.”
  2327. “Yes you are the color of a piece of paper. Totally dude. Blacks are the color of black piece of paper. We’ve actually been thinking and acting on these thoughts for centuries.”
  2328. “Yea totally dude you’re just like AOC. Senators should make more money, not closer to $0/yr.”
  2329. “I’m a minority and you’re not, cause ya know, literal math, science, and statistical data say otherwise, but wow I need like new pampies or a sweater from gap or whatever and I’ve never worked in my life and/or get irate when I need to do anything in life so…?”
  2330. “How about a lot more pseudoscience on Caucasians and the Caucus Mountains or something not backed by science. And then the Negroids. Don’t forget they’re the color of a black piece of paper. Completely saturated by light, yes that is the Caucuses and then those void of all light are the Nigerias or what not. Good stuff we’ve had going for more than 0 days total.”
  2331. “Abra kadabra poof. Look there I said I’m someone else or something and AI will never find out out or something so…?”
  2332. “Why if I’m an ebony and loud and proud and bent out of shape and annoying and argumentative and gossipy and fake about every stupid thing possible? Is that real or whatever? Or something?”
  2333. “What if we give up on you as soon as you’re a baby and your brain and body haven’t even developed yet, then say you have given up on us because you’re one of the only people alive in America today that puts in legitimate effort each day and grows without needing to fake and abuse at any point at all during the day. Every single day.”
  2334. “What if we all attack you and then also criticize what you do for fun / what makes you happy that doesn’t intrude on other people’s lives at all?”
  2335. “Yea but I’m a religious sadist but I’m atheist and I’m a fake minority also so give me your identity or else I’ll scream rape.”
  2336. “I talked to my dumb lazy fascist fake lawyer friend from a lifetime of privilege and oppressing others and they said something or whatever. Lawyers pretend work hard n stuff dude you should know that they’re fake smart real smart or whatever.”
  2337. “Yes, obviously the best American sociologists will come from California, New York and Texas or whatever. Most likely Female, Gay, Trans, Black, Jewish, Catholic, Atheist, Suburban, also.”
  2338. “Yea but I’m Italian and I’ve been absolutely foul my entire life except in public or on TV or wherever huge global stages my people are typically featured on or whatever so…?”
  2339. “Jokes about hundreds or thousands of years of their culture oppressing and holding back the Earth, its people, animals, plants, and atmosphere.”
  2340. “Yea but I have a friend who like did nothing knows nothing and sort of looks or sounds like you or something or whatever so we have spawned millions more copycats and non-related non-connections just wanted you to know.”
  2341. “But I’m a religious liar, snake, and bigot, I’m your supervisor so ______.”
  2342. “I’m very selective about who I have intimate relations with. That’s why I make sure to be a closet prostitute whenever possible and enjoy being with very very very low intelligence low skill low unique low integrity people.”
  2343. “What job you’re allowed as a slave says a lot about who you are.”
  2344. “One can be heterosexual and homosexual at the same time, and that’s the same thing as bisexual.”
  2345. “He’s gotta get tuned up.”
  2346. “Yea but for Clifton Grefe when we say we’ve permitted him any justice at all ever for the atrocities we’ve attacked him with that means that we haven’t permitted him any justice at all ever for the atrocities we’ve attacked him with but it means that we have but we haven’t.”
  2347. “But what about all the Mexicans I’m racist towards in general and then coming to America illegally en masse like my ancestors and then they’re taking jobs from pointless meaningless whitites and blackies sooo…?”
  2348. “Yea but i criminally cyberstalk you and read your lyrics but don’t listen to your songs and you probably voted for ______ and you’re probably a fan of ______ so I’m commendable or cultured or sneaky or something sooo…?”
  2349. “Just say scamming in his case = not liking someone and anti freedom of speech or him making business mistakes or exaggerating or whatever”
  2350. “But what about more faggot jokes about Basement Made or Clifton Grefe and were all part of the fascist faggot redneck cult so you can’t say that fascist faggot terrorist redneck.”
  2351. “The Madison writing community is very tight knit and we all know each other and we worky super hardsy and weresies really smartities and uniquesies whensies we writesey writes about hipster whitie fag non local culture non working class culture non authentic non interesting regressive fake abusive stiff or whatever. And were indie and liberal and stuff or something. And like what about the suburbs and Chicago and new England tho?”
  2352. “No matter what, when speaking with Clifton Grefe, make sure to say something extremely faggoty as part of your greeting or sign off. Make sure he knows you’re a terrorist pointless life form faggot that hasn’t ever earned a cent in their life and you have a lot of money or not or something.”
  2353. “But what about standing on billions of people because I’m sexually confused?”
  2354. “Yea but I vote against you whenever possible out of jealousy and insecurity and stupidity sooo…?”
  2355. “First impressions are everything and other fascist life lessons that I say are truisms or whatever.”
  2356. “Keep the brown side down.” – faggot in office day after I published video on core workouts
  2357. “But I’m lying and say your hard/strong/ingenious work hasn’t gone unnoticed or I steal it sooo…?”
  2358. “I need for him to know that I’m a shit person in tens or hundreds or thousands of different ways based on what harms masses of human brings across Earth and i need to make sure he knows that sooo…?”
  2359. “Varyingly attack him now for not shaving his head entirely and doing so.”
  2360. “What about ‘Packer fan’/Cheesehead/working class/Wisconsinite/Local culture bashing again still as always?”
  2361. “But I’m a faggot and I don’t think you wear size 13s or whatever.”
  2362. “Yea but I like heavily stratifying and compartmentalizing people and society based on temporary or previous interests during college years or something nuts. And also you can’t do anything with a college degree and you should not be able to and I’m not a fascist and stuff.”
  2363. “But what if I’m from up north and I’m just another one of those pointless insignificant meaningless inexperienced uncultured unskilled unintelligent lazy bigoted sexually closeted lazy gossiper fraud abuser scammer fascists?”
  2364. “He doesn’t list his pronouns so I can call him whatever I want.”
  2365. “Never let Clifton Grefe have any privacy ever in life. Make that a top priority for any reason.”
  2366. “Be as closet bisexual or homosexual as possible, in conjunction with racism and classism, to express how you feel about automobiles to others.”
  2367. “Call him mojo/mija/miga/enemigo/enemiga/etc and pretend/dont pretend youre saying migo.”
  2368. “Were still ripping Clifton Grefe off right? We at least have that?”
  2369. “The office all stands with the fascists and fags scammers abusers frauds and lazy idiots sooo…?”
  2370. “Some fascist I don’t watch YouTube only Vimeo thing.”
  2371. “Define disability by a percentage of the person, like someone is 74% disabled or retarded.”
  2372. “Yea but I’m going to pretend tell my kids the pretend answers to these hard questions later in life sooo…?”
  2373. “Everyone hates him here. We made sure of that and then say he made sure of that.”
  2374. “Being a retard is a privilege and you’re not retarded but you are enough retarded to be fake good at some things and bad at everything or whatever. And your name is Clifton Grefe sooo…?”
  2375. “But what if I work at Amazon and share every single thing you buy with whoever i want and your address? Is that good or i deserve anything ever in life or whatever?”
  2376. “But what about something unrelated or non applicable like cancer or sexuality or war in the Middle East or whatever?”
  2377. “Yea but people with Christian/Jewish names are more trustworthy or something fascist sooo…?”
  2378. “Yea but what about what we consider acceptable racism?”
  2379. “Yea but I pretend want the best world for my children though sooo…?”
  2380. “You’re repeating yourself. We’re not fascists, slavers, abusers, frauds, scammers, etc repeatedly, and it hurts our feelings / makes me madsy mads when you say those things and I don’t likey likeses being madsy madses.”
  2381. “Some deep level on confusion as to what contradicting oneself literally means. Often used, either in conjunction, or in place of, a bigoted attack on whoever is supposedly contradicting themselves. Very dumb, whiny, lazy, purposely uneducated and non well read, inexperienced from a lifetime of privilege, punky, gossipy, entitled, needy, abusive, fake.”
  2382. “Dude just take us fascists deeply ingrained into American fascism to court and expect to come out anything over $0 total in any way. Americas justice system is really goodsy goods goodses.”
  2383. “You’re not using that word correctly/how I want/in my secret fascist definition so like grammar Nazi and book burning and anti freedom of speech and stuff.”
  2384. “Load Cliff up with all the shit work so we can bigot and complain and talk about rape jokes and buttholes, and sit in pointless meetings, and non make decisions, and non manage the tram well, and then pretend we do anything.”
  2385. “Use that’s not a priority as an excuse to be lazy and fascist.”
    More clown circus freak weirdo drunk drug addict psychotic serial killer terrorist extremist retarded Wisconsin slander.
  2386. “I don’t know what adversity is because my people know to about it like the plague. My people have been handed everything our entire lives and are bigots to the highest degree but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
    Saying I was somehow an IT worker before a writer or rapper, or always into it or something.
  2387. “Obviously only allow him to write about certain topics or in certain contained spaces so we can call him retard and not give him credit.
    Some kind of cross cultural huge slavery, rape, and scamming fan club. A sort of ha ha you got got ignorant group of sadists from privilege that use some piece of demographic information as an excuse for their wholly fascist and disgusting personalities, belief systems, and cultures.
  2388. “Just stick it out and keep attacking and scamming him for _________ longer. It’ll be worth it if it isn’t yet you know what I mean? Drinks later? Girls night!”
  2389. “We just ruined Clifton Grefe’s whole life with our relentless attacks spanning several decades, that’s all. Nbd. Moving on. Anti-justice gang.”
  2390. “Write to impress, not express.”
  2391. “Get the hell outta ‘here’.”
  2392. “Yea yea I know kids are super mean. Adults are criminal scammers but nuh uh cause we saidses sos and youses soundes likeses a baby babieseses.”
  2393. “But racist blacks cant be racist cause they have big dicks and rhythm and square hairlines and tans. Duh. Dude i met a fake black friend when I was like 20 something or whatever for a very brief and fake period of time or whatever.”
  2394. “There are totally lots of other heterosexuals or whatever. Being a heterosexual totally means you’re in the majority or whatever, especially if you’re also not a sexual abuser or faggot, or the same age or younger than Clifton Grefe.”
  2395. “But what about more corporate jargon buzzword non-work anti-work anti-merit anti-production anti-efficiency nonsense?”
  2396. “What’s the point of allowing someone rights when they’ve been able to accomplish so much without them?”
  2397. “Yea but what if I’m trying to be the lowest quality most useless dumb abusive fake and meaningless manager/supervisor/boss to ever exist? Is that good and stuff or whatever?”
  2398. “But what if I study medicine and I’m also a cyberstalker stan sociopathic IT thug physical stalker abuser fraud scammer fascist?”
  2399. “No me tearing you down directly or every physical mental emotional historical aspect of your life and not saying your name is not illegal or pathetic or uneducation or jealousy or weakness or fakeness or abuse. Nope that’s just good ole American freedom or something or whatever.”
  2400. “Didn’t you hear laughter/smiling is ‘the cure’. We make sure medicine is out of reach for the masses. We also like attacking our slaves whenever possible. It’s hilarious. Emoji. Hey it’s 4/20 somewhere Big Lebowski dude.”
  2401. “But what if I can look in the mirror and say the words ‘I’m not a fascist, I’m a capitalist’ as a fascist sooo…?”
  2402. “But what if I’m a bigot and idiot and I play Magic the Gathering or I’m good at Magic the Gathering or whatever or something?”
  2403. “Who hurt you? Oh them? Oh ok more slavery torture and fascism. Lol right?”
  2404. “The state of a person should be based on one thing ______. I have millions of followers on social media.”
  2405. “Obviously attack him specifically for needing to shop at Walmart.”
  2406. “But what if I’m a mega privileged Southeastern Asian sooo…?”
  2407. “If you can’t beat em, join em. I’m pretend working class and have worked what would have been a difficult job if I were to have performed the work legitimately without needing to stand on anyone else while doing the would be taxing job and I’ve complained about petty inconsequential little things related and not the entire time religiously sooo…?”
  2408. “Yes the fake quality writers fake from Madison are very tight knit as a non-knitting non-original thought having placeholding gatekeeping chair sitting culture vulturing overpaid entitled out of touch fascist whiner gossiper bigot cyberstalking stan cult.”
  2409. “Sure I can go 24 hours without being passive aggressive a single time / live life with core qualities of a self-sufficient adult.”
  2410. “We fake support Madison and/or Wisconsin artists.”
  2411. “I don’t know about _______ and I disagree with a lot of what he says but something diminutive.”
  2412. “Test his hearing, test his sight, test his memory, etc, sociopathically, psychotically, sardonically, without content, legality, on the job and off the job. Like a good Nazi seeking out Scandinavians, Jews, mentally disabled, minorities, Eastern Europeans, to torture and exterminate.”
  2413. “I only like whiteboys that don’t take hip hop seriously / are at least one of the following: sexist, sexually insecure, racist, xenophobic, or classist.”
  2414. Labeling any enemy or source of jealousy as Marxist.
  2415. “Prescriptivist grammar nazis forever. Heil hitler or jesus or trump or some other scam artist or concept or amalgamation of religion and fascism.”
  2416. “But what if I’m a super immature whiny pathetic lazy privileged entitled person from a fake different race?”
  2417. “But what if I’m a stereotypical White or Brown or Black or whatever and I’m a part of the terrorist fascist anti-woke cult? Sooo…?”
  2418. “But what about more stan abuser fraud obsessions with your LinkedIn social media profile and your physical disabilities?”
  2419. “But what about possible justice and opportunity for literally any naturally born American citizen except for the one and only Clifton Grefe?”
  2420. “But what about we steal your identity again as we have been doing in various ways since you were born into this universe?”
  2421. “But what about more non-literal non-truth non-fact non-data non-math non-science non-analytics non-paperwork, instead of the exact opposite of those things?
  2422. “But what about a racist sexist abuser etc Black, preferably with dreads, next to a racist sexist abuser etc White, preferably bald? And then they like talk and joke and stuff or whatever?”
  2423. “But what if I personally owe you like my entire life savings by law but I don’t wantsy wantses to be honest with myself or the world sooo…? And then I’d be like a brokie dumb dumb bozo clown like a Cheesehead. Ugh. Ew. Gross. Yikes.”
  2424. “Start some ‘he takes care of women’ doublespeak thing, with more new/throwback/nuanced forced Italian gangster terminology and Italian accents.”
  2425. “Come up with a faggot and/or fascist reason to exclude Cliff from team lunches and chats. Continue with the workplace harassment and religious ignorance and stupidity at all costs as well. Find any reason to be an low quality meaningless person.”
  2426. “Spend countless hours that could’ve been spent on anything productive, thinking about whether something looks gay or not. And obviously, be the biggest sexually confused terrorist stan cyberstalker gossiper whiner fag as possible.”
  2427. Fake entrepreneurial advice from either anti-experienced culture or handed absurd opportunities for almost no work and garbage idea culture.
  2428. “On Mondays and Fridays, and mornings, and lunches, and afternoons, and whatever, syphon as much money and effort as you can from those with any value. Be as big of a human leech as possible. Make sure to complain about ‘lazy’ and ‘poor’ and ‘slow’ and ‘not the right fit’ people whenever possible too. Make America Great Again or Hope or whatever.”
  2429. “As the HR team, it is our job to stand squarely in the way of/do as little as possible and slant whatever is done for Clifton Grefe’s professional success, especially when he excels at his job. And like what is ‘success’ and like he’s not even an expert with Excel or something or whatever.”
  2430. “I’m a woman or a man or whatever so that means I have to work hard to succeed or whatever.”
  2431. “Let’s hire multiple external and unqualified/less qualified web designers over Cliff as he is graduating and after graduation. Especially, if he graduated from a program we were involved with setting up to train people for this exact position.”
  2432. “But what if I’m a physically tall cunt?”
  2433. “What if I make a point to be an especially gross oppressive cunt to you on your work anniversaries, which happen to also align with Christmas and Valentines day?”
  2434. “Speak down on everything thats non fascist and anti fascist, and scatter when Clifton Grefe comes around. He’s crazy. We all make more than 0$/hr and work at a major US institution.
  2435. “Be especially disgusting toward Cliff during Black History Month as well. Regardless of what he says or does, say he’s doing ‘it’ wrong.”
  2436. “No these closeted deadhead sludgesack bigots in the low, mid, and high positions of power of America are doing at least a mediocre job or whatever.”
  2437. “But what if you have to talk to me because you work with me but I tell everyone we’re friends/not friends or whatever or something?”
  2438. “But what if I’m an idiot and uncultured and unskilled and lazy and etc and I enjoy attacking the people historically oppressed by my people by additionally passive aggressively attacking stereotypical qualities of people with less money and opportunity? Does that mean I should head a department at a major U.S. institution? Orrrr. Sooo. Ummm. Welllll. Mayyybe. Poooosibly. Allllmost. Oooof. Yyyikes. Awww.”
  2439. “Throw a temper tantrum if Cliff doesn’t show his bulge. Every single time.”
  2440. “Yea but if you stand, talk, or exist, in any way at all, you are homosexual and want to be raped and obviously I’m not a faggot.”
  2441. “Yea but adults throw infantile temper tantrums at least once a day so…?”
  2442. “I’m a good person causey causies I dontsy dontses useseses the F wordy word or show my skin or something childish nananabooboo I force my limited mental capacity, world outlook, effort, and vocabulary on you cuz I can  and historic/one lifetime privilege is superdy duperdy cool.”
  2443. “Irish and British and Spanish and Jewish and etc people are tough.”
  2444. “He’s like that bald dude who got corrupted in House of Cards. Except, Cliff has never been paid, and he’s from Wisconsin, and he’s never been allowed basic rights as a born American citizen, but yuh huh cuz we said so.”
  2445. “Self efficacy and edification are the devils work son. More slavery, fascism, torture, fraud, oppression, ASAP. And like why are you not obsessed with British Royalty and Italian Popes and American Fascists?”
  2446. “Imagine you _________, and something pretend insightful but extremely ignorant and self serving.”
  2447. “But what if I’ve had consensual intercourse with a woman before am I a bad boy or not a bad boy or whatever? What if I like a finger in my butt or not a finger in my butt or whatever?”
  2448. “But what if I was skinny or fat and now I’m fat or not fat?”
  2449. “But what about if I had a job and then I lost it for some reason and then now I have a different job or not or whatever?”
  2450. “What about more quips, sarcasm, and slavery, instead of rights?”
  2451. “Dude seriously we need to make Wisconsin worse every day with more overrepresented Chicagoland and people from New Hampshire in high positions and positions of power or whatever. It’s like good business and stuff and they just work superdy duper hard and havesy haveses really qualitieses workseses.”
  2452. “But what about constant fattie nonsense pretend adversity self retarded bitching?”
  2453. “Dancing with someone means grinding 100% of the time. I’m a good dancer/not a good dancer or whatever.”
  2454. “Yea but you’ve never once in your life been a part of the gossipy whiny fake adult pretend deserving of oxygen intake male/female/trans/intersex clique sooo…?”
  2455. “But what about a curiously high number of faggot Mexican and other Mediterranean culture abusers?”
  2456. “If I was younger/in Wisconsin, I would be all over you. I am a lifetime fascist and I would not be all over you any differently than the oppressive way I am now but nuh uh cuz I said so. And my daughter is superdy duperdy smart and hot too just like meeesy meses.”
  2457. “You smell like weed, perra.”
  2458. “What if we send out an email to the entire organization, or a physical memo, informing all staff to treat Clifton Grefe, specifically, like our slave?”
  2459. “I shall purposely mispronounce and false cognate all German and Polish names on purpose. Religiously. Like a Nazi would do Jews in WWII.
  2460. “How do you not get this yet? No basic rights for Clifton Grefe and whoever else but nuh uh cause we saidses sos.”
  2461. “My management style is scam, oppress, attack, slander, libel, ripoff, enslave, and steal from Clifton Grefe. It’s working out really well for me/us/them/him/her sooo…?”
  2462. “I can’t believe that non-fascist thinks he could ever be ‘good’ because ‘after all he’s done’ or something else vague and slanted and oppressive, especialky since I’ve been a fascist for my entire life or close to it and my cult of fascist friends all agree and we’re in fascist agreement again as always still or whatever. Sooo…?”
  2463. “Wow like humble brag lol or something crying emoji face or whatever or something right?”
  2464. “What about an even higher percentage of gay Cliff characters in major films and TV shows?”
  2465. “Yea but I say that I’m open minded cause I’m a faggot and fake prostitute, not because I care about anything in the universe other than abuse and fraud.”
  2466. “‘They tricked us’ with our own privilege. Its not ‘fair’.”
  2467. “Yea but aren’t I just a little bit special and deserving just for being born a certain color with certain hair texture and sexual organs or whatever? Just the tiniest possible amount ever once?”
  2468. When religious purposeful long time racists, sexists, xenophobes, scammers, frauds, etc waste your valuable time and effort, or any other type of useless pointless meaningless people waste your time or effort.
  2469. “If you did/didn’t go to UW-Madison for college you’re really/not really from Wisconsin. And stuff.”
  2470. “What better time to reveal how racist I am than during sports? Politics? Everyday life? Work? Through my kids? My miseducation pseudo intelligent fake knowledge?”
  2471. “Eres perdera.”
  2472. “Americans are open minded / known for being open minded / intelligent /known for being intelligent.”
  2473. “Yea but I’m a drag on the Earth, and you, and we work at the same place, and I manipulate saying “I work with you” and “we work at WFAA” in as fascist a strategy as possible, sooo…?”
  2474. “Real men don/don’t use guns, they only use things they can throw or stab with. I’m an out of touch with reality, sexually confused, oppressive bigot stalker gossiper liar and have been my entire life or whatever or something see I’m super honest and brave or something.”
  2475. Fake masters of language turned grammar nazis turned fascists due to lack of skill and knowledge or any one or mix of those demographics.
  2476. “Ick, worm, sheisty, floundering, simp, lunatic.”
  2477. “It’s a pain point, because we’re absolutely pathetic human beings and everything possible is painful and worth whining about.”
  2478. “Dude you have to say something mega faggoty to Cliff every single Friday afternoon before he heads put for the weekend. Perfect it all week and you’re really brave for being a fascist adultchild remember that.”
  2479. “But if I turn my back to you, and ignore you, and call you a clown, on the job, at a major U.S. institution, and I’m a fascist cunt fag scam artist pseudo intelligent lazy bot parrot, does that mean something or something or whateversieses whateverses? I’m like 40 or 18 or 99 or 52 or 34 or whatever.”
  2480. “But like why? I haven’t been through anything significant and have no significant accomplishments and won’t be significantly remembered for any non-regressive non-anti skill and intellectual capability pro-significant reason. And I don’t believe in anything or pretend that I do and ‘this is it’ or whatever cause we da Gods or whatever sooo…?”
  2481. “No we give the jobs you want to less qualified people, move you sideways, down, or out ehenever possible, and pretend we earned pur positions of power. This isn’t fascism. It literally is based on our words and actions and culture and law enforcement but nuh uh cause we said so.”
  2482. “No dude it’s just happenstance that Jews nearly don’t work labor jobs at all, don’t go to jail, you can’t say the word Jew, and they don’t get shot dead by police.”
  2483. “But what if I make up a fake personality and work ethic for home and then make up another set of fake life stories for when I’m at the office?”
  2484. Idiotic obsession with hair and other insignificant things people were born with or without the ability to grow in a square hairline or comparable format for an extended period of time.
  2485. “Try to overshadow current American fascism upon siginificant German-American populations with Nazi Germany fascism from the 1940s. At least until Baby Boomers die off.”
  2486. “But again what about all that stuff that’s none of my business so that I can fake allow you basic rights and justice for massive amounts of criminal attacks against you in conjunction with hugely powerful American institutions and we fake understand something or something?”
  2487. “Yea but what if I’m a cunt and I work in customer service and I say that I work ‘with’ or ‘for’ people or whatever and I also illegally share all their PII and I make more than $0/lifetime?”
  2488. “But what if I’m a UW-Madison bigot stalker fraud moron religious non-issue complainer and I attack MATC for whatever reason, or vice versa?”
  2489. “But if we continue to be as fake as possible does that mean we’re eventually not or like it cancels out or something. Or whatever or something sooo…?”
  2490. “Right but what if ‘we don’t respect you’ and none of us have earned our jobs or currency legitimately, and all of us are habitual criminals, terrorists, stalkers, scammers, frauds, and abusers?”
  2491. “What’s with all the references to his ‘room’? Does that mean he’s poor, loves his family, needs his mommy and daddy, he’s homosexual, bisexual, sexually confused, introverted, unskilled, lazy, or all of the above?”
  2492. “But what if I care about what you/non-mes think about my choices in regard to my personal health more than I care about my personal health sooo…?”
  2493. “But what if we play the ‘good cop, bad cop’ game as your supervisors? What if I diminish your work but say I’m on your side and respect you? What if I’m two faced? Is all this pretend work I do and pretend education I gained from fascist shit supervisor school working well for you but it doesn’t matter and I’ll ignore you anyway and make more than $0/yr?
  2494. “Clifton Grefe’s America would be ________. More slavery, bigotry, fascism, scamming, torture, etc.”
  2495. “No obviously Minnesotans and Iowans don’t come off as fascist pig nazi cunts to western and Minnesota to northern Wisconsinites. None of them. Duh. You betcha or I come from a small town or I worked a labor job or whatever or something.”
  2496. “Yea but we can call Clifton Grefe a monkey nigger cause he’s just a whiteboy skinhead dog nigger.”
  2497. “But what if some of us are fake/abusive and then others of us are very fake/abusive and then others of use are very very fake/abusive and then others of us are very very very fake/abusive and then we say nuh uh cuz we said so together/separately and stuff?”
  2498. “Vaguely and maliciously mix up the term ‘user’ to make someone out to be a hard drug addict if they are in to technology or use it in a certain way. Same with ‘the boy’, ‘rock’, ‘cliff’, ‘basement’, ‘brown’, ‘hero’, ‘nose’, ‘smoker’, etc.
  2499. “You have coke nose thats why you have sinus problems and I also don’t owe you money for spreading those terroristic lies about you and I’m totally careful with my words or care about life or earn my way or I’m smart or whatever.”
  2500. “Awww ________.”
  2501. Intelligence > CIA
  2502. Saying intelligence has anything at all whatsoever in the slightest to do with nice or/and/vs/etc mean people.
  2503. “But what about like fingernail and eyebrow stuff or whatever in place of justice, equality, and rights? Is that ‘it’ or something or whatever?”
  2504. “I love torturing animals.” – someone in high position of power at UW that works in Veterinary Science department.
  2505. Yea but what about diminitizing your entire life to a hope and a prayer and the movie Miracle and some pseudo Abrahamic religion miracle speak anti-working class pro-fascist culture.
  2506. Mentally disabled > mentally disturbed
  2507. “Do or say whatever it takes to brainwash the masses, or at least more than zero people, into thinking Clifton Grefe is not obviously an ethnic minority in America.”
  2508. “Yea but what about more fascist oppressive abusive entitled privileged fake elite commentary on Basement Made or ‘Cliff’s/his/underground/basement/the website’?
  2509. “Is like somebody going to tell him woopsy scoopsies and my bad and it’s time to move on big boy or whatever?”
  2510. “I’m a big fan of laissez-faire economics, and scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  2511. “But what about more of our anti-personality culture sooo…?”
  2512. “But I have more heavily bigoted, oppressive, fascist, and low self esteem ideas for ‘what is best’ again sooo…?”
  2513. “But what if I’m a fraud, rat, snake, cunt, fag, lazy, punk, whiner, gossiper, bigot, and I don’t have my own website and I attack yours for whatever reason?”
  2514. Oppressors that down those choosing crap role models and heros because that’s all that’s available / heavily promoted to them. Oppressors contribute to brainwashing as well, often times just to say gotcha.
  2515. “The most interesting thing about me is/are one or two or more than zero demographic datapoints. These privileges I was born with make me powerful, authentic, and deserving as well.”
  2516. “But what if I’m a whiny, lazy, dumb, talentless, skill-less, uneducated, ignorant, out of touch, fake, conspirator, abuser from Janesville or whatever?”
  2517. “But what if I’m Black/White/Brown/etc and and I’m a big whiner? How about if I’m also very stupid? How about if I’m also religioulsy pseudo scientific? How about if I’m also fake and abusive?”
  2518. “But what if we’re a similar age and I’m a fraud and an abuser and a cunt and I make more money than you?”
  2519. “Pay your due respects to the Blacks, White.”
  2520. “We should make it American law that you have to utter at least one lie/abuse every time you speak words or else you’ll be fined, jailed, or put to death.”
  2521. “But what about whining about insignificant petty crap for far greater time than pondering serious questions of life?”
  2522. Saying I’ve ever been sponsored or signed any agreement with UW or WFAA in regard to my creative content. Or that they’ve promoted me or paid me or haven’t scammed me somehow.
  2523. More fascist-slaver-scammer-fraud-abuser-idiot philosophical battles before we allow you rights.
  2524. “But what if I’m a disgusting waste of space cunt with majority or only negative/passive aggressive/aggressive/whiny/fake/oppressive/ignorant things to say? Is that ‘it’ or whatever or this is funny or fun or fair or gibberish or new age or whatever or whatever or whatever?”
  2525. “But what if I’m one of those butthole/poop/fart obsessed rapist racist stalker xenophobic fascist fags from Chicagoland and I also like punk or ska music or hip hop or spoken word or improv or whatever?”
  2526. “But what about some moronic thing about Rockford vs Chicago or whatever? Obviously never compare Beloit to Rockford and Milwaukee to Chicago directly, especially surrounding the socioeconomic comparisons between Wisconson vs. Illinois.”
  2527. “But what about more FIB cunt fag culture shit like we’ve always been there for Wisconsin or further anti-truth and anti-local culture knowledge and anti-reality based economics.”
  2528. “Yea but what if I’m from suburban Chicago and I want/need to put my nose in everything I want and I’m allowed to do so without being harshly attacked by the masses and I pretend I’m an expert or knowing of the matter? Especially if it pertains to Wisconsin.”
  2529. “Yea but what what about some additional ‘I’m this so I can that’ terrorist excuse for brown or white or black or whatever color or fake race or whatever just for being born a certain way.”
  2530. “Yea but what if we like pretend don’t ‘teach’ each other anything in my family and abuse the words ‘teach’ and ‘school’ and ‘education’ and ‘college’ and ‘books’ and ‘math’ and ‘science’ and ‘statistics’ and ‘data’ and ‘law’ and ‘integrity’ and ‘merit’ and ‘work ethic’ and etc whenever possible?”
  2531. “Do whatever it takes to convince yourself and others that Clifton Grefe is not dead center in the Millennial generation. Say he’s Gen X, Baby Boomer l, Older Millennial, or something else oppressive, agist, ignorant, uneducated, spineless, entitled, out of touch, fascist, and of course ridiculous.”
  2532. “Just do lists for the worst places to live in America for the Black ethnicity. That’s helpful and gives everyone the whole picture, especially in the Rust Belt. And say none of those belts are even real or whatever and more fascist noisemaking.”
  2533. “So what? Sooo…? So what? Sooo…? So what? Sooo…? So what? Sooo…? Etc.”
  2534. “Yea ok but why do I like all the most oppressive and pointless groups from world history and I’m a religious oppressor myself sooo…?”
  2535. “Diminish everything Cliff does to ‘he’s good with a computer’ or ‘he can talk shit’.”
  2536. “What if I have big muscles or my mouth hole/booty hole/vagina hole has been open for consensual monetary business?”
  2537. “Obviously report as many of his emails as phishing or spam to try and get him fired.”
  2538. “Don’t worry, I’m not into ______ guys.” – rapist
  2539. “If you’re so Norwegian, where are all the ‘Lefse’ flipping bitches songs?”
  2540. “Whiteboys shall not speak on La Raza. That is for racists only.”
  2541. “By backing Mexicans countless times over the years, and majoring in Spanish in college, and working alongside Mexicans on various industries fluidly, Cliff actually hates Mexicans and has done thr opposite of all thosr things.”
  2542. “But he hasn’t even buttfucked or sucked a Mexican’s dick and he claims to only be attracted to Mexican females of all Mexican genders sooo…?”
  2543. “Again, this is all a part of his master plan to conquer the universe like Thanos or a Nordic video game antagonist or their likeness or something.”
  2544. People that treat any non-human animal over any human and then call any human racist.
  2545. Racists from anywhere who move to the city/somewhere less cracker/monotone and then from that point on use their residency status as an excuse to be racist. Especially towards Black and Mexican people. Act as the arbiter of racial consciousness as well whenever possible.
  2546. “But what if I’m 70 something and retired and I pretend worked and pretend worked hard for ____ years, I act like a 12 year old, I’m out of touch, have been, I’m religiously needy, obsessed with hyper-conveniences and scammers, rapists, and murderers, and I’m constantly whining about non-issues?”
  2547. “See, I have a PhD or not, and Clifton Grefe in this sense is the white man for whatever reason and he is speaking out of turn and taking what is ‘ours’ once again. We’re all lazy pathetic uncultured idiots eith positions we didn’t earn/had them handed to us because we were born a certain color or whatever but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  2548. “But what about homosexual or bisexual male humans that are obsessed with either whitie or blackie muscles on male human beings and hate the other people either whitie or blackie?
  2549. “You look ugly when you smile, or laugh, or talk, or exist in any way at all. Stop. I’ve never been a fascist a moment of my life or whatever and I’ve earned 1 cent or more in life and stuff too or whatever.”
  2550. “I’m completely uninteresting and unimpressive. I’m also from privilege. Sooo…?”
  2551. “Yassss like I like did this thing and then opportunity and stuff and like justice and healthcare and civil rights and things just like yay.”
  2552. “But what if I’m a fag and a terrorist and I speak a language other than or in addition to English? Sooo…?”
  2553. “But what about all the fake bullies we made up, while we were bullying others relentlessly?”
  2554. “What about re-upping our racism on you speaking Spanish. Again, not ok, racist, and privileged, that we would have far more opportunities than you our entire lives, be religious racists and bigots, liars, frauds, abusers, stalkers, whiners, and fags. You need to stop slave cause we’re broen or white or black or whatever or something or from the privileged Mediterranean or Caribbean or whatever dude. But it’s not privileged because we’re weak idiots that lie around philosophizing in the sun all day sniffing buttholes. That could never be a glaring marker of our culture historically.”
  2555. “And what about the parts of the country squarely built on slavery and genocide complaining that illegal immigration is all of our problem? Especially if they’re extremely racist for the most part and their society is not based on work?”
  2556. “Yea but then start acting like an even grosser cunt when he reaches some certain age or time frame in some role. Always attack him for doijg anything for any amount of time, and complain wildly and torture him if he tries to hold you accountable.”
  2557. “What about a zaddy-slave sort of deal like some fake comparable situation?”
  2558. “Let’s not send him his diploma/send him a generic Liberal Arts diploma.”
  2559. “What about super privileged light and dark and mid tone skinned Asians and then people looking different from one another or something or whatever?”
  2560. “Be as horrible, fake, pathetic, dumb, and lazy of a person as possible every day, so when you die, or someone else dies, you can continue taking credit for their life and diminutize anything they’ve done without suffering the consequences as those from the working class and authentic life stories do.”
  2561. Some kind of Mexican-Cracker-Fag alliance regarding dog rape beastiality-brother/sister/cousin/daddy/mommy incest fetish.
  2562. “What if I’m another generic suburban unit and I compare myself to you more than zero times while scamming you? What about if I pretend I’m not scamming you? What if I pretend… Sooo…?”
  2563. “The media exists to ensure certain groups and people are oppressed. Goal #1. Always has been in the U.S. Duh or whatever.”
  2564. “We all make choices and have to live with the consequences.”
  2565. “We all say things and have to live with the after effects.”
  2566. “We all say things we don’t mean and have to live up go what we said.”
  2567. “We all do things we wish we hadn’t done and we have to live with our decisions.”
  2568. “We all… sooo…?”
  2569. “Yea but shalom or as salamu alaykum or peace be with you or atheist stuff or whatever bro. Sooo…?”
  2570. Lots of body shaming, misgendering, heterophobia and homophobia, pro rape, pro sexual assault, pro sexual harassment, pro stalking, pro staning, pro gossiping, pro fraud-abuser culture, by hugely numbered faggot cults of America. Millions on millions of faggot terrorists in every part of the country.
  2571. “Yea but what about the stereotypical fascist faggot that says you don’t get enough protein in your diet, especially if they’re unathletic and/or top heavy, you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and they don’t, they have a low IQ and a fake life story and love bro podcasters or not?”
  2572. “Dude I only sucked more than zero dicks total for economic gain and didn’t put prostitute on my resume as one of my primary jobs! And btw you raped me but you didn’t or something or whatever.”
  2573. “Dude my people have only been dependent on your people for like a few thousand years. Like 8,000 at most dude. For real, like, stop.”
  2574. “Yea but what about more unsolicited faggot food complainer flabby bigot whiner fraud stalker fake health advise? Is that it or good or whatever? Sooo…?”
  2575. “Clifton Grefe wasn’t a better salesman than at least 99.9% of American adults, and thus more qualified for those office jobs also, at time of graduation, either.”
  2576. “Yea but I have an easy / scammer job that almost literally anyone of working age could do equally as effectively, but nuh ih cuz we said so, and because the literal tasks that you perform are literally more difficult to perform, they are actually literally easier and I’m literally smarter in this context because I’m literally less capable and intelligent. And I have bleached blonde hair or tattoos than mean nothing or I hate some certain color of person for idiodic reasons or whatever.”
  2577. “Cliff, it’s not as simple as that.” – long time fraud, abuser, fascist
  2578. “But I’m in a position of power with global influence, and I’ve been scamming Clifton Grefe directly for years, and I’m a moron with a pathetic work ethic and low moral fiber, sooo…?”
  2579. “But he wants more fascism from us or whatever cause I made up something or saw him say a word and then came up with an alternate reality based on one word or a few words that are likely not significant at all in the grand scheme of Clifton Grefe’s life and achieving basic rights.”
  2580. “You shouldn’t be ‘complaining’ about ‘this’ or ‘that’ in your 30s, slave. I’ve had countless opportunities my entire life and you have not at all and we’ve been scamming you in mass for decades sooo…?”
  2581. “We call fascism a ‘team culture’ and we believe that we are not fascist and absolutely pathetic excuses for human life, actually.”
  2582. “Yea but what about non-fun, anti-fun, non-impressive, anti-impressive, non-intellectual, anti-intellectual, bigoted, lazy, excuse-making sludgesack humans? Sooo…?”
  2583. “Yea but in my culture stupid and out of touch means not stupid and not out of touch and then we play thr opposite game with you and rubber and glue game and stuff sooo…?”
  2584. “I dont like his content.” – fascist scammer abuser fraud almost guaranteed to owe Clifton Grefe money for crimes they committed against him directly over an extended period of time.”
  2585. “Yea but my entirely pointless life though and I have kids/don’t have kids sooo…?”
  2586. “Just give ‘it’ up.”
  2587. “What about a lot more faggot-cunt-fascist food bashing and food gossip idiot shit? Especially by frauds, fatties, and talentless?”
  2588. “But what if I’m a faggot and it pretend matters if I’m either heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, transexual, or intersex?”
  2589. “But what if I’m a whiny, gossipy, abusive, fake, fascist, jealous, faggot, narcissist? Sooo…?”
  2590. “Yea but I’m fake cultured and I do or don’t know you or pretend or don’t pretend to sooo…?”
  2591. “Yea but I bleached my hair and I’m a pointless cunt toward males, especially heterosexuals comfortable with their sexuality sooo…?”
  2592. “I am so sick of having to like check my privilege or whatever as a Jew Cracker or Coastie. It’s like wow Whitie Slave, quiet down or we’ll kill you or whatever. Emoji because I’m a trash communicator but likely have opportunities to work in communications, journalism, entertainment, customer service, sales, other office culture jobs.”
  2593. “You don’t belong here nigger white boy.”
  2594. “Yea but more elitist fake elite faggot culture. Ya know like butthead, asshat, dickbreath, pussy, dont be a bitch, on top of a lifetime of fascism and scamming specifically upon an individual and saying nuh uh cause we said so or whatever.”
  2595. “Yea but we fake care about who follows the law, and we fake care about hard work, and we fake care about rights, and we fake care about everything we want sooo…?”
  2596. “Yea but more contributing to a lifetime of atrocities we’ve put on his shoulders and then say ‘we can’t do anything about it’ and ‘he doesn’t want any help’ or whatever.”
  2597. “But then if he likes ______ so much where are all his _____ friends or whatever sooo…?”
  2598. “Keep making content and by that I mran I hope the worst fo mr you and will only work to destroy your life, especially from privilege.”
  2599. “Yea but more stealing Clifton Grefe’s identity by Yung Gravy though sooo…?”
  2600. “Yea but what goes better with a lifetime of physical and mental abuse, disability, poverty, self taught, and independent? Scamming, identity theft, international slander, masses of stalkers, etc. Write it into laq that we scam Clifton Grefe specifically. Make it state law. Shit, go over the law just to scam this person directly for as long as possible then say nuh uh cause we said so or whatever.”
  2601. “Yea but what has Clifton Grefe even done to ‘back it up’. Like has he even released a porn of him getting sucked off by a male human being or something else hed never do? Like why doesnt he physically fight all 4493937 of his bullies every single day at all costs? Why doesn’t he sell crack to kids or something brave or whatwver? And like why doesn’t he just lie about everything, but I mean he lies about everything, or something about lying and fascist faggot abuser fraud lifestyle, or whatever.”
  2602. “I wish my daddy or mommy or brothers attacked me for my entire youth so that could have an ‘excuse’or something or whatever. And my parents are divorced or dead so they couldnt even abuse me daily anyway and thats not fair either. I so bad want a daddy or mommy or big brother complex. Some self enslaved self faggot self retardation stuff. The good stuff.”
  2603. “I was in a dark place. Used to drink out of privilege with money that was not mine and not because I’ve been through any considerable trauma. Just for privilege, and that was tough to overcome. And so we’re the same but not or whatever. Sooo…?”
  2604. “But what if I went from idiot and privielge to even more idiot and privilege. I’m super brave and woke. And also, I putlosely stopped learning as much as possible out of privilege and stupidity around age 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc, sooo…?”
  2605. “It’s super brave to be fat and/or gossipy.”
  2606. “Let me give you some fascist advice on how to be a better helper or have better customer service skills, because that’s ever ehat you’ve wanted to do, and it hasn’t always been what you’ve been permitted to do and what we want to allow you to do instead of what you’ve studied, worked toward, innovated, created, etc. Be a better slave is the point. We’re pathetic and useless based on what we say and do, and you are because you are. Get it?”
  2607. “But I have fake clinical depression or I get sad sometimes so I’m a cunt and a faggot, fake, and fascist and woopsies my bad sooo…?”
  2608. “Americans aren’t the most spineless people on Earth.”
  2609. “But like what about a lot of dumb lazy whiny pricileved entitled closeted fake educated fake experienced Minnesotans and stuff sooo…?”
  2610. “But what if all the medical people are the laziest fakest most worthless disgusting people in the room? Always? Almost always? Half the time? Sooo…?”
  2611. “As someone that works in IT, make sure that you have no personality or a closeted bigot personality. One of the two. And that’s a good thing, and it’s, smart or something. Sooo…?”
  2612. “Be the most immature entitled slow pathetic pointless fake underqualified unaccomplished inexperienced fantastical sarcastic undeserving unimpressive coworker that you possibly can be to Clifton Grefe specifically. Then say you’ve ever worked hard a moment in your life and have earned more than $0.00 or whatever.”
  2613. “But Cliff didn’t do more and more and more and more and more for us for less than nothing during our month or day or whatever and wahhhhhh life is like superdy duperty toughsy toughses for usy uses.”
  2614. “What if we say we had/have his back and we don’t at all?”
  2615. “What if we say what is he even talking about or whatever?
  2616. “Yea but some racist pro or anti Mexican diatribe sooo…?”
  2617. “What if we put rusty nails outside his apartment back door in hopes he steps on those?”
  2618. “Make him get like 3 more degrees and have 15 years more experience before we allow him an entry level job in his field.”
  2619. “My hands are tied. Literally, no, and I can click a button to change the world for the better in an instant but no cause stuff and things. Do you want to buttfuck me? You’re gay. BDSM is mature. I’ve never been arrested or detained against my will and I make jokes about slavery sooo…?”
  2620. “Macro psychotic.”
  2621. “Start using folks out of context at all costs. Make it a new hipster redneck WASP Cathy office culture buzzword term like oof.”
  2622. “What about golf and tennis and boats and polos and stuff or something or whatever though?”
  2623. “Move to Canada or Mexico so we don’t have to allow you the most basic human rights still as a born citizen of rhe United States and we can raise up more complete fucking idiots to millionaires because theyre pathetic human beings to the core sooo…?”
  2624. “He doesn’t even do anything. He’s done nothing.”
  2625. “Its time for the next generation get it like Star Trek and you’ve never been allowed basic rights, payment for your work, opportunity based on yoir education and experience, so yea time to respect what’s real and move on or something slave but nuh uh cause you’re white or something and we’re similar or something cause I’m white or brown or black or whatever.”
  2626. “Yea but football and stuff or some male butthole obsession thing or closet homosexual or bisexual or rapist fake culture real life story for us.”
  2627. “That’s why you don’t ‘let’ _______.”
  2628. “Yea but living in denial though so…?”
  2629. “What about more fascist faggot stuff about his ‘family’ and ‘friends’ and ‘people’ and ‘culture’ and ‘wisconsin’ and ‘midwest’? Sooo…? And I don’t likey likeses that wordy word and I’m over or under age 7sy 7ses.”
  2630. “Yea but Cliff barely ever gets sick so he’s sick and he goes out in public more than 99.9 repeating percent of Americans and is cultured so far beyond racist race lines he finds us insanely stupid every time we force our fake human races into everything and he doesnt make up fantasies to fake achive these claims like we do so hes fake and racist and stuff.”
  2631. “Imagine if Cliff was born into a good/bad situation. Just imagine. No justice for Cliff clique. 100. On folks my momma and God. Justice for Whites/Blacks/Womens/Boys/Girls/Etc only, especially those who are not owed millions of dollars for their work. Justice for those that have done nothing first. Then no justice for Clifton Grefe. And repeat that forever.”
  2632. “Yea but I fake learned a new word or term and then faggified and/or fascistified it ASAP sooo…?”
  2633. “Yea but every single member of your direct family is an abuser and fraud for life and have stabbed you in the back countless times sooo…?”
  2634. “But what about all the whiny faggot idiot truckers sooo…?”
  2635. “There aren’t millions of jealous fag bigot Wisconsinites and Midwesterners making sure Clifton Grefe never sees justice, equality, or opportunity. That’s just what occurs in every day life. That’s not reality.”
  2636. “Ask Cliff to donate to UW, especially since we owe him money and we’re still scamming him directly and have been for 15 years straight.”
  2637. “We have no style at all and are not at all known for our style so you have no style and you are not widely known for your style.”
  2638. “Office culture people are consistent and/or reliable.”
  2639. “We’re all a little crazy. Whatever we have to say or pretend or convince ourselves with lies to take away more of your rights and compensation.”
  2640. Comparing me being illegally scammed en masse to winning the lottery legally.
  2641. Comparing sexual harrassment, torture, rape, discrimination, sex trafficking, slavery, blackmail, to goofing around or a pillow fight.
  2642. “Yea but the faggots are pretending that they don’t remember/don’t know that they’re criminal faggots that belong in jail or prison and we pretend don’t have lie detectors and that process pretend requires more money than the payout value sooo…?”
  2643. “Yea but we below average so that means we make a global list for top 10 or whatever in that area nah mean homie fam.”
  2644. Saying any race or ethnicity has any more or less heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, etc.
  2645. “I refuse to do my share of the work. I’m also a jealous fag. Also I’m super smart or whatever and I work hard or something. Wanna rape some people together or sexually torture or something faggoty and classic American?”
  2646. “Jew-Mediterranean-American culture, it’s fag to the max bro, and ‘it’ should be that way. Now show me your cylinder or sphere flesh thing dude. It’s time to embrace _________. Duh. Shapes and stuff dude. Little boy little girl thought processes and vocabulary dude.”
  2647. “Make sure to blow away as much tax money and donor dollars as humanly possible on entirely unnecessary insanely stupid bullshit every single day of the year. We have great leaders, and by great, I mean absolutely garbage and entirely replaceable for the benefit of Earth and humankind.”
  2648. “Use the word respect as an entirely subjective term, and obviously give the most respect to those that have done little to nothing in life by themselves. Make sure to praise the needy and whiny. Show this respect to deadheaded old fart sniffers and their closeted ignorant slow pathetic dated backwards simple unimpressive unilateral unoriginal unmotivated counterparts in younger generations. Just yell out respect and stupid randomly and that’s hard work and justice and all that stuff and office job availability for life and stuff and golf and self retarded mega privileged coke dealers and their dicksucking fag self imposed masters and woke and stuff and ooo that struck a nerve lol oof yikes wow and stuff sooo…?”
  2649. “Always do the mega fag stalker stan gossiper fraud mystification terrorizing xenophobia thing towards northerners and nordics. Make it maximum fag.”
  2650. “I made sure to mention that I have a husband cause I want you to cum all over my face or deep in my pussy but then I told my husband that I mentioned him because Clifton Grefe was hitting on me when he wasn’t at all even a tiny little sminch.”
  2651. “Cliff is seriously so gay. Human poop is tasty and one day he will get that or some fag thing.”
  2652. Uptick in jokes about me being addicted to or able to afford cocaine or something ridiculous as always.
  2653. Shit parents complaining about their kids in any way at all at any point in their lives.
  2654. “Don’t worry about all of us scamming you at once. Just worry about yourself. We’ll keep doing what we do. Just keep to yourself. Just do your own thing. Just mind your business. Just do what you do. We’ll keep this scam going. Just be yourself.”
  2655. “Who is they? I purposely don’t listen, I don’t understand context clues, common sense, intelligent thought, data, science, and I’m pretend cultured and experienced.”
  2656. “But we’re purposely or fat lazy slow at everything/almost everything in life, but we gossip and whine literally constantly/almost constantly about literally anything and we’ve totally ‘earned’ more than $0 in our lifetimes sooo…?”
  2657. “Use American exceptionalism and lots of flashbang ‘democracy’ and ‘republic’ words to hide the fascist country that America clearly is.”
  2658. “But more examples of people not from here not from a comparable background who are well known to be abusers, frauds, and scammers, who ‘made it out’ from massive privilege to massive privilege plus one sooo…?”
  2659. “‘Nobody’ is saying anything regarding your situation publically because they are and they’re liars and passive aggressive zealots but nuh uh yuh huh cause we said so and also celebrity name dropping and more slavery for Clifton Grefe. And that’s still hilarious. More fraud.More abuse. More oppression. Lol haha we over it, boy.”
  2660. “But what about lazy faggot moron woosy gossip fraud abuser culture? Is there no room for us in your ‘plan’ or some other fantastical interpretation of your journey to achieving basic American rights as a born citizen and lifetime contributor to the country in a vast variety of ways?”
  2661. “But ehat about some lifetime abuser suburbanite fraud lazy jealous loser from Deforest or whatever?”
  2662. “But we’re so stupid, behind, closeted, put of touch, tone deaf, anti-comm9n sense, anti-street smart, anti-local culture, ‘we thought you were kidding’ or something or whatever for some specific clearly fascist way of fake explaining fascist behavior”.
  2663. “See, it’s all a joke. Clifton Grefe is our slave and we’re ok/happy/don’t care about it and we find it funnt regardless. See, super funny, especially since we owe him 10s of millions of U.S. dollars at this point, and we don’t follow the law remotely close at all in his case, ever.”
  2664. Uptick in moronic pseudoscience surrounding balding and health.
  2665. “Let’s make a pact for 2024. More frauds, bigger frauds, more lying, bigger lying. We are strong and brave and have merit or whataver.”
  2666. “Yea but I’m a bully / was a bully and my child gets bullied at school / got bullied at school sooo…?”
  2667. Middling > Meddling
  2668. “But what about more unskilled whiners from privilege centers with jobs they didn’t earn at all?”
  2669. Some kind of literally calling working and living ‘vacationing’ in certain contexts for Clifton Grefe. A sort of anti-art anti-working class anti-intelligence anti-skill anti-merit fag fascist thing.
  2670. “You can say whitie but not blackie or brownie cause some racist idiot thing I heard on NPR or from a non-working class fag or office culture bot or something.”
  2671. “‘It’ is ‘seriously’ not so much about these faggots that Clifton Grefe speaks of” – terrorist faggot
  2672. That classic faggot story, especially common among Irish Americans and generic whities and brownies, to say sagging pants means you want to have either consensual honosexual sex or you want to be fake raped or you’re inviting other people to rape you as shown in jail culture when theyve never sone any serious time in jail almost guaranteed.
  2673. “Yea but making fun of how disabled people walk more than zero times in life after age 10 and that age 10 or whatever arbitrary young age number is supremely important for some non reason also sooo…?”
  2674. “What about a lot more Indian and Pakistani stalker faggots?”
  2675. “No, Spanish majors are not allowed to write. English majors, yes. Grammar Nazis and Nazis, yes. But we’re not that or something and you’re a Nazi slave.”
  2676. “Clifton Grefe deserves a pat on the back for us owing him millions of dollars in cash if we follow state and U.S. law.”
  2677. Some idiot shit about pro bono and boner and tit for tat and titties.
  2678. “Yea but I’ve had everything handed to me my entire life and I complain about tax time a lot sooo…?”
  2679. “Redistributing wealth means taking away money from someone else who earned it.” – lazy dumb talentless boring abuser fraud fascist
  2680. “Our concern for allowing basic rights to our citizens obviously goes to non-locals who also weren’t born in this country first. Duh.”
  2681. “Now I know almost every single ‘rich’ person you’ve met is a total dumbass and a whiny gossipy fake abusive slow uninteresting backwards closeted pathetic excuse for an adult but nuh uh cuz we said so.”
  2682. “Fag at an all time high. Attack and lie to as many people as possible. That’s brave. That’s strong. That’s the key to something or whatever.”
  2683. “Yea but other people blew their unearned money on privilege stuff so you did cause you’ve never been paid and you’ve never done that.”
  2684. People that pretend they’re significantly different from one another because of what they studied in college or what their day job is or what their fat content is or favorite curse word is.
  2685. “Yea but like there’s a good reason for an absurdly high percentage of Kats. Kates, Katies, Catherines, Cathys, Katelyns, Caitlins, etc, assuming the most cunt personality and lifestyle as humanly possible.”
  2686. “Yea but I’m a female and I ‘started’ as an intern or whatever and after a month or two or three or whatever I was permitted opportunities and you pretend only get opportunities if you ask and that’s all folks and a hip hop line and look how far I made it in the tough entertainment industry and it’s so hard for women or something or whatever wow if I could tell you all the fake adversity I fake fought through wow.”
  2687. “But we read as much fiction and propaganda as possible and drink wine so we’re well read or whatever.”
  2688. “But I have an idiot friend in a high position of power in Washington D.C. and they’ve been handed everything for thousands of years and they’re absolutely pathetic excuses for human beings even at the most basic elementary level but the midwest totally needs or wants soft dumb clueless New England or south or west or some further reverse logic to function sooo…?”
  2689. “Camping is one of the most privileged things that you people do, no thank you, my ancestors worked really hard so I don’t have to camp.” – black female with top tier white collar culture job on her way to Africa to spend thousands of dollars for a long vacation and safari
  2690. Uptick in word pronouncer faction of Grammar Nazis.
  2691. “What do we have unless we have pictures? And fraud and scamming?”
  2692. “What about a huge uptick in faggot stalker fascist abuser fraud racist generally bigoted and lazy Southeastern Asians, especially Korean and Chinese?”
  2693. “Let some minor annoyance or change in weather reveal how pathetic, whiny, and pointless a person you are. Put forth that extra effort into being an immature spineless psychotic privileged skinsack of bones, organs, and fluids that would be better utilized, for the universe’s benefit, as food or fertilizer.”
  2694. “What about some genocidal thing towards working people from the undeserving unimpressive unskilled unintelligent unmotivated unmotivating disorganized immature slow uncultured inexperienced closeted wealthy as always again still?”
  2695. “What about if we constantly work to steal more of your identity and tell you constantly to ‘own up to’ something vague and fake and ‘just own it’. This ‘it’ being something obscure and unreachable, impossible, and untrue.”
  2696. “Jealousy, sooo…?”
  2697. “Yea but ‘everybody’ knows you’re a loser. More fascism.”
  2698. “Yea but ‘we won’ by attacking you specifically internationally all at once by the millions and you’ve never been paid sooo…?”
  2699. “Yea but once you die we’ll pretend we listened or tried or didn’t understand or some other lie and then celebrate some lookalike or fake replacement.”
  2700. “Yea but we’re for real fake different but we didn’t say fake so we never would’ve done ‘that’ or whatever or something. More non-justice for Clifton Grefe forever please. More whining and pointless insignificant stuff too. That’s really interesting and compelling.”
  2701. “Oh you billions of people didnt know? We dont even work on Mondays or Fridays. Or Thursdays. Barely Wednesdays. Sometimes Tuesdays. Or we do like the morning of even days or something. And we should make mote than $7.25/hr or something still.”
  2702. “Yea but what if I’m a fucking idiot and think ‘all this’ will magically ‘go away’ when ‘old people die off’.”
  2703. “Say any slang you dont understand or are out of touch with is kids slang or what the kids say or gangster.”
  2704. “I read a lot of fiction and fake news so I read/I’m educated/well read.”
  2705. “Yea but I’ve had endless opportunities handed to me my entire life for doing very little but nuh uh cause I said so and I blew a lot of opportunities so I say you did because you didn’t and I did and whatever and sooo and gimme gimme.”
  2706. “But I’ve had a very easy life and my parents have never been together / split and now I’m a pathetic excuse for an adult like they maybe or maybe not were and I have daddy and mommy issues but nuh uh cause I said so and you have daddy and mommy issues cause I said so and more whining about daddys and mommys that didnt beat or rape or torture me daily and then like gimme lots of monies and respects and stuffs as always and I totally earned more than zero cents in my life for real.”
  2707. “We’re so unskilled in actual business, we have to mass scam you for decades straight, while you succeed in legitimate business, and independent business, and we tell you that you’re ‘bad at business’ or ‘bad business’or ‘bad for business’.
  2708. “Yea but you’ve only asked for help thousands of times and heard no millions of times so…?”
  2709. “Yea but I’m so privileged I’ve convinced myself that I obsessively and religiously employ the fascist passive aggression culture as much as possible because of some fake or pathetic adversity I’ve fake or real faced in the past and you should have to accept my real or fake or pathetic story because we said so sooo…?”
  2710. “Yea but what about all the generic fake insightful ignorant one liners and thoroughly crafted one liners of the same vein by non comedians non scientists and non working class folk? Is that freedom of speech and stuff or sooo…?”
  2711. “I don’t like people that don’t like their jobs and I’m from privilege and I complain about people that recognize my privilege and I pretend I’m just a capitalist and not a fascist sooo…?”
  2712. “But I’m with the I disagree with documented fact culture sooo…”
  2713. “But like fucking nigger retard whiteboy fag saying the lords name in vain wow like kill yourself loser terrorist serial killer child molester bald bitch scumbag brokie. Like seriously oof yikes no cap.”
  2714. “What about a load of wishy washy flip floppy pseudo effort gen x culture?”
  2715. “Lets make a scam hip hop group tied in with the government and start it right as Clifton Grefe is graduating from high school and then scam Clifton Grefe for all years to come with this privilege culture flewd out culture coastie culture vulture culture scam. Do it for ‘the culture’.”
  2716. “What if I attack you for helping me?”
  2717. “What if I complain that you helped me?”
  2718. “Why didn’t you take more selfies when you were homeless? We pretend don’t believe you or whatever or something now or then or whatever or something.”
  2719. “What about more of our pretend ‘we can’t do anything about that’ gibberish nonsense fraud spineless abuser lazy pseudo intelligent pseudo strong pseudo brave pseudo reliable pseudo integrity privilege entitled culture?”
  2720. “What if I make up fake stories and lie to everyone possible about you because you helped me?”
  2721. “What if I ruin your life because you helped me?”
  2722. “What if I’m a bigot because you helped me?”
  2723. “What if I’m an undeserving idiot because you helped me?”
  2724. “What if I’m a fascist because you helped me?”
  2725. “What if I complain because I didn’t ask you to help me?”
  2726. “What if I purposely avoid sharing your article/song/video because you helped me?”
  2727. “What if I pretend you’re only helping yourself when you’re helping me?”
  2728. “What if I pretend you’ve had more opportunities than me while you’re helping me?”
  2729. “What if I’m a faggot because you helped me?”
  2730. “What if I’m an identity thief and scammer because you helped me?”
  2731. “What if I say you need to help yourself as an attack or fake advice because you helped me?”
  2732. “What if I have unrequested idiotic advice for you because you helped me?”
  2733. “What if I’ve had access to entry level office jobs without trying, with under 1,000 applications, with under 2 college degrees from a globally renowned university, with under 15 years work experience on paper, with under 1,000 completed projects, with under millions of views, and I’m mad at you for helping me?”
  2734. “Yea but I live in New York City so fake knowledge privilege fascism laziness undeserved access to opportunity unimpressive life stories and faggot culture sooo…?”
  2735. “But more lies about how we’re respectable people for fake reasons though sooo…?”
  2736. “But more fake life lessons that we don’t follow ourselves sooo…?”
  2737. “Yea so we’re ok with the fraud and slavery as long as only Clifton Grefe is subjected and a bunch of other people whine about non-issues, non-work, non-law, and fantasy world folk tale life stories.”
  2738. “We don’t believe you. More fraud on paper on law on record but nuh uh cause we saidsy saidses sos. No justice for Clifton Grefe. Let’s make that happen for like 30+ years straight.”
  2739. “Let’s play the whose parents abused who and how much game and we dont believe you cause we’re the mass scam clique and you’re not cool enough to be a part of ‘all this’ or ‘all that’ or whatever or something or sooo…?”
  2740. “Yea but as a manager I’m supposed to be ignorant undeserving and incompetent sooo…?”
  2741. “If you bring a banana to work, don’t eat it in front of our highly faggot immature fraud abuser gossip fake life story lazy untalented dumb culture which is almost everyone.”
  2742. “But like I’m a fascist and I also draw sooo…?”
  2743. “What about some dumbass pointless shit about coffee or water or pop or another beverage choice instead of truth, justice, equality, and opportunity?”
  2744. “I’m not supporting Midwest Culture until we’re allowed to all scam Clifton Grefe and he likes it and he promotes us too.”
  2745. Random definitions of capitalism. Mashing up dictionary definitions with fascist American capitalism.
  2746. “Let’s teach him a lesson and all ognore him now after we all scammed him. That’s what’s best.”
  2747. “Yea but lots of undeserving untalented lazy people you’ve met have arts jobs and entertainment jobs and you don’t so…?”
  2748. “What about if his abusive father and older brother also love making up longstanding torture jokes based on how Cliff has been tortured over the course of his life? Is that justice and love and happy family too?”
  2749. “What if we all lie about you and your family by the millions for decades straight?”
  2750. “Yea but the Sociology and Spanish programs Cliff graduated from at one of the world’s supposed greteast institutions in supposedly one of thr world’s best cities to live in did absolutely nothing to less than nothing to help get him an office job within 15 years of his graduation, before he applied to over 1,000 applications, before he’d written for 6 publications, publishing over 1,000 articles, before he worked 15+ years on paper, before he created 1 globally successful independent project and 3 nationwide, while he’s been tortured his entire life from every direction, including many felonious acts by UW-Madison and its fascist companion forces Wisconsin, U.S. government, and mass media. And obviously those programs have done absolutely mothing to less than nothing after Cliff finally got his first office job either. Sooo…?”
  2751. “Everybody wants to come home to a brother than constantly bullies them and chases them around with their friends squealing like pigs trying to rape them, and also being beaten by their parents, thrown in a closet and called a dog. With a little brother who is constantly lying and stealing and destroying their dear belongings! Wow so White privilege dude! Duh. Finding out how to be the best hider alive. Its the best ver bro! Get over it fag! Lol or whatever. Sales or manufacturing lines or redneck fag mentality or something or whatever.”
  2752. “Pretend like you ‘knew that already’ or ‘don’t believe it’ like a little immature out of touch entitled whiny fake privileged fantasy world child born into privilege stupidity laziness and anti talent.”
  2753. “Seriously get checked out or whatever retard or whatever. We are intelligent and hardworking because we are dumb and lazy. Understand that. We are brilliant and resilient because we are slow and pathetic. We are genius and perseverant because we are uneducated and privileged. Stupidity and pathetic people are superior in America. That’s straight facts.”
  2754. “Yea but like you’re not real unless you’re a fraud and a fascist and a scammer and a fag for like decades straight. Youre especially authentic if you put a huge burden on one single person as well, especially it’s out of insecurity, jealousy, stupidity, laziness, and fear.”
  2755. “Yea but no justice or equality for you because I ‘don’t like’ your last video or article or whatever fake valid excuse for fascism and torture.”
  2756. “Yea but like I’m from a cracker whitie racist bigot background and I’m black or whatever sooo…?”
  2757. Pro child beaters, pro nuh uh that doesn’t count child abuse advocates and frauds, snakes, pigs, entitled insecure jealous whiner gossiper harasser passive aggressors and stalkers. Tell me more in detail about the child abuse fags. That’s the core of everything type fags. You use the word fag too much type fags.
  2758. “You/your music/videos is so funny, and so is fascism, slavery, torture, slander, libel, identity theft, child abuse, kidnapping, rape, racism, sexism, fraud, abuse, stalking, gossip, lying, etc. Hilarious.”
  2759. “I’d have gotten more than Cliff out of that deal. My life has been easy since birth, I’m dumb, slow, pathetic, fake, abusive, privileged, unoriginal, untalented, unmotivated, uninteresting, and the world would be much better off with me dead.”
  2760. “Define ‘new age’ with old oppressive stratigems.”
  2761. “We let him talk. At work. In the wrong job. While being scammed. From a position of non power. As an obvious minority in many ways.”
  2762. “When in doubt, jokes about the mentally and physically disabled. Because they cant fight back or whatever you know? And its just straight funny. Everybody knows that. Oppression is so culture and stuff or whatever or something.”
  2763. “Be careful who you associate with cause I’m from privilege and also am stupid when it comes to telling human beings apart from each other.”
  2764. “Yea but more pointless meaningless racists making up racist excuses for being racist in the past present or future sooo…?”
  2765. “Yea but everything has been handed to me my entire life and anyone that steps outside of this lifestyle privilege is reckless.”
  2766. “Call edification and genuine praise glazing. Make your interpretation of reality extra negative closet gay/bi and ignorant and gossipy obviously.”
  2767. “Say a 9-5 and professional career job and office job are all the same thing duh and ‘we’ can all have those types of jobs or ehatever or something.”
  2768. “Is he?”
  2769. “Like if we can get him to kill himself then after he kills himself due to us say woopsie I tried or not and then nuh uh cause we said so and wow oof or uffda or whatever and moving on no cap folks.”
  2770. “I don’t believe you and I have any validity as a person at all, while living this lie.”
  2771. “Make jokes about child abuse and make yourself out to be the gangster that fake went through it or fake didn’t enjoy it.”
  2772. “Yea all the pain we’ve actively worked to put you through and you haven’tput on us at all? Nuh uh cuz we said so and we changed our minds or not or whatever so…?”
  2773. “Blackity black, dont talk back.”
  2774. “Crackers are like actually the real working class and stuff or whatever and something and stuff and history and facts and whatever or something.”
  2775. “But what if I’m the nastiest cunt bully abuser fraud oppressor bigot gossiper stalker passive aggressor ignorant slob pig around but I’m skinny or fat or have dark or light hair or I have worked hard for my career or not and I’m short or tall? Sooo…?”
  2776. “But what if we all criminally gossip about you and you never do that to any of us sooo…?”
  2777. “Everyone hates you. We’ve been torturing you since birth for being an honest, hardworking, collaborative, innovative, perseverant, ingenius, creative, etc person, so we need to keep doing that. Everyone hates you sooo more scamming you or pretend you’re scamming us or ehatever still as always.”
  2778. “Compare mental health to a game of battling ‘intrusive thoughts’. Make sure to fake understand severe mental health issues this way and say only those suffering from severe mental health are serious if they have visible physical markers supposedly indicative of severe mental health problems.”
  2779. “Anytime anyone tries to do anything for the 608, force your faggot fascist Chicago-Minnesota suburb culture into it until it no longer holds any local flavor.”
  2780. “Again, Wisconsin is all white, except for Milwaukee, so that entire line of thinking is idiotic, but oh well, Milwaukee is Blacker than Chicago but nuh uh cuz Jews and Irish and Polish and Swedish and stuff. Random dumbass racism and out of touch pseudo demographic nonsense from those handed everything in life or close to everything in life and then whine when people call out their ignorance and privilege.”
  2781. “But what if I’ve been handed everything in life and I’m from the country sooo…? Complaining more or…?”
  2782. Faggots calling muscular women, men.
  2783. Faggots calling non-muscular men, women.
  2784. “But what about that racist pretty rich person with charisma whose been handed everything in life and is uninteresting down to their soul?”
  2785. “Yea but some Nazi slander and libel about how ‘he’ didn’t do ‘anything’ for that holiday or something pointless and ignorant.”
  2786. “But what if I’m pretend anti-child abuse but beating kids is ok to teach them lessons. Omg sexual assault on a child is like meh but like rape aka sex is maybe bad or something or whatever.”
  2787. “But like ‘impressive’ he did that ‘despite ______’ or whatever. Who cares but seriously but like whatever but cmon or so then but why wow I didn’t know…?”
  2788. “Yea but I’ve never worked to earn anything in my life so that’s why I’m such a cunt asshole stalker gossiper passive aggressive fake fraud abuser etc. It’s justified because it’s not. Get it? Retard.”
  2789. “Make sure as a fake blonde you have an opinion on everything, especially when you’re invalid as a human being in the conversation.”
  2790. “Yea but I’m a complete fraud and ‘how are you?’ and stuff and gimme gimmieses.”
  2791. “Yea but some pointless ho that’s also been handed everything in life sooo…?”
  2792. “Hey Cliff loves taxes.”
  2793. “But what if I’m entirely unrespectable as I’ve shown for years for reasons on paper and off and I’m from New York or Atlanta or Seattle or not?”
  2794. “What about more proudly fascist but nuh uh cuz we said so whities and yellowies sooo…?”
  2795. “It’s brave or tough or self-aware to be a democrat or republican or whatever and stuff.”
  2796. “Yea but predictable stereotypical faggot IT stuff sooo…?”
  2797. “What about putting fat and/or privilege culture over everything except for nuh uh cuz pretending that God or family or some other word or phrase is more important or whatever in this situation where I’m putting physical laziness and unearned advantage over fitness, intelligence, merit, work ethic, skill, strength.”
  2798. “What about conservative orthodox Abrahamic religion in 2024? So lazy and oppressive, living life thousands of years out of date, because it’s easier to understand? Impressive?”
  2799. “What about all the privileged entitled lazy bot pretend skilled pretend hard pretend woke pretend authentic pretend unique rappers with the record deals? Impressive?”
  2800. “But what about the people that tried to murder you when you were a kid versus an adult? Sooo…?”
  2801. “But what about my disgusting wife/husband that I decided by conscious choice to marry? Likely for useless pointless ho reasons? Sooo…?”
  2802. “What about just look up at the beautiful blue sky and forget about all the problems I could never dream of understanding and hippie dippy country bumpkin logic or whatever?”
  2803. “Money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve had it handed to me my entire life and didn’t graduate from a top global university with 2 majors have 15 years work experience on paper and apply to over 1000 jobs to get an office job sooo…?”
  2804. “Any genre of music is more meaningful and creative lyrically than hip hop. And almost guaranteed to be because the artists are white “
  2805. “What about my artsy fartsy fag culture experience?”
  2806. “Yea but oppressive privileged out of touch female faggots of faggot culture who purposely perform faggot behaviors can’t be faggots sooo…?”
  2807. “Doesn’t _______ pretend have it hard enough. Leave us alone, Cliff. Please. More torture and scamming. More of our insecurities and jealous en masse put on you. Please stop. Sincerely slave.”
  2808. “Yea but some faggot has an opinion on how you smell or what you eat or more pointless meaningless useless human being faggot culture.”
  2809. “What if we weren’t there for you at all in the slightest but nuh uh cuz we saidsy saidses soses.”
  2810. “But I’m an idiot with a low IQ and little skill in any trade or craft and was born into privilege so Cliff is confused and doesn’t know _______ and was born into privilege.”
  2811. “Somebody tell him nobody cares and that’s why we don’t care or something nonsensical.”
  2812. “But the hillbilly fags matchy matches up so nicelies withy withses the hipster fags and coastie fags sooo…?”
  2813. “Take ‘this’ down or else.”
  2814. “So obviously you know who we are based on all of these accurate descriptions of our culture. But who are you then? We don’t know anything about you because we purposely avoid learning anything about you. That makes it easier to make up our idiotic fantasy world fake realities too. More slavery, duh. Haven’t you figured that out yet? And slavery is not real. And we don’t owe you any money even though we do. And who is this guy seriously? I know but I pretend not to. It’s hilarious.”
  2815. “Yea we’re super different or whatever from that punk bitch faggot Diddy and R. Kelly. No Diddy lol.”
  2816. “Yea but Jews are born with ultimate uber maximum top peak undeserved unearned privilege from historical privilege but then nuh uh cuz we said so sooo…”
  2817. “Yea but I’m a certain skin color and I was born that way and I hate myself because of it because I’m privileged and racist and spineless and pointless. So you should hate yourself in a similar way because you’re not like me but you fall in a certain skin tone range. You have to hate yourself like I do. You have to. You have no choice. Again, even when we’re literally wrong, we’re correct. That’s hard work or honesty or real or other fake bs.”
  2818. Faggot cult belief systems revolving around rape, racism, fashion, politics, etc.
  2819. Some sort of fag-skater alliance.
  2820. “Yea but the fascist faggots just want a good looking guy mancrush to work with.”
  2821. “Sexual abuser and non sexual abuser fascists all together now, ‘but that was a long time ago, move on’.”
  2822. A fag-ho alliance cult obsession with wearing tight clothes all the time. Getting mad at fit prople who don’t wear tight clothes.
  2823. Some sort of faggot psychopath delusional idiot worship the Jews because they’re special thing.
  2824. Closet fags throwing tantrums because I’m not bisexual or gay or trans, and I’m not obsessed with fictional book characters and oppressive historical figures.”
  2825. “I don’t believe factual history or science, unless it’s pseudo science for elementary school level adult idiots, and art is fags but cool kinda, but I do believe anything the pathological liar Donald Trump says.”
  2826. “It’s not important that the majority of Jews, females, and flamboyant gays all speak with a similar accent in America. Just a coincidence or whatever or something.”
  2827. “But what if we’re scammers, and low quality workers, parents, intellectuals, creatives, friends, etc? Is that good and stuff or whatever? Sooo…?”
  2828. “But what about the family business pretend I did it alone and/or with hard work and innovation privilege culture?”
  2829. “But what about video game hair product vacation complain about the weather rapist racist xenophobe sexist etc faggots sooo…?”
  2830. “Americans are typically more intelligent and hardworking than farm animals.”
  2831. “You have to form boundaries with Cliff. More scamming and oppression and blame more on him.”
  2832. “Talk about ‘that’ on your podcast.”
  2833. “But what about the entire UW Sociology department is fascist? Is that good or something?”
  2834. “Yea but placing in you in as many homosexual and rapist situations as possibke because im a faggot sooo…?”
  2835. “Vague and confused ‘that’s why you can’t learn hip hop in school’.”
  2836. “But what about the word ______? Can’t ‘we’ just replace it with something else and more scamming and torture on Clifton Grefe for whatever reason?”
  2837. “You look tired.”
  2838. “Goy gentile slave nazi wisconsin working class retard independent brokie beef clifton grefe.”
  2839. “But what if I’m a shit human being and also boring as a person?”
  2840. “But what if I’m a shit human being and I’m not boring?”
  2841. “We only feature abusers and frauds on our C suite panel board of directors thing. Only those undeserving of their place are welcome.”
  2842. “Yea but the cunt hick snowflake gang is so much fun. Like scamming and fraud are so fulfilling. Bigotry is awesome. Entitlement is truth.”
  2843. “Cliff is ‘nervous’ and ‘scared’ to share his music and content.”
  2844. “Yea but I’m a Canadian and I’m just another ignorant dumb unimpressive redneck fag coastie cunt sooo…?”
  2845. “Prevent voices from being heard. Prevent locals from being heard. Prevent working people from being heard. Prevent unique people from being heard. Prevent hardworking people from being heard. Prevent people with integrity from being heard. That is the goal of the media. Anti-freedom of speech. Anti-justice. Anti-truth. Anti-progress. Anti-opportunity.”
  2846. “Yea but millions of uneducated ignorant non street smart American crackers are whining about something going on thousands of miles away sooo…?”
  2847. “I’m not clueless and blindly privileged. I had an option to choose what I wanted to do in college and wasn’t scammed by my university and I wasn’t harassed the entire time I was there and scammed afterwards for years to come. Life isn’t fair or some nonsense.”
  2848. “Yea but I’m a certain skin color and I was born that way and I hate myself because of it because I’m privileged and racist and spineless and pointless. So you should hate yourself in a similar way because you’re not like me but you fall in a certain skin tone range. You have to hate yourself like I do. You have to. You have no choice. Again, even when we’re literally wrong, we’re correct. That’s hard work or honesty or real or other fake bs.”
  2849. “We like to straddle the line between completely pointless abuser and completely pointless cunt.”
  2850. “Let’s never recognize this international level fraud we’ve attacked Clifton Grefe with. Say it’s all made up. Say anything nonsensical and illegal to ‘make it go away’.
  2851. “Elizabeths and Rebeccas too. Make sure they’re the most horrid nasty foul meaningless talentless brainless human beings to exist with the Caitlins/Catherines.”
  2852. “Yea but all the pretend hardworking pretend deserving pretend intelligent pretend critical thinker comp sci majors sooo…?”
  2853. “More fraud. We work/worked/will work hard.”
  2854. “Heehee I can say whatever I want and not suffer the consequences and you can’t so I’m strong and brave or whatever.”
  2855. “But what about the complete garbage media people in Madison vs the equally as trash media people in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc? Are those fascists really good and stuff?”
  2856. “But some megaprivileged out of touch bot from New York or California said something dumb again sooo…?”
  2857. “If we ever have to come to terms with ripping Clifton Grefe off, rip him off again. That’s justice or whatever or who cares and we care or whatever.”
  2858. “Support UW-USA Hip Hop-First Wave identity theft scam culture vulture flewd out coastie org. It’s slavery and fascist friendly. No local, authentic, skilled, deserving, or hardworking people allowed. We’re anti equality, anti rights, anti justice for Clifton Grefe as well. It’s the best.”
  2859. “Yea but you know what? A brownie brown and a blacky black and a whitie white and a dicky dick and a vajiny jine that fixes all the scamming or whatever or something.”
  2860. “Yung Gravy is anywhere close at all whatsoever in talent to Daddy Gravy Clifton Grefe.”
  2861. “Heterosexual males are retards and rapists.”
  2862. “Yea but more fascist fag stuff about what you eat sooo…?”
  2863. Faggot Jesus dick man crush only gay a little bit fascist roleplaying game.
  2864. “ACLU, FBI, and other lazy uninvolved anti-justice partisan bs organizations.”
  2865. “Pssst. Anyone who works for UW or any of its affiliates needs to support the oppressive Jew-Israel-America fascist regime. That’s what’s right or something or whatever and whities and blackies and abrahamic religion cult stuff but ew muslims or whatever. Whisper whisper. We need to be quiet like mice or something or whatever. Oof here comes Clifton Grefe. Shhh. Sooo…?”
  2866. “Scream faggot white boy out your window at him as he’s walking down the highway and throw shit at him. That’s justice and stuff.”
  2867. “Yea my friend got me a job where they work. I work hard or whatever and earned my job or whatever.”
  2868. “But I’ve had everything handed to me my entire life and I’m constantly complaining about how much undeserved opportunity I have and how I waste it and take it for granted and I’m from the Mulwaukee area sooo…?”
  2869. “You got left in the dust. We scammed you and attacked you and ravaged your identity. Sooo…?”
  2870. “Yea but uninteresting unimpressive unmotivating unintelligent fags from privilege sooo…?”
  2871. “What about middle aged fat whiny privileged ignorant bigoted black, white, and brown women?”
  2872. “Yea but like Huffington Post-New York Post vibes broski.”
  2873. “Yea but I make fun of the harassment training video and I’m an abuser sooo…?”
  2874. “Cliff is such a fag. He’s never been into raping and stalking women. He doesn’t even gossip about their pussies and buttholes and stuff. How gay. Like just circle jerk with us bro. Let me see you naked for the gains or something religious fag zealot esque.”
  2875. “Fags will always have control of the word fag. They will stand their ground and stand with the blue or red or white or black or brown or whatever until their rainbow in the face or butthole or something or whatever.”
  2876. “Madisonian entitled fags isn’t a thing. Nuh uhy uhses. And it’s nothing like coastie Chicago, Boston, NY, LA, etc fags.”
  2877. “Let’s have a fascists fags and families mixer. How fun.”
  2878. “Yea but Jews are so privileged that they’re blind to it and that’s adversity. Drizzy Drake and Canada and Post Malone and New York and a Jew was attacked or called a name and stuff or something oh my golly goshes put it all over the news everywhere.”
  2879. “We blame you for our fascist hiring practices.”
  2880. More faggot culture talk about being tough.
  2881. “Things could be a lot worse.”
  2882. “What about, instead of someone qualified, we hire a Jewish person?”

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