Mike Regal Promotes “Awareness” With “Eyes Open Series” [EXCLUSIVE]

Mike Regal premiered the first track of the “Eyes Open Series” yesterday (November 10, 2015). The Brew City artist features Safs Crew lyricist Blizz McFly on the motivational “Masta P” collaboration.

Both of em went in on the Regal-made beat. The rapper-producer says:

“Distractions done captured my whole generation
I get on that beat and begin ventilation
Growing like the leaves – the anticipation
Success in my circle is anticipated”

I caught up with Mike Regal a couple hours ago about the “Eyes Open Series” and what it means to him. “I just kinda thought of that idea, and just as promotion after that beat battle,” he said. “We just wanna bring awareness to what I’m doing and – ‘Here’s a rapper'”. They will know soon enough. Mike Regal “do the rap and the track, triple double, no assists.” He looks up the Windy City “Monster” too.

“I just want my voice to be someone that’s spreading inspiration and motivation. Man, cause you know, I really do it for the cats like Kanye, that put a lot into it but don’t necessarily get the recognition that they deserve… The artists that put the least amount into their craft – it seems like they get that quickfire. [snaps] It’s like cats that really take out time and really try to put out a dope project – they need to know the essentials of what real Hip Hop is – and try to incorporate that into their music, and it don’t get real notoriety. I just want a real message, I want real motivation and inspiration to come from my music.”

Like Ye, Mike Regal has a dynamic style and symphonic sound. Unlike Ye, this artist has a noble perspective on things. Keep your #EyesOpen for more #EyesOpenSeries records. The Premoniitions album is “coming soon,” according to the artist’s page.

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